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  1. Yeah, they had internal mags before, they should have now.
  2. @Morbo513ORGM-Mod made it possible to have different rounds in the same magazine, so the devs should be able to do that too. I believe that they just dont put alot of effort in the guns at this time
  3. I also dont like the new disign. In previous patches the rifles used an internal mag. Dont know why devs changed it for the worse.
  4. Is there a reason why the M16 cannot use 223 bullets? It actually should.
  5. I really like guns, but i think that system goes to deep. Most people would just be confused. Sometimes less is more. But i agree that the current repair system is just dumb.
  6. I updated the main post, with what the devs already adressed.
  7. Double Barrled Shotgun behaves just like the Pump-Action. Racks it after every shot. Also there is no relaoding animation.
  8. I found these items form the ORGM Rechambered mod in the gun store. No mods were installed. I double checked the mods folder, nothing in there.
  9. Also: Has anyone found the double barrled shotgun or the assault rifles? Are they still disabled? Mabye a bug and they arent in the loot table.
  10. When you throw a Molotov it does not get deletet from your inventory. You can just spam them.
  11. Missing textures in the picture
  12. Just my two cents on the gun stuff in the new build 41 IWBUMS, likely I am gonna add more to the list while playing more. If you comment a suggestion in the thread I will put it in the top post for better visibility. Keep the good stuff coming! Praize: -Revolver loading animation is great! -Shotgun Racking feels Awsome! -I like that you have three revolvers and one is in .45 ACP. That makes for interesting gameplay as you can use the same ammo that the 1911 uses. Critizism: Overall Gunhandling: -If a gun jamms we need a
  13. If you hit "reload" right after you shoot your JS-2000 Shotgun the PC skips the racking animation. Allowing for faster fire while also never running out of ammo. (given it is in inventory) This works both while standing and walking, but it looks diffrent: -While standing there is only the "put one round in" animation, but the shotgun gets also racked hidden -While walking the racking sound plays and the animations mix.
  14. For gameplay purposes you are right. The game would function perfectly with only 10 guns. Hell, even with only one pistol, one revolver, one shotgun, one rifle. It would still work. But additional guns would add A LOT to the world building. For example a non-gun nut player may still want to have an AK47, and an M16. But for gameplay the rifles both would work similar. I talked to a co worker who was living in rural Virginia in ´93 he is a total gun nut and knows a lot about guns in the time. He came up with a huge list of guns that he and a lot of his friends owned at t
  15. That is EXAKTLY what I want too. Don´t have too many guns. But there should still be a variety of guns, for varietys sake. I proposed 17 different guns, you said 10 would be enough. What guns would you want to include?
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