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Found 39 results

  1. Fala, pessoal! Nós, da HiveFuse, fizemos a tradução do Project Zomboid v37.03 para o Português Brasileiro! Vocês podem baixar os arquivos da tradução nesse link: Para instalar, faça download da pasta 'PTBR' e instale-a no seguinte diretório: SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\lua\shared\Translate. Substitua todos os arquivos, quando ordenado. Como o jogo ainda está em estado de Early Access, algumas linhas não podem ser traduzidas, pois o código inicial não foi disponibilizado. Este problema, infelizmente, ocorre com todos os idiomas, mas a maior parte do jogo (cerca de 99% das palavras) está traduzida e o jogo pode ser completamente aproveitado por nós, brasileiros! De qualquer forma, estamos confiantes de que vocês poderão ter uma ótima experiência com Project Zomboid, traduzido e localizado para o Português Brasileiro! --------- Hello, everyone! We, from HiveFuse, have translated Project Zomboid v37.03 to Brazilian Portuguese! You can download the translation files from this link: To install, download the 'PTBR' folder and paste it in the following directory: SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\lua\shared\Translate. Replace all files, when prompted. Considering the game is still on an Early Access state, some lines of text couldn’t be translated, as the original code lines aren’t available to us. Unfortunately, this issue happens with every language, but the game is almost entirely translated (more than 99% of the words are translated) and it can be properly enjoyed by every Brazillian out there! Anyway, we are confident that you will be able to have a great experience with Project Zomboid, now properly translated and localized to Brazilian Portuguese! [EDIT] Changed the Google Drive link - This new link allows us to fix errors and update our translation in a timely manner. Provided Instructions on installing the translation pack
  2. Introdução Português: Novidades: Eu irei migrar minha tradução para a Steam Workshop. Eu sei que os Brasileiros amantes da boa tradução irão aprecia-la ao ponto de substituir os textos oficiais atuais pelos meus textos, ate breve! Adicionei os arquivos da tradução anterior nos meus arquivos para vocês baixarem o maior número possivel de arquivos traduzidos, e conforme for corrigindo e atualizando os textos, irei atualizando tambem este post. Eu notei que uma nova equipe apareceu e traduziu todos os arquivos do jogo, eu baixei a tradução deles e já verifiquei varios erros de ortografia e do significado real do termo em portugues, comparem voces mesmos os meus arquivos com os deles e voces irão confirmar que a minha tradução tem os termos mais corretos e suaves. Minha tradução ainda não esta completa, mas certamente sera melhor. Eu notei que a tradução para Português Brasileiro é uma das mais incompletas e desatualizadas atualmente, e aparentemente, a pessoa que estava dando suporte sumiu do forum a anos, estou aqui pra atualizar e modificar a tradução anterior, pois continha erros de ortografia e termos incorretos, e prometo não abandonar o suporte ate que alguém melhor tome o meu lugar, ou eu morra inesperadamente English Introduction: News: I will migrate my translation to the Steam Workshop. I know that the Brazilian lovers of good translation will appreciate it to the point of replacing the current official texts with my texts, see you soon! I added the files from the previous translation to my files for you to download as many translated files as possible, and as I correct and update the texts, I will update this post as well. I noticed that a new team appeared and translated all the game files, I downloaded the translation of them and already verified several spelling mistakes and of the real meaning of the term in portuguese, compare yourselves my files with theirs files and you will confirm that my translation has the most correct and smooth terms. My translation is not yet complete, but it will certainly be better. I noticed that the translation into Brazilian Portuguese is one of the most incomplete and outdated currently and apparently the person who was giving support has disappeared from the forum for years, I am here to update and modify the previous translation because it contained misspellings and incorrect terms, And I promise not to abandon the support until someone better take my place, or I die unexpectedly Histórico da Tradução: Colaboradores
  3. Dutch translation

    Hey, you all! I really want to make a Dutch translation for the game! But I need some help to do so. Can someone help me a little bit by explaining how it works? If someone can explain, then I will have the Dutch translation ready in three days! Thanks for reading (and replying :)) Waltherus
  4. Ukrainian Translation

    Work on translation will be resumed soon [Вступ] | [Intro] [Інфо] | [Info] [Процес перекладу] | [Translation Process] [Пояснення] | [Explanation] ---------- Challenge v33.20 ---------- ---------- ContextMenu v33.20 ---------- ---------- Farming v33.20 ----------
  5. Translation file problems

    I have this in a script: DisplayName = Camelback (UCP),and in the translation file: DisplayName_Camelback_(UCP) = "Sistema de hidratación (UCP)",the problem is that the translation get ignored... Why? is because of the () ? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- here's another case: DisplayName = .32 ACP - 50 Round Box,translation: DisplayName_.32_ACP_-_50_Round_Box = ".32 ACP - 50 Cartuchos en Caja",is ignored because of the sign - ? NOTE: All other variables in my translation files are OK and ACCEPTED, there's only a few that are ignored, like the vars described in this thread.
  6. I'm translating the items and recipes in my mod into Chinese. But I found that there are missing a lot of characters in the translation system. For example, there is no characters for "bee" and "hive". Does this happen to other language, too?
  7. Project Zomboid Thai Translation โปรเจคซอมบอยด์ ภาษาไทย Download (ดาวน์โหลด) PZ 34.14 : Contributor (ผู้แปล): Artdekdok Installation (วิธีติดตั้ง) : Screenshots (รูปภาพ) :
  8. Delete this post PLS. figured everything out. Item_RU.txt Recipes_RU.txt
  9. As tittle. I found it that had been translated of Chinese(CH) on 2014, so far, It had not been translated for a long time.I am apparently much surprised at it ,but it will translate as long as I hv free time. The Personality Traits UI is finally almost done . Final, thanks for the predecessor , the most of translated of CH has been used so far. Link to download the translated of CH, last update 2015/08/18!F1cFlBzZ!R0YFj6IfQJCWXYxVqrETCw
  10. Hey there translators, I came up with an idea which could make the translation work a bit more enjoyable. Not that it's a pain right now, but it hurts the eyes ^^ What's the idea ? I personally use notepad++ to edit the .txt files containing the translations. And I thought of a tool which would work like this : You open the .txt file with the toolA window like notepad would open, with the usual tabs like file, edition, etc at the top. In the window itself, you'd have at least two columns.On the left, an uneditable column showing the "command name" in order to know what's being translated. On the right, one or more editable columns showing the actual translation for your language which you can then complete and / or modify as you wish. There might be multiple columns when there are strings of text separated by formatting stuff like BR or LINE which shouldn't be modifiedIf you save your work, it keeps the .txt format because basically, the tool would be a "selective" .txt files editor. You'd be adble to put it back in the appropriate folder and use it as it is.This shopped image speaks for itself, if my explanations suck What's the point ? Pros : It avoids modifying a command line and getting translation errorsI think it would be easier to quickly see what's translated and how it isEditing is made easier, having not to care about the formatting which wouldn't be displayedIt prevents you from turning blind while looking at these small text lines in notepadCons : You cannot edit the formatting - but it's a translating tool, after allYou'd have to use notepad or a similar software if you need to write missing code lines added with a new build - if this ever happens How would the tool work ? I have no proficiency in programming that sort of tools, but my guess would be that : The tool looks at every line in the txt fileFor every line, it displays everything before the "=" sign in the first uneditable columnThen, a new editable column is created for everything detected between two " "Anything edited in those columns is directly put into the .txt file If you think that tool would be a nice thing to have, give a shout, else, you can also argue that's some programming time wasted on something very specific. Maybe it already exists ? And if you're both interested and skilled in programming, why not give it shot ? Teesee, for the French translation
  11. Project Zomboid Build 32.16 Türkçe yamasıdır. Nasıl yüklenir? Rar içindeki not defteri dosyalarını Project Zomboid klasöründeki "media/lua/shared/translate/TR" içine atın-değiştirin. Ana Link: Alternatif 1:!UkdSHDIA!VLG_KyEZF6OuiCiku7XMNxFyCHJaUBJ3Jb1LxbysqzI İyi oyunlar...
  12. Hi, I pulled out all of the DisplayNames from Hydrocraft 1.6 files for you people to translate into your languages. Link: TODO: Recipes Forget this, read Svarog's post below.
  13. Korean Translation

    i'll translate damn thing because previous korean translate team has been afk for several years. the developer Johnathon Tinsley just allowed me to translate this is not duplicated Korean translations topic we were able to create a new one. Thx, Johnathon Tinsley progress Recommended Fonts if you guys can change font, I recommend to use NanumBarunGothic.ttf . This is free to use. if you can't, also i recommend guilm.ttc font. the basic font of this game is too hard to read i think. Batang font very reduced readability so i don't recommend Batang font Click to font download NanumBarunGothic.ttf guilm.ttc Translators ContextMenu_KO NEKTWORK, Cherurin Farming_KO NEKTWORK, Cherurin IG_UI_KO NEKTWORK, Cherurin Items_KO NEKTWORK Moodles_KO NEKTWORK, Cherurin Recipes_KO NEKTWORK, Cherurin Sandbox_KO NEKTWORK, Cherurin SurvivalGuide_KO NEKTWORK ToolTip_KO NEKTWORK, Homeguards, Cherurin UI_KO NEKTWORK, Banilafake Muldraugh, KY NEKTWORK West Point, KY NEKTWORK Suppoter Banilafake CELL tjrwls0826 Cherurin Homeguards Eun Arang
  14. I thought I'd lend a hand so here it is! The page for the Greek Translation! I better note: Greek is NOT my native language, and I'm still learning! Checklist Farming Moodles Items Tooltips IGUI Any help or corrections would be greatly appreciated. (Note: Any words I didn't know I used a translator for, so my Greek may be a bit off in places.)
