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  1. Car testing loop reading bug?

    No I didn't add it, I just liked the idea.
  2. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    It looks like you're missing media\lua\client\OptionScreens\WorldSelect.lua.
  3. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    I fixed the time it takes to transfer heavier items, it should be the same as earlier versions (not released yet!). I added moving some of the items when the action is interrupted. So if you're moving 10 logs and stop half-way through, 5 will be moved. The transfering of stacks was changed because the framerate would drop when the player had 5000 nails in their inventory for example. That would create 5000 timed actions and would refresh the inventory window 5000 times. In the new system there is only one action per 50 items. But the times should work out the same (after the fixes that haven't been released yet).
  4. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    I think that's flat tires slowing the car down. The speed limiter just prevents speed over 55, it doesn't stop the car. If you're running into unloaded chunks though, the brakes are applied.
  5. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    Anything under max pressure (40 in this case) will add some slow-down. So get as close to 40 as you can (press spacebar to stop inflating whenever you choose). Pressure below Max + 5 = 45 looks like it won't have any ill-effects. Looking at the tire-inflation action, as soon as you hit 45 the tire is destroyed.
  6. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    That's caused by under-inflated tires. It was supposed to work that way (since October) but wasn't due to a bug.
  7. Vehicle 29 - no car sounds

    Some vehicle sounds aren't included on Linux due to a mistake in the Steam build script. All the sounds should be in the FMOD sound banks but some vehicle sounds are just regular WAV files, and those WAV files aren't in the Linux build. The flies-buzzing sound should be working, that sound is in a FMOD sound bank. If there aren't enough corpses around or the "Decaying Corpse Health Impact" Sandbox option is "None" you won't hear the buzzing flies. Also, there's a separate sound option just for the flies-buzzing sound.
  8. Carpentry: stairs and walls issues

    I added the ability to build walls/fences behind staircases.
  9. The Mac launcher doesn't support passing JVM arguments on the commandline (as far as I can tell anyways). To increase memory you need to edit the Info.plist file in Project Zomboid.app\Contents\Info.plist. I think you need to use the context menu in the Finder to "Show Contents" or similar to be able to see the Contents folder.
  10. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    That's the limit for zombies in loaded parts of the map. There can be many more zombies than that in unloaded parts of the map.
  11. RELEASED: Build 38.30

    The different zones (TownZone, Forest, etc) haven't been done in Riverside yet. Loot only respawns in TownZone and TrailerPark zones.
  12. [38.30 Dedicated Server]Generator Bug

    Unfortunately yes, it needs to be out of range of the working generator. Each generator powers things in a circle with radius of 20 tiles. So the unpowered generator should be placed at least 40 tiles away.
  13. Put in Container button

    Right, the vehicle container displayed weight is wrong. 85 * 1.3 = 110 is the correct weight with Organized.
  14. Slicing Food Applies Incorrect Spoilage

    The recipe code rounds the age of the result food item to the nearest day. If Bread has DaysFresh=3 and its age is 2.95 days, the BreadSlices (with DaysFresh=1) will have age 0.98, which rounded up to 1, so no longer Fresh. But if the Bread age is 1.45, the BreadSlices age will be 1.45 / 6 * 2 = 0.48 rounded down which is 0. It's been that way forever, maybe it shouldn't round the result age.
  15. [38.30 Dedicated Server]Generator Bug

    Check to see if there is another generator nearby. There is a limitation with generators, only one can be in an area or they both try to set the electricity on/off for appliances. So if one is on, and another is off, the second generator might mean the power is off.