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  1. (SHOWCASE) Pleasant Valley Barn

    I would gladly take these buildings as homes in the main map. There are very well designed!
  2. Cooking system

    I think a food prep menu like yours should be used, with context. First is "on hand" food prep. You are carrying a pot and some food in your backpack. "Prepare Food" in this sense is what is in your backpack as well as your hands. A "Food Prep Station" would be very nice, assigning a hard counter surface that allows you to keep knives, pots, pans and the like. When preparing food here, it takes in consideration all the items in the food station as well as on your person (like carrying meat to the station). I kind of do this in my house builds but it would be great with assignable stations. You just end up with ingredients that were in your inventory, not a mish-mash of everything you touched. If those who have played Minecraft with the "Pam's Harvestcraft" and "Cooking for Blockheads" mods installed know what I am talking about, a dedicated system like that would be great.
  3. Food Preservation

    I think that the devs are working on the Animation update and cars ATM However, once they are done I would love a content injection. Things like smoking and preserving your food would be essential, especially since native tribes have done it with no technology whatsoever.
  4. (SHOWCASE) Pleasant Valley Barn

    I would gladly take that over as a base.
  5. Begginer - few questions

    1) Find bookstores. They are one of the first places I hit once I know where I am living. Search all the books, you'll find them. Get all of the books too, you can master carpentry pretty quick with it. 2) Yes, and IMHO it's stupid that they did it. Improvised weapons and eventually blacksmithing would come back in an apocalypse. When you knock a civilization back to the middle ages they are going to act like they are in the middle ages. It was one of the first things I modded into the game and it really fleshed out the end game. They can easily bring it back with a better system. "Oh but you can make spoons into an ingot", homie you can watch Man At Arms where they turn freakin scissors into a sword. 3) Compost is really, really weak and honestly just use it as a "place to store rotting food" instead of hoping for compost.
  6. I wanna kill people in a Spiffo uniform
  7. Some Random Ideas

    Pizza Delivery Man / Taxi Same thing but different, and a bit more common and for cars.
  8. Melee system

    It would be nice to see it refined, but remember that the animation system is coming in eventually and that will change tactics immensely.
  9. Change how loot is generated.

    The problem with RNG is that sometimes, just sometimes, you get some wackiness happening. The best part about RNG is that it leads to scenarios where you stumble upon a man's house who had an obsession with Radios. You see, this even happened pretty quickly and the man, who is named Dave by the way thanks for asking, needed to know what was going on at all times. He had a craving for information, because he believed that knowledge was power. So he bought six radios to listen to all six news stations all the time in order to cross reference events and rising violence. Using that he was able to escape the quarantine zone ahead of the army. You just happened to come across his base of operations.
  10. Multiplier decay

    I don't see why not, especially since I usually read all the skill books for that level (going down so everything is boosted) and then casually playing. It would make people read the book THEN do the thing instead of randomly doing it whenever
  11. Clothing

    Harder to kill as well as tougher to stop. Scratches galore. It balances out.
  12. Small hospital

    You have "Vacancy AC/TV" on a sign at the front, those are for Hotels, not hospitals. Apart from that, good clinic. I can almost feel myself waiting 1 hour before the doc sees me for 5 minutes.
  13. When the power goes out

    Hey this ain't a Bethesda game or we could have both.
  14. The Truth Game

    Five on the left arm, close to my wrists after falling through my dad's glass table. What is great is that I was visiting my dad less than a year after my parents divorced. My mom was less than pleased. Also to the 4chan, I used to be on /b/ all the time when I was a teen, then it mostly is /f/ and the best containment board /mlp/. Though I sadly missed this April fool's when they merged /mlp/ and /pol/ into /mlpol/, it apparently was fantastic. What is the spiciest thing you have eaten, and did you feel it afterwards?