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  1. This error happens when a fence is broken by a zombie that isn't facing exactly north, south, east or west (it's at an angle). I think it can only happen when a crawling zombie breaks a fence, since standing zombies would climb over the fence.
  2. I tried with a pre-existing sink and a sink I moved, and it worked. The barrel must be directly above or within 1 square of the sink below. Also, the barrel must be on the next level, not two or more levels above the sink. If you don't have a wrench, the option should still be shown, but disabled. Does that roof cover the entire room? If not, it may not be considered "Inside", which will prevent the option being displayed.
  3. You should be able to plumb the sink once there is water in the barrel.
  4. Is this with "Fullscreen", "Borderless Windowed" or "Windowed" mode? And is vsync on or off? Can you check if changing between Fullscreen and Borderless Windows affects this if that's what you were using?
  5. Tiles Tileset images For Windows TileZed + WorldEd 32-bit TileZed + WorldEd 64-bit The 32-bit version of WorldEd seems unable to load all the tilesets due to high memory usage, displaying ??? for some tiles. Linux TileZed + WorldEd 64-bit This was built on Ubuntu 20. TileZed changes: Fixed buildings and adjacent maps not being displayed sometimes. WorldEd changes: Fixed the mini-map not being displayed sometimes. If this doesn't work, try unchecking the "Hardware accelerated rendering" option.
  6. Tiles Tileset images For Windows TileZed + WorldEd 32-bit TileZed + WorldEd 64-bit The 32-bit version of WorldEd seems unable to load all the tilesets due to high memory usage, displaying ??? for some tiles. Linux TileZed + WorldEd 64-bit This was built on Ubuntu 20. TileZed changes: BuildingEd: made the rooms combobox wider to avoid eliding text in dropdown menu. Disabled the tileset search filter when there are no tilesets. Fixed crash right-clicking in the tileset view when there is no tileset. BuildingEd: forbid adding more than 8 floors. Fixed graphics corruption in BuildingEd tile view when OpenGL rendering is turned off. Added editor for overlays on non-container tiles. This is used for things such as adding random seat cushions and detail textures on brick walls. Added "Show Lot Floors Only" option to the View menu. Tiles in layers named X_AboveLots are drawn above lots (buildings). This can be used to place fences or other tiles adjacent to building walls. Added support for loading tilesets from subdirectories of the Tiles/ and Tiles/2x/ directories. You can put custom tilesets into one or more subdirectories to keep them separate from the game's tilesets. Tilesets can be moved freely in and out of subdirectories without breaking maps or buildings. Container Overlay editor: Dragging-and-dropping 2 tiles onto the base tile creates a new room with those 2 tiles. Added "Floor Grime (Random)" edge tool. Added "Blend Edges Everywhere" setting in the blend-tool options. By default, BMP blend edge tiles are added on top of BMP floor tiles only or adjacent to BMP floor tiles. A new per-map setting changes this behavior to allow edge tiles to be placed onto non-BMP floor tiles. Dragging-and-dropping blank tiles in the overlay editors sets the tile name to "none". Fixed slowness switching between maps due to searching WorldEd projects for the map file. WorldEd changes: Display only levels 0-7 instead of 0-10. Added object properties that are used to tell the game which direction water is flowing (or not flowing, such as swimming pools). Added mouse-over highlighting of cells in the world view. The Layers dock displays default layers from TMXConfig.txt so they may be hidden. Generate Lots no longer stops after the first error, reporting errors when finished. Fixed "Show BMP Images" view option not being applied when opening a world. Fixed the long delay before the context menu appears after right-clicking on buildings. The delay increased with the number of buildings and rooms. Lots may be reordered by dragging and dropping within the Lots dock.
  7. There must be two images, MyMap.bmp and MyMap_veg.bmp. PNGs also work. Both images must be the same size. Both images must be multiples of 300x300 pixels (this is the size of one cell). The color depth should be 8 bits per pixel, I think.
  8. It looks like there is a corpse below the ground, with z = -1 or z = -2.
  9. These errors seem to be due to the TRICK OR TREAT mod. There is likely an item with IconsForTexture that has less icons than the number of clothing textures.
  10. It's because there is no floor on the other side of the wall. The game doesn't know there is a room there. Powering things outside rooms is a hack to support those outdoor freezers at gas stations.
  11. Are you playing with the display option Lock Framerate = Uncapped? If so, try capping the framerate to 60. It might be a bug with very high framerate.
  12. That narrows it down. Try replacing media/shaders/vehicle_common.frag.glsl with this one. vehicle_common.frag.glsl
  13. One of the vehicle shaders fails to compile, but there's no indication why. Could you use the the attached .bat file to start the game, and post the DebugLog.txt? ProjectZomboidOpenGLDebug64.bat
  14. Could you try starting the game by using the ProjectZomboidOpenGLDebug64.bat file located in the ProjectZomboid folder? It might help reveal where the OpenGL error is happening.
  15. Try extracting these files into your projectzomboid directory, replacing the original files. A couple of libraries were built using a too-new version of glibc. natives.zip
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