  15. I am romanian, but I was born in austria so the translation isn`t 100% correct. If there is someone else who also speaks the romanian language, please help me. Thank you -Marcus Contributors (Contribuitori): Marcus Progress [build 28]: Context Menu - Complete ​Farming - Complete IG UI - Complete Moodles - Uncomplete Survival Guide - Uncomplete Tooltip - Uncomplete UI - Uncomplete Items - Uncomplete Recipes - Uncomplete ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Context Menu Farming IG UI
  16. This is an just update for new stuff Errors: Even though the line has been translated as DisplayNameStrewberry_Seeds_Packet = "Çilek tohumu paketi", in-game, this item shows up as Strewberry Seeds Packet. and they also apply to DisplayName=FishingNetTrap = "Balık Ağı",DisplayNameFishingforBeginners = "Yeni Başlayanlar İçin Balıkçılık",DisplayNameFishingforIntermediates = "Orta Derece İçin Balıkçılık",DisplayNameAdvancedFishing = "Gelişmiş Balıkcılık",DisplayNameExpertFishing = "Uzman Balıkcılık",DisplayNameMasterFishing = "Usta Balıkcılık", (Changed the coding to ANSI)(Kodlama ANSI olarak değiştirildi) Thank you my friend GriReis for previous translations ContextMenu_TR IG_UI_TR Items_TR Recipe_TR = { Recipe_Make_Campfire_Kit = "Kamp ateşi kiti yap", Recipe_GetSteelAndFlint = "Çelik ve çakmak taşı al", Recipe_Make_Kindling = "Çıra yap", Recipe_Drill_Plank = "Kalası del", Recipe_Make_Wooden_Stick = "Ahşap çubuk yap", Recipe_Make_Tent_Kit = "Çadır kiti yap", Recipe_Make_Mildew_Cure = "Pas giderici yap", Recipe_Make_Flies_Cure = "Sinek ilacı yap", Recipe_Open_Carrot_Seed_Packet = "Havuç tohumu paketini aç", Recipe_Open_Broccoli_Seed_Packet = "Brokoli tohumu paketini aç", Recipe_Open_Radish_Seed_Packet = "Turp tohumu paketini aç", Recipe_Open_Strewberry_Seed_Packet = "Çilek tohumu paketini aç", Recipe_Open_Tomato_Seed_Packet = "Domates tohumu paketini aç", Recipe_Open_Potato_Seed_Packet = "Patates tohumu paketini aç", Recipe_Open_Cabbage_Seed_Packet = "Lahana tohumu paketini aç", Recipe_Craft_Spiked_Bat = "Dikenli sopa yap", Recipe_Sawn-off = "Namluyu kısalt", Recipe_Craft_Spiked_Plank = "Dikenli kalas yap", Recipe_Empty_Whisky_Bottle = "Viski şişesini bitir", Recipe_Rip_bandages = "Yırtıp bandaj yap", Recipe_Saw_Logs = "Kütükleri kes", Recipe_Make_Pot_of_Soup = "Çanakta çorba yap", Recipe_Slice_Watermelon = "Karpuzu dilimle", Recipe_Smash_Watermelon = "Karpuzu parçala", Recipe_Open_Canned_Beans = "Konserve fasulyeyi aç", Recipe_Open_Dog_Food = "Köpek mamasını aç", Recipe_Make_Beans_Bowl = "Kase fasulye yap", Recipe_Make_Hot_Drink = "Sıcak içecek hazırla", Recipe_Open_Canned_Tuna = "Konserve tuna balığını aç", Recipe_Make_Bowl_of_Soup = "Kase çorba yap", Recipe_Make_Ramen = "Japon eriştesi yap", Recipe_Light_Candle = "Mumu yak", Recipe_Make_Cheese_Sandwich = "Peynirli sandviç yap", Recipe_Make_Grilled_Cheese_Sandwich = "Kızarmış peynirli sandviç yap", Recipe_Make_Broccoli_Chicken_Casserole = "Brokolili tavuk güveci yap", Recipe_Make_Boring_Soup = "Dandik çorba hazırla", Recipe_Make_Simple_Soup = "Basit çorba hazırla", Recipe_Make_Tasty_Soup = "Lezzetli çorba hazırla", Recipe_Make_Bowl_of_Soup = "Kase çorba yap", Recipe_Remove_Battery = "Pilleri çıkar", Recipe_Insert_Battery = "Pilleri tak", Recipe_Write_Journal = "Günlük yaz", Recipe_Write_Doodle = "Karalama yap", Recipe_Make_Plaster_Bucket = "Alçı sıvasını kovaya koy", Recipe_Craft_Drawer = "Çekmece yap", Recipe_Craft_Sheet_Rope = "Çarşaftan halat yap", Recipe_Make_Boring_Salad = "Dandik Salata Yap", Recipe_Make_Simple_Salad = "Basit Salata Yap", Recipe_Make_Tasty_Salad = "Lezzetli Salata Yap", Recipe_Make_Vegetarian_Potato_Salad = "Vejetaryen Patates Salatası Yap", Recipe_Make_Potato_Salad = "Patates Salatası Yap", Recipe_Open Nails_box = "Çivi Kutusunu Aç", Recipe_Open_Screws_box = "Vida Kutusunu Aç", Recipe_Open_9mm_Bullets_box = "9mm Kurşun Kutusunu Aç", Recipe_Open_Shotgun_Shells_box = "Pompalı Tüfek Fişeği Kutusunu Aç", Recipe_Put_in_a_box = "Kutuya Koy",Recipe_Make_Cage_Trap = "Kafesli tuzak yap", Recipe_Make_Wooden_Cage_Trap = "Ahşaptan kafesli tuzak yap", Recipe_Make_Snare_Trap = "Kıskaçlı tuzak yap", Recipe_Make_Trap_Box = "Tuzak Kutusu Yap", Recipe_Cut_Animal = "Hayvan Kes", Recipe_Make_Fishing_Net = "Balık Ağı Yap", Recipe_Make_Wooden_Stick = "Ahşaptan Çubuk Yap", Recipe_Drill_Plank = "Ahşap Matkabı", Recipe_Fix_Fishing_Rod = "Oltayı Düzelt", Recipe_Make_Fishing_Rod = "Olta Yap", Recipe_Cut_Fillet = "Filetoyu Kes", Recipe_Slice_Cake = "Keki Dilimle", Recipe_Slice_Pie = "Pastayı Dİlimle, Recipe_Put_in_Baking_Pan = "Baking Pan Koy", Recipe_Make_Pie_Dough = "Pasta Hamuru Yap", Recipe_Put_in_Baking_Pan = "Baking Pan Koy", Recipe_Make_Cake_Batter = "Kek Hamuru Yap", Recipe_Slice_Bread = "Ekmek Dilimle", UI_TR İndirme Bağlantısı: YÜKLEME: 1-)Yükleme işlemi yapmadan önce lütfen dosyalarınızın birer yedeğini alın. 2-)Bağlantı adresinden indirdiğiniz dosyaları Steam/Steamapps/common/ProjectZomboid/media/lua/shared/Translate/TR klasörünün içine atın değişiklikleri onaylıyormusnuz sorusuna tüm dosyları geçerli deyip taşı ve değiştir diyerek onaylayın.
  17. UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Last Activity Date 19/07/14 (Build27) First steps to the catalan translation. Changelog & Work Left List Contributors Context Menu Source : ContextMenu_CAT = { ContextMenu_Destroy = "Destroçar ", ContextMenu_Grab = "Agafar", ContextMenu_Sleep = "Dormir", ContextMenu_Fill = "Omplir ", ContextMenu_Drink = "Beure", ContextMenu_Turn_Off = "Apagar", ContextMenu_Turn_On = "Encendre", ContextMenu_Climb_through = "Passar a través", ContextMenu_Add_sheet_rope = "Col·locar soga de tela", ContextMenu_Remove_sheet_rope = "Treure la soga de tela", ContextMenu_Barricade = "Construir barricada", ContextMenu_Unbarricade = "Treure la barricada", ContextMenu_Add_sheet = "Col·locar sábana", ContextMenu_Open_window = "Obrir finestra", ContextMenu_Close_window = "Tancar finestra", ContextMenu_Smash_window = "Trencar finestra", ContextMenu_Open_curtains = "Obrir cortines", ContextMenu_Close_curtains = "Tancar cortines", ContextMenu_Remove_curtains = "Treure cortines", ContextMenu_Open_door = "Obrir porta", ContextMenu_Close_door = "Tancar porta", ContextMenu_Orders = "Ordres", ContextMenu_Follow_me = "Segueix-me!", ContextMenu_Team_up = "Vigila!", ContextMenu_Team_up = "Quiet!", ContextMenu_Team_up = "Tots junts.", ContextMenu_Walk_to = "Anar a...", ContextMenu_Grab_one = "Agafar-ne uno.", ContextMenu_Grab_half = "Agafar-ne la meitat.", ContextMenu_Grab_all = "Agafar-ho tot.", ContextMenu_Grab = "Agafar",//AGAFAR... ContextMenu_Put_in_Container = "Posar-ho al contenidor", ContextMenu_Equip_on_your_Back = "Posar a l'esquena", // ¿PENJAR DE L'ESQUENA? ContextMenu_Eat = "Menjar", ContextMenu_Equip_Primary = "Equipar primaria", ContextMenu_Equip_Secondary = "Equipar secundaria", ContextMenu_Reload = "Recarregar", ContextMenu_Pour_into = "Buidar al ", ContextMenu_Pour_on_Ground = "Buidar al terra", ContextMenu_Take_pills = "Prendre pastilles", ContextMenu_Read = "Llegir", ContextMenu_Wear = "Vestir", ContextMenu_Unequip = "Deixar de fer servir", ContextMenu_Apply_Bandage = "Embenar-se", ContextMenu_Dry_myself = "Assecar-se", ContextMenu_Drop = "Deixar anar", ContextMenu_Full = "Ple", ContextMenu_Dig = "Cavar", ContextMenu_Fertilize = "Fertilizar", ContextMenu_Sow_Seed = "Sembrar llavor", // PLANTAR LLAVOR? ContextMenu_Info = "Info", ContextMenu_Remove = "Eliminar", ContextMenu_Water = "Aigua", ContextMenu_Treat_Problem = "Tractar problema", ContextMenu_Seeds = "Llavors", ContextMenu_Harvest = "Collir", ContextMenu_Keep = "Mantenir ", ContextMenu_Smoke = "Fumar", -- Crafting menu ContextMenu_Door = "Porta", ContextMenu_Stairs = "Escales", ContextMenu_Floor = "Terra", ContextMenu_Bar = "Bar", ContextMenu_Furniture = "Mobles", ContextMenu_Fence = "Tanca", // VALLA ? ContextMenu_Wooden_Stake = "Estaca de fusta", ContextMenu_Barbed_Fence = "Tanca de pues ", ContextMenu_Wooden_Fence = "Tanca de fusta", ContextMenu_Sang_Bag_Wall = "Mur de sacs de sorra", //MUR DE SACS DE TERRA? ContextMenu_Gravel_Bag_Wall = "Mur de sacs de grava", ContextMenu_Wooden_Wall = "Paret de fusta", ContextMenu_Wooden_Pillar = "Pilar de fusta", ContextMenu_Windows_Frame = "Marc de