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  1. There must be two images, MyMap.bmp and MyMap_veg.bmp. PNGs also work. Both images must be the same size. Both images must be multiples of 300x300 pixels (this is the size of one cell). The color depth should be 8 bits per pixel, I think.
  2. It looks like there is a corpse below the ground, with z = -1 or z = -2.
  3. These errors seem to be due to the TRICK OR TREAT mod. There is likely an item with IconsForTexture that has less icons than the number of clothing textures.
  4. It's because there is no floor on the other side of the wall. The game doesn't know there is a room there. Powering things outside rooms is a hack to support those outdoor freezers at gas stations.
  5. Are you playing with the display option Lock Framerate = Uncapped? If so, try capping the framerate to 60. It might be a bug with very high framerate.
  6. That narrows it down. Try replacing media/shaders/vehicle_common.frag.glsl with this one. vehicle_common.frag.glsl
  7. One of the vehicle shaders fails to compile, but there's no indication why. Could you use the the attached .bat file to start the game, and post the DebugLog.txt? ProjectZomboidOpenGLDebug64.bat
  8. Could you try starting the game by using the ProjectZomboidOpenGLDebug64.bat file located in the ProjectZomboid folder? It might help reveal where the OpenGL error is happening.
  9. Try extracting these files into your projectzomboid directory, replacing the original files. A couple of libraries were built using a too-new version of glibc. natives.zip
  10. Also, set Texture Compression = Yes in the game's Display options if you haven't already.
  11. Setting distanceMax=0 forces the sound to be 2D. sound TEST { category = Player, clip { file = media/sound/ambientOutsideRainWindThunder.ogg, distanceMax = 0, } }
  12. Try using a mono sound instead of stereo sound. You could also add "is3D = false," to the sound definition in sounds.txt.
  13. It's Shift+MouseWheel now by default, but you can change it in the Accessibility options. It was changed after someone had a problem with it being Ctrl+MouseWheel.
  14. Looks like this will happen anywhere there is a ZombiesType zone named "McCoys" or "Prison". In those places, zombies are mostly forced to be male instead of female. But there's a bug when the zombie's model is already set to female and the zombie becomes male. The old female model is being used and doesn't animate.
  15. The Hemophobic trait adds stress based on the amount of blood on the player. There's a bug where it climbs faster at higher FPS.
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