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  1. Using any other mods that has done something to weapons?
  2. I agree, I would love the ability to actually unload the weapons. But for #2, it's a reason that the person is a zombie now
  3. Rausheim


    I would guess that the closest thing to a "medieval knight horse" would be the police horses they use in riots and such. I do not know about the cop horses and their training, but when we were younger, we taught the horses not to be afraid from sounds, shooting from horseback (with the horse wearing those ear plug thingies ofc) and they actually could handle sounds. A horse with those combos might be useful in a zed environment. However, most horses would be scared shitless and anything resembling zeds, aka humans, would not be able to get close to em.
  4. Those simple things are not common knowledge, unfortunately.
  5. If you had chainmail, the zombies would quickly catch up to you as you would be exhausted after wearing it a few minutes. They are heavy.
  6. I think of something they said in a Stargate SG1 episode (the one with the people living inside a virtual world). "Imagine you only had 4 videos for a thousand years, what would you not do to get a new one?" Same thing goes for newspapers, both the media and commercial variants. You would find several, even in a small town. And anything that could get your mind off the grim situation that a apocalypse is would be appreciated.
  7. Who the heck puts cream in their coffee?
  8. This is the easiest press to use for a rookie, the one i linked to. The one you found are too advanced for a rookie. Trial and error in reloading = The loss of fingers, sight, hands and possible life. Too little powder: Bullet will get stuck in barrel and/or you can actually implode the casing (in rifles). Thats why in reloading charts they always have something called a "starting load". Too much powder: Kaboom and not in a good way. This is how you do it in real life: If using water for cleansing: De-cap primer. In the water using citric acid and/or a really good soap that "eats" carbon. If using tumbler for cleansing: Throw the empty brass into the tumbler. De-capping is done the same time when resizing and priming. You can skip cleaning the brass, as long as they're dry and do not contain foreign objects. Would not recommend this for ammo not going to be used that week or something that is supposed to go sub moa at 100 yards Now the reloading. You de-cap, re-size and prime the casing - This is what the re-sizing and de-capping die is for. (If handgun or straightwalled casings) You use an expander die to open the case mouth just a bit. Now you fill the case with the appropriate powder. Then you use a seater die to seat the bullet. Now you have a finished bullet. All of the dies has to be adjusted correctly or else you will wreck the casing, possibly the gun and even the dies. And you do a lot of bullets at a time, so you don't have to adjust the dies each time you change them in the press. I'm not trying to be a hard-ass, but when people start to discuss reloading and using wrong information, both the reloader and the instructor in me wakes up. Everything is explained properly in a reloading manual. And a reloading manual with respect for it self will state in each section "this is extremely dangerous and even a slight fuck up, will blow your fingers away. At a best scenario".
  9. I reload several thousand rounds in a month and I would never be done if I did it like that vid. Found a vid of one using one of the same presses as me: I never had anyone to tell me what do do, but, I read up on it. Which is also something I recommend if anyone says "I wanna start reloading" before they go buy stuff.
  10. Reloading is not difficult, but creating primers and such from scratch is something you can forget. The method of making a x in a bullet thinking it will expand (please don't use words like dumdum, it's called expanding bullet, the type used for hunting big game) will only make the point of impact move, and doing this on a typical smg round like 9mm or even 45, have no practical use. I've tested this.
  11. Fixed typos in the script that resulted in not giving ammo when reloading. Fixed now. Added a new feature: You now have to Size and prime the cases before seating the bullets. Enjoy!
  12. Version 0.2 is out! Now you can cast your own bullets.
  13. No, just no. Crafting reloading components is something even experienced reloaders can forget. Lead bullets for slow moving calibers like 9mm: Casting not too difficult and resizing them. Jacketed bullets for fast moving calibers like 223/308: Forget it, requires proper materials and stuffing press etc etc etc. Primers: Even if you find the chemicals, the likelyhood of you blowing away your fingers are bigger than finding the chemicals. The mod I made are a realistic way that even n00bs could learn irl.
  14. I love the idea of fat zombies, skinny zombies, old zombies (think brittle bones etc), tall zombies etc. The Walking Dead lore ftw. The "special infected" that the dev team has specified must be the types that has super powers (that's what sucks about State of Decay) and frankly imho, has nothing to do with a zombie game that want's it to be "realistic".
  15. Canned pears..... Probably the best canned fruit ever!
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