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  1. Veterinary Clinic / Animal Hospital

    Regardless there would be SOMEPLACE for a vet to store his materials and considering the high quality nature of the drugs he has, would be locked up.
  2. It's been over 4 years...

    They have clearly stated that they will work on NPCs after the cars are finished and when animations are in. You know what I find funny? CoD WW2 was developed by a massive team of professionals on an engine that was already made and refined, with tools and mechanics that were already established over three years. The game isn't finished, was a disaster on launch, there are still features missing from the game and there are multiple bugs and issues that aren't fixed or being looked at. That is a gaming company that has made games for a hell of a long time failing at meeting deadlines and delivering a finished product over three years of development time. Then I look at The Indie Stone, a bunch of people who, although a few have worked for companies, have little to no experience making a complex game game from absolute scratch (as far as I have seen) and are trying to pull together multiplayer as well as single player with mod support. I am not surprised it is taking this long to develop. Also I think this game cost me 10 bucks. I've eaten things more expensive than this game over 10 minutes.
  3. Late game security

    The most I could see from the camera is a text saying "Damien Darkside was in the area" "He accessed a container" Apart from that good luck with footage.
  4. Lore-Related Questions

    1) Why isn't the President named at all? I kind of like the idea of the President being named, but also it "puts words into somebody's mouth" that the devs might not like to do. Also from my understanding the developers are British. I'm taking a note from Canada here and pretty much until the Harper Government, the news mostly said the party in power instead of the Prime Minister. It literally might be a country thing. 2) With the devs saying that Louisville will be a future playable location, will you be able to spawn in it at the beginning of the game I certainly hope not. I would love a few places that were unlocked over time. Especially with NPCs here, it would be great to have the place over-run with the massive hordes. and if so how does that make sense from a timeline standpoint? New profession or scenarios, soldiers and the like who'd be there. With factions you'd be probably hated by survivors. Lots of things you can do with that. Start two days before the horde comes, maybe do a quest or something. 3) How are helicopters flying over Knox County if a no-fly zone has been declared? I'm pretty sure even military helicopters are restricted from flying in no-fly zones. I think the only people who would stop the military from flying in a no-fly would be the military. Either chain of command is broken down so much they are disobeying the rules, or they have decided to break no-fly in order to gather intelligence. 4) There's mention of a photograph... Many things in history have been exposed by people working in the organizations that are enforcing the media blackout. All it takes is one soldier to have access to something like that who is upset at how the military is dealing with the situation in order for there to be a leak. 5) There's also mention of secret camps (especially around Fort Knox) where hazmat teams have been quarantining human survivors. Will we ever see those in-game? With NPCs I don't see why not. That is years down the road though.
  5. It's been over 4 years...

    Cars Animation NPCs Cars were the big mechanic that needed to be added They aren't going to put NPCs in without adding in the new animation system The NPCs are the final large piece. Dude this game is gonna be finished in 2022 so hold onto your knickers
  6. Weapon Wear and Tear

    Baseball bats are usually lightweight, dense woods that aren't reinforced in any way. Just a good ol' hunk of wood. So they can only take so many blows before stress fractures start appearing on the surface or in the wood itself. Also with baseballs, there is a major physics difference between: Baseball: Fabric covered ball made of cork or rubber where when you smack it, the ball compresses and absorbs the shock of the blow before being sent off. Not to mention that a ball is light, and doesn't have anything attached to it. When you smack a 5.25oz/142gr baseball, you don't have to worry about destroying a bat. Human Skull: Bone that is stronger than steel in the same amount of mass, made and evolved to protect the most vulnerable and important area of the human body. When you crack a bat against it, the skull doesn't compress from the shock, and the energy is transferred back into the baseball bat which damages it. You get that "buzzing" feeling of the vibrations being sent up the bat, like thwacking a stick (or a bat) against a tree. When you crack a human skull, you are smacking a 11 pound/5kg object. That's like hitting around a bowling ball (of which funnily enough, a normal adult human head is the average weight of). Also the skull it attached to a spine like a cord to a super heavy 150-200 pound body of rotting flesh. In fact I would definitely say wear gloves to prevent the shock going into your hands and messing up your arms. The problem here is the force applied to the mass of an object. In terms of that baseball, the kinetic energy flings it off into the distance. In case of the skull, the kinetic energy gets somewhat rebounded into the baseball bat, which causes fracturing or a break. If the blow is enough to fracture the wood, it will eventually get worse and worse until it breaks. You will notice a lot of medieval weapons have iron rings around the handles of clubs and hammers, or that modern tools have springs or something for shock absorption. The iron/steel rings on weaponry is to avoid fracturing and splitting of the wooden handle. The springs, wires or other things for modern tools are to absorb the energy of impact when you either miss the object entirely or to avoid harming the user. I would be surprised if a baseball bat would last you ten heads in a zombie apocalypse. That's why puncturing weapons like ice picks and things that can pierce the skull in a small point (like a bullet) to crack a head open is a lot more efficient than a blunt object. The benefit of blunt objects is that you don't have to sharpen them and they won't get stuck. If I was going for blunt, even a metal baseball bat wouldn't be the best, they aren't completely metal. Definitely would use a crowbar made from titanium (for durability) or steel (for weight, which helps crack skulls) and for sure would make a handle for them or wear gloves. Also fun hint for an apocalypse, you know the point at the back of a fire axe? Use that instead of the broad head. You'll avoid glancing blows.
  7. about the cars

