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  1. I also dont like the new disign. In previous patches the rifles used an internal mag. Dont know why devs changed it for the worse.
  2. Is there a reason why the M16 cannot use 223 bullets? It actually should.
  3. I really like guns, but i think that system goes to deep. Most people would just be confused. Sometimes less is more. But i agree that the current repair system is just dumb.
  4. I updated the main post, with what the devs already adressed.
  5. Double Barrled Shotgun behaves just like the Pump-Action. Racks it after every shot. Also there is no relaoding animation.
  6. I found these items form the ORGM Rechambered mod in the gun store. No mods were installed. I double checked the mods folder, nothing in there.
  7. Also: Has anyone found the double barrled shotgun or the assault rifles? Are they still disabled? Mabye a bug and they arent in the loot table.
  8. When you throw a Molotov it does not get deletet from your inventory. You can just spam them.
  9. Missing textures in the picture
  10. Just my two cents on the gun stuff in the new build 41 IWBUMS, likely I am gonna add more to the list while playing more. If you comment a suggestion in the thread I will put it in the top post for better visibility. Keep the good stuff coming! Praize: -Revolver loading animation is great! -Shotgun Racking feels Awsome! -I like that you have three revolvers and one is in .45 ACP. That makes for interesting gameplay as you can use the same ammo that the 1911 uses. Critizism: Overall Gunhandling: -If a gun jamms we need a more clear message, the PC could mabye say "Shit jammed" Also include which button to press to unjam. -Pistols should NOT spawn without a magazine. This ist just frustrating. -Magazines should spawn A LOT! more. -Ammo should spawn a lot more. There is no sense in nerfing guns that way. -There needs to be a way to level "aiming" quicker. Early shooting levels are just frustrating. Maybe add a Magazine that teaches the PC basic sighting and gives them a easier time. Or doing target practice out in the woods. -Long guns should spawn on zeds too. Like a M16 for the bank robbers. (dont know if it is already in or not, mabye its just reaaally rare, suggested by Tails) -When a Zombie is very close, and you have a handgun you should be able to just put the gun against the zombies head and instantly shoot him instead of shoving (suggested by crossed) -Weight does need to be adjusted to the firearms. The Snubnose Revolver should be a lot lighter than the Desert Eagle. -Guns should also be able to be put on a belt slot. This DOES NOT make Holsters obsolete, because having a holster gives you a faster draw and a quickslot more. Revolver: -When unloading a revolver the text reads "Rack Revolver" this is worng Right text would be -----> Unload Revolver, should also just unload the whole cylinder, there is no use in just taking one bullet out with a revolver. -When "racking" a revolver the sound is of a spinning cylinder, that makes no sense -Shooting sound of a revolver is reeeeeally bad, sorry -When reloading a revolver, PC should dump out all the cartriges and load from start (thats how you do it, taking single casings out doesn´t work because they stick to the chamber. You have to use the cylinder plunger.) See ORGM Rechambered. -Speed loaders would be nice to have for reloading a revolver much faster than slow bullet by bullet reloading. (Suggested by Tails) Shotgun: -Doublebarrled shotgun has no option to be "sawn off" (suggested by Crossbow7734) -Shotguns could have two options to be sawn off. Only barrel, which reduces weight a bit and increases spread. Or Barrel and stock, which makes it a pistolgrip. Reduces weight by a lot and increases spread AND recovery time (time to have an accurate shot again, mabye for PCs with low gun skill chance to get hit in the face by recoil) -Doublebarrled shotgun has a animation where it is coocked again after each shot. This doesnt make sense. It looks to me like a hammerless shotgun. Even if it has hammers, there would be no reason to NOT cock both hammers. Hunting Rifle: -Both should have internal Magazines like they were before. A detachable 3 round mag is just useless. Ammunition: -Pistol boxes should contain 50 rounds not 30 -Rifle Ammo boxes should contain 20 not 40 rounds -Shotgun boxes should contain 25 not 24 rounds (this is the amount of any real shotgun shell box) -Loading Magazines is waaaaay to fast, was good last build, there was no need to change Already adressed by the devs: -Revolvers shoudn´t jam like they do now. If a revolver jamms you can´t "just rack it" like a pistol. A revolver doesnt have the malfunctions that a pistol can have. This should be reworked that revolvers cannot jam. (There is a lot that can go wrong with a revolver IRL, but for a game it would make sense if it would be the more reliable option, but with less firepower. (This is supposed to be fixed, havn´t tried it myself.) -Guns seem to fire to slow. I cannot fire them fast. (Fixed, now it depends on your aiming level how fast you can fire) -If your PC has a good aiming skill the animation for racking should be shorter. The PC could rack the shotgun while shouldered which makes it faster. (Already done, but without a seperate animation) What are your opinions?
  11. If you hit "reload" right after you shoot your JS-2000 Shotgun the PC skips the racking animation. Allowing for faster fire while also never running out of ammo. (given it is in inventory) This works both while standing and walking, but it looks diffrent: -While standing there is only the "put one round in" animation, but the shotgun gets also racked hidden -While walking the racking sound plays and the animations mix.
