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  1. I think some of these ideas aren't bad at all. They are currently refactoring some of the older features from the sound of it; so some of this is possible. Definitely possible with a mod though.
  2. So far, limited testing about 2 hours LAN play, the vehicles work well in gameplay and from my technical viewpoint. I'm able to drive without any significant lag, the few times we had lag it was network congestion on our LAN. It has admittedly had a major effect on gameplay for me. I'm more willing to take long distance travel as an option instead of a last resort. I was cruising around until I found a place I felt like I wanted to live in, in Rosewood (which I had never been to) and we ended up basing there. That trip would have taken in prior builds too long to even consider given my limited (and divided) playtime. So that will be interesting, I could imagine a mechanic using the vehicle as a mobile base, instead of the usual carpentry/garden/forage path I've grown to love. Water collection in such a situation is something I'd have to test, but I think it could be done. Fuel concerns would be next highest on that list. I do think trying to train mechanic from scratch might be too hard, yet. Perhaps intentionally for multiplayer component? Brief: Great job! Looking forward to the next time family can sit down and play together again.
  3. Something to think about - the type of wood matters. Maple bats will shatter easier than say white ash or hickory. 'Most' mass produced bats are made from composites now, in the pros they still use solid wood, by regulation.
  4. makkenhoff

    Back in Bleak

    They don't give ETAs, not since they had one backfire, lesson learned. I've been around a bit, I've seen the question asked a lot. In fact, asked so much that in the general discussions section, on the FAQ that few seem to read, it even gives you the answer you seek. ETA! When will . . . TIS has a strict no-ETAs policy, while they may have their own internal timeframes. Only features in a playable (and fun state) will be released to the stable branch. For those looking to live dangerously, there's IWBUMS.Where're the NPCS?tl;dr Perpetually slaved over by our dedicated founders, NPCs are in the works and likely won't be out for quite a while yet. More information will likely be provided after the animation update.
  5. This has been suggested in the past, as well as requested in the mod section. The biggest challenge is, finding someone with the time/skills to make it happen. Is it possible? Probably from a technical standpoint, and it might even get easier to do after features have been completed and the game moved into beta status. (Technically speaking, Project Zomboid is still an alpha.) Suggestion: Mod Request:
  6. The original scripted npc batch that I initially funded was already at the time, enjoyable - limited but enjoyable. My own estimate for the return of Kate and Bob in some capacity, likely a separate branch will be sometime around April 2019. Now, that date isn't so much speculative of the amount of time it takes to flesh out the systems being worked on now; but I believe TIS will be extremely careful when it comes to NPCs and likely won't be inclined to let the general public see a 'half baked' product, unlike Animation and Vehicles. Now, one thing I should mention, this doesn't mean we won't see demos beforehand, I suspect we might start seeing 'something' in the middle of next year, but the label suggests you want to speculate when they arrive for the public, for consumption. I do however, think they have been working on them in unconventional ways though for awhile. (Getting systems ready for the 'drop-in' by pre-planning game functions that will 'tie-in' with NPC play; so I do suspect it will move faster in the early stages of development; the fine tuning will take awhile though.)
  7. I would love to see some of these things in game, I like the idea of additional lore tidbits. It would be great if we could intercept via radio hack the helicopter crew's comments to each other (the internal communications) as well - though I admit I lack knowledge of if that is even actually possible. (A cursory search provided me no 'easy' results to investigate further.)
  8. I'm reminded of how to slice a mango, courtesy of Alton Brown here. My brother works in produce at a grocery - so he has to do a lot of different cuts of fruits/vegetables. I can certainly attest to the dangerous methods the untrained will do, as I'm one of them. I'm learning as I go, self learning cooking by watching trained and presumably talented chefs - I've no real passion for the creative and repetitive aspects of cooking though - I find something I like, I might make it a few times, and I'll add it to the list of things I've cooked; it gets stored in my head for later if I decide I want to make it again, but I don't just dive into cooking every day.
  9. Which build/version are you using? Sounds like a bug, not a feature.
  10. In the late 90's, you could buy relatively inexpensive kits that were 'break the wire' type sensors. I put them on bedroom/entry doors, and you could easily adapt them to windows. They aren't exactly invisible, but they aren't huge. Maybe an inch tall with a narrow width. I'd be happy to take a picture of it. Now, I'm not going to say they were common here, but you certainly could find a house with them installed. But, realism aside for the moment - what other option do you think fits better? https://www.amazon.com/As-Seen-TV-Instantly-Windows/dp/B0006B7M3Q/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1492062657&sr=8-1&keywords=first+alert+door+alarm First available 2001 - and that is mass marketed "as seen on tv"
  11. Something like the spiffo quickstart tutorial, but specific to each discipline?
  12. This should probably be posted in the support section of the forum. A moderator may move this topic if you PM them, if they don't catch it. https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/forum/18-pz-support/ As to the crash - you should probably upload your server log for more help - all the console tells us is what we already know, that your server has crashed, the log would have more information.
  13. I had type=food, but I was missing the hungerchange=value - but after that addition it still isn't showing as eat, but it is showing nutrition. I'm probably missing something simple, so I just posted the code for it that I currently had. *edit* Eventually, I figured out I was missing either foodtype=fruits or it required calories.
  14. Just a note, finally had some time to plug at it again, and your windows.txt works perfectly. I'm having a bit of trouble locating specific functions, as Rathlord commented on; It'd also be nice if I could copy and paste sections from other items, thus far I'm not seeing a way to do that, though the tick box seems like a good way to do that. Another nice feature would be when creating a specific module, that it would create (or allow you to create) the mod.info file and folder structure for the mod upon save, so it can be drag and dropped right into the mod folder, for quick testing. I'll probably add more later, but I ran out of time troubleshooting why my explosive alcoholic food item wouldn't let me eat it.
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