finestra", ContextMenu_Wooden_Floor = "Terra de fusta", ContextMenu_Wooden_Crate = "Caixa de fusta", ContextMenu_Table = "Taula", ContextMenu_Small_Table = "Taula petita", ContextMenu_Large_Table = “Taula gran", ContextMenu_Table_with_Drawer = "Taula amb calaixos", ContextMenu_Wooden_Chair = "Cadira de fusta", ContextMenu_Rain_Collector_Barrel = "Barril recolector de pluja", ContextMenu_Dark_Wooden_Stairs = "Escales de fusta fosca ", ContextMenu_Brown_Wooden_Stairs = "Escales de fusta marró clar", ContextMenu_Light_Brown_Wooden_Stairs = "Escales de fusta marró", ContextMenu_Wooden_Door = "Porta de fusta", ContextMenu_Door_Frame = "Marc de la porta", // MARC PORTA? ContextMenu_Dismantle = "DesmanteLlar", ContextMenu_Build = "Construir", ContextMenu_Bar_Element = "Barra", ContextMenu_Bar_Corner = "Cantonada de barra", // CANTONADA BARRA // CANTONADA DE LA BARRA?? ContextMenu_Plaster = "GUIX", ContextMenu_Paint = "Pintura", ContextMenu_Blue = "Blava", ContextMenu_Brown = "Marró", ContextMenu_Cyan = "Blau Fosc", ContextMenu_Green = "Verd", ContextMenu_Grey = "Gris", ContextMenu_Light_Blue = "Blau Clar", ContextMenu_Light_Brown = "Marró clar", ContextMenu_Orange = "Taronja", ContextMenu_Pink = "Rosa", ContextMenu_Purple = "Lila", //PORPRA? ContextMenu_Turquoise = "Turquesa", ContextMenu_White = "Blanc", ContextMenu_Yellow = "Groc", ContextMenu_Equip_Two_Hands = "Equipar amb ambdues mans", // EQUIPAR AMB TOTES DUES MANS.// EQUIPAR AMB LES DUES MANS -- Camping menu ContextMenu_Build_a_fire = "Construir foguera", //FER FOGUERA? ContextMenu_Add_petrol = "Afegir gasolina", ContextMenu_Light_fire = "Encendre foguera”, ContextMenu_Put_up_tent = "Muntar tenda de campanya", ContextMenu_Take_down_tent = "Desmuntar tenda de campanya", ContextMenu_Put_out_fire = "Recollir foguera", ContextMenu_Add_fuel_to_fire = "Afegir mes llenya”,, ContextMenu_Sleep_in_tent = "Dormir en tenda de campanya", ContextMenu_Light_fire_with_kindling = "Encendre foc amb llenya", ContextMenu_Light = "Encendre", ContextMenu_Spill_Gravel = "Abocar grava", //ABOCAR-HI? ContextMenu_Spill_Sand = "Abocar sorra",////ABOCAR-HI? ContextMenu_Spill_Dirt = "Abocar terra",////ABOCAR-HI? ContextMenu_Take_some_sands = Agafar una mica de sorra", ContextMenu_Take_some_gravel = "Agafar una mica de grava", ContextMenu_Take_some_dirt = "Agafar una mica de terra", ContextMenu_Repair = "Reparar ",//ARREGLAR? ContextMenu_NameThisBag = "Nom" ContextMenu_RenameBag = "Cambiar nom", // CAMBIAR NOM DEL CONTENIDOR ContextMenu_Lamp_on_Pillar = "Farola",//FANAL //LLANTERNA SOBRE D’UN PILAR? } Farming Items_CAT = { DisplayNameCampfire_materials = "Materials per a la foguera", DisplayNameStone = "Pedra", DisplayNameKindling = "Llenya", DisplayNameKnotted_Wooden_Plank = “Planxes de fusta foradades",//LLISTONS DE FUSTA FORADATS? DisplayNameSturdy_Stick = "Pal robust", DisplayNameFlint = "Pedernal", DisplayNameSteel_Knuckle = "Puny americà", DisplayNameFlint_and_Steel = "Encenedor", DisplayNameTent = "Tenda de campanya", DisplayNameTent_kit = "Kit tenda de campanya", DisplayNameTent_Peg = "Varilles tenda de campanya", DisplayNameSeeding_Broccoli = "Llavors bròquil", DisplayNameRadish = "Rave", DisplayNameStrawberries = "Maduixa", DisplayNameTomato = "Tomàquet", DisplayNamePotato = "Patata", DisplayNameCabbage = "Col", DisplayNameMilk_Package = "Paquet de llet", DisplayNameBacon = "Beicon",// BUFF.. BACÓ NO M’AGRADA MASSA //CANSALADA FUMADA?? wtf… DisplayNameBacon_Rashers = Filet de beicon", DisplayNameBacon_Bits = "Trossos de beicon", DisplayNameBottle_with_Mayonnaise = "Pot de maionesa", DisplayNameWater_bottle = "Ampolla amb aigua", DisplayNameBottle_with_Remoulade = "Pot de salsa", DisplayNameBottle_with_Remoulade_(Half) = "Pot de salsa", DisplayNameBottle_with_Remoulade_(Empty) = "Ampolla buida", DisplayNamePotato_Salad = "Amanida de patata", DisplayNamePreparation_for_Potato_Salad = "", DisplayNameVegetarian_Potato_Salad = "Amanida de patata i verdures", //AMANIDA DE PATATA VEGETARIANA.. DisplayNamePreparation_for_Potato_Salad_Vegetarian = "", DisplayNameBoring_Salad = "Amanida insípida", DisplayNameSimple_Salad = "Amanida simple", DisplayNameTasty_Salad = "Amanida suculenta", DisplayNamePreparation_for_Boring_Mixed_Salad = "", DisplayNameCarrot_Seeds = "Llavors de pastanaga", DisplayNameBroccoli_Seeds = “Llavors de bróquil", DisplayNameRadish_Seeds = "Llavors de rave", DisplayNameStrawberries_Seeds = " Llavors de maduixa", DisplayNameTomato_Seeds = "Llavors de tomàquet", DisplayNamePotato_Seeds = "Llavors de patata", DisplayNameCabbage_Seeds = "Llavors de col", DisplayNameCarrot_Seeds_Packet = "Bossa de llavors de pastanaga", DisplayNameBroccoli_Seeds_Packet = "Bossa de llavors de bròquil", DisplayNameRadish_Seeds_Packet = "Bossa de llavors de rave", DisplayNameStrawberries_Seeds_Packet = "Bossa de llavors de maduixes", DisplayNameTomato_Seeds_Packet = "Bossa de llavors de tomàquet", DisplayNamePotato_Seeds_Packet = "Bossa de llavors de patata", DisplayNameCabbage_Seeds_Packet = "Bossa de llavors de col", DisplayNameTrowel = "Pala de jardineria", DisplayNameSpade = "Pala", DisplayNameWatering_Can_(Full) = "Regadora amb aigua", DisplayNameWatering_Can = "Regadora buida", DisplayNameNPK_Fertilizer = "Abono ecològic", DisplayNameEmpty_Fertilizer = "Abono buit", DisplayNameMildew_Spray = "Aerosol antifúngic", DisplayNameGardening_Spray_Can_(Empty) = "Aerosol buit", DisplayNameGardening_Spray_Can_(Full) = "Aerosol amb aigua", DisplayNameInsecticide_Spray = "Aerosol insecticida", DisplayNameAxe = "Destral", DisplayNameBaseball_Bat = "Bat de beisbol", DisplayNameNailed_Baseball_Bat = "Bat de beisbol con claus", DisplayNameButter_Knife = "Ganivet de mantega", DisplayNameHammer = "Martell", DisplayNameKitchen_Knife = "Ganivet de cuina", DisplayNameMolotov_Cocktail = "Còctel molotov", DisplayNameFrying_Pan = "Paella", DisplayNamePen = "Bolígraf", DisplayNamePencil = "Llapis", DisplayNamePistol = "Pistola", DisplayNamePlank = "Tauló",//PLANXA DE FUSTA, DisplayNameNailed_Plank = "Tauló con claus", DisplayNamePoolcue = "Tac de billar", DisplayNameScrewdriver = "Tornavis", DisplayNameShotgun = "Escopeta", DisplayNameSawn_Off_Shotgun = "Escopeta retallada", DisplayNameSledgehammer = "Massa d’obra", DisplayNameBarbed_wire = "Malla de pues",//CABLEJAT DE PÚES? DisplayNameBarricade = "Barricada", DisplayNameBelt = "Cinturó", DisplayName9mm_Magazine = "Carregador de 9mm", DisplayNameBowl = "Bol", DisplayNameBucket = "Galleda", DisplayName9mm_Rounds = "Bala de 9mm", DisplayNameCandle = "Espelma", DisplayNameCoffee = "Cafè", DisplayNameBag_of_Concrete_Powder = "Sac de formigó", DisplayNameCrate = "Caixa", DisplayNameDoor = "Porta", DisplayNameWooden_Door_Frame = "Porta de fusta", DisplayNameDoorknob = "Pom per a portes", //POM PORTA//POM DE LA PORTA DisplayNameDrawer = "Calaix", DisplayNameDoor_Hinge = "Frontissa per a portes", // FRONTISSA // FRONTISSA DE LA PORTA DisplayNamePicture_of_Kate = "Fotografia de Kate", DisplayNameKettle = "Tetera", DisplayNameLog = "tronco", DisplayNameEmpty_Mug = "Tassa buida DisplayNameNails = "Claus", DisplayNameEmpty_Notebook = "Cuadern buit DisplayNamePaint_brush = brotxa de pintura", DisplayNamePillow = "Coixí", DisplayNamePistol_Magazine = "Carregador de pistola", //CARREGADOR PER A PISTOLA? DisplayNameBag_of_Plaster_Powder = "Sac de guix", DisplayNamePool_Ball = "Bola de billar", DisplayNameEmpty_Pop_Bottle = "Botella de refresc buida", DisplayNameCooking_Pot = "Olla", DisplayNameBandages = "Bendatges", DisplayNameRoasting_Pan = "Safata de forn", DisplayNameSaw = "Serra", DisplayNameSheet = "Llençol", DisplayNameSheet_of_Paper = "Fulla de paper", DisplayNameSheet_Rope = "Soga de tela", DisplayNameShotgun_Shells = "Cartutx d'escopeta", DisplayNameSock = "Mitjó", DisplayNameStairs_Piece = "Part de l'escala", //PEÇA DE L'ESCALA DisplayNameTea_Bag = "Bosseta de te", DisplayNameCan_Opener = "Obrellaunes",//OBRIDOR DisplayNameCanned_Beans = "Llauna de mongetes", DisplayNameTuna = "Llauna de tonyina", DisplayNameWall_Piece = "Part de la paret", //TROS DE LA PARET DisplayNameEmpty_Bottle = "Ampolla buida", DisplayNameWooden_Window_Frame = "Marc de finestra de fusta", //MARC FINESTRA FUSTA // MARC DE FUSTA PER LA FINESTRA DisplayNameBook = "Llibre", DisplayNameCarpentry_for_Beginners = "Fusteria per a novells", DisplayNameCarpentry_for_Intermediates = "Fusteria intermitja", DisplayNameAdvanced_Carpentry = "Fusteria avançada", DisplayNameExpert_Carpentry = "Fusteria per a experts", DisplayNameMaster_Carpentry = "Fusteria per a mestres", DisplayNameCooking_for_Beginners = "Cuina per a novells", DisplayNameCooking_for_Intermediates = "Cuina intermitja", DisplayNameAdvanced_Cooking = "Cuina avançada", DisplayNameExpert_Cooking = "Cuina per a experts", DisplayNameMaster_Cooking = "Cuina per a mestres", DisplayNameFarming_for_Beginners = "Agricultura per a novells", DisplayNameFarming_for_Intermediates = "Agricultura intermitja", DisplayNameAdvanced_Farming = "Agricultura avançada", DisplayNameExpert_Farming = "Agricultura per a experts", DisplayNameMaster_Farming = "Agricultura per a mestros", DisplayNameDoodle = "Diari personal", DisplayNameJournal = "Diari", DisplayNameMagazine = "Revista", DisplayNamespaper = "Paper", DisplayNameApple = "Poma", DisplayNameBroccoli_Chicken_Casserole = " Cassola de pollastre amb bròquil", DisplayNameBanana = "Plàtan", DisplayNameBowl_of_Beans = "Bol de mongetes", DisplayNameBoring_Bowl_of_Soup = "Bol de sopa insípida", DisplayNameBoring_Soup = "Sopa insípida", DisplayNameBread = "Pa", DisplayNameBroccoli = "Bróquil", DisplayNameButter = "Mantega", DisplayNameCarrots = "Pastanaga", DisplayNameCheese = "Formatge", DisplayNameCheese_Sandwich = "Entrepà de formatge", DisplayNameChicken = "Pollastre", DisplayNameChocolate = "Xocolata", DisplayNameCigarettes = "Cigarrets", DisplayNameComplex_Bowl_of_Soup = "Bol de sopa elaborada", DisplayNameComplicated_Soup = "Sopa elaborada", DisplayNameChips = "Patates fregides de bossa", DisplayNameCupcake = "Magdalena", DisplayNameEgg = "Ou", DisplayNameGrilled_Cheese_Sandwich = "Entrepà de formatge fos", DisplayNameHearty_Bowl_of_Soup = "Bol de sopa copiosa", DisplayNameHearty_Soup = "Sopa copiosa", DisplayNameLollipop = "Piruleta", DisplayNameHot_Cuppa = "Tassa de te calient", DisplayNameOpen_Can_of_Beans = "Llauna de mongetes (oberta)", DisplayNameOrange = "Taronja", DisplayNamePeanut_Butter = "Crema de cacahuet", DisplayNamePeanut_Butter_Sandwich = "Entrepà de crema de cacauet", DisplayNamePeas = "Pèsols", DisplayNamePie = "Pastís, DisplayNamePop = "Gasosa", DisplayNameOrange_Soda = "Refresc de taronja", DisplayNameInstant_Popcorn = "Crispetes de microones ", DisplayNamePot_of_Soup = "Olla de sopa", DisplayNameDry_Ramen_Noodles = "Fideus secs", DisplayNameBowl_of_Ramen_Noodles = "Bol de fideus", DisplayNameSalmon = "Salmó", DisplayNameSimple_Bowl_of_Soup = "Bol de sopa simple", DisplayNameSimple_Soup = "Sopa simple", DisplayNameBowl_of_Soup = "Bol de sopa", DisplayNameSteak = "Filet", DisplayNameTV_Dinner = "Menjar precuinat", DisplayNameTasty_Bowl_of_Soup = "Bol de sopa suculenta", DisplayNameTasty_Soup = "Sopa suculenta", DisplayNameCanned_Soup = "Sopa en llauna", DisplayNameOpen_Tin_of_Tuna = "Lata de atún abierta", DisplayNameWatermelon = "Síndria", DisplayNameWatermelon_Slice = "Rodanxes de síndria", DisplayNameWatermelon_Chunks = "Trossos de síndria", DisplayNameWhiskey_Bottle_(full) = "Ampolla de Whisky", DisplayNameWhiskey_Bottle_(half) = "Ampolla de Whisky", DisplayNameWet_Dish_Towel = "Drap de cuina humit", DisplayNameDish_Towel = "Drap de cuina", DisplayNameBattery = "Bateria", DisplayNameBucket_with_concrete = "Galleda amb formigó", DisplayNameBucket_with_plaster = "Galleda amb guix", DisplayNameBucket_with_water = "Galleda amb aigua", DisplayNameLit_Candle = "Espelma encesa", DisplayNameFlour = "Farina", DisplayNameA_Full_Kettle = "Tetera amb aigua", DisplayNameGravel_bag = "Sac de grava", DisplayNameLighter = "Encenedor", DisplayNameMatches = "Llumins", DisplayNameBlue_Paint = "Pintura blava", DisplayNameBrown_Paint = "Pintura marró", DisplayNameCyan_Paint = "Pintura blau fosc", DisplayNameGreen_Paint = "Pintura verda", DisplayNameGrey_Paint = "Pintura gris", DisplayNameLight_Blue_Paint = "Pintura blau clar", DisplayNameLight_Brown_Paint = "Pintura marró clar", DisplayNameOrange_Paint = "Pintura taronja", DisplayNamePink_Paint = "Pintura rosa", DisplayNamePurple_Paint = "Pintura lila",//PINTURA PORPRA? wtf. DisplayNameTurquoise_Paint = "Pintura turquesa", DisplayNameWhite_Paint = "Pintura blanca", DisplayNameYellow_Paint = "Pintura groga", DisplayNameGas_Can = "Bidó de gasolina", DisplayNamePainkillers = "Analgésics", DisplayNameAnti-depressants = "Antidepresius", DisplayNameBeta_Blockers = "Tranquilizants", DisplayNameSleeping_Tablets = "Somnífers", DisplayNameSand_bag = "Sac de sorra", DisplayNameSugar = "Sucre", DisplayNameTissue = "Mocador", DisplayNameFlashlight = "Llanterna", DisplayNameWater_bottle = "Ampolla amb aigua", DisplayNameWater_Bottle = "Ampolla amb aigua", DisplayNameBowl_of_Water = "Bol amb aigua", DisplayNameA_Mug_of_Water = "Tassa amb aigua", DisplayNameA_Pot_of_Water = "Olla amb aigua", DisplayNameVest = "Armilla", DisplayNameSweater = "Jersei", DisplayNameBlouse = "Blusa", DisplayNamePants = "Pantalones", DisplayNameSkirt = "Faldilla", DisplayNameShoes = "Sabates", DisplayNameCrowbar = "Palanca", DisplayNameFork = "Forquilla", DisplayNameGolfclub = "Pal de golf", DisplayNameRolling_Pin = "Corró", DisplayNameScissors = "Tisores", DisplayNameSpoon = "Cullera", DisplayNameWet_Bath_Towel = "Toaballola mullada", DisplayNameBath_Towel = "Toballola", DisplayNameBandaid = "Tireta", DisplayNameBandage = "Bendatge", DisplayNameBleach = "Leixiu", DisplayNamePlaying_Cards = "Baralla de cartes", DisplayNameComb = "Pinta", DisplayNameDice = "Dau", DisplayNameDogfood = "Menjar per a gossos", DisplayNameLipstick = "Pintallabis", DisplayNameLocket = "Penjoll", DisplayNameMirror = "Mirall", DisplayNameRadio = "Radio", DisplayNameRazor = "Maquinieta d'afaitar", DisplayNameString = "Cordill",//CORDÓ? DisplayNameToy_Bear = "Osset de peluix", DisplayNameVitamins = "Vitamines", DisplayNameWallet = "Cartera", DisplayNameWedding_Ring = "Anell de noces",// BODA?..//NÚPCIES DisplayNameWire = "Filferro", DisplayNameYoyo = "Yoyó", DisplayNameBeef_Jerky = "Cecina", DisplayNameBerry = "Baia", DisplayNameCandycane = "Bastó de caramel", DisplayNameCereal = "Cereal", DisplayNameDead_Rat = "Rata morta", DisplayNameOpen_Dogfood = "Llauna de menjar per gossos (oberta)", DisplayNameIcecream = "Gelat", DisplayNameLemon = "Llimona", DisplayNameMilk = "Llet", DisplayNameMushroom = "Bolet", DisplayNameOnion = "Ceba", DisplayNameStrawberry = "Maduixa", DisplayNameDuffelbag = "Bossa de lona", DisplayNamePlastic_Bag = "Bossa de plàstic", DisplayNameTote_Bag = "Bossa de asa", DisplayNameSchoolbag = "Mochila escolar", DisplayNameNormal_Hiking_Bag = "Motxilla de excursió normal", DisplayNameBig_Hiking_Bag = "Motxilla d'excursió gran", DisplayNameNewspaper = "Diari", DisplayNameBottle_with_Mayonnaise_(Full) = "Pot amb maionesa", DisplayNameRope = "Corda", DisplayNameGlue = "Cola", DisplayNameBox_of_Nails = "Caixa de claus", DisplayNameBox_of_Screws = "Caixa de visos",//CAIXA DE CARGOLS DisplayNameBox_of_9mm_Bullets = "Caixa de balas de 9mm", DisplayNameBox_of_Shotgun_Shells = "Caixa de cartutxs d'escopeta", DisplayNameScrews = "Visos", DisplayNameBurger = "Hamburguesa", DisplayNamePizza = "Pizza", DisplayNameFries = "Patates fregides", DisplayNamePancakes = "Crep",COCA//COQUETA? o.O" DisplayNameMeat_Patty = "Empanada", DisplayNameWaffles = "Gofres", DisplayNameGarbage_Bag = "Bossa d'escombreries", DisplayNameEmpty_Sand_bag = "Sac de sorra buit", DisplayNameDirt_bag = "Sac de terra", DisplayNameDuct_Tape = "Cinta aïllant", DisplayNameWood_glue = "Cola de fuster", DisplayNameTwine = "Fil", DisplayNameTooth_paste = "Pasta de dents", DisplayNameTooth_brush = "Respall de dents", DisplayNameScotch_tape = "Cinta adhesiva", DisplayNameDigital_Watch = "Rellotge digital", DisplayNameHam = "Pernil", DisplayNameCorn = "Blat de moro", DisplayNameEggplant = "Alberginia", DisplayNameLeek = "Porro", DisplayNameGrapes = "Raïm", DisplayNameThread = "Fil", DisplayNameNeedle = "Agulla", DisplayNameCube = "Cub de Rubick", DisplayNameDough= "Massa", DisplayNameBakingTray= "Safta per a fornejar", DisplayNameRolled_Dough= "Massa aplanada", DisplayNameBaking_Tray_With_Bread= "Safata per a fornejar amb