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  1. TMX to BMP?

    It seems to be working here. If you want to send me the cell 4,6 TMX I can see what's going wrong there.
  2. TMX to BMP?

    You will only see a difference in the BMP images if you painted with the BMP tools in TileZed. Any tiles you placed into a map in TileZed (not using the BMP tools) won't show up using TMX-to-BMP.
  3. This is caused by vehicle id numbers becoming negative after the game runs for long enough. I made a fix for it, but if it happens before the next patch, just restart the game or server.
  4. Colored Lightbulbs Attract All Local Zombies

    Zombies are attracted to any light that is switched on at night.
  5. If Steam isn't running (as in the video) you'll need to change -Dzomboid.steam=1 to -Dzomboid.steam=0 in the json files. But I think the Lighting.dll crash was just the "out of memory" error that the 32-bit client seems to have for people with this bug.
  6. GOG purchase, now saying steam required

    Apparently an extra file called ProjectZomboid64.site.json was included by mistake. Delete that and the game should run normally.
  7. With the .site.json files, you need to run ProjectZomboid64.exe, not the .bat file.
  8. Put the first attached file into your ProjectZomboid folder and start the game through Steam. If that doesn't help, try the second attached file. I'm trying to see if reducing the Java heap size helps anything. ProjectZomboid64.site.json ProjectZomboid64.site.json
  9. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    No, the Steam upload script put the file into a folder called libPZBullet64.so instead of renaming it.
  10. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Rename natives/libPZBullet64.so/libPZBulletNoOpenGL64.so to natives/libPZBullet64.so.
  11. never ending "initializing map"

    The error happens while loading the player file map_p.bin. In the Host screen, click the 'Delete Player' button. That will delete your player, but if it is from Build 38 it won't be compatible with Build 39.
  12. Crashing

    I'm a little confused because "Very Low" lighting was removed in Build 38. Build 39 with vehicles was just released.
  13. It looks like it removes the user from the whitelist when they die, but then adds them back when they disconnect. Is that what you see? EDIT: I found the bug, the player is added back when they disconnect.
  14. The One Stop TileZed Mapping Shop

    What is the error?