  12. For gameplay purposes you are right. The game would function perfectly with only 10 guns. Hell, even with only one pistol, one revolver, one shotgun, one rifle. It would still work. But additional guns would add A LOT to the world building. For example a non-gun nut player may still want to have an AK47, and an M16. But for gameplay the rifles both would work similar. I talked to a co worker who was living in rural Virginia in ´93 he is a total gun nut and knows a lot about guns in the time. He came up with a huge list of guns that he and a lot of his friends owned at the time. The list I posted is supposed to include not only guns for gameplay but also guns that would have been there in 1993 rural Kentucky.
  13. That is EXAKTLY what I want too. Don´t have too many guns. But there should still be a variety of guns, for varietys sake. I proposed 17 different guns, you said 10 would be enough. What guns would you want to include?
  14. Thats what i meant with " Now that the animation system is making a good progress we mabye gonna see a resurgence in gun use in PZ." I just wanted to compile a list of guns that would be in the area in that time, that make sense for compelling gameplay. They already are adding guns from my list.
  15. First off: There are already countless suggestions in the type of "Add Fullaouto Shootgun to PZ" This ist one of them. (Kindoff at least) It is important to note that adding to many guns to the vanilla game would be counterproductive. While the gun nuts of us may appreciate it, the majority of players would be just overwhelmed and not enjoying gun gameplay. Adding more and modern guns should be left to ORGM – Mod. Following I will explain why a gun would make gameplay sense and add to the world building. I will also add some stats, and a possible ingame name. (The devs already said that they wouldn´t do real names but realistic sounding names) Also should be noted that there shouldn´t be to many different calibers of ammuntion for gameplay reasons. Also some of the gameplay shouldn´t be realistic at all costs. Some game tropes should still apply. I.e Revolvers need less maintainance, AKs are not accurate for example. Civillian guns: This is the section with the most diversety in guns, because civvies dont have to follow strict supply lines. These guns should be common, ammo for them mabye not so. Handguns: Glock 17 (Polymer 9mm pistol)– A light and high capacity polymer handgun. In ´93 there already were glocks, and they were in quite common use, but not as much as other disigns. Cal 9x19 17+1 rd Gameplay: This would be a relativly rare gun, but with the most magazine capacity. Good for shooting small groups of zombies or for self defense against dogs, people. Especially because it is lightweight you would have a easier time carring it. Beretta M9 /92FS (Steel 9mm pistol) – As the standart handgun of the US – Army a lot of civilians picked up the gun already proven by the military. 15+1 rds of 9x19 and accurate to shoot. Gameplay: This would be a common gun, but with the second to most magazine capacity. Good for shooting small groups of zombies or for self defense against dogs, people. It is easyer to shoot than the Polymer pistol. But heavier. 1911 (45 cal Pistol) – As the former standard handgun of the US Armed Forces it was a popular choice for a home defense weapon for many citizens. 7 +1 rds of .45 ACP Gameplay: This gun delivers more UMPF than the 9mm pistols. Could be used for hunting even. But you would have to reload more often. Also quick follow up shots are harder because of the recoil. Revolver 2"; 4"; 6" (.357 Revolver) There were many different revolver types in 1993 but functionaly they all were similar. So the Revolver in game should be only different by barrel lengh. While 2" is the lightest and easyest to carry but hardest to shoot. Other way around for the 6" being best to shoot but heavy. The 4" is good compomise. All hold 6 rds of .357 Magnum ammunition Gameplay: This gun delivers more UMPF than the 45 pistols. Could be used for hunting. Quick follow up shots are harder because of the recoil. Also malfunctions are more uncommon and you don´t have to maintain them alot. Makarov (Surplus Pistol) With the fall of the Udssr a lot of surplus flooded american markets under it was this pocket pistol. It would mabye found in gun shops by the barrel. It is hard to shoot but lightweight. It barely costed 100$ around that time and would be very common in the area. It doesn´t offer a lot of gameplay value but would add to world building a lot since surplus guns are very common still in the USA and even more in 1993. 8+1rds of proprietary 9x18 ammo. Gameplay: This would be a good last ditch weapon. Perfect to hide in a stash because it wouldn´t be a huge loss. Also not bad for Everyday carry. It kicks pretty hard for its small size. Rifles: AR15 (Civillian Assault Rifle) Basic AR15 type rifles with 16" barrels were common to see in the hands of civillians in 1993. It is an iconic weapon and already planned in the game, so not much to say about that. 30+1rds of 5,56/.223 Gameplay: A perfect weapon for hunting, shooting large groups of zombies, base defense. This thing can do anything pretty well. Needs some regular maintainance. Should be rare. Ruger Mini 14 (Civillian Rifle) The Ruger Mini 14 is also an iconic weapon of the era, made known by the A-Team in the 80s it still serves as a more civillian-looking weapon in 1990s that a lot of farmers owned for pest conrol. 