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  1. My belief is that they put it there as a peak limiter, where zombies have a maximum of what they can do. For instance, zombies have a sense of smell right? Well IndieStone have to have some sort of "range" on which zombies may be able to smell. They figure out what the maximum is, set that as "insane" and then scale off of that. For zombie spawns? Probably use it for stress testing, then made it available for everyone to use. I would also assume one could get a large amount of friends, toss on a gun mod and play "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen.
  2. It would be nice to see it refined, but remember that the animation system is coming in eventually and that will change tactics immensely.
  3. Worst part? Lack of customization in terms of armor and clothing. Best part? Zombie survival.
  4. It isn't too hard as a person to think "wait, that pipe that leads outside might be important". It isn't like we are forging the damn thing. Antique stoves like that should have internal "tanks" that are filled with consumables.
  5. The problem with RNG is that sometimes, just sometimes, you get some wackiness happening. The best part about RNG is that it leads to scenarios where you stumble upon a man's house who had an obsession with Radios. You see, this even happened pretty quickly and the man, who is named Dave by the way thanks for asking, needed to know what was going on at all times. He had a craving for information, because he believed that knowledge was power. So he bought six radios to listen to all six news stations all the time in order to cross reference events and rising violence. Using that he was able to escape the quarantine zone ahead of the army. You just happened to come across his base of operations.
  6. I don't see why not, especially since I usually read all the skill books for that level (going down so everything is boosted) and then casually playing. It would make people read the book THEN do the thing instead of randomly doing it whenever
  7. Harder to kill as well as tougher to stop. Scratches galore. It balances out.
  8. You have "Vacancy AC/TV" on a sign at the front, those are for Hotels, not hospitals. Apart from that, good clinic. I can almost feel myself waiting 1 hour before the doc sees me for 5 minutes.
  9. It should never be directly deadly except for an extremely long exposure period. It should add to depression, mood and such, also you should be able to get sick from being near corpses. Sickness should increase the hunger moodle faster, or when the animation system comes in, have the character vomit and drastically increase thirst (since blowing chunks dehydrates you). Crops near corpses should become infected and die out. Probably be good to have antibiotics in the game to counter sickness and to decrease the effects.
  10. Short answer? No, deal with it. You can turn it off in the sandbox menu if you want to. Long answer? It's been three years, you should be used to the chopper now. Comes by around the seventh day, is easy to lead away from your base and presents an actual challenge. The devs are not going to remove it, or if they do it won't be for a looooooong time.
  11. Thanks! I actually would LOVE to help anyone out with radio. I don't know a THING about LUA or whatever the code is for PZ. I was able to find the radio broadcasts but I haven't found anything that I can use. I will literally practically write a radio show. Like someone making their own radio show in the apocalypse. Look up some old radio shows and do it in that style, maybe some film noire thing. I also had the idea of there being two radio stations, one A and the other B. One station is tuned to 101 fm and the other 110 fm. Person A speaks to B on the radio and person B responds. If you have two radios, you can tune into 101 and 110 on each and listen into a whole conversation between the two! Ever since I listened to Three Dog I wanted to make my own radio station for Fallout, but I had no mic and had no way to make a radio station. This is kinda more low tech but I would thoroughly enjoy doing a radio mod (or i dunno, submit a bunch of survivor radio to indie stone and have Damien as an actual character in the game holy fuck yes)
  12. Survivor radio stations should be brought into the game. It would be a good way to have tutorials about more meta things in the game such as proper defenses, plant growth and other things. Hey uhhh... this is Damien. If there is anyone out there, I though I would just say this out loud. Keeps me busy you know, during the downtime. Actually that is a good point. Keep yourself busy. If you have some spare hours, do something productive. Read a book. I didn't know shit about carpentry before... this. Now? I read a book and practiced a bit. I can now make some storage boxes! I understand carpentry more than just mucking about with it. Felt like I got a bit more out the the experience. It also felt great to get that small bit done. Now I can store my ammo and tools properly! It was a good distraction from all the zombies. Anyways, to those out there, if you are alive. Good luck.
  13. Staying in one spot in the Heli Event is usually suicide. I would highly recommend getting the guns you can, grabbing some food/water and heading off to a part of the map you already looted or someplace far away. Then play "avoid the zeds" until the event is over then get the hell outta dodge. By the time zombies return you should have better ways to deal with them.
  14. I have played the new version of 7D2D and they just added a ton of electrical stuff, a bunch of them traps. I want to see something similar in PZ in terms of keeping zombies occupied and killing them.
  15. Hey this ain't a Bethesda game or we could have both.