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  1. tommysticks

    Ohio Orio

    Mama McFudgingtons sounds terrible
  2. tommysticks

    Loot tables

    Alternatively you could add an ItemRemover that removes an item on a random chance.
  3. tommysticks

    Loot tables

    Pretty sure you could write a new function for ItemPicker() and remove the increase in chance added by the zombies in the area.
  4. Why are Appvalley and Tweakbox linked? I recommend Death is Not The End
  5. Just had this happen again with tiles bein reset, same base, just different spot. Removed stuff I had strewn about, replaced with default tiles. This happened twice in a row. When the error indicator popped up I closed the program (didn't get that console error) and restarted the game. Loaded the world and received this error:
  6. Received these errors after loading the same save and running around: Nothing seems to be out of the oridinary.
  7. I have had a few massive hitches while playing, but usually the game snaps out of it and I can continue on. No rubberbanding involved. Just had a massive hitch that the game didn't recover from. Could still hear ambient noises, ALT+F4'd to get out of it and save my character in the event shit was going on behind the frozen screen. Here's the error from console:
  8. Take damage but your hunger stays down
  9. Ok, this shit's weird. I ran around for a short while with my newly glitched character, then decided to reload the game to see what would happen. I'm back to my last starting position where all my shit had glitched away, now with all of my stuff back on my character. All of my traits are back too. Here's the full console from the start of this playthrough:
  10. Also, just realized that I have socks, a belt, and a t-shirt in my inventory that I can't do anything with. Can't equip, can't drop, cant rip for bandages. This is the error:
  11. You gotta ask the moderators very nicely. I think it's @nasKothat handles that stuff. One of his favorite things to do, I've heard.
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