20+1rds of 5,56/.223 Gameplay: This gun is for everyone who can´t find an Civillian Assault Rifle or wants more relyability. Still good rifle useful for everything. SKS (Surplus Rifle) Since the fall of the Soviet Union a lot of Surplus rifles influxed the US. The SKS was always a semi-auto-rifle, so it wouldn´t be subject to NFA regulations and could be imported as a complete rifle. Comes with a bayonet already attached to the rifle. Fixed 10rds of 7,62x39. Gameplay: This Rifle is better suited for hunting than the smaller caliber semi-autos but the internal mag makes it weird to reload, so not particularly good for horde killing. But the bayonet mabye makes it a useful rifle to stash near your base walls and use it for single zombies, while you can quickly fire at groups. AKM (AK Rifle) The same that goes for the SKS goes for the AK. These Aks are Semi-auto-rifles built from cut up "Parts Kits" and they were common for people to own. Not much to say, about the MOST iconic rifle in the world. Full-Auto varients would be very uncommon since NFA regulations are in effect. So only semi-auto- AK rifles should be in the game. 30+1rds of 7,62x39 Gameplay: This rifle can do everything the Civillian Assault Rifle can do. But it is way heavier, less accurate, but needs less maintainance and delivers more punch. Hunting Rifle: There were many hunting Rifles around in ´93 so a non-descript "Hunting Rifle should be fine. There is no need to add more types than the one that is already in the game. 5rds of 308/7,62 Gameplay: Shoot zombies and players from afar. Reliable. Accurate. Perfect for hunting. Not suited for hordes. Should be very common. Varmint Hunting Rifle: The same as the normal hunting rifle, it also is in the game already, nothing to change. 5rds of 5,56/.223 Gameplay: Same as Hunting rifle, but lighter and less powerful. Shotguns: Pump-Action-Shotgun Already is in the game. 5+1Rds of 12g shotshells Gameplay: This is the perfect starter Weapon. While heavy and long it packs a lot of punch at close ranges. Perfect for shooting groups and hordes of zombies. Semi-Auto-Shotgun There were Semi-auto-shotgun mostly for hunters in the 90s but some police forces may have used them too. Mabye add to varients, one for hunters with wooden stock and one for police with a synthetic stock and extended tube. 4 +1rds of 12g shotshells Gameplay: This is a more advanced shotgun. Still a shotgun so horde hunting is what it is most useful at. But also good for bird hunting. Doublebarreled Shotgun Is already planned afaik. 2 rds for obvious reasons. Gameplay: This is the most basic shotgun. Load two, shoot two. Good for starters and very durable. Can easily cut down to a hand cannon i.e. Sawed off shotgun. Military: Handgun: Beretta M9 (Steel 9mm Pistol) Already discribed in the civillian-section. This gun is identical. Rifle: M16/M4 (Miltary Rifle (long)/ Miltary Rifle (short)) The US Armed forces used the M16 rifle since the 60s and the shortend since 91 in special forces roles. So the longer M16 variant would be more common. 30+1rds of 5,56/.223 Gameplay: Similar to the Civillian Assault Rifle, but this one can shoot full auto. This shouldn´t be of much use though. The Shorter Variant is lighter. MP5 (9mm Machine pistol) Before the M4 was a thing SOCOM used the MP5 for CQB situations. So it would be in the inventory in ´93 but very uncommon. 30+1rd of 9x19 Gameplay: This one is a gem. 9mm rounds are more plentyful, easier to shoot with less recoil. Makes the perfect horde killing weapon for expirienced players. Should be very rare. M14 (Marksmans rifle) This rifle was still in use in marksmans roles. So there would be some around but not very common. 20+1rds of 308/7,62 Gameplay: It is very useful for hunting. Less useful for horde killing, because the ammo is more rare than 223 or 9mm. But it is a good weapon for sniping players. Shotgun: Pump-Action-Shotgun Since 1979 there also were some Mossberg 500 type shotguns in use. Even though there were some differences to the civillian models, for gameplay purposes it wouldn´t make sense to add an additional military shotgun. But Soldier zombies may be found in possesion of a shotgun. Police: In rural areas some police officers might have carried their own handguns but most of them would use their issued sidearms. This could be a M9 or a Glock etc. They would have a rifle in the car and in the stations. A pump-action-shotgun and some AR15 or Ruger Mini 14 Rifles. So in conclusion: 17 Weapons in 8 calibers. So a comprehensible list that covers all gameplay playstyles. I didn´t go over accessories because the system the devs have going is good already. There isn´t a lot to change that would havefer significant benefit. Also I don´t think that there should be multible ammo types exept for shotguns, because that is their main appeal. There should be Slugs (hunting, player killing), Birdshot (hunting birds/rabbids); Buckshot (hunting and zombie killing) Guns that mabye should be added. A discussion about that would be nice. .22lr rifles and pistols This would add just another caliber into the mix. .22 lr is really common but i cannot see what good addition it would make to gameplay. Belt-fed maschine guns Well, the military would have used them against the hordes, so they should be there. But it would be hard to make them useful for gameplay. Please join into the conversation. Now that the animation system is making a good progress we mabye gonna see a resurgence in gun use in PZ.
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