pa", DisplayNamePeanuts = "Cacauets" DisplayNameOpen_Canned_Soup = "Llauna de sopa (oberta)"} IGUI IGUI_CAT = {-- All the UI text used in game-- InventoryPaneIGUI_invpanel_Type = "Tipus",IGUI_invpanel_Category = "Categoria",IGUI_invpanel_Pack = "Ficar",IGUI_invpanel_unpack = "Treure",IGUI_invpanel_drop_all = "Deixar-ho anar tot",IGUI_invpanel_drop_one = "Deixar-ne un",IGUI_invpanel_Nutrition = "Nutrició",IGUI_invpanel_Remaining = "Restant",IGUI_invpanel_Condition = "Condició",IGUI_invpanel_Cooking = "Cuinant-se"IGUI_invpanel_Burning = "Cremant-se"IGUI_invpanel_Burnt = "Cremat" -- InventoryPageIGUI_invpage_Loot_all = "Agafar-ho tot", -- Character ScreenIGUI_char_Age = "Edat",IGUI_char_Sex = "Gènere",IGUI_char_Traits = "Trets",IGUI_char_Favourite_Weapon = "Arma preferida",IGUI_char_Zombies_Killed = "Zombis eliminats",IGUI_char_Survivor_Killed = "NPC eliminats",IGUI_char_Survived_For = "Díes amb vida",IGUI_char_Male = "Home",IGUI_char_Female = "Dona", -- Health panelIGUI_health_Scratched = "Rascada",IGUI_health_Wounded = "Ferida",IGUI_health_Bitten = "Mosegada",IGUI_health_Bleeding = "Sagnant",IGUI_health_Bandaged = "Embenat",IGUI_health_Overall_Body_Status = "Estat general",IGUI_health_zombified = "¡ZOMBIFICAT!",IGUI_health_ok = "Sa",IGUI_health_Slight_damage = "Danys mínims",IGUI_health_Very_Minor_damage = "Danys lleus",IGUI_health_Minor_damage = "Danys superficials",IGUI_health_Moderate_damage = "Danys moderats",IGUI_health_Severe_damage = "Danys considerables",IGUI_health_Very_Severe_damage = "Danys molt considerables",IGUI_health_Crital_damage = "Danys crítics",IGUI_health_Highly_Crital_damage = "Danys molt crítics",IGUI_health_Terminal_damage = "Estat terminal",IGUI_health_Deceased = "Muert",IGUI_health_Left_Hand = "Mà esquerra",IGUI_health_Right_Hand = "Mà dreta",IGUI_health_Left_Forearm = "Avantbraç esquerre",IGUI_health_Right_Forearm = "Avantbraç dret",IGUI_health_Left_Upper_Arm = "Braç esquerre",IGUI_health_Right_Upper_Arm = "Braç dret",IGUI_health_Upper_Torso = "Tors superior",IGUI_health_Lower_Torso = "Tors inferior",IGUI_health_Head = "Cap",IGUI_health_Neck = "Coll",IGUI_health_Groin = "Engonal",IGUI_health_Left_Thigh = "Cuixa esquerra",IGUI_health_Right_Thigh = "Cuixa dreta",IGUI_health_Left_Shin = "Espinilla esquerre",IGUI_health_Right_Shin = "Espinilla dreta",IGUI_health_Left_Foot = "Peu esquerra",IGUI_health_Right_Foot = "Peu dret",IGUI_health_Unknown_Body_Part = "Part desconeguda", -- SkillsIGUI_skills_Multiplier = "Multiplicador",IGUI_XP_Next_skill_point = "Seguent punt d'experiència",IGUI_XP_xp = " exp",IGUI_XP_Skill_point_available = "Punts d'experiencia disponibles",IGUI_XP_Locked = "Bloquejat",IGUI_XP_UnLocked = "Desbloquejat",IGUI_XP_level = " Nivell",IGUI_XP_Skills = "Habilitats",IGUI_XP_Health = "Salut",IGUI_XP_Info = "Info", -- PerksIGUI_perks_Combat = "Combat",IGUI_perks_Blunt = "Armes contundents",IGUI_perks_Blade = "Armes blanques",IGUI_perks_Aiming = "Punteria",IGUI_perks_Reloading = "Recarrega",IGUI_perks_Crafting = "Construcció",IGUI_perks_Carpentry = "Fusteria",IGUI_perks_Cooking = "Cuina",IGUI_perks_Farming = "Agricultura",IGUI_perks_Agility = "Agilitat",IGUI_perks_Sprinting = "Sprint",IGUI_perks_Lightfooted = "Pas lleuger",IGUI_perks_Nimble = "Destresa",IGUI_perks_Sneaking = "Sigil", -- Item categoryIGUI_ItemCat_Item = "Ítem",IGUI_ItemCat_Food = "Menjar",IGUI_ItemCat_Drainable = "Escorredor",IGUI_ItemCat_Weapon = "Arma",IGUI_ItemCat_Clothing = "Roba",IGUI_ItemCat_Container = "Motxilla/Bossa",IGUI_ItemCat_Literature = "Lectura",}
  18. Danish Translation?

    I was wondering if anyone was doing a danish translation of the game? If not, I would have no problem trying to do it myself, if only I had got some instructions and some words to translate. (P.S I'm not sure if im writing this in the right forum, so sorry about that if I should have posted it elsewhere)
  19. Thai Translation - Project Zomboid ภาษาไทย - Hello Friends, Here you go, PZ Thai translation. Please note that this is hardly a professional translation, and because I don't have opportunity to put them all into the game and play around with them myself, so I'm pretty sure there will be funny stuffs lying around. Anyway, feel free to check and correct if needed, and help is definitely welcome. The translation is almost complete, there will be more coming in the near future, right now I'm waiting for PZ to be able to display Thai characters. PZ ภาษาไทยครับ แปลเองแบบมั่วๆ แปลไปได้เกือบหมดแล้วเหลือคำแนะนำในเกมส์ กับพวกชื่อไอเท็มและสูตรต่างๆ ทั้งหมดนี้ยังไม่มีโอกาสได้ลองเล่นจริงๆ เพราะ PZ ยังแสดงฟ้อนภาษาไทยไม่ได้ ต้องให้ทีม dev เพิ่มฟ้อนท์ภาษาไทยเข้าไปในเกมส์ก่อน ระหว่างที่รอถ้าใครมาอ่านเจอแล้วพบว่ามีตรงไหนที่แปลแล้วฟังแปลกๆก็เชิญเข้ามาช่วยกันครับผม Contributors Changelog Context Menu IG_UI Moodles Tooltip UI FARMING
  20. This is just an update for the new stuff that needed to be updated. [build 27] [items] DisplayNameLittlebaitfish = "Lille maddingfisk",DisplayNameTrout = "Ørred",DisplayNamePike = "Gedde",DisplayNameSunfish = "Klumpfisk",DisplayNameHuntingKnife = "Jagtkniv",DisplayNameBricktoys = "Byggeklodser",DisplayNameEarbuds = "Høretelefoner",DisplayNameEarrings = "Øreringe",DisplayNameFrame = "Ramme",DisplayNameGlasses = "Briller",DisplayNameHeadphones = "Hovedtelefoner",DisplayNamePearlNecklace = "Perlehalskæde",DisplayNameTVRemote = "Fjernbetjening",DisplayNameRing = "Ring",DisplayNameRubberDuck = "Gummiand",DisplayNamePiepreparation = "Tærte ingredienser",DisplayNameCakepreparation = "Kage ingredienser",DisplayNameMap = "Kort",DisplayNameUmbrella = "Paraply",DisplayNameRainboots = "Gummistøvler",DisplayNamePaperclip = "Papirclips",DisplayNameDoll = "Dukke",DisplayNameLaserDisc = "Laserdisc",DisplayNameCornflour = "Majsmel",DisplayNameCorks = "Propper",DisplayNameCorkscrew = "Proptrækker",DisplayNameCakeBatter = "Kagedej",DisplayNamePieDough = "Tærtedej",DisplayNameBakingPan = "Bradepande",DisplayNameYeast = "Gær",DisplayNameToyBear = "Bamse",DisplayNameCakeSlice = "Et stykke kage",DisplayNameStirfry = "Wok",DisplayNameBellPepper = "Peberfrugt",DisplayNameMustard = "Sennep",DisplayNameKetchup = "Ketchup",DisplayNameModjeska = "Modjeska",DisplayNameCorndog = "Corn dog", --We don't have this in Denmark. I would just call it Corn dog.DisplayNameBreadSlices = "brødskiver",DisplayNameFishFillet = "Fiskefilet",DisplayNameMuttonChop = "Lammekølle",DisplayNamePorkChop = "Svinekotelet",DisplayNameRabbitMeat = "Kaninkød",DisplayNameSmallAnimalMeat = "Lille stykke dyrekød",DisplayNameSmallBirdMeat = "Lille stykke fuglekød",DisplayNameFriedChicken = "Stegt kylling",DisplayNamePickles = "Syltede agurker",DisplayNameWorm = "Orm",DisplayNameDeadMouse = "Død mus",DisplayNameDeadRabbit = "Død kanin",DisplayNameDeadSquirrel = "Dødt egern",DisplayNameDeadBird = "Død fugl",DisplayNameSnareTrap = "Snare fælde",DisplayNameCageTrap = "Bur-fælde",DisplayNameMouseTrap = "Musefælde",DisplayNameTrapbox = "Boksfælde",DisplayNameTrapCrate = "Kassefælde",DisplayNameTrapStick = "Grenfælde",DisplayNameFishingTackle = "Fiskegrej",DisplayNameFishingRod = "Fiskestang",DisplayNameFishingRodWithoutline = "Fiskestang uden line",DisplayNameFishingLine = "Fiskeline",DisplayNameCatfish = "Malle",DisplayNameBass = "Aborre",DisplayNamePerch = "Hav aborre",DisplayNameCrappiefish = "Sort sol aborre",DisplayNameSunfish = "Klumpfisk",DisplayNamePike = "Gedde",DisplayNameTrout = "Ørred",DisplayNameLittlebaitfish = "Lille maddingfisk",DisplayName=FishingNetTrap = "Fiskenet",DisplayNameFishingforBeginners = "Fiskning for begyndere",DisplayNameFishingforIntermediates = "Fiskning for Øvede",DisplayNameAdvancedFishing = "Avanceret fiskning",DisplayNameExpertFishing = "Ekspert fiskning",DisplayNameMasterFishing = "Mester fiskning",DisplayNameSalt = "Salt",DisplayNamePepper = "Peber", [Recipes] [uI] Please take some time to read my LUA comments, as some of my translation are not correctly translated. (Mostly worried about the itemNames.) ANY danish is free to criticize, as this could be wrong. I will of course update, if i find anything that I can eventually change to something more correct. -Stenmann EDIT 1: The translation should now be 99% correct, and ready to be added to the game. By the way, thanks to Gade, for helping me with corrections!
