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  1. Feel free to message, I'll try to help where I can. With that said, LUA based questions might be better answered in the help section on the forum, and the answers provided are often useful to other people who is also interested in learning or need a bit of help.
  2. @OffitMan Well, that depends on what you'd like to do, and your experience with languages. All mods start as something small and grow, so start small and go from there. This is how all my modifications for PZ have started thus far. An idea grew into dabbling around with experiments and learning how things worked, and when you feel more confident in what you're working on, you can take the next step and grow it. Always remember that it's not how complex or big the modification is that makes it great, it's your enthusiasm, willpower to overcome challenges and an good idea to build on. If you put your mind to it, you'll go far If you want some pointers on where to start, try these: Learn the basics of LUA (official eBook), explore the Tutorials & Resources side of this forum (ask questions), open up an existing mod, look at its source code, try to understand how it works and make your own modifications to it, use it as a learning tool. If you get frustrated at any point, sometimes it helps to walk away for a while and come back later. I've solved many problems in my head while not being at the computer, or simply from a good nights rest and coming back the next day with a new approach and fresh ideas. Positive thinking goes a long way!
  3. @Legoland99 Good observations. I'll tone down the zealous tree shaking Performance wise, it runs very well. However I'm still yet to add in optimisation code, and the new graphical enhancements should be all optional with the ability to turn them on/off in the settings menu. I've kept the code in place so trees can be either static or dynamic. Each tree is instanced with its own randomised values, such as speed, maximum sway, etc. More on performance, when I recorded that video, the game was running in 1920x1080, while in debug mode, running live in the debugger, hosting a local co-op game, running on a 6 year old machine (original i7 2.80GHz CPU), and all was being recorded and compressed on the go. Regarding vehicles, I'll probably introduce even more optimisation, based on velocity because you don't really see trees moving once you hit a certain velocity, so speed will negate almost all performance loss to a large degree.
  4. A new video is up. I decided to talk in this video, because I wanted to explain what was being shown. Thanks for watching, and constructive feedback is always welcome
  5. @M'aiq The Liar (awesome name). Water is something I was thinking about, and I'd like to do something with it, but I don't want to make any promises. No doubts I will be looking at the water code at some point and see what I can do with it. It's fair to say that if it's environmental, then I'm interested to see what can be done. I know that the topic of 'tree scratches' is something people might like, and while I'm still working on trees, it could be something to add. What started off as an idea of 'oh hey let's add in snow fall' has taken me down a path of 'oh, I can also do this and that' while on the journey. I feel very privileged to be working on this, and some of my progress might be a little slow because some of the tasks I want to do involve some learning aspects, for example OpenGL, of which my skills in that area are a little dated (think back to Quake2 OpenGL days) so I'm actively learning and updating my skills on the go. I work on this every day where I can, and if I can bring a few smiles to people by bringing you something you like, then I'm happy I do appreciate any and all feedback, so a big thanks from me to everyone
  6. This video shows off the idea of making the environment more lively. (I've sped up some of the effects in this video to give a clearer demonstration)
  7. Ha! You're a funny person Rocco, that's why I'm going to kill you last... err sorry, movie references! No worries at all =) A bit of good news (for me at least), is that I'm now able to properly debug the code I write for the engine. This also means I can hot swap (within limits) the code during runtime. This is going to be really helpful because I felt naked without this Importantly: I'll most likely require an artist to help with the art side of the weather. The snow art I put together is just a temporary placeholder.
  8. It can be a bit like that, with so many files and the complexity of software. I look forward to looting your sprites..
  9. I'm not familiar with the Lua side of PZ, however after a quick scan of the files I found the following code which looks like it would do what you desire. ProjectZomboid\media\lua\server\Items\WorldFiller.lua Contents: I'll use this line as an example: overlayMap["location_shop_generic_01_103"] = {gunstore = {"weapons_01_7", "weapons_01_15"}, other = {"books&misc_01_95", "books&misc_01_103"}} "location_shop_generic_01_103" would be the container/shelves/etc. "gunstore" is the room definition. "weapons_01_7", "weapons_01_15" represent the North and West facing tiles with 'stuff' on them (you need both, the engine will pick which one it needs). Edit: Optionally you can have multiple room definitions, as per: other = {"books&misc_01_95", "books&misc_01_103"} List of room definitions:
  10. Rekkie

    Union City

    Oooo beach zombies! ;D This keeps getting better and better. I get a real buzz seeing what creations you (and the contributors) come up with.
  11. This won't answer your question, however if you want to add in Jumbo trees and if you're okay with editing the txt files yourself. Add in the following tree 'base' tiles (it won't show the 'top' part of the tree in the editor, but it will work fine in-game). Note: the tops of the trees will change depending on the current season. It will look like this in the editor. Notice the trees without top bits are the Jumbos
  12. @Rocco36 It's been about a week since I posted the experiment of snow. Fog will come as a result of my work with snow. Please have some patience, I'm a one man army and without the full resources the developers have access to; Second that with getting acquainted with the engine and how it functions and upper-most important is making sure performance goals are met (even more so because of Java). I was hoping to have something to show yesterday, but ran into some hitches. Soon as I have them sorted, I'll post a new video.
  13. @Batsphinx cool beans. It would be a real pleasure working on this, and I'm liking the work Chris is doing to the renderer (I'm sure there's an Unreal pun to be made in there somewhere). Spelunking into the engine was really a result of my work building the mapping tool MoreCellz and working with lot generation code. @Lumbo Oh no, don't worry it will be dynamic. An overlay wouldn't give the desired effect I'd be happy with, however objects are a good middle ground, and the framework is already there to support this.
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