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  1. The 2x tiles aren't split up like that. Make sure you're not using an older version of TileZed by mistake. Make sure the Tiles Folder is set to "Tiles" and not "Tiles/2x"
  2. Updated the tools February 20, 2017. BuildingEd Fixed crash when pressing the Delete key while moving objects. Autosave files in the user's .TileZed directory can be opened and deleted using the Welcome screen. Autosave files are created for buildings with unsaved changes every 2.5 minutes. If BuildingEd crashes, it should be possible to open a recently-saved autosave file. Note: For buildings that have previously been saved, autosave files are created in the same folder as the original TBX file.
  3. Could you PM me the TMX file?
  4. In this picture, everything looks ok doesn't it? That's the cell opened in WorldEd. In the second picture, it looks like the PZW file is in a different folder (...\ndmapfiles\untamperedbackups\rosebery.pzw) which would explain why nothing is displayed (it can't find the map/building files). So I'm not quite sure what problem you're having now.
  5. The PZW (world) file holds the filename of each TMX (map) file relative to the PZW file. For example: <cell x="0" y="0" map="rosebery/roseberymap5_0_0.tmx"/> In this case, your files should be arranged like this: SomeDirectory/ rosebery.pzw rosebery/ roseberymap_5_0_0.tmx Don't run BMP To TMX again, that will overwrite the TMX files.
  6. Use a "Dormer (E)" for the left-to-right roof object.
  7. I updated the Linux zip to include the missing libQt5GUI.
  8. I updated the zip files to fix a crash with the Roof tool.
  9. It comes with Qt 5.8.0 in the lib/ directory. Possibly I left a library out though.
  10. You can try these for 64-bit Linux. I built them on Ubuntu in VirtualBox. They should be started with the provided shell scripts (TileZed.sh, PZWorldEd.sh) TileZed + WorldEd for Linux 64-bit
  11. Unfortunately it appears the GUI library used by the tools (Qt 5.7) doesn't work on Windows XP.
  12. When the 2x tilesets were created, some tiles were moved to new positions in their tileset and some tiles were removed entirely. When the game sees an "old" map created before the 2x tiles were added, the game will try to fix moved or missing tiles. The official maps were all updated to use the new 2x tilesets. If you look in each map.info file, you'll see this line was added: fixed2x=true When the game sees "fixed2x=true" in map.info, the game will not apply any fixes to the tiles used by the map; the game assumes the maps have already been fixed. You can choose to leave your old maps alone, or update them to use the new 2x tilesets. To update your old TMX files for 2x tilesets, use the Tools > Check Maps menu command in TileZed. You can check all TMX files in a directory by pressing the 'Check now" button, or check only the current map by pressing the "Check Current Map Only" button. This will print a list of tile issues that may need to be fixed. Double-click on an issue to go to that location in the map. There's also a "Check Buildings" command that checks BuildingEd files for tile issues. After updating your maps and buildings, use "Generate Lots" in WorldEd to test them in the game. Remember to add "fixed2x=true" to the map.info file. @AtoxwarriorI think the "Unknown grime_wall" error is because WorldEd is trying to launch an older version of TileZed. You need to change the app that is associated with the TMX file type (so it uses the new version of TileZed, not the old one).
  13. Tileset images For Windows TileZed + WorldEd 32-bit TileZed + WorldEd 64-bit For Linux TileZed + WorldEd 64-bit If you have a 32-bit version of Windows, download "TileZed + WorldEd 32-bit". If you have a 64-bit version of Windows, download "TileZed + WorldEd 64-bit". You should create a folder and unzip both the "TileZed + WorldEd" archive and the "Tileset images" archive into that folder. This should give you 3 folders like this: PZMapTools/ <--- you create this folder somewhere Tiles/ TileZed/ WorldEd/ If you get an error about a missing DLL, run the TileZed/vcredist_xNN.exe installer.
  14. If you're running out of gpu memory (not sure if that's the case here though), setting Texture Compression = Yes will save memory by compressing the textures.
  15. If this happens, right-click on Project Zomboid in Task Manager and choose "Switch To". I'll see if there is some way to hide the Steam Overlay after Alt+Tabbing.