  21. Traducción de Project Zomboid al Idioma Español-Argentina Hola a todos! Me dispuse a realizar una traducción Argentina, basada en la excelente traducción de nuestro compañero Español "ditoseadio", al cual felicito y doy todo el crédito, ya que sin su esfuerzo no hubiera sido posible para mi poder realizar estas modificaciones. Quiero aclarar antes que nada, que decidí crear un post separado de la traducción Latina porque, aunque traté de ser neutro, en algunos casos le dí prioridad a las palabras utilizadas en Argentina. Cualquier sugerencia es bienvenida! Saludos! zolfuz _____________________________________________________ Última Actualización: 20-06-2018 Versión Traducida: Build 39.67.5 Link de Descarga: [Build 39.67.5] Traducción Español-Argentina Instrucciones de Instalación: Descomprimir y reemplazar la carpeta "AR" dentro de la ubicación "ProjectZomboid\media\lua\shared\Translate". Luego seleccionar el idioma "Espanol (AR)" dentro de la pestaña "Pantalla" en las opciones de juego, y reiniciar para que surta efecto. Contribuidores Registro de Cambios [Build 39.67.5] Traducción Español-Argentina
  22. Japanese Translation

    This is the thread for the Japanese translation! I must note that Japanese IS NOT my native language and I am still learning, and I'll be looking for feedback wherever and whenever possible from anyone that can. I realise that Japanese and/or Chinese characters probably aren't supported at the moment, but I imagine that'll change with time! --- ここでは、日本語訳のためのファイルです! 日本語は私の母国語ではありません。それ故に、感想をくれてください。特に、生存ガイドは問題を引き起こすと思います。 漢字がサポートしないかもしれませんことを知るが、多分未来にします! それでは、始めましょうか。 --- Changelog/チェンジログ Context Menu/コンテキストメニュー Translation Notes/翻訳メモ
  23. Traducción de Project Zomboid al español (Latino)! Contribuidores Menú de Contexto Notas de Traducción : Cultivo Notas de Traducción : Items Notas de Traducción : Pantalla Principal / Rasgos / Profesiones Notas de Traducción : Moodles Notas de Traducción : Recetas Notas de Traducción : Guía de Supervivencia Notas de Traducción : Tooltips Notas de Traducción : IG UI Notas de Traducción : Yo Robert! Latest version:
  24. Korean Translation

    I don't know if Korean characters are supported in the game now. Probably not. But hopefully it will someday and I want to get ready for that day so many other Koreans can enjoy the game as well. The translation will be updated as time goes by. I'm welcome to any suggestions or corrections. 아직 프로젝트 좀보이드는 한글을 지원 안하는 것으로 알고 있습니다. 그래도 우선 나중을 위해 미리 한글 번역 시작 합니다. 아래는 한글 번역 데이터입니다. 저는 번역에 대한 경험은 아직 없으니 혹시 도와주실 수 있거나 다른 제안이 있으신 분은 언제든 댓글 부탁 드립니다. 감사합니다. Yeah that's right. "프로젝트 좀보이드" is how you write project zomboid in Korean. sweeeet Changelog(업데이트 현황) Context Menu Farming IG_UI Moodles Survival guide Tooltip Tooltip_EN = {-- Item tooltipTooltip_food_Uncooked = "날것",Tooltip_food_Rotten = "썩음",Tooltip_food_Fresh = "싱싱함",Tooltip_food_Cooked = "요리됨",Tooltip_food_Burnt = "그을림",Tooltip_food_Hunger = "허기",Tooltip_food_Thirst = "갈증",Tooltip_food_Fatigue = "피로도",Tooltip_food_Endurance = "인내",Tooltip_food_Stress = "스트레스",Tooltip_food_Boredom = "지루함",Tooltip_food_Unhappiness = "불행",Tooltip_food_Dangerous_uncooked = "날것 상태로 위험",Tooltip_tissue_tooltip = " 착용하면 기침소리 숨겨짐",Tooltip_item_Weight = "무게",Tooltip_item_Temperature = "온도",Tooltip_item_Fatigue = "피로도",Tooltip_weapon_Condition = "내구도",Tooltip_weapon_Unusable_at_max_exertion = "기진맥진시 이용 불가능.",Tooltip_container_Capacity = "용량",Tooltip_container_Weight_Reduction = "무게 감소",Tooltip_literature_Boredom_Reduction = "지루함 감소",Tooltip_literature_Stress_Reduction = "스트레스 감소",Tooltip_literature_Number_of_Pages = "페이지 수", Tooltip_item_TwoHandWeapon = "양손 이용시 가장 효과적.",-- Crafting tooltipTooltip_craft_barElementDesc = "기본 선반, 술 넣기 좋아보임 ",Tooltip_craft_woodenStakeDesc = "나무 막대기, 가시 철조망을 고정하는데 쓰인다 ",Tooltip_craft_Needs = "필요한 것들",Tooltip_craft_barbedFenceDesc = "가시 철조망 울타리, 당신의 이동 속도를 낮추고 상처를 입힐 수 있다 ",Tooltip_craft_woodenFenceDesc = "나무 울타리 ",Tooltip_craft_sandBagDesc = "모래주머니 방호벽 ",Tooltip_craft_woodenWallDesc = "간단한 나무 벽, 바리케이드를 치거나, 도배를 하거나 페인트칠을 할 수 있다 ",Tooltip_craft_woodenPillarDesc = "간단한 나무 기둥 ",Tooltip_craft_woodenFrameDesc = "간단한 창틀, 바리케이드를 치거나, 도배를 하거나 페인트칠을 할 수 있다 ",Tooltip_craft_woodenFloorDesc = "간단한 나무 바닥 ",Tooltip_craft_woodenCrateDesc = "나무 상자, 아이템들을 저장할 수 있음 ",Tooltip_craft_smallTableDesc = "작은 테이블 ",Tooltip_craft_largeTableDesc = "큰 테이블 ",Tooltip_craft_tableDrawerDesc = "물건을 저장할 서랍이 달린 테이블 ",Tooltip_craft_woodenChairDesc = "나무 의자 ",Tooltip_craft_rainBarrelDesc = "빗물을 모을 통 ",Tooltip_craft_stairsDesc = "계단들 ",Tooltip_craft_woodenDoorDesc = "간단한 문, 문틀 안에 있어야 한다 ",Tooltip_craft_doorFrameDesc = "문틀, 문을 지을 때 필요하며, 도배할 수 있다 ", } UI UI_EN = {-- Main screen (lua) :UI_mainscreen_laststand = "라스트 스탠드",UI_mainscreen_option = "옵션",UI_mainscreen_debug = "디버그",UI_mainscreen_demoBtn = "데모게임",UI_mainscreen_sandbox = "샌드박스",UI_mainscreen_survival = "서바이벌",UI_mainscreen_mods = "모드",UI_mainscreen_exit = "나가기",-- Option screen (lua)UI_optionscreen_gameoption = "게임 설정",UI_optionscreen_display = "디스플레이 설정",UI_optionscreen_fullscreen = "전체화면",UI_optionscreen_videomemory = "비디오 메모리",UI_optionscreen_multicore = "멀티 코어",UI_optionscreen_framerate = "프레임 레이트 고정 ",UI_optionscreen_lighting = "광원 효과 품질", UI_optionscreen_needreboot = "재시작이 필요합니다",UI_optionscreen_shaders = "셰이더 ",UI_optionscreen_shadersunsupported = "하드웨어 미지원",UI_optionscreen_resolution = "해상도 ",UI_optionscreen_language = "언어 ",UI_optionscreen_keybinding = "키 설정",UI_optionscreen_reloading = "재장전",UI_optionscreen_easy = "쉬움",UI_optionscreen_normal = "보통",UI_optionscreen_hardcore = "하드코어",-- Map selecter (lua)UI_mapselecter_title = "새로운 맵을 선택하세요.",UI_mapselecter_savename = "세이브 파일: ",-- World screen (lua)UI_worldscreen_title = "기존 월드 불러오기",UI_worldscreen_deletesave = "정말로 삭제 하시겠습니까 ?",-- login screen (lua)UI_loginscreen_desurakey = "Desura 키:",UI_loginscreen_username = "아이디:",UI_loginscreen_purchasemethod = "구매 방식: ",UI_loginscreen_desura = "Desura",UI_loginscreen_google = "Google Checkout/PayPal",UI_loginscreen_password = "비밀번호: ",UI_loginscreen_login = "로그인",UI_loginscreen_loginfailed = "로그인 실패",UI_loginscreen_loginsuccess = "성공적으로 로그인 하였습니다",-- characters creation (lua)UI_characreation_title = "캐릭터 꾸미기",UI_characreation_title2 = "직업과 특성 선택",UI_characreation_forename = "이름",UI_characreation_surname = "성",UI_characreation_gender = "성별",UI_characreation_body = "체형",UI_characreation_bodytype = "체형 종류",UI_characreation_hair = "헤어스타일",UI_characreation_hairtype = "헤어 종류",UI_characreation_color = "색",UI_characreation_beard = "수염",UI_characreation_beardtype = "수염 종류",UI_characreation_addtrait = "특성 더하기 >",UI_characreation_removetrait = "< 특성 버리기",UI_characreation_pointToSpend = "사용가능 포인트",UI_characreation_occupation = "직업",UI_characreation_availabletraits = "특성",UI_characreation_choosentraits = "선택된 특성",UI_characreation_description = "설명",UI_characreation_cost = "필요 포인트", UI_charactercreation_needpoints = "플러스 특성과 마이너스 특성을 서로 맞춘 후에 시작해 주십시오.",-- professions and TraitsUI_prof_securityguard = "야간 경비",UI_prof_constructionworker = "건축 인부",UI_prof_parkranger = "공원 경비",UI_prof_policeoff = "경찰관",UI_prof_fireoff = "소방관",UI_prof_unemployed = "무직",UI_trait_axeman = "도끼 전문가",UI_trait_axemandesc = "도끼로 문을 뚫는 속도 두배 증가.