    Unfortunately, this game is set in the 90s (from what I remember) and car alarms weren't that common. Sure some new models would have it when requested, but definitely nothing from the 70s-80s. However if you have enough electrical skill, hooking up the wire that supplies electricity to the alarm with a trigger shouldn't be too hard. Heck I made my own wireless alarm in grade six with a trigger for a wireless, garage door opener, the trigger, wire, batteries and a smoke detector for a project with minimal help from my parents. So if your car does not come equipped with an internal alarm, one should be able to put their own in there. Especially if you are combining a large alarm with a car battery or something. Now that I think of it, one could easily turn a boombox into a distraction device. Blast some Will Smith on cassette while zombies are shuffling towards the radio. [
  8. about the cars

    No shifting gears, it is way too tedious. Maybe manual is common in Europe, but in America (setting of game and majority of players), and even in the 90s, automatics are very common. My mother didn't learn "stick" until her mid 30s and only because my step-dad taught her since his own car was a manual. I was born in 89 and I wasn't in a manual until around 2002. Honestly, if we have to start changing gears, even with a single button press let alone putting in neutral, it is going to put a LOT of people off cars automatically. It also would take a bunch of buttons. I gotta control the car, find the button to pop into neutral from 2nd, use the "Up" or "Down" shift keys to pop it into 1st or 3rd depending on my speed (while steering), go back to driving and not crash into anything. So that is Forward, left or right, neutral, shift change, drive all at the same time. I won't touch them for this reason. That is NOT what you want for game design. You want players making tactical decisions on using cars based on the characteristics of the car, not the controls. You should say "I am not going to use the car right now because I might attract a horde" not "I am not going to use a car because I think the controls are shit". Mechanics like this doesn't make the game any "harder". It makes it tedious and keeps players away because of somewhat daunting or annoying controls. How many people are turned off of Battlefield helicopters because of the inane controls? At least BF offers more control for an experienced player. I don't want to worry about down-shifting around a corner while I am trying to avoid a horde because I didn't shift the car. Or blowing the engine because my phone went off beside me and I didn't catch that I should have shifted. Or catching a few youtube videos on "How to know when to shift your car gears" just to play a game. N2O doesn't work like it does in video games. It requires a specific engine type, tons of customization and is not legal in many places since it is directly linked to street racing. Nobody in rural America (the setting) would own a car like that. Alarms however, are a fantastic idea. Would be awesome too if you could hook a car up to explode with your made explosives (which aren't hard to do) to cause massive damage. Minor maintenance of the car should be a good focus and great for mechanic/metalworking. Things that are common such as tire damage, oil checks, and other small things should be fine, but we aren't playing Car Simulator 2018 here, we are playing a zombie apocalypse.
  9. Eating half/quarter sometimes eats all?

    After a certain point I think it just finishes it for you as well. Can't be eating 1/4 of a 1/4 potato.
  10. Grave Thumping

    You guys don't burn the corpses? I always place them into a nice big pile, take off all their clothes and such for ropes and such then SET THEM ON FIRE. Cleans up 30 zombies real quick.
  11. (SHOWCASE) Pleasant Valley Barn

    I would gladly take these buildings as homes in the main map. There are very well designed!
  12. Cooking system

    I think a food prep menu like yours should be used, with context. First is "on hand" food prep. You are carrying a pot and some food in your backpack. "Prepare Food" in this sense is what is in your backpack as well as your hands. A "Food Prep Station" would be very nice, assigning a hard counter surface that allows you to keep knives, pots, pans and the like. When preparing food here, it takes in consideration all the items in the food station as well as on your person (like carrying meat to the station). I kind of do this in my house builds but it would be great with assignable stations. You just end up with ingredients that were in your inventory, not a mish-mash of everything you touched. If those who have played Minecraft with the "Pam's Harvestcraft" and "Cooking for Blockheads" mods installed know what I am talking about, a dedicated system like that would be great.
  13. (SHOWCASE) Pleasant Valley Barn

    I would gladly take that over as a base.
  14. Some Random Ideas

    Pizza Delivery Man / Taxi Same thing but different, and a bit more common and for cars.
  15. Melee system

    It would be nice to see it refined, but remember that the animation system is coming in eventually and that will change tactics immensely.