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    I hope damage models are coming. It would be kind of boring and immersion breaking if the car is missing three wheels and has been beat to shit, yet still visually looks like it was purchased new yesterday.
  2. I was thinking less, "extra model for each car", but rather models that can be attached to the car. So we can put whatever we want onto maybe different slots or something over each window. For example - Front of Vehicle slot can have - plow, chain link fence, spikes, sheet metal, makeshift metal grate One Slot Over Each Window can have - sheet metal, chain link fence, makeshift metal grate Each Wheel can have - different types of tires (snow, offroad, road, etc.) One Slot Over Each Wheel can have - sheet metal covering wheel Pickup Bed can have - makeshift sheet metal
  3. Congrats on the baby RJ! I hope that we are able to customize vehicles. Ideally, I would love a Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead level of vehicle building/customization, but since that is obviously not going to happen, some heavy customization options like being able to put things on vehicles like a chain link fence or sheet metal would be awesome too. I want to be able to put a plow on the front of a truck and drive it through tons of abandoned cars in Louisville.
  4. Congrats Kajin! That's awesome!
  5. Strange. I've always had that glitch.
  6. I assume you mean deaths from wild dragons, because those are easy to see and avoid. But what about deaths from failed attempts to train them?
  7. See what I did? My ruining your fun payed off in the long run. Got your forum pinned, and now you have over 100 responses. :3 I planned this all along, obviously.
  8. Spawning fake zombies wouldn't be hard at all. What would be hard is having an entire 'fake' world which resets when you die in the dream. That'd be more than a bit ridiculous.
  9. Whoops, I meant trait points. And you understood me perfectly.
  10. Right now, death has no real consequence. People will kill themselves just to get rid a broken leg. One change that could give people more a reason to not die, is giving people less skill points each time they die. The first character (the one made when creating a world) should have the default amount of 8 skill points. After a player dies, the next character they create in this game should have 6 points. The next after that should have 4 points. Each character should have 2 less points than the one before. This should cap off at -10 skill points. This would give players a very good reason to
  11. You need to fill out the Google Form for each death. You should probably only do it for the ones you can recall the best.
  12. Nah. That'd require a dream system. Eh. One of the current sleep event already has you wake up with one or two zombies spawned in your house. I'm saying just have this but with the fake zombies instead of real ones.
  13. I know the devs already have insanity planned. Another symptom of the trait could be having the "zombies in your house" sleep event, where you wake up in the middle of the night with some zombies in your house, happen with the fake zombies. This would reduce the amount of sleep you get if it happened occasionally, as well as possibly screw up sleeping habits because you need to sleep longer. This could be a starting trait (quite a negative one), and maybe it could also develop if you get depressed enough for a very long time. You would gradually begin to notice the fake zombies, and if you are
  14. I agree. I like it just the way it is now. No need to make it more complex or easier.
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