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  1. I also want to add too that this game is not like one of the indie games on Steam that gets a few updates and BAM we got 1.0 now and out of EA. These are the way-long-term projects that plan on going as in-depth as possible on how complex it is. The best comparisons I can make are older Rougelikes, where the graphics are kinda meh but the insane amount of content overwhelms the fact it took 15 years to pop out. Hopefully the devs don't mind me mentioning another game, but funny enough this game reminds me of Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup. The game was first developed in 1997 and ended development in the mid-2000s. Another dev took it under their wing and have been putting out updates as long as literally this year. Basically development is long, but everything they add is usually very well developed and is a great addition to the game. As much as I do give Indie Stone some flak, when they do release content, it is worth the wait since it is good content, and any reworked content is always an upgrade from before. I've loved the newest update to the animations and models, and they are at an amazing place right now, and I know IS will be continuing it.
  2. Maybe it is the stat decrease? If I'm not mistaken, isn't that how fast you get hungry? It makes sense that it would affect other bases as well if it is a global effect. That is all I can see that would be affecting it.
  3. Go to Sandbox, you can find the base settings of each mode in there. There is one category where you will find a checkbox called "Starter Kit", this gives you a backpack that has a baseball bat and hammer inside, both heavily damaged. Going Sandbox does not restrict you from accessing any content in the game. This way you can play the EXACT same game you have been playing, but you start with a damaged weapon and a damaged tool. I personally think this is a better start anyways, since if there are THIS many zombies around, your dude would have at least a weapon, water bottle and some chips. Also Sandbox to tailor the game to how you want it too. I have had WAY more fun tweaking with Sandbox than on normal modes because (like the mode advertises) I can change the settings to die in any way I want. I love how well-supported it is.
  4. You guys are confusing "item in hand" with "using tools". They are two completely separate things.
  5. Gas stations and "convenience store" like places have a ton of them.
  6. Wait, is ZORK available? Can I finally be eaten by a Grue before I am eaten in a Zombie Apocalypse? Please put ZORK in the game!
  7. I do see Fallagorn's point. However I think it is best that the two stay separate, and that the system we have now is better. I am just now looking through the systems they've overhauled or made feature complete, and they're very, very in-depth. Despite some of my posts may be a bit hard on TIS, I will always give them the leeway because they do deliver in the end. Vehicles are super in-depth, the animations and clothing systems are crazy cool. I don't see why they won't focus more on crafting content in a future update. If they spend an update adding a ton of content (such as my "Let us build furniture we find" to flesh out the carpentry more) and other things, those categories are going to be FULL. This is more to your comments about First Aid, Farming, and Fishing being "the same", because I can EASILY see TIS taking time to really develop the first aid in the game. Especially with creating Also survival crafting is different from normal crafting. Crafting is like "Lets put all the pens in this box" and more using manufactured goods to create something. Survival is more like "I'm going to use this stick and this log to make a fire" and improvised crafted items. Plus again, they can easily add a ton. I say this because mods have made excellent use of their crafting system. Plus TIS has a great "Filter All" that is a godsend. This system seems to be more "we have a good working concept" and now it's really going to ramp up. Plus they can still do a bit of what you said, trapping and foraging can totally be combined into a group called "Wilderness Crafting" or "Hunting" and throw Survivalist in there. It's all Wood-sy. So your point isn't crap, but I do feel like TIS is really going to add like, 25+ recipes to each category with some of these updates and we just got the framework here.
  8. If there is some sort of interest in this, I will gladly inflate this to the point where we have 50 different buildings of various sizes in the pack. I'm not joking, I find this to be fun and I don't mind cranking out several sheds.
  9. I'm wondering if there are people who would be interested in a building pack for modding maps? I just spent a bit in TileZ and I am enjoying making houses, I whipped this one up in a bit while learning the tools. I'd just make a .zip of building files, since that is how I see this working. Although I don't mind coding, it isn't my interest anymore. However I do want to contribute to Project Zomboid, I genuinely do enjoy the game (why I'm sometimes too hard on it), and although I can't give you guys a new game feature, I rather would do what I enjoy doing best: adding on. I really like building houses more in the SIMs than actually playing the game, and in Project Zomboid I love taking over houses and decorating them. I like checking out maps people have made to decorate and build what they have done. This can easily me one of my "I wanna work on something" kind of projects, whipping up houses and buildings for people to use. Would map makers want a small resource of houses, sheds, shacks, kiosks, and additions? I'd only want credit and a link to my House Stash or something. Feel free to give me ideas for what you'd like guys. I'm probably going to eventually make a map cell once I've cranked out a few houses and buildings for people to enjoy. Hopefully one day you will find, loot, barricade, live, siege, and die in one of my homes!
  10. Is there any way to equip another item in your hands? I have my axe on my back, so when I do corpse disposal, I pick up the corpse, go to where I want it and hit "1" to equip my axe, unequipping the body and dropping it on the ground instantly.
