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  1. Nah, they thought the anomaly got me but, i was just drunk on my own stuff.
  2. I don´t know how long this was in the game already but is this the "sexy Time" Thing they mentioned in a Thoursdoid?
  3. Yeah, they had internal mags before, they should have now.
  4. @Morbo513ORGM-Mod made it possible to have different rounds in the same magazine, so the devs should be able to do that too. I believe that they just dont put alot of effort in the guns at this time
  5. I also dont like the new disign. In previous patches the rifles used an internal mag. Dont know why devs changed it for the worse.
  6. Is there a reason why the M16 cannot use 223 bullets? It actually should.
  7. I really like guns, but i think that system goes to deep. Most people would just be confused. Sometimes less is more. But i agree that the current repair system is just dumb.
  8. I updated the main post, with what the devs already adressed.
  9. Double Barrled Shotgun behaves just like the Pump-Action. Racks it after every shot. Also there is no relaoding animation.
  10. I found these items form the ORGM Rechambered mod in the gun store. No mods were installed. I double checked the mods folder, nothing in there.
  11. Also: Has anyone found the double barrled shotgun or the assault rifles? Are they still disabled? Mabye a bug and they arent in the loot table.
  12. When you throw a Molotov it does not get deletet from your inventory. You can just spam them.
  13. Missing textures in the picture
  14. Just my two cents on the gun stuff in the new build 41 IWBUMS, likely I am gonna add more to the list while playing more. If you comment a suggestion in the thread I will put it in the top post for better visibility. Keep the good stuff coming! Praize: -Revolver loading animation is great! -Shotgun Racking feels Awsome! -I like that you have three revolvers and one is in .45 ACP. That makes for interesting gameplay as you can use the same ammo that the 1911 uses. Critizism: Overall Gunhandling: -If a gun jamms we need a more clear message, the PC could mabye say "Shit jammed" Also include which button to press to unjam. -Pistols should NOT spawn without a magazine. This ist just frustrating. -Magazines should spawn A LOT! more. -Ammo should spawn a lot more. There is no sense in nerfing guns that way. -There needs to be a way to level "aiming" quicker. Early shooting levels are just frustrating. Maybe add a Magazine that teaches the PC basic sighting and gives them a easier time. Or doing target practice out in the woods. -Long guns should spawn on zeds too. Like a M16 for the bank robbers. (dont know if it is already in or not, mabye its just reaaally rare, suggested by Tails) -When a Zombie is very close, and you have a handgun you should be able to just put the gun against the zombies head and instantly shoot him instead of shoving (suggested by crossed) -Weight does need to be adjusted to the firearms. The Snubnose Revolver should be a lot lighter than the Desert Eagle. -Guns should also be able to be put on a belt slot. This DOES NOT make Holsters obsolete, because having a holster gives you a faster draw and a quickslot more. Revolver: -When unloading a revolver the text reads "Rack Revolver" this is worng Right text would be -----> Unload Revolver, should also just unload the whole cylinder, there is no use in just taking one bullet out with a revolver. -When "racking" a revolver the sound is of a spinning cylinder, that makes no sense -Shooting sound of a revolver is reeeeeally bad, sorry -When reloading a revolver, PC should dump out all the cartriges and load from start (thats how you do it, taking single casings out doesn´t work because they stick to the chamber. You have to use the cylinder plunger.) See ORGM Rechambered. -Speed loaders would be nice to have for reloading a revolver much faster than slow bullet by bullet reloading. (Suggested by Tails) Shotgun: -Doublebarrled shotgun has no option to be "sawn off" (suggested by Crossbow7734) -Shotguns could have two options to be sawn off. Only barrel, which reduces weight a bit and increases spread. Or Barrel and stock, which makes it a pistolgrip. Reduces weight by a lot and increases spread AND recovery time (time to have an accurate shot again, mabye for PCs with low gun skill chance to get hit in the face by recoil) -Doublebarrled shotgun has a animation where it is coocked again after each shot. This doesnt make sense. It looks to me like a hammerless shotgun. Even if it has hammers, there would be no reason to NOT cock both hammers. Hunting Rifle: -Both should have internal Magazines like they were before. A detachable 3 round mag is just useless. Ammunition: -Pistol boxes should contain 50 rounds not 30 -Rifle Ammo boxes should contain 20 not 40 rounds -Shotgun boxes should contain 25 not 24 rounds (this is the amount of any real shotgun shell box) -Loading Magazines is waaaaay to fast, was good last build, there was no need to change Already adressed by the devs: -Revolvers shoudn´t jam like they do now. If a revolver jamms you can´t "just rack it" like a pistol. A revolver doesnt have the malfunctions that a pistol can have. This should be reworked that revolvers cannot jam. (There is a lot that can go wrong with a revolver IRL, but for a game it would make sense if it would be the more reliable option, but with less firepower. (This is supposed to be fixed, havn´t tried it myself.) -Guns seem to fire to slow. I cannot fire them fast. (Fixed, now it depends on your aiming level how fast you can fire) -If your PC has a good aiming skill the animation for racking should be shorter. The PC could rack the shotgun while shouldered which makes it faster. (Already done, but without a seperate animation) What are your opinions?
  15. If you hit "reload" right after you shoot your JS-2000 Shotgun the PC skips the racking animation. Allowing for faster fire while also never running out of ammo. (given it is in inventory) This works both while standing and walking, but it looks diffrent: -While standing there is only the "put one round in" animation, but the shotgun gets also racked hidden -While walking the racking sound plays and the animations mix.
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