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  1. Libraries/Bookstores Gotta get that dank XP boost
  2. New Animations and Clothing

    If I was to fully predict what TIS is going to do, it is this (reminder that I am not TIS and am using my own judgement here): 1) Vehicles - Because that's what they are doing right now 2) Animation - It will fit the vehicles more and is the next logical overhaul. Why would you start on NPCs when you are overhauling how they fight and move? 3) Tune Up - Making sure that they are both working and making adjustments I would call it the "Operation Health" of PZ to make sure it all works 4) NPCs - When the map is close to finished, the vehicles are working properly and the animations are done then it makes sense to get these finished Then the game is "done".
  3. Project zomboid earings for Woman?

    Some people don't seem to understand how much the Animation Update is going to massively change the game. It is essentially an overhaul of all animations and combat.
  4. will hats / headwear remove the hair like usual for games?

    I would say it's going to take away hair with a base layer of the hair colour. So if you have brown hair, when you put on a hat it will have brown near the back of the neck. It would be cool if ponytails and other styles would show on baseball caps though.
  5. Fix the Aiming System or revert to old one.

    Honestly the gun mechanics of this game are hot garbage, and I love this game. Wasn't there some video of a circle that would form when being aimed and it would shrink when your character held the gun up? It would shrink down to show where the bullet would go and moving or being panicked would increase the size while standing still would decrease the size. That was way better than what we have now. Plus why would I use guns in this game? The aiming is random and isn't intuitive, the noise attracts every zed in a country-wide radius and honestly there are absolutely no positives to having them. Game mechanics like this should have a positive/negative use instead of pure negative, otherwise players won't use them at all. You want a player to say "I don't use guns because of the risk of zombies being attracted to my location, even though with enough skill I can take them out" instead of "I don't use guns because I don't understand how they work" or "I don't use guns because they get me killed every time I use them".
  6. what mode do you guys normaly play on?

    Sandbox with infection off, I honestly don't like the death mechanics when I can get hit by a zombie months in because the camera didn't like loading the darkness on one side of something or something didn't work right and bam, infected. Hours of playtime killed by a scratch. I turn off nutrition too since it pretty much is a running inevitable timer to give more debuffs. Mostly because there isn't enough food content in the game to use nutrition either. I know I am not playing the game as the developers intended but I'm not killing that many hours due to mechanics I don't like and would have found mods to deal with anyways (like I did with Fallout 4's Survival No Save Until Sleep). I have had way more fun relaxing the difficulty in the game and playing it as a more "light hardcore" version of the main game. Actually by taking away the infections that the Zombies do and making me feel more comfortable in taking risks, I have to use the medical system so heal myself more often than more players due to damage. I also increase my combat skills by fighting them too. The game feels a bit more fleshed out in that way and I have more fun playing this way then when I played hardcore survival. I really do respect IndieStone for allowing use of a sandbox with so many options and not maintaining "THIS IS OURS WE WANT THIS TO SOLELY BE OUR VISION REGARDLESS HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT IT" mentality that some game companies today seem to have as a badge of honor. Honestly if it wasn't for sandbox and use to the steam workshop, I probably would actually regret buying the game.
  7. Is PZ Ever going to get finished?

    The "stellar" tutorial was a few scripted events with a few sprites that had basic routines and that's it. There was no AI, the characters didn't make decisions nor deducted anything. You have way overvalued what the NPCs had in there. First major change was the change from sprite-based textures to 3D models. The devs realized that if you wanted to add in an items, you needed to add multiple sprites for every single animation. You wanted to add a shirt? You gotta draw every single shirt piece in all the frames. It was madness, so they switched over. They need to do it once more because guess what? Development isn't easy and things pop up. The animation system is being worked on and has had multiple videos on it. The map was another thing. We knew it was going to be big, just not this big and that is a good thing. It was surely a lot emptier before but with cars the world is a lot smaller when a one-day trip is easily achievable now and the devs saw that coming. Lastly is NPC AI. They aren't planning your run-of-the-mill NPCs from a AA studio. These NPCs aren't going to be like Fallout 4 settlement NPCs with small amounts of commands and little to no real decision making skills. No, these NPCs are going to be able to make decisions to actually survive and thrive in the apocalypse. They will interact with each other and they will make the world feel alive. You won't just click on them and they do "Oh Hi! Welcome to ___" or spout out 20 different lines before repeating. These NPCs are going to be just as valuable as anything else and you will depend on them just as much as they depend on you. That unfortunately takes time and learning. This game, despite all it's setbacks, is doing pretty well.
  8. How to start modding?