  11. Damien Darkside

    Do Open

    On stream a bit ago I even said "Be cool if I had blood on my car when I smack someone" and here we are!
  12. Sorry, small item large post because I think it will genuinely make the game better. I've noticed zombies have items stuck in them, and that items are being rendered in hands (I haven't played since 2017) a lot better. I have my infections turned off in Sandbox. This has allowed me to play with the medical system a lot, which has been great because with Infection Enabled, I rarely used it at all because I rarely got hurt. Now I take more risks and get into combat, requiring me to stop bleeding and lacerations, and to make sure those aren't infected (like, septic) or I die. So my question is this: Can zombies attack with items, and throw punches? I mean in the Romero sense of Zombies holding onto objects reflexively, and throw punch being "I got hit but it wasn't a scratch". With a Police Zombie for instance holding a nightstick, and when he attacks I get hit with the nightstick instead of a scratch. A repairman zombie might be holding a screwdriver, or a Spiffo Zombie might be holding a knife, and now I have to deal with a laceration. Bum Zombie hits me with a broken glass bottle, now I finally have a reason to use tweezers to get glass out of my shoulder. The reason why I suggest this is because you've CLEARLY put a lot of time into the medical system, and it is very in-depth. I just have nothing to... heal. You have already made good steps in fleshing out the system, I noticed running through the forest without a proper shirt causes arm injuries, and walking without shoes can cause bleeding as well. I realize with NPCs that they will be able to attack you, however realistically the chances of me using those tweezers to extract bullets is going to be pretty low isn't it? I'm sure we won't be going MGS3 with bullet damage to the player, and more Zomboid. Also I am suggesting a only a small part of the population have an item equipped. Out of a crowd of zombies, one or two has an item and it is relatable to their profession. We clearly have sets for businessmen, police, chefs etc, so some of them holding a hammer, knife or baseball bat would be fine. Clearly there are loot chances as well, so just have any weapon that spawns in a zombie's inventory have a small chance to be equipped. Any zombie holding something that isn't their profession is either a zombified survivor, a layman using the tool (normal people hold hammers) or is plainclothes/day off. Now people might say "that isn't zombies, they can't use items" to which I say "they aren't using a screwdriver, they're attacking with an object in their hands and they're hitting you with it, even toddlers do this and hundreds of animals". There are sandbox options for "navigate" and "navigate use doors" and I think it would be between the two (so if people want to turn it off you can have "item use" or something). I fully believe zombies would be capable of smacking you with something if they had it in their hands. Also popular media has shown hundreds of times of zombies at least HOLDING an item, so it won't be jarring to players. Games like Dead Island, Dying Light, and Dead Rising also have the "zombie holds something and flails at you with it to do other damage than "bite/rawr" type of attack that players are also used to. I feel like a zombie with a knife will provide the same threat as a zombie alone, but with a different angle. Also you can use the scratch/bite resistances for blade/blunt, since biting is like tearing and scratching is like hitting. As a side note: does having bloody clothes increase the chances of "normal" need-antibiotics-infection? With a zombie hitting you with a knife, that would also increase need for sterilization and looting bottles of disinfectant.
  13. Do not assume I have an idealistic view of programming, I know very much what the limitations are. The base idea of having only 8 level or not planning for underground areas is completely fault of the devs. The problem isn't "rooftop garden" it's "Why did you stop at 8" or simply "why do you even have a system like this in the first place?". If it's about drawing and rendering, then it's a problem if how the entire thing was setup in the first place. Period.
  14. Limits in programming are completely different from the limits of life. Limits in programming come from failing to plan. Plain as that. That being said, in the long run it won't drastically impact the game but it's still disappointing that we WON'T be able to build rooftop gardens simply because it doesn't do more layers. Plus it isn't just Copy/Paste, it's people spending the time to make something like Bedford Falls, the map I'm looking at with several districts that could definitely benefit from several more floors, or a few of the buildings having roof access.
  15. Two options for the sandbox menu I'd love to see Water Shutoff: Never Electricity Shutoff: Never It doesn't have to be "never" in the code, just 99999 days. I always play with the 0-5 years setting for sandbox, but now I have this thing were it's still "it going to shut off tomorrow or three years from now". I hate playing this game without electricity or water. At that point its just "drink bleach start new character this file is ruined", since it doesn't allow me to live in my customized house that I spent hours in. Nights for me become very boring. Gameplay becomes way more limited. The game isn't fun anymore past the lights going out. I get that you guys want a realistic game, but if you can give me 0-5 years range on Sandbox Options, we should have a "never" option for shutoffs. I can already turn off zombie infections, this is the one last thing preventing me from fully enjoying and investing in Zomboid, the lingering fear of "instead of a zombie horde overwhelming you on a supply run, the light and water turns off and you don't want to play anymore".
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