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  1. I like how space sims are coming back almost out of nowhere, Kinetic void, Kerbal, Star citizen there's allot of promising stuff.
  2. I got to 5 years once but it became almost impossible to survive with all the dragons burning my crops.
  3. I'd say it probably comes down to personal preference, I will probably try Starbound out when it goes on sale as I've been following it for a while and then take a look at Maia before anything else.
  4. You have James Bond to thank for that, anyway I don't want suppressors as they are pretty unrealistic given that they are near enough illegal unless you have the correct permission and very few people have that permission.
  5. Too true So is he gonna be a 'children of Lazarus' type of crazy man who believes zombies are to inherit the world or a 'kills all zombies ect. ect. gods work' type of crazy man? (Please be aware that if anyone religious actually reads this then i am not trying diss yo Don't bite meh please) Well I think it'll be more like a bashing a zombie's head in with a bible while quoting the book of revelations.
  6. If you start picking on the weak and vulnerable then I'll have to hunt you bandits down and stop you... COWBOY STYLE
  7. If this is still on then it's not a proper group without the religious guy who slowly descends into madness. Name - Reverend Johnathon J Livingston Age - 55 Gender - Male Role - Holy man, jack of all trades Background - Born and raised in a fairly wealthy and religious household John sailed through his early life and went on to study philosophy, theology and law at the university of Chicago. To pay for his accommodation and education John worked several part time jobs ranging from electrician to carpenter giving him a large array of skills however he never really perfected any of them. After leaving university he became a lawyer but after two years he quit and returned to his home town to become a reverend, he also did work to support the Knox County Militia though he never joined as he has a strong dislike of violence. When the blight came he boarded himself up in the church and managed to survive for a while on his own but he was eventually forced to seek help and the only people he could turn to were the militia.
  8. I'm just imagining that bit in the World War Z movie where the scientist slips and shoots himself when he's getting off the plane.
  9. Thank you for keeping us in the loop, not many indie games have a weekly update system and I consider it a privilege to have seen this game grow over the years and continue to see it grow day by day.
  10. Some gun play and defending. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yept9im8a7xs6nq/Shooting.mp4 And some baseball batting. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qz72v65z67yzpss/Baseball%20Bat.mp4 And finally my death, not very good because I stated capturing at the wrong time. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wrc5eejkyd7id9k/End%20screen.mp4
  11. Is it OK if I get the footage from last stand?
  12. Cry of fear + Penumbra collection = No sleep for a week.
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