<br>도끼를 휘두르는 속도 증가.",UI_trait_handy = "손재주",UI_trait_handydesc = "바리케이드 시공 속도 증가.",UI_trait_thickskinned = "두꺼운 피부",UI_trait_thickskinneddesc = "할퀴여지거나 물렸을 때 감염 확률 감소.",UI_trait_patient = "인내심",UI_trait_patientdesc = "화를 잘 내지 않음.",UI_trait_shorttemper = "다혈질",UI_trait_shorttemperdesc = "화를 쉽게 냄.",UI_trait_brooding = "음울함",UI_trait_broodingdesc = "안좋은 기분에서 쉽게 나오지 못함.",UI_trait_brave = "용감함",UI_trait_bravedesc = "패닉 상태에 빠질 확률 감소.",UI_trait_cowardly = "겁쟁이",UI_trait_cowardlydesc = "패닉 상태에 빠질 확률 증가.",UI_trait_clumsy = "덤벙댐",UI_trait_clumsydesc = "움직일 때 내는 소리 증가.",UI_trait_graceful = "부드러움",UI_trait_gracefuldesc = "움직일 때 내는 소리 감소.",UI_trait_hypochon = "심기증",UI_trait_hypochondesc = "감염이 되지 않은 상태에서 감염 증상이 발생 가능.",UI_trait_shortsigh = "근시",UI_trait_shortsighdesc = "시야 거리 감소.<br>시야 확보 속도 저하.",UI_trait_hardhear = "어두운 귀",UI_trait_hardheardesc = "인지 속도 감소.<br>청각 범위 감소.",UI_trait_keenhearing = "밝은 귀",UI_trait_keenhearingdesc = "인지 속도 증가.",UI_trait_eagleeyed = "매의 눈",UI_trait_eagleeyeddesc = "시야 확보 속도 증가.<br>시야각 증가.",UI_trait_heartyappetite = "대식가",UI_trait_heartyappetitedesc = "식사 요구 빈도 증가.",UI_trait_lighteater = "소식가",UI_trait_lighteaterdesc = "식사 요구 빈도 감소.",UI_trait_athletic = "운동선수",UI_trait_athleticdesc = "달리기 속도 증가.<br>지치지 않고 더 오래 달릴 수 있음.",UI_trait_overweight = "과체중",UI_trait_overweightdesc = "달리기 속도 감소.<br>달리기로 더 빠르게 지침.",UI_trait_strong = "강함",UI_trait_strongdesc = "근접 무기 사용시 넉백 크게 증가.<br>짐을 더욱 많이 들 수 있음.",UI_trait_stout = "건장함",UI_trait_stoutdesc = "근접 무기 사용시 넉백 증가.<br>짐을 더 들 수 있음.",UI_trait_weak = "약함",UI_trait_weakdesc = "근접 무기 사용시 넉백 감소.<br>짐을 들 수 있는 양 감소.",UI_trait_feeble = "허약함",UI_trait_feebledesc = "근접 무기 사용시 넉백 크게 감소.<br>짐을 조금밖에 들지 못함.",UI_trait_resilient = "회복력",UI_trait_resilientdesc = "질병에 덜 걸림.<br>좀비화 속도 감소.",UI_trait_pronetoillness = "약한 면역력",UI_trait_pronetoillnessdesc = "질병에 잘 걸림.<br>좀비화 속도 증가.",UI_trait_lightdrink = "알콜 취약",UI_trait_lightdrinkdesc = "술에 잘 취함.",UI_trait_harddrink = "술고래",UI_trait_harddrinkdesc = "술에 잘 취하지 않음.",UI_trait_agoraphobic = "광장공포증",UI_trait_agoraphobicdesc = "야외에서 공포를 느낌.",UI_trait_claustro = "폐쇄공포증",UI_trait_claustrodesc = "실내에서 공포를 느낌.",UI_trait_marksman = "명사수",UI_trait_marksmandesc = "총기 정확도 증가.<br>빠른 장전 속도.",UI_trait_nightowl = "야행성",UI_trait_nightowldesc = "잠을 적게 잠.<br>잠을 잘 때 더 경계함.",UI_trait_giftgab = "말재주",UI_trait_giftgabdesc = "카리스마가 크게 증가.<br>NPC의 비위를 잘 맞춤.",UI_trait_outdoorsman = "야외 스포츠 애호가",UI_trait_outdoorsmandesc = "혹독한 날씨의 영항을 받지 않음.<br>오리엔티어링 능력 증가.",-- variousUI_btn_back = "뒤로",UI_btn_save = "저장",UI_btn_next = "다음",UI_btn_play = "플레이",UI_btn_delete = "삭제",UI_btn_new = "새로 만들기",UI_Yes = "예",UI_No = "아니오",UI_High = "높음",UI_Medium = "중간",UI_Low = "낮음",UI_Lowest = "매우 낮음",-- Last stand selecter (lua)UI_laststand_title = "라스트 스탠드 선택", UI_characreation_random = "무작위",} Items Items_EN = { DisplayNameCampfire_materials = "모닥불 장비", DisplayNameStone = "돌맹이", DisplayNameKindling = "불쏘시개", DisplayNameKnotted_Wooden_Plank = "나무 판자", DisplayNameSturdy_Stick = "튼튼한 나무 막대기", DisplayNameFlint = "부싯돌", DisplayNameSteel_Knuckle = "철제 너클", DisplayNameFlint_and_Steel = "부싯돌과 부시", DisplayNameTent = "텐트", DisplayNameTent_kit = "텐트 장비", DisplayNameTent_Peg = "텐트 말뚝", DisplayNameSeeding_Broccoli = "브로콜리", DisplayNameRadish = "무", DisplayNameStrawberries = "딸기", DisplayNameTomato = "토마토", DisplayNamePotato = "감자", DisplayNameCabbage = "양배추", DisplayNameMilk_Package = "우유팩", DisplayNameBacon = "베이컨", DisplayNameBacon_Rashers = "베이컨 슬라이스", DisplayNameBacon_Bits = "베이컨 조각", DisplayNameBottle_with_Mayonnaise = "마요네즈 병", DisplayNameWater_bottle = "물병", DisplayNameBottle_with_Remoulade = "샐러드소스 병", DisplayNameBottle_with_Remoulade_(Half) = "샐러드소스 병(반 차있음)", DisplayNameBottle_with_Remoulade_(Empty) = "샐러드소스 병(비어 있음)", DisplayNamePotato_Salad = "감자 샐러드", DisplayNamePreparation_for_Potato_Salad = "감자 샐러드 재료", DisplayNamePotato_Salad_Vegetarian = "채식 감자 샐러드", DisplayNamePreparation_for_Potato_Salad_Vegetarian = "채식 감자 샐러드 재료", DisplayNameBoring_Mixed_Salad = "대충 섞은 샐러드", DisplayNameSimple_Mixed_Salad = "단순 믹스 샐러드", DisplayNameTasty_Mixed_Salad = "맛있는 믹스 샐러드", DisplayNamePreparation_for_Boring_Mixed_Salad = "대충 섞은 샐러드 재료", DisplayNameCarrot_Seeds = "당근 씨앗", DisplayNameBroccoli_Seeds = "브로콜리 씨앗", DisplayNameRadish_Seeds = "무 씨앗", DisplayNameStrawberries_Seeds = "딸기 씨앗", DisplayNameTomato_Seeds = "토마토 씨앗", DisplayNamePotato_Seeds = "감자 씨앗", DisplayNameCabbage_Seeds = "양배추 씨앗", DisplayNameCarrot_Seeds_Packet = "당근 씨앗 봉투", DisplayNameBroccoli_Seeds_Packet = "블로콜리 씨앗 봉투", DisplayNameRadish_Seeds_Packet = "무 씨앗 봉투", DisplayNameStrawberries_Seeds_Packet = "딸기 씨앗 봉투", DisplayNameTomato_Seeds_Packet = "토마토 씨앗 봉투", DisplayNamePotato_Seeds_Packet = "감자 씨앗 봉투", DisplayNameCabbage_Seeds_Packet = "양배추 씨앗 봉투", DisplayNameTrowel = "모종삽", DisplayNameSpade = "삽", DisplayNameWatering_Can_Full = "가득찬 물 조리개", DisplayNameWatering_Can = "물 조리개", DisplayNameNPK_Fertilizer = "거름", DisplayNameEmpty_Fertilizer = "텅빈 거름", DisplayNameMildew_Spray = "곰팡이 제거제", DisplayNameGardening_Spray_Can_Empty = "빈 정원용 분무기", DisplayNameGardening_Spray_Can_Full = "가득 찬 정원용 분무기", DisplayNameInsecticide_Spray = "살충제", DisplayNameAxe = "도끼", DisplayNameBaseball_Bat = "야구 방망이", DisplayNameNailed_Baseball_Bat = "못 밖은 야구 방망이", DisplayNameButter_Knife = "버터칼", DisplayNameHammer = "망치", DisplayNameKitchen_Knife = "부엌칼", DisplayNameMolotov_Cocktail = "화염병", DisplayNameFrying_Pan = "후라이팬", DisplayNamePen = "펜", DisplayNamePencil = "연필", DisplayNamePistol = "권총", DisplayNamePlank = "나무 판자", DisplayNameNailed_Plank = "못 밖은 나무판자", DisplayNamePoolcue = "큐대", DisplayNameScrewdriver = "드라이버", DisplayNameShotgun = "샷건", DisplayNameSawn_Off_Shotgun = "총구 자른 샷건", DisplayNameSledgehammer = "오함마", DisplayNameBarbed_wire = "철조망", DisplayNameBarricade = "바리케이드", DisplayNameBelt = "벨트", DisplayName9mm_Magazine = "권총 탄창", DisplayNameBowl = "대접", DisplayNameBucket = "양동이", DisplayName9mm_Rounds = "권총 탄알", DisplayNameCandle = "양초", DisplayNameCoffee = "커피", DisplayNameBag_of_Concrete_Powder = "시멘트 가루 포대 ", DisplayNameCrate = "상자", DisplayNameDoor = "문", DisplayNameWooden_Door_Frame = "나무 문 틀", DisplayNameDoorknob = "문 