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  1. I try to give thorough annotations when I help out so people have a chance to learn, though I'm sure my shit could be cleaned up quite a bit. I'm still learning. Lemme know if anything doesn't work as expected.
  2. Sonofabitch. Thanks.
  3. Meaning that if you compress it'll look like shit in 2x? So just make 2x tiles and leave it as is?
  4. function itemCheck(item, resultItem, player) local pInv = player:getInventory(); local iTab2 = {}; --need an empty table later local dItem; for i = 0, (item:size()-1) do --item = number of items required for recipe dItem = item:get(i); if dItem:getCategory() == "Container" then --if any items in recipe are bags... print("Container detected") if player:getClothingItem_Back() == dItem then --...and are equiped on the back... player:setClothingItem_Back(nil); end if player:getPrimaryHandItem() == dItem then --...or are equiped primary... player:setPrimaryHandItem(nil); end if player:getSecondaryHandItem() == dItem then --...or are equiped secondary... player:setSecondaryHandItem(nil); --remove them from being equipped end dInv = dItem:getInventory(); --get the inventory of recipe item dInvItems = dInv:getItems(); --get the size of the inventory if dInvItems:size() >= 1 then --if container is empty we are finished i.e. less than 1 item for i2 = 0, (dInvItems:size()-1) do --if not, iterate over each item invItem = dInvItems:get(i2); table.insert(iTab2, invItem) --add each item to empty table print(invItem:getType()); end end end end for i3, k3 in ipairs(iTab2) do print (k3:getType()..": removing from container.") dInv:Remove(k3); --remove items from container in recipe pInv:AddItem(k3); --add items to player inventory end end Try pasting that over Nolan's original code and everything should work. I did some limited testing.
  5. Well I'm talking very specifically on traits that don't effect anything. For example, a trait that makes your facial hair grow. It has no impact on gameplay except for aesthetics. This is just an example, but along the same lines of what I want.
  6. It's for things that have no effect on the player, except for visual or in RoboMat's case, the character would quote movies. So it makes sense for the player to not have to spend points on something that has no real effect.
  7. I'm pretty sure that a few builds ago we were able to have 0 cost traits. It would be nice to have that back again for modding purposes. The thing that comes to mind is @RoboMat's movie nerd trait. Rather than requiring a point to be spent on it just have it be zero. And they could all be in the positive attribute side of the pool. Just something I've thought about.
  8. Looks neat. I'm assuming cars will be just as moddable as the rest of the game? Like color, stats, and custom models? Gotta have me a black '68 Vette for slayin zeds.
  9. This kinda reminds me of back in the day when I used to get Xbox magazine (yes, that was a thing). I read letters to the editor when they were talking about bumping the monthly price of Xbox Live from $6 to ~$10 or whatever it is now and this one fucking guy was like "Yeah! That's a great idea! That means they'll focus on keeping the experience great!" ... or some shit like that. To this day I believe that letter was a plant from Microsoft to basically say "Everyone, get fucked, this is happening." I then proceeded to spend all my money on Xbox shit, just in less of a good mood.
  10. Well those specs should definitely get you through the next 3 years. I just hate laptops, I bought the computer I'm on now and a laptop in 2012 with almost same specs (I've upgraded the desktop since then) but the laptop shit out about 2 years ago. Maybe my knowledge on them isn't the best, but they always seem to just slow down and cannot recover. I've tried reformatting and setting it back to factory default, but it still runs at a snails pace. Could be all the porn that machine has seen... Anyway, you could get a monster desktop for that price.
  11. The link got me... I'll just bow my head in shame.
  12. Or how bout this scene?
  13. The things Europeans complain about the US is ridiculous, what is this 9Gag?
  14. I'm tryin it out too. Diggin it.
  15. So is this solved? I helped a guy with this before. I believe it has to do with the module. If you change the module to "Base" I believe the icon will appear.