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  1. ORGM Rechambered

    @Fenris_WolfI would like to make a dummed down version of ORGM to play with my friends on a server. I just want to take a few guns out and rename others into generic names, so my non-gun-guy friends can understand it better. For easy accsess I would like to release it on the workshop, is that ok for you? P.S. Love your work Edit: Well this is another case of "I should have read first, asked later" Just found your instructions in the mod data. So I will just do a patch mod.
  2. This is intentional. The devs made the mistake of showing animations too early, and the hype train began rolling. When they couldn´t/wouldn´t deliver in time the hype train derailed and community was outraged. They don´t want something like this happening again.
  3. ORGM Rechambered

    I worked on a mod called "Handloading Mod" It was a rework of Rausheims Handloading mod. Its on the Steam Workshop. If you want I can send you the files so you can use it for reference when working on your handloading stuff. If you think that my shitty script would be of any use to you.
  4. ORGM Rechambered

    I LOVE this Mod! You really knocked it out of the Park @Fenris_Wolf I just tested it and everything seems to work perfectly. I can only imagine how much time this took you to make. I honestly thank you for your work. This is great! Someone should tell the Devs so they feature this mod in the next Thoursdoid. If I had anything to say in the development of PZ I would integrate your mod into the main game (just change weapons names for legal reasons). THANK YOU! I have some ideas for improving this mod: -Let the Player Charakter say what he/she is doing like "racking a round in" when the player presses x to chamber a round -give us a keyboard button for a manual saftey if the gun has one -add a keyboard button for checking if there is a round in the chamber and then let the player charakter say if the gun is ready. I know you can check this by looking in the menu, but a button push would be faster and cooler -add new hotkeys for "equip sidearm" and "equip longarm" like the ones we already have for equipping blunt/or blade weapons -"click" sound for playing russian roullette
  5. Handloading Mod [Handload your own ammo] V. 0.1.1

    Mah, i didnt get it to work and gave up. Sry. Live´n Stuff
  6. Handloading Mod [Handload your own ammo] V. 0.1.1

    New Version out!
  7. ORMtnMan's Real Guns Mod 1.242 [32.30]

    Sounds great. I will get cracking. I´ll tell you when i´m done.
  8. Handloading Mod [Handload your own ammo] V. 0.1.1

    You can find Gunpowder. Blackpowder cartriges are planned.
  9. ORMtnMan's Real Guns Mod 1.242 [32.30]

    Unfortunatly i suck at coding :/ otherwise i really would like to help you. I overthougth my priorityes about the roadmap for my mod, as many people request ORGM-compatabilty, I am going to make our mods compatible. (From my side this only needs scripting the ammo + recipes from your mod in, but is alot of work). Do you think this makes sense, or would it be rendered obsolete when your new update rolls out?
  10. Handloading Mod [Handload your own ammo] V. 0.1.1

    Is already planned, but not high priorty because I want to get more content in first.
  11. ORMtnMan's Real Guns Mod 1.242 [32.30]

    Can I use the code in my Handloading Mod, of course with giving you credit? I would really like to add a bit of risk to handloading at low skill and with using handmade materials.
  12. ORMtnMan's Real Guns Mod 1.242 [32.30]

    @ORMtnMan How are you getting along with making guns aceppt different kinds of ammo without having to "convert" them via a recipe. I thought about adding multiple homemade and factory kinds of ammo like, wax slugs, and hollow points, etc. to my handloading mod. But making many bullet types is kinda stupid if the player would have to "convert" the gun for every one of them. BTW: I decided to get more content into my mod before making it compatible to ORGM to avoid having to do work twice.
  13. I would like to create a reloading press as a movable like a radio for my handloading mod. I don´t know where I could find referance code for it. I looked at the game files and some mods but did not find anything that helped me. Can anyone point me the right direction?
  14. I am a total Gun Nut. I used pretty much all of my vacation time this christmas to update Rausheims old Reloading mod. And here it is! ATTENTION! Ejecting empty cases works only if you play on english! ; "P" is a debug button for spawning every item in the mod, to test it! Contents! New Items! -empty gun cases, primers, bullets, and powder for all four vanilla calibers (.223, .308, 9mm, ShotgunShells) -Reloading Press for Shot and one for bullets -Handloading Manual, neccessary to know the recipes -New tool to dismantle cartriges: Pliers -Bullets molds for all calibers -Maintanance Kit and Lubricant for fixing guns! New Recipies! -Use a reloading press, empty gun cases, primers, bullets, and powder to create ammo. (Must be learned from manual) -Improvise Shotshell Wads from Magazines and Newspapers -Melt scrap lead in a pot, put it into bullet molds and manufacture projectiles and shot New Mechanics! -Your gun ejects empty cases when firing! Downloads: Steam Workshop: Direct: (install in mod folder in C:/user/zomboid/mods) Usage of my material: Please credit the people involved in creating this mod! Roadmap (no particular order): -I didn´t get it to work and gave up. Changelog: V.0.1.1 -You now need to set up the Reloadingpress with a die set -Debug button disabled by default. Can be reenabled in the lua files. Credits! Thanks to: - Rausheim! For creating the original Mod, which I updated - tommysticks! For helping with the clusterfuck with spawning empty brass (cases) - Everyone who playes my mod and gives me feedback on it. I will try to improve it as best as I can!
  15. RELEASED: Build 36.4

    Please add 9mm Magazine to suburbsdistribution, makes no sense that a gunstore wouldnt sell Mags. Also policestations would have more mags and individual owners anyway,