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  1. sikiter

    Ammocraft B41

    Can you fix the revolvers' act when ejecting shells. Great mod by the way.
  2. i can't find any m16. where are they?
  3. does anyone know when assault rifles (m16 or m14) will be accessible?
  4. sikiter

    Super Survivors!

    There is a bug when i play with orgm (survivers has no ammo); ther isn't any difference when infinite ammo is on.
  5. my games freezes and never work again (stops working when i click several tmes) when i was shooting at a horde. a random zombie cause the problem. when i shoot at it/kill it game freezes. (it happend only in beta vehicle mod) and when i get back my previuos save, there is no zombies, if i am in a building, it's turn out a safe house, and no dead bodies which i previosly killed.
  6. seem like mod makes car inventories unusable. current vehicle beta version
  7. yeeiiiiii!! please make it compatible to ORG!!!
  8. same here. it also happens in vanilla guns. can't reload any magazines and can't unload shotguns.
  9. can i add a blood type a saved carachter?
  10. can you add gun casing? maybe we can see emty shells on the floor and grab them?
  11. sikiter

    Hydrocraft Mod

    can you add empty gun shells for ORMTNMan'S real guns? like reloding mod http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/10105-reloading-mod-make-your-own-ammo/
  12. can you make a compatibility mod for ORMTNMan'S real guns?
  13. i realy liked your mod. is there a way weapon magazines can reload from a chest rig.
  14. ok, i disable the vocation island map. and it just works fine.
  15. yes, real guns mod and hydrocraft.
  16. IWBUS version?.. no. how can i get iwibus?
  17. no i can't wear these gear like your pics.
  18. how can i wear leg holster?
  19. I am confused. What exactly are you trying to do? i am just trying add a 3d crowbar model in to the game.
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