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  1. Blender 3D Scripts

    What do you mean? You want the male character model with his hands down? More details needed.
  2. WIP - Wilhelm's Weapon Mod

    Looks good!
  3. Timed Item Scripting Help

    Yo man, I would need to see exactly how the stuff from your first question works in order to be able to try to answer that. HC is too big for me to go digging around in there to find out what function changes the animal to hungry, but you would need to alter that function. If you have Notepad++ you could do a search for "TurnInto" in all of the file contents and see what that's about, and that would help out. As for the second question, the way PZ is coded limits what is made by recipes to one item, or multiple of one item. TIS included a function that works around this: OnCreate:randomPiggies, So you'd need to write a function that fires whenever that recipe is ran, and give it a random value for the piggies. Something like this: function randomPiggies(item, resultItem, player) local player = getPlayer(); local pInv = player:getInventory(); local numPiggies = ZombRand(4); --random number between 0 and 3 local malePiggies = ZombRand(numPiggies); --random number between 0 and numPiggies if numPiggies > 0 then if malePiggies > 0 then pInv:AddItems("HydroCraft.MalePig", malePiggies); pInv:AddItems("HydroCraft.FemalePig", malePiggies - numPiggies); else pInv:AddItems("HydroCraft.FemalePig", numPiggies); end end end Now, before this code will work, you need to change the "HydroCraft.MalePig" and "...FemalePig" to whatever it actually is in his script. Those are just place holders. Another thing that might fuck this up is trying to AddItems("HC.Pig", 0). I don't know if AddItems will return an error if there are zero items to be added. If you do encounter this I could do a quick rewrite to fix it. Also, the issue with vanilla recipes is that SOMETHING has to be created. So I suggest making a dummy item like "HydroCraft.AfterBirth" that has no value, aside from weight and ickiness, that will be added so you can get around the problem of having to have a pig born every time. So the new recipe would look like this: recipe Breed Pigs { HCPigmale, HCPigfemale, Apple/Carrots/Cabbage/Corn/Lettuce/HCGrass/HCStraw/HCChinesecabbage/HCCornred/HCCornblue/HCCornwhite/HCCabbagered/HCCabbagewhite, Water, CanBeDoneFromFloor:true, Result:HCAfterBirth, OnCreate:recipe_hcpigbreeding, OnCreate:RandomPiggies, Time:2000.0, NeedToBeLearn:true, Sound:oink, Category:Ranching, } I just noticed that there is already an OnCreate in that recipe. I don't know if there's going to be an issue using that function twice, however there is a workaround for that, too, if there is a problem. Please let me know if there are any issues with this, or if you don't understand something.
  4. How to alter distribution of vanilla items?

    I'm pretty sure that if you name it exactly as the game has it, it overrides the base game file, so if you put it like this: c:\Users\<username>\Zomboid\mods\<your_modname>\media\lua\server\Items\Distributions.lua should work.
  5. How to stop books from being consumed on use?

    This is what I found: item RadioMag1 { Weight = 0.1, Type = Literature, DisplayName = Guerilla Radio VOL: 1, Icon = MagazineElectronics01, TeachedRecipes = Craft Makeshift Radio, ReplaceOnUse = RadioMag1, } The "ReplaceOnUse" line is what you were talking about with giving it back to the player. I didn't look much into this, but I think this should solve your problem.
  6. Turbo and Smoke Bombs

    I dig it.
  7. No NPCs (actual suggestion)

    TL;DR I skimmed this, but have you seen the video of their NPC running around collecting shit? If you don't know it's an NPC, you'd think it's just some player. Pretty neat. But, allegedly, these NPC's are going to be the best NPC's of any game. Ever. Also, I don't think they are going to implement pooping. *RobertJohnson didn't actually say this
  8. Override base game recipe

    I remember seeing in one of the recent(ish) updates that they fixed this problem... or provided a work around or something. I know this isn't much help, but if you do a search for recipes and look in the update section, the answer might be there. Or it might require you to be in the IWBUMS branch.
  9. General Creativity

    You want an un-mirrored zed model?
  10. Multiplayer - Different loot for different players?

    You mean the same container? That would be interesting and probably some sort of oversight.
  11. Zombies Spawn without Clothes

    Hey bro, sorry I missed this post half a year ago lol Yeah, currently it would be just replacing textures only. I think that once TIS does their animation update, it will open up the window to easier 3-D modelling mods, which encompasses the textures. But it would be cool to see your work if you have any. Could prepare the way for the modding. Also, something to keep in mind is that they are probably gonna have some sort of overlay system, so you wouldn't have to have a whole textures just for morgue stitches, it would just be a texture slapped onto another texture.
  12. This might sound dumb but, eyes problem?

    Hmmmm... doesn't sound good. You know what the only cure for zombification is... right?
  13. Highlighted Corpses

    Corpses randomly stay highlighted when playing with a controller. Don't know if it does it without controller. Build 38.22 No active mods
  14. Prevent spawning

    The only reason it wouldn't work is if stuff was added to the table, which would change the indexes. Or if you play with a mod that adds shit to zombie corpses.
  15. Thursdoid Rising

    Please consider adding this vehicle, as it would not only add to realism, but also overall awesomeness. Thank you for your time.