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  1. If the infection lasted longer, I would agree. It seems like you die pretty quickly, then again I usually have the trait where you become a zombie pretty quickly. Maybe if it was a game where infection could be cured or such it would be a better game mechanic. Well we do have the "drunk" coding right? I never have got drunk but maybe as you get more and more infected and closer to dying, you get "drunker". Less coding for the Devs to care about and we get an actual progression to sickness.
  2. Yes, though zombies will target windows instead of walls. You get the protection but zombies will seek out that window/s. Also there is the fact that you need SO MANY LOGS. The massive wall I made in my Stream took a TON of trees, and I was also using a sawbuck that gives 4 planks per log instead of 3. So Frame (2), Window (2) and Planks (8) for every single wall. I use metal sheets on both sides when needed.
  3. multiplayer

    Reinforcing doors with metal bars would be real neato as well.
  4. It takes about 100 days for a full erosion cycle on the houses, and possibly the same for trees. Trees take a long time to grow yo'
  5. We definitely need more lighting. I don't even care if you have a construction solar power thing with a lamp attached to it, it would be fantastic for more light. Having some sap or something to make a torch or having a tiki torch thing would be great. Tiki torches were huge in the 90s, and very popular on patios. I WANNA HAVE A TIKI TORCH Some kind of dynamo light would be cool too. Maybe having a bicycle to a dynamo engine would be great.
  6. Well considering how fun Prototype was, I can see how NY would be used. GOOD LUCK WITH BUILDING IT
  7. All suggestions added in one way or another
  8. multiplayer

    I do agree with some metal doors. Metalworking does have 2 levels of walls but needs a third.
  9. So in this thread I don't want to discuss the inevitability that cars are coming to PZ. We know cars are coming and you can test them right now. This thread isn't for that. This thread is for people to discuss the future use, mechanics and ideas surrounding cars. As the discussion evolves I'll be adding things to this list. Cars and the like have an incredibly high value in this game, especially with customization and fleshing out the fun parts of using vehicles. They should be balanced, but also they shouldn't end up like guns. Remember that cars are meant for transportation, and that if they don't fulfill that purpose because they are too risky to use, then people won't use them. Categories include (subject to change) Types of Vehicles Car Modifications Maintenance of Cars When the Gas Runs Out / Usage of Wrecked Cars Please note that "Mods" in this topic revolve around modifications to the cars, not installed or Workshop mods that change PZ. TYPES OF VEHICLES More than cars and vans, there should be other vehicles that we can choose from as well. Motorcycles Dirtbikes Bicycles ATVs (4x4) Snowmobiles (Winter) Massive trucks (10+ Wheeler) Pickup Trucks Moving Vans RVs / Campers Buses Car type allows for easier sleep depending on the car. Cars provide less sleep quality than RVs Can't sleep in ATVs Sleep in Buses Different performance based on the ground type Cars and motorcycles perform better than other vehicles on pavement "Capacity" vehicles like Moving Vans and Trucks only perform okay on pavement, and terrible offroad. Their strength is massive storage space. Offroad vehicles such as Dirtbikes and ATVs perform well... off road. They are great for country-based bases. They perform well on road too but not as well as cars. Snowmobiles for the winter. They perform extremely well on snow, terrible on everything else. Buses extremely slow CAR MODIFICATIONS Depending on how high your skills are, there should be ways to modify your car. Reinforcing the dash, bumpers etc with steel/iron in order to take more damage Mods influence weight of the vehicle Lowering weight such as removing the back seats of cars and vans increase storage capacity and increase fuel efficiency, but are countered by only allowing one or two people in the vehicle. Increasing the weight by adding grills, reinforcements, loading the vehicle up with supplies, and having multiple people inside should decrease fuel efficiency, making it more costly to bring that tricked out Mad Max vehicle across the map. Cosmetic ways to modify your car with paint would be a nice touch, and could make people recreate their favorite pop-culture cars without Indie Stone getting hit with copyright. MAINTENANCE OF CARS I suggest that the "Metalworking" skill should be changed /renamed to "Mechanic", "Engineer" or something similar. Metalworking is underused at the moment apart from making metal walls and such, or reinforcing windows. Cars in 1993 don't have the vast array of electronics that modern cars do. If someone can do mechanical work on a car, they can figure out how to weld sheet metal. This will make the "Engineering" skill as robust as the carpentry skill, which is well-developed into the "house building" skill that it is. This enhances normal gameplay since we aren't getting a new category, the skill tress will become more complex and will encourage players to decide what they should spend their time on with better rewards. Like the "Farming" skill, those who are well trained can start identifying parts of the car that are damaged or need replacing. Having more information allows for better repairs, and more effective repairs that last longer or replace more condition. Car parts should have condition, and much like Fallout weapons being jammed at a certain condition, car parts should backfire, fail or make more noise depending on the condition of the parts. Modifications are locked behind skills Easier mods such as taking out a seat could be skills for level 1-2 Harder mods such as attaching spiked bumpers (that reduce zombie collision damage) should be regulated to 6-10 Higher skills also allow for better extraction of parts from ruined or spare vehicles. Much like Metalworking and Carpentry allows for more parts to be harvested from objects the higher you skill is. La Cucaracha horn, the most powerful of horns WHEN THE GAS RUNS OUT / USE OF WRECKED CARS Cars should be able to be pushed if they have functioning tires. Pop into neutral and move from driver side. Cars should be able to be stripped for parts Car parts such as tires, engines, brakepads etc can be taken out and installed on other cars of the same category. Cars can be "broken down" and stripped for metal sheets, pipes, and basic electronics (radio). Based on skill. Car batteries can be used for small lights much like the flashlight on a pole, but last much longer. Unlockable levelled skill. Car tires should be able to be taken off. Unless reattached, they cannot be driven of course They become much harder to not only push, but to tip over as well This can provide "walls" in which wrecked cars block zombies Possibly have it so zombies are stopped and have to crawl over the car, or able to stand on top of them Larger cars such as 12 Wheeler Trucks or Ambulances with wheels removed cannot be climbed over or moved due to the weight unless there is a massive horde behind it. This makes Bicycles more useful for after the gas runs out. Junkyards have to be added to the map. Allows for spawning of "car circles" where you can find survivor camps in the fields with broken cars surrounding them. This encourages exploration outside of cities. Possible biofuel with high farming.
  10. other types of movement

