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  1. Combs change hairstyles. Razors change beards or shave your head. Dye packs can be found in bathrooms. There are currently blue, red, orange, yellow, black, and green dyes. To go back to your original hair color, shave your head with a razor then change your hairstyle with a comb.
  2. I was in Baku, Azerbaijan at a restaurant called Pizza Hat (don't know if they meant to misspell it). I ordered pepperoni and my buddy got a Mexican style pizza. He said, "This is the spiciest thing I've had here," and we hadn't had anything that was spicy at all. So I asked to trade slices. The first bite into that slice was the spiciest shit I've ever had. I don't know what was in it, but it literally ruined my afternoon. What is a bad habit you have or something that you do that other people would think is inappropriate at your age?
  3. Looks fuckin sweet man.
  4. 2.76b

    Try applying location and size to the model in Object mode. If you change size and location in edit mode it doesn't apply until you apply it.
  5. This looks fuckin sweet.
  6. All of this sounds awesome. I'm excited for 38 now!
  7. Don't know if you guys are super tight bros and the sarcasm just blasted over my head, but that seemed to miss the "be pleasant" mark.
  8. Hmmm... might be interesting to make it grow. Yes you can shave it.
  9. New mod to change out hairstyles and beards in-game. If I ever update it, the update will include hair dye.
  10. New mod to change out hairstyles and beards in-game. If I ever update it, the update will include hair dye.
  11. It actually might be pretty simple. What timeframe are you thinkin supplies should become more scarce? I might be able to ship some shit up.
  12. You're a goddamn genius.
  13. I stand corrected, after further testing you are correct except for shelves. Pretty weird. It seems all other containers do only populate once you check whats inside. I'm about 99% sure it used to be containers within the vicinity. In fact they may have accidentally left out shelves if it was some sort of update. I don't know why else this would be the case.
  14. Nope, the only container this happens for is the corpse of a zombie. I checked in the past and verified just now.
  15. You can use the app called Moonlight to stream it to your phone. You need an Nvidia GPU though. Haven't tried it, but I do use my shield to play from time to time.