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  1. Important Security Notice

    You wonder why they bother? I mean except for all the hugely important security details that I regularly share on the TIS forums including all my credit card details and passwords for my ebay and steam accounts.
  2. Brexit and RJ

    UK facepalm** To be truly fair we were never really part of the EU - de Gaulle actually had it pat when he vetoed us joining because as he saw it we either towed the line and agreed to its principles or didn't and stayed out. Since we wanted extra benefits he was right to say "non." Since then its just been a cash grab for us. Because we're an island and worse a jingoistic one at that we wanted all the benefits and none of the problems. The EU didn't like that so there was always an us and them mentality to our being part of it. In more politically understandable terms the EU depends on Germany, France and the UK and it was always weak because our leg of the political tripod was shaky. Now that its been removed I kind of expect the EU to dissolve. I don't think it can survive with being just Germany and France.
  3. Why can't I beat these games?

    It should be called - How to scam free drinks or cigarettes at a bar - because I've done this very same trick in bars.
  4. Storytime

    His pineapples were rolling with a mamma dog attack helicopter. Then suddenly, a wild squirrel army and a squirrel commander demanded nuts. He only waited five squirrel seconds before he politely obliged. Before they ripped his pineapples away, they exploded, causing a squirrel massacre, while screaming, causing cancer, and destroying Sauron himself which caused the Apocalypse, leading to legitimate heterophobia. In the next nightmare of Bernie, the sky felt the need to defecate furiously. All umbrellas were utterly useless. The Sun then squealed and a Rainbow covered placenta tree grew
  5. New Forums Layout

    I just can't quite get round to liking this new forum layout - its got too much white space on the sides and its too narrow down the middle for my liking. Yeah..... its just no. no no cant quite get it myself. sorry to whoever implemented it.
  6. New Forums Layout

    I have to agree with too much white. It also feels a bit empty too.
  7. New Forums Layout

    Where the hell is Clyde? Don't make me write another poem!
  8. Any games like Black & White?

    Have you tried Dominions 4? Its very fun!
  9. Human meat

    For those who didnt see the old mod here is an old video showing how it used to work -
  10. Scurvy moodle mod

    ^^ Well it would be a C meter for the benefit of the game knowing how much C you've got - it wouldnt be visible on game screen except by the fact that your scurvy moodle was gradually showing you turning into some sort of shriveled looking oompa-loompa before you finally died.
  11. ummmm...... lick pes? not that I do that of course but its the closest I can come to with pickles although I think pes may be spelt pez so..... smorgasbord
  12. Scurvy moodle mod

    Man-in-purple-hat (can I simplify your name to MannyP?) please feel free to use any ideas in any way you want. I don't mind what you use them for although credit would be nice and if you do decide to work on a mod then please let me know as I would be happy to help with short stories, QA and anything else that I can provide (sadly I can't code or draw but I do believe that I am a shining bastard of a thinker). A long long while back me, Thuztor and RJ worked on a cannibalism mod which was very fun but since then they have both been snapped up by Indiestone. I would like to work on some mods again especially the cannibalism mod and I am strongly in favour of trying to organise an extremely survival mod package that has lots of evil little mods working together to make the game even more tricky and terrifying. The aim of this would be to give a one stop shop for gamers to choose multiple mods and for coders to have a support network so that multiple people can work on overlapping projects.
  13. Death From Medical Problems

    I am all in favour of making the game's survival mechanism harder as I feel that currently there aren't a lot of options once you've forted up. Making long long term survival problems come into effect such as vitamin deficiencies, food contamination and so forth seems an excellent addition to the game. I would like to put forth the idea for trying to have an overarching mod pack that adds lots of options such as scurvy, cannibalism, vitamin problems etc so as to be able to coordinate what I'm sure will be overlapping mod ideas. This way repetition of effort is kept to a minimum, resources can be directed and, selfishly, I'll get to do stories for all the mods since I can't code or draw.
  14. Scurvy moodle mod

    Since I raised the spectre of this in the Human meat topic -( apologies but this was done on a mobile) I realised that this could be quite a useful moodle in that it would make for a more evil survival experience. For those that don't know scurvy is a horrific affliction when you don't have any vitamin C and your body basically rots because you arent producing any natural collagen which is basically the glue that Keeps your body together. Vitamin C is found in fresh produce and most meat which means that a zombie outbreak would most likely see outbreaks of this as supply chains would break down and fresh food rot quite quickly. The idea would be for a moodle representing scurvy (maybe a sort of shrivelled yellowish looking face) with some gradually increasing health problems. Since scurvy causes depression, insanity, jaundice, neuropathy and then death I think it would be wise to make stages of it so slight scurvy, scurvy and finally severe scurvy followed by death, all with increasing health problems. Some fun effects could be to make loud noises (such as gun shots) cause pain and even unconsciousness as this is a common problem with scurvy. To mitigate this I think some added items could be useful such as vitamin tablets although they should have diminishing effectiveness somehow. To implement this as a mod you would need to add an element to every food item in the game adding a vitamin C meter and its effects on your player character. In short I think this would make for a more hardcore survival experience and make it more worrying when your hideout is completely surrounded by zombies as it would give you a time limit to figure something out, the catch being that if you don't you die an extremely painful agonizing drawn out death by inches which could not be saved by poor stockpiling of food (ie no surviving on a huge supply of pot noodles). Ideas for a mod name could be the "Eat your vegetables" mod.
  15. Human meat

    You'd be surprised by what people will do to stay alive when food is gone. Some of the more gruesome real life examples include shipwreck survivors stuck at sea drawing lots to decide who gets killed and eaten, polar explorers eating those who had died to ward off scurvy and of course lunatics like the guy who recently ate someone who volunteered to be eaten. For those who like their history they recently discovered the polar explorer ship called ironically The Terror and discovered quite sizeable evidence that the originally large crew was reduced to eating each other when the canned rations they brought with them turned out to be spoiled. So it does happen. What could be cool is to try and bring that level of horror into the game. Either lunatics just being cannibals or a group of good guys having to choose who to off so as to stay alive longer. I like the idea of a group of survivors who have that as a dark secret.