    Bicycles are definitely needed in the game, especially as a transportation alternative to cars when the gas runs out. Plus if I can't bust some SICK TRIX while dodging zombies than I don't want to play this game! (This is a joke) However you know what Bicycles would be great with less animation? Motorcycles.
  11. I would love radio functionality that can be synced to a music folder in your computer. Sure I'll be playing music past 1993 but I want to have some tracks going on at home. Plus it would be cool if music volume and intensity would draw in zombies. Pop a battery in a radio and play some Deadmau5 in an open field and have the horde be drawn out of the city to Ghosts n Stuff.
  12. Looking through the radio broadcast data there are reports of the virus transferring without bites. That would mean that the virus evolved outside of Knox county, and the Virus2.0 infected the entire world with the new strain of Virus. So in a weird way, the zombies in Knox aren't the deadliest zombies out there. You are contained by the Virus 2.0 instead of a military or a wall. You can't leave Knox because it is pretty much the "safe zone" from the new Virus which will instantly infect you. Though the radio does make talk of people who are immune, so maybe you are one of those few people who are, but bites are enough to kill you.
  13. She doesn't have Rouge the Bat sized tits too. Double points.
  14. > Brazil gets hit with impeachment every year > Brazil should have Trump You just want to keep the impeachment record going don't you?
  15. You completely missed this. Adrenaline and time from the bite will get that virus through your body quickly. You are fucked. None of the ideas you are countering with actually enhance gameplay at all, they are just ways to keep the character you are attached to. Your character is inevitably going to die, this is the theme of the game. There should be nothing that can help you once you get bitten because that devalues the risk of attacking zombies. The VIRUS takes a day to kill you, but not to get through your body. That takes less than a minute because, again, you are JUST BITTEN and adrenaline pumps your heart FASTER which gets it into you QUICKER. Also Merle from TWD cut his hand off because he was handcuffed to the top of a building. He wasn't bitten.