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  1. Oh right, you will have to delete map_sand.bin from your save folder, it contains the sandbox settings, which were changed in Kingsmouth.lua.
  2. We found the cause of this issue. After 72 hours, the game tries to respawn zombies. But because Kingsmouth is surrounded by water, the game can't find any path from the edge of the map to the place it is trying to respawn zombies. The solution for now is to disable respawning zombies. If you put the attached file into media\lua\client\LastStand it should fix the game hanging. Kingsmouth.lua
  3. We added a new file called Zomboid/Logs/date_time_ZombieSpawn.txt to record zombie spawns. If you see this happen again, pause the game and look in that file, it should record the reason zombies spawned there.
  4. Based on the line numbers it looks like you may have an old sqlite.jar file. Can you see if there is a file called sqlite-jdbc- in the Project Zomboid folder?
  5. It's because the folder where Steam is installed has some strange characters in it. D:\Èãðû\Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid
  6. Metal crates will be moveable/stackable in the next update. Using 'R' to choose the height of wooden crates is a bug; that's how it used to be done before the furniture-moving system was added.
  7. Can you try this file and see if you get any messages like "mapXY.get() is null" in the console? VehicleCache.class
  8. The issues you're getting make no sense to me, which usually means "not enough memory" or "antivirus/firewall interference". How much RAM does your computer have? I know your graphics card has 2GB from reading the console.txt file. To see if memory is the issue, try these Display settings: Resolution = 1280x720 3D models = Player only 3D corpses = No Texture compression = Yes Double-sized textures = No New Roof-Hiding = No In the Audio settings: Enable VOIP = No
  9. I think Steam must have replaced the file I gave you after your first test. Otherwise that error shouldn't be happening. It would only print the new error message I added.
  10. Sorry, could you try it again with this file? I just realized it was printing that message for every vehicle, not only when the bug you were getting happens. VehicleCache.class
  11. Thanks, this will be fixed in the next IWBUMS.
  12. Could you put the attached file into the ProjectZomboid/zombie/vehicles/ directory and drive around until you see a bunch of messages like this appearing in the console, then post the console.txt file here? 1536603771657 ERROR: VehicleCache.vehicleUpdate() mapXY.get()=null for: id=255 ax,ay,az=361.2866,399.68823,0.18985684 wx,wy=36,39 v.x,v.y=361.35736,400.22427 vehicle_wx,vehicle_wy=36,40 1536603772258 ERROR: VehicleCache.vehicleUpdate() mapXY.get()=null for: id=255 ax,ay,az=359.97345,396.25452,0.1946713 wx,wy=35,39 v.x,v.y=360.21112,396.90894 vehicle_wx,vehicle_wy=36,39 VehicleCache.class
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