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  1. Map Tools & Tiles for Build 36

    That's right. The game started with specific trees placed in TileZed. Then the erosion system was added (it was a mod originally) that replaces the original vegetation_trees tiles with new seasonal ones. That replacement happens while the game is running. Later, the jumbo trees were added. While generating the binary lot files, WorldEd replaces vegetation_trees tiles with a generic tile called jumbo_trees_01_0. The game then sees that while loading the map and replaces the generic tile with random jumbo tree tiles. (Well it's not quite random; the erosion system has different "soil types" that determine the type of tree that's placed. The mapper has no control over the soil type.) The editor can't display jumbo trees (due to them being twice the size of every other tile). So putting jumbo trees in the editor would be an issue just because of that. Trying to place specific types of jumbo trees would require changing WorldEd (to write something specific instead of jumbo_trees_01_0) and changing the game's Java code (to deal with whatever WorldEd put in the lot files).
  2. Map Tools & Tiles for Build 36

    You can place specific trees from the non-jumbo tree tilesets (e_americanholly_1, e_redmaple_1, etc). So you should be able to write a new rule in Rules.txt that only places those types of trees.
  3. Map Tools & Tiles for Build 36

    The new double-sized tilesets go into the Tiles/2x folder (they should already be there in the Tiles.zip file). There are a few old-sized tilesets in the Tiles folder used by the editor. In TileZed (and WorldEd), make sure the Tiles folder is pointing to "Tiles" and not "Tiles/2x".
  4. Map Tools & Tiles for Build 36

    Mostly because of all the tilesets.
  5. Map Tools & Tiles for Build 36

    WorldEd comes with the latest Rules.txt. The "erosion" code replaces the old grass/bushes with new ones when loading the map in-game. The editor only displays the old grass/bush tiles. You can place specific new tiles in TileZed from any of these tilesets and they will appear the same in-game. They must be placed on a "blends_natural" floor tile. d_plants_1 f_bushes_1 e_XXX_1 (non-jumbo tree tiles)
  6. Map Tools & Tiles for Build 36

    The editor doesn't display jumbo trees. Trees in Forest and DeepForest zones are randomly turned into jumbo trees when you export the map using WorldEd.
  7. Map Tools & Tiles for Build 36

    These are the most current versions I think. BuildingFurniture.txt BuildingTemplates.txt Tilesets.txt BuildingTiles.txt
  8. Map Tools & Tiles for Build 36

    The map looks ok on my computer. I'm guessing the Tiles directory isn't set correctly. You can change the Tiles directory in WorldEd's options or in the TileZed's Tools > Tilesets window.
  9. Map Tools & Tiles for Build 36

    If you attach the testing_0_0.tmx file I can look to see what the problem is.
  10. Map Tools & Tiles for Build 36

    The image files must be named XXX.png and XXX_veg.png. WorldEd adds _veg to the name of the file you are dragging to get the name of the vegetation image.
  11. Map Tools & Tiles for Build 36

    The 2x tiles aren't split up like that. Make sure you're not using an older version of TileZed by mistake. Make sure the Tiles Folder is set to "Tiles" and not "Tiles/2x"
  12. Map Tools & Tiles for Build 36

    Updated the tools February 20, 2017. BuildingEd Fixed crash when pressing the Delete key while moving objects. Autosave files in the user's .TileZed directory can be opened and deleted using the Welcome screen. Autosave files are created for buildings with unsaved changes every 2.5 minutes. If BuildingEd crashes, it should be possible to open a recently-saved autosave file. Note: For buildings that have previously been saved, autosave files are created in the same folder as the original TBX file.
  13. Map files not loading properly

    Could you PM me the TMX file?
  14. Map files not loading properly

    In this picture, everything looks ok doesn't it? That's the cell opened in WorldEd. In the second picture, it looks like the PZW file is in a different folder (...\ndmapfiles\untamperedbackups\rosebery.pzw) which would explain why nothing is displayed (it can't find the map/building files). So I'm not quite sure what problem you're having now.
  15. Map files not loading properly

    The PZW (world) file holds the filename of each TMX (map) file relative to the PZW file. For example: <cell x="0" y="0" map="rosebery/roseberymap5_0_0.tmx"/> In this case, your files should be arranged like this: SomeDirectory/ rosebery.pzw rosebery/ roseberymap_5_0_0.tmx Don't run BMP To TMX again, that will overwrite the TMX files.