    Okay so others will tell you the parts of modding in terms of code and resources to make mods. Make sure though that you have a PLAN of EXACTLY what you want to do before you start doing anything on a computer. Take it from an ex-programmer, if you don't have some sort of plan down before you start, you're just throwing stuff at a wall to see what sticks and it falls apart. As for items, make sure you make a list of all the stats, perks affecting it, crafting, where it is in the world, loot tables and sprites. If this is all or mostly planned, you won't miss out on it later.
  9. Veterinary Clinic / Animal Hospital

    Regardless there would be SOMEPLACE for a vet to store his materials and considering the high quality nature of the drugs he has, would be locked up.
  10. Late game security

    The most I could see from the camera is a text saying "Damien Darkside was in the area" "He accessed a container" Apart from that good luck with footage.
  11. Weapon Wear and Tear

    Baseball bats are usually lightweight, dense woods that aren't reinforced in any way. Just a good ol' hunk of wood. So they can only take so many blows before stress fractures start appearing on the surface or in the wood itself. Also with baseballs, there is a major physics difference between: Baseball: Fabric covered ball made of cork or rubber where when you smack it, the ball compresses and absorbs the shock of the blow before being sent off. Not to mention that a ball is light, and doesn't have anything attached to it. When you smack a 5.25oz/142gr baseball, you don't have to worry about destroying a bat. Human Skull: Bone that is stronger than steel in the same amount of mass, made and evolved to protect the most vulnerable and important area of the human body. When you crack a bat against it, the skull doesn't compress from the shock, and the energy is transferred back into the baseball bat which damages it. You get that "buzzing" feeling of the vibrations being sent up the bat, like thwacking a stick (or a bat) against a tree. When you crack a human skull, you are smacking a 11 pound/5kg object. That's like hitting around a bowling ball (of which funnily enough, a normal adult human head is the average weight of). Also the skull it attached to a spine like a cord to a super heavy 150-200 pound body of rotting flesh. In fact I would definitely say wear gloves to prevent the shock going into your hands and messing up your arms. The problem here is the force applied to the mass of an object. In terms of that baseball, the kinetic energy flings it off into the distance. In case of the skull, the kinetic energy gets somewhat rebounded into the baseball bat, which causes fracturing or a break. If the blow is enough to fracture the wood, it will eventually get worse and worse until it breaks. You will notice a lot of medieval weapons have iron rings around the handles of clubs and hammers, or that modern tools have springs or something for shock absorption. The iron/steel rings on weaponry is to avoid fracturing and splitting of the wooden handle. The springs, wires or other things for modern tools are to absorb the energy of impact when you either miss the object entirely or to avoid harming the user. I would be surprised if a baseball bat would last you ten heads in a zombie apocalypse. That's why puncturing weapons like ice picks and things that can pierce the skull in a small point (like a bullet) to crack a head open is a lot more efficient than a blunt object. The benefit of blunt objects is that you don't have to sharpen them and they won't get stuck. If I was going for blunt, even a metal baseball bat wouldn't be the best, they aren't completely metal. Definitely would use a crowbar made from titanium (for durability) or steel (for weight, which helps crack skulls) and for sure would make a handle for them or wear gloves. Also fun hint for an apocalypse, you know the point at the back of a fire axe? Use that instead of the broad head. You'll avoid glancing blows.
  12. (SHOWCASE) Pleasant Valley Barn

    I would gladly take these buildings as homes in the main map. There are very well designed!
  13. Cooking system

    I think a food prep menu like yours should be used, with context. First is "on hand" food prep. You are carrying a pot and some food in your backpack. "Prepare Food" in this sense is what is in your backpack as well as your hands. A "Food Prep Station" would be very nice, assigning a hard counter surface that allows you to keep knives, pots, pans and the like. When preparing food here, it takes in consideration all the items in the food station as well as on your person (like carrying meat to the station). I kind of do this in my house builds but it would be great with assignable stations. You just end up with ingredients that were in your inventory, not a mish-mash of everything you touched. If those who have played Minecraft with the "Pam's Harvestcraft" and "Cooking for Blockheads" mods installed know what I am talking about, a dedicated system like that would be great.
  14. (SHOWCASE) Pleasant Valley Barn

    I would gladly take that over as a base.
  15. Some Random Ideas

    Pizza Delivery Man / Taxi Same thing but different, and a bit more common and for cars.