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  1. Updated this mod. -Removed XP loss -Removed Recipe loss -Token drops on death -Fixed multiplier issue
  2. tommysticks


    That fog clip looks sick. Really badass how the tops of the trees are poking out and swaying.
  3. Only playin with one mod - Death is not the End. I made it about a year ago but I don't think it would affect anything to do with the handling of 3-D models. A few other instances have caused this to happen. When I perform an action that does something to the weapon currently attached to my back it will prevent a new weapon from being attached. I will try to write down specific examples when I'm playing.
  4. Did you try attaching something new to your back? That was the issue. It removed the bat from my back but then I couldn't attach anything new there.
  5. Bat was attached to my chars back. Upgraded bat to spiked bat without removing bat from back. Tried to attach spiked bat to back, couldn't. 3D model of non-spiked bat still on chars back. Couldn't attach anything to back until restart.
  6. Hey man, you may need to define items yourself: local items = player:getInventory():getItems() I’m on mobile and can’t check if I got this correct, but try that
  7. There seems to be an issue with player 1 (the mouse player) respawning in split screen. Anytime I do this both player 1 and 2 disappear and all control is lost. Upon reload the new character that player one created is there.
  8. After opening and closing an annotated map, character loses ability to attack until options menu is opened then closed. Build 41.22, untested on .23. Edit: using controller
  9. Again, don’t know if this is only with controller, but when “transfer all” is selected when only stuff that is equipped is in your inventory some mad shit happens. Every Item pretends to drop as “blooo” with descriptions of dirty, bloody, or wet with the question mark icon. Also a weird 3D rendered model appears in the pile that reacts to player movement. When you go to pick up these items they all disappear and nothing shows up in the inventory.
  10. When I try to transfer items to the ground from an inventory that isn’t on my character the action starts, but the items transfer to my inventory instead of the ground. Edit: I use a controller, don’t know if this is the cause. Just realized I haven’t tried without one.
  11. Located here. When your player dies a Death Token will spawn in his inventory. Consume this token to inherit his XP and recipes! -There is a slight chance to lose some XP and some recipes, but it is a small chance and a small amount of XP due to retrieval of your corpse being pretty difficult. -Professions with stat boosts don't contribute to this XP, only XP that is earned is stored. Consuming a token counts as earning that XP. -Reading books will not boost XP earned from the token, though it did initially as a bug. -The lightning strikes are aesthetic only and will not attract zeds. -Death token can only be consumed if it's in your inventory, that means pick it up first. -Remember to make your character recognizable if things are looking grim for easier retrieval …also this kills the popup for IWBUMS 41
  12. Thanks again bro, I spent hours yesterday messin around with this. I have an aversion to asking for help on here, but I should have just done that right away. Would have saved me some time. This does exactly what I was lookin for.
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