손잡이", DisplayNameDrawer = "서랍", DisplayNameDoor_Hinge = "경첩", DisplayNamePicture_of_Kate = "케이트의 사진", DisplayNameKettle = "주전자", DisplayNameLog = "통나무", DisplayNameEmpty_Mug = "빈 컵", DisplayNameNails = "못", DisplayNameEmpty_Notebook = "빈 공책", DisplayNamePaint_brush = "페인트 붓", DisplayNamePillow = "배게", DisplayNamePistol_Magazine = "권총 탄창", DisplayNameBag_of_Plaster_Powder = "석고 가루 포대", DisplayNamePool_Ball = "당구공", DisplayNameEmpty_Pop_Bottle = "빈 소다병", DisplayNameCooking_Pot = "냄비", DisplayNameBandages = "반창고", DisplayNameRoasting_Pan = "오븐 접시", DisplayNameSaw = "톱", DisplayNameSheet = "시트", DisplayNameSheet_of_Paper = "종이", DisplayNameSheet_Rope = "시트 엮은 줄", DisplayNameShotgun_Shells = "샷건 탄알", DisplayNameSock = "양말", DisplayNameStairs_Piece = "계단 부분", DisplayNameTea_Bag = "차", DisplayNameCan_Opener = "깡통 따개", DisplayNameCanned_Beans = "콩 통조림", DisplayNameTuna = "참치 통조림", DisplayNameWall_Piece = "벽", DisplayNameEmpty_Bottle = "빈 병", DisplayNameWooden_Window_Frame = "나무 창 틀", DisplayNameBook = "책", DisplayNameCarpentry_for_Beginners = "초급자 목공 서적", DisplayNameCarpentry_for_Intermediates = "중급자 목공 서적", DisplayNameAdvanced_Carpentry = "상급자 목공 서적", DisplayNameExpert_Carpentry = "최상급자 목공 서적", DisplayNameMaster_Carpentry = "목공의 정석", DisplayNameCooking_for_Beginners = "초급자 요리 서적", DisplayNameCooking_for_Intermediates = "중급자 요리 서적", DisplayNameAdvanced_Cooking = "상급자 요리 서적", DisplayNameExpert_Cooking = "최상급자 요리 서적", DisplayNameMaster_Cooking = "요리의 정석", DisplayNameFarming_for_Beginners = "초급자 농사 서적", DisplayNameFarming_for_Intermediates = "중급자 농사 서적", DisplayNameAdvanced_Farming = "상급자 농사 서적", DisplayNameExpert_Farming = "최상급자 농사 서적", DisplayNameMaster_Farming = "농사의 정석", DisplayNameDoodle = "낙서", DisplayNameJournal = "일기", DisplayNameMagazine = "잡지", DisplayNamespaper = "종이", DisplayNameApple = "사과", DisplayNameBroccoli_Chicken_Casserole = "브로콜리 치킨 캐서롤", DisplayNameBanana = "바나나", DisplayNameBowl_of_Beans = "콩 한 그릇", DisplayNameBoring_Bowl_of_Soup = "대충 만든 스프 한 그릇", DisplayNameBoring_Soup = "대충 만든 스프", DisplayNameBread = "빵", DisplayNameBroccoli = "브로콜리", DisplayNameButter = "버터", DisplayNameCarrots = "당근", DisplayNameCheese = "치즈", DisplayNameCheese_Sandwich = "치즈 샌드위치", DisplayNameChicken = "닭고기", DisplayNameChocolate = "초콜릿", DisplayNameCigarettes = "담배", DisplayNameComplex_Bowl_of_Soup = "잡탕 스프 한 그릇", DisplayNameComplicated_Soup = "잡탕 스프", DisplayNameChips = "감자칩", DisplayNameCupcake = "컵케익", DisplayNameEgg = "달걀", DisplayNameGrilled_Cheese_Sandwich = "구운 치즈 샌드위치", DisplayNameHearty_Bowl_of_Soup = "푸짐한 스프 한 그릇", DisplayNameHearty_Soup = "푸짐한 스프", DisplayNameLollipop = "막대사탕", DisplayNameHot_Cuppa = "따뜻한 차 한잔", DisplayNameOpen_Can_of_Beans = "열린 콩 통조림", DisplayNameOrange = "오렌지", DisplayNamePeanut_Butter = "땅콩 버터", DisplayNamePeanut_Butter_Sandwich = "땅콩 버터 샌드위치", DisplayNamePeas = "완두콩", DisplayNamePie = "파이", DisplayNamePop = "탄산음료", DisplayNameOrange_Soda = "오렌지 소다", DisplayNameInstant_Popcorn = "인스턴트 팝콘", DisplayNamePot_of_Soup = "스프 한 냄비", DisplayNameDry_Ramen_Noodles = "생라면", DisplayNameBowl_of_Ramen_Noodles = "끓인 라면", DisplayNameSalmon = "연어", DisplayNameSimple_Bowl_of_Soup = "단순 스프 한 그릇", DisplayNameSimple_Soup = "단순 스프", DisplayNameBowl_of_Soup = "스프 한 그릇", DisplayNameSteak = "스테이크", DisplayNameTV_Dinner = "즉석 냉동식품", DisplayNameTasty_Bowl_of_Soup = "맛있는 스프 한 그릇", DisplayNameTasty_Soup = "맛있는 스프", DisplayNameCanned_Soup = "스프 통조림", DisplayNameOpen_Tin_of_Tuna = "열린 참치 통조림", DisplayNameWatermelon = "수박", DisplayNameWatermelon_Slice = "수박 한 조각", DisplayNameWatermelon_Chunks = "으깨진 수박", DisplayNameWhiskey_Bottle_full = "가득 찬 위스키 벙", DisplayNameWhiskey_Bottle_half = "반쯤 찬 위스키 병", DisplayNameWet_Dish_Towel = "젖은 행주", DisplayNameDish_Towel = "행주", DisplayNameBattery = "배터리", DisplayNameBucket_with_concrete = "콘크리트가 든 양동이", DisplayNameBucket_with_plaster = "석고가 든 양동이", DisplayNameBucket_with_water = "물 한 양동이", DisplayNameLit_Candle = "불 붙은 초", DisplayNameFlour = "밀가루", DisplayNameA_Full_Kettle = "가득 찬 주전자", DisplayNameGravel_bag = "자갈 주머니", DisplayNameLighter = "라이터", DisplayNameMatches = "성냥", DisplayNameBlue_Paint = "파란색 페인트", DisplayNameBrown_Paint = "갈색 페인트", DisplayNameCyan_Paint = "녹청색 페인트", DisplayNameGreen_Paint = "녹색색 페인트", DisplayNameGrey_Paint = "회색 페인트", DisplayNameLight_Blue_Paint = "하늘색 페인트", DisplayNameLight_Brown_Paint = "연갈색 페인트", DisplayNameOrange_Paint = "주황색 페인트", DisplayNamePink_Paint = "분홍색 페인트", DisplayNamePurple_Paint = "보라색 페인트", DisplayNameTurquoise_Paint = "청록색 페인트", DisplayNameWhite_Paint = "흰색 페인트", DisplayNameYellow_Paint = "노란색 페인트", DisplayNameGas_Can = "기름통", DisplayNamePainkillers = "진통제", DisplayNameAnti_depressants = "항우울제", DisplayNameBeta_Blockers = "긴장 완화제", DisplayNameSleeping_Tablets = "수면제", DisplayNameSand_bag = "모래주머니", DisplayNameSugar = "설탕", DisplayNameTissue = "휴지", DisplayNameFlashlight = "손전등", DisplayNameWater_bottle = "물병", DisplayNameBowl_of_Water = "물 한 그릇", DisplayNameA_Mug_of_Water = "물 한 컵", DisplayNameA_Pot_of_Water = "물 한 냄비", DisplayNameVest = "조끼", DisplayNameSweater = "스웨터", DisplayNameBlouse = "블라우스", DisplayNamePants = "바지", DisplayNameSkirt = "치마", DisplayNameShoes = "신발", DisplayNameCrowbar = "쇠지렛대", DisplayNameFork = "포크", DisplayNameGolfclub = "골프 클럽", DisplayNameRolling_Pin = "밀대", DisplayNameScissors = "가위", DisplayNameSpoon = "숟가락", DisplayNameWet_Bath_Towel = "젖은 목욕 수건", DisplayNameBath_Towel = "목욕 수건", DisplayNameBandaid = "반창고", DisplayNameBandage = "붕대", DisplayNameBleach = "표백제", DisplayNamePlaying_Cards = "트럼프 카드", DisplayNameComb = "빗", DisplayNameDice = "주사위", DisplayNameDogfood = "개사료", DisplayNameLipstick = "립스틱", DisplayNameLocket = "로켓", DisplayNameMirror = "거울", DisplayNameRadio = "라디오", DisplayNameRazor = "면도기", DisplayNameString = "실", DisplayNameToy_Bear = "곰인형", DisplayNameVitamins = "비타민제", DisplayNameWallet = "지갑", DisplayNameWedding_Ring = "결혼 반지", DisplayNameWire = "철사", DisplayNameYoyo = "요요", DisplayNameBeef_Jerky = "육포", DisplayNameBerry = "베리", DisplayNameCandycane = "지팡이 사탕", DisplayNameCereal = "시리얼", DisplayNameDead_Rat = "죽은 쥐", DisplayNameOpen_Dogfood = "개봉된 개사료", DisplayNameIcecream = "아이스크림", DisplayNameLemon = "레몬", DisplayNameMilk = "우유", DisplayNameMushroom = "버섯", DisplayNameOnion = "양파", DisplayNameStrawberries = "딸기", DisplayNameDuffelbag = "더플 백", DisplayNamePlastic_Bag = "플라스틱 봉지", DisplayNameTote_Bag = "핸드백", DisplayNameSchoolbag = "책가방", DisplayNameNormal_Hiking_Bag = "중간 등산용 가방", DisplayNameBig_Hiking_Bag = "큰 등산용 가방", DisplayNameNewspaper = "신문지", DisplayNameBottle_with_Mayonnaise_(Half) = "마요네즈 병(반 차있음)", DisplayNameBottle_with_Mayonnaise_(Empty) = "마요네즈 병(비어 있음)",} Recipes
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