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  1. Hi guys, i need your help, since the blender script for Import/Export is outdated i can't import the male and female 3D models. Does anyone have the 3D models for male and female character in .OBJ or .FSX ? Cordially
  2. Hi guys, do we ahve news about the clothing system ? Because they want to release AnimZeds who could help to add clothes.
  3. Yes I think universal suppressor was op and especially not realistic ! Absolutely yes, i want to make 3D models for the next update (41 if i'm not wrong) and camo visible ! I've few experience in 3D and if someone want to help me, he can send me a private message and we will talk !
  4. I've check his mod but it replaces Textures and not clothes, so everyone (zombies include) have this kind of clothes. The clothing system will change everything so wait and see.
  5. Thanks for the answer !
  6. @Fenris_Wolf Hi, can you add a list of all weapon include in your updated mod of ORGM please ?
  7. Yeah i will check game files. Edit : Mod FIXED
  8. Hi guys ! I fix the mod you can access to the fridge and gloves box in cars
  9. Yeah i think it was a dev mistake, not mine ^^
  10. Hi Storm6436, you're right ! 1. I've to overide the equip function otherwise WR will not be use in the weight algorithm. 2. Sorry, it was my first idea to put object on the character but "back" is the only string available, maybe other variable will be add in future, i hope so... 3. I've tried today and i think the problem was solved with updates, no problem to acess to fridge. If you still have the problem tell me. Thank you for your interest !
  11. Link add in Dowload section ! Pz-mods have some troubles...
  12. [V1.3] - Fix bags openning on the floor - Decrease drastically the loot availabillity on zombies - Add Spanish and French traduction
  13. 1) I'm still update the mod with your advice, and yes, i will change the loot rarety after one week of test, items are too common so I will put them to 0.05 2) I've used an old version to create my mod, just before the bag + floor update so thank you, i will credits you
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