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  1. That may be the best suggestion I've heard yet. As accuracy increases, with skill or a better gun, does/would the blue lines get thinner?
  2. Howdy. Im looking for an example of code that makes a context menu pop up when you right click a zed corpse while it's on the ground, not in the inventory.
  3. I have the camo system working, but I'm trying to decide what would be best way to acquire the camo in-game. Currently, this is how it works (not how I want finished product, but how I slapped it together): Zeds have a chance to drop heart, brain, guts, and blood. Those items can be combined to make a new item,(using recipe system) Weak zed camo, Zed Camo, or Strong Zed Camo. Stronger camo takes more ingredients. Camo wears off with time, how fast you move, rain, and attacking. What I want to refine is how the camo is made. I would like to change it where you right click on zed corpse and can mutilate body with either your hands or a blade. Then the zed camo body parts will drop. I was thinking about instead of crafting camo, that each piece can be consumed to just add to your camo. I also want to incorporate a sickness and infection system. Input would be appreciated.
  4. I'll let it slide.... this time.
  5. I was playing 38.4 on vacation and noticed that the tutorial wouldn't load. I was getting an error that said to check the console, then the program would crash. I skimmed the console, which I didn't save, and it said some shit about spawn points. I will try to recreate this, see if it persists in 38.5 or if I just fucked up some code.
  6. Just started working on this mod. I don't know shit about making mods work for MP, so it'll only be single player.
  7. zombie clothes

    I used blender, it's free if you didn't know. Getting models that aren't weapons into the game is kinda janky, though. That's why I never put any of that shit out. You gotta replace game files.
  8. zombie clothes

    I changed my mind.
  9. zombie clothes

    I considered this, but the year is 2017 where everyone gets offended. Can't please everyone!
  10. It seems like other people are having the same problem, and from the skimming I've done on those threads there doesn't seem to be a solution and no one will spill the beans. My suggestion is just sticking with 2x. That's probably what 1.0 is going to do.
  11. zombie health

    Mod that makes zombies yell out their current health status. May slow your game if there are a lot of zeds on screen. LINK
  12. zombie clothes

    Simple mod that gives the zombies a chance to spawn without clothes! LINK
  13. Combs change hairstyles. Razors change beards or shave your head. Dye packs can be found in bathrooms. There are currently blue, red, orange, yellow, black, and green dyes. To go back to your original hair color, shave your head with a razor then change your hairstyle with a comb.
  14. I was in Baku, Azerbaijan at a restaurant called Pizza Hat (don't know if they meant to misspell it). I ordered pepperoni and my buddy got a Mexican style pizza. He said, "This is the spiciest thing I've had here," and we hadn't had anything that was spicy at all. So I asked to trade slices. The first bite into that slice was the spiciest shit I've ever had. I don't know what was in it, but it literally ruined my afternoon. What is a bad habit you have or something that you do that other people would think is inappropriate at your age?
  15. Looks fuckin sweet man.