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  1. Hey man, you may need to define items yourself: local items = player:getInventory():getItems() I’m on mobile and can’t check if I got this correct, but try that
  2. There seems to be an issue with player 1 (the mouse player) respawning in split screen. Anytime I do this both player 1 and 2 disappear and all control is lost. Upon reload the new character that player one created is there.
  3. After opening and closing an annotated map, character loses ability to attack until options menu is opened then closed. Build 41.22, untested on .23. Edit: using controller
  4. Again, don’t know if this is only with controller, but when “transfer all” is selected when only stuff that is equipped is in your inventory some mad shit happens. Every Item pretends to drop as “blooo” with descriptions of dirty, bloody, or wet with the question mark icon. Also a weird 3D rendered model appears in the pile that reacts to player movement. When you go to pick up these items they all disappear and nothing shows up in the inventory.
  5. When I try to transfer items to the ground from an inventory that isn’t on my character the action starts, but the items transfer to my inventory instead of the ground. Edit: I use a controller, don’t know if this is the cause. Just realized I haven’t tried without one.
  6. Located here. When your player dies a Death Token will spawn in his inventory. Consume this token to inherit his XP and recipes! -There is a slight chance to lose some XP and some recipes, but it is a small chance and a small amount of XP due to retrieval of your corpse being pretty difficult. -Professions with stat boosts don't contribute to this XP, only XP that is earned is stored. Consuming a token counts as earning that XP. -Reading books will not boost XP earned from the token, though it did initially as a bug. -The lightning strikes are aesthetic only and will not attract zeds. -Death token can only be consumed if it's in your inventory, that means pick it up first. -Remember to make your character recognizable if things are looking grim for easier retrieval …also this kills the popup for IWBUMS 41
  7. Thanks again bro, I spent hours yesterday messin around with this. I have an aversion to asking for help on here, but I should have just done that right away. Would have saved me some time. This does exactly what I was lookin for.
  8. I'm trying to alter player XP using a table with this code: for i, k in pairs(Perks) do getPlayer():getXp():AddXP(Perks.k, 10); end ...and it's not working. When I print Perks.k it comes up nil, but if I print k alone it prints as the userdata from the Perks table, Sprinting as an example. And to check to see if this is the same data as Perks.Sprinting I did a quick "if k == Perks.Sprinting" and it came out true. Any insight on this would be appreciated. @RoboMat if you're still around I figure the issue is probably apparent to you.
  9. I currently am restricted to controller play, I use an Xbox controller. Three suggestions from my experience: Put the zoom levels on exact left and right of the spin wheel, it’d make zooming just slightly easier. Alternatively, have left and right bumper control zoom until inventory is opened. I’ve sometimes custom mapped my controller to this sometimes and it works well, but there are issues with the inventory without it being natively integrated. Make it so Left Trigger will initiate a push in the direction the character is facing without having to be aiming and canceling movement for duration of the push. It might also feel more natural to gaming to have the push initiated on full trigger squeeze, rather than release. In regards to looting, have left and right bumper control which container you are focused on, left going up, right going down. Make it so focus needs to be shifted to player inventory to go up or down on player containers. This would make cycling containers much more smooth. If if a container is opened, X should drop items into that container, or into player inventory if loot container has focus, instead of on the ground. If it’s just the player inventory open, dropping on the ground is fine.
  10. Can you remove my signature? I’m on mobile and I don’t see an option for that. Apparently the url for the old mod website now has malware. Haven’t clicked on that link in years.
  11. I’d just like to say that climbing shit and landing on the other side feels better now, with the delay removed. Serious question, is the intent to slow down player movement with 41?
  12. Even while playing cautiously, I’ll see a group of 2-3 and think “yeah, I should be able to take these guys on,” then I find myself making a new character. Though, most of my frustration is coming from the new character movement. Like I’ll go to shove and straight up miss, then I’m bitten. Or go to do one of these wild, momentum building pivots to get the guy behind me and then it’s too late. Intersting point you brought up about NPCs just being killed off. That shit would be hilarious, but I kind of assume NPCs will have some sort of handicap. Little off topic, but I read the AI in Oblivion had to be tuned down hardcore because the devs would find NPCs dead because they were doing shit like committing crimes if they ran out of food.
  13. It is possible to access this info, and I’m pretty sure you’re correct with OnCreateLivingCharacter, however I’m on my phone and I’ve stopped modding PZ. I do have a mod on steam that makes zeds spawn with different clothes and I it would be the same event you’re looking for. Can’t tell you what it is off the top of my head, but I’m pretty sure it is OnCreateLivingCharacter. As far as inventory goes, Zeds currently don’t actually have anything in their inventory until they die and a player approaches the corpse, which triggers an event and adds items. Zombie corpses are their own container type. Using whatever that event is (can’t remember what it is) you can force it to add special items under special conditions. Hope this helps a little.
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