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  1. For some reason you can't clean rags in the sink, you first have to fill a bottle, then use the bottle to clean the rags with that (at like 12 at a time). It's an annoying process. Could we please have a way to clean directly from the sink?
  2. Blue001

    Expanding the Sandbox Options

    Yes, there are a few missing tool-tips that I also wonder about.
  3. Blue001

    Option to turn off weather effects while inside

    Things like this fall under Accessibility Options and should always be included in a game that wants to cater to the biggest audience. So I am giving this a big thumbs up from me. Other common options include Color Blind Mode and Subtitles. Subtitles are tough to pull off for directional sounds, but Minecraft has subtitles for nearby sounds and that works like a charm.
  4. Suggestion Description : Additional Options in the Sandbox setup menu to provide more varied game-play to those who want it. Suggestion Reasoning : How you choose to play says a lot about you as a player... and then there are people who create lets plays of self made challenges. The best way to enhance play for everyone who uses the sandbox mode is to expand on the options available to them for more variety and interesting game-play variants. Suggested Additions Sorted By Sandbox Category Sections Population - Zombie Distribution should be split into the following multiple options to allow for more varied zombie spread. Urban - very high, high, normal, low, very low, random Rural - very high, high, normal, low, very low, random Wilderness - very high, high, normal, low, very low, random World Change Power and Electric Shutoff options from drop downs to text input and allow range (#-#) inputs to allow for random day ranges. So 5-10 would have water shutting off between 5 and 10 days, 0-100 could happen at any time from day 1 to day 100. And allow single number non-ranges to set an exact date for shutoffs. Nature Add the following weather options. Multiple weathers set to 100 percent will just have then cycle per day. Weather will still only occur in the correct season. Chance of Fog - 0-100 Chance Of Rain - 0-100 Chance of Thunderstorm - 0-100 Chance of Snow - 0-100 Loot Rarity - Add a new section for - 'Recipe Books' , so you can have books that teach you something be more rare, but still allow basic books that help with boredom be found commonly. Add new section for Tools Add new section for Clothes Add new section for Meds Character Add dropdown options for... Starting Hunger - Starving, Hungry, Sated, Full, Random Starting Thirst - Dehydrated, Parched, Sated, Hydrated, Random Starting Health - Almost Dead, Low, Medium, High, Full, Random Starting Wounds - Lots, Many, Some, A Few, None, Random Starting Wounds Type Allowed Checkboxes for, Bleeding, Scratched, Bandaged, Burned, Dirty Bandage Starting Panic - Insane, Terrified, Scared, Panicked, Fin, Random Starting Tiredness - Walking Dead, Extremely Tired, Tired, Drowsy, Fine, Random Start Drunk Checkbox Zombie Lore Separate Cognition into multiple options. Zombies Open Doors (Per Zombie) - Very Rarely, Rarely, Sometimes, Always, Never Zombies Navigation Intelligence - Verly low, Low, Normal, High, Super Smart New setting for Chance of Zombies spawning in "crawler" state - Very Low, Low, Never. Add a "New Zombie Lore Modifiers" section. Section allowing for changes to Zombie lore based on environmental effects. These of course will not allow such settings to go over a hard cap so that even with multipliers they don't move at paces the engine can't handle, or make super hearing zombies that always know where you are, etc. Base Zombie Speed Base Zombie Sight Base Zombie Hearing Base Zombie Smell Zombie Speed in Rain - Multiplier Zombie Speed In Thunder Storms - Multiplier Zombie Speed in Fog - Multiplier Zombie Speed in Snowstorm - Multiplier Zombie Speed at Night - Multiplier Zombie Speed at Day - Multiplier Zombie Hearing in Rain - Multiplier Zombie Hearing In Thunder Storms - Multiplier Zombie Hearing in Fog - Multiplier Zombie Hearing in Snowstorm - Multiplier Zombie Hearing at Night - Multiplier Zombie Hearing at Day - Multiplier Zombie Sight in Rain - Multiplier Zombie Sight In Thunder Storms - Multiplier Zombie Sight in Fog - Multiplier Zombie Sight in Snowstorm - Multiplier Zombie Sight at Night - Multiplier Zombie Sight at Day - Multiplier Zombie Smell in Rain - Multiplier Zombie Smell In Thunder Storms - Multiplier Zombie Smell in Fog - Multiplier Zombie Smell in Snowstorm - Multiplier Zombie Smell at Night - Multiplier Zombie Smell at Day - Multiplier Days Passed to add 0.01 to Zombie Speed Multiplier - Default 0 = off Subtract instead of add speed checkbox Days Passed to add 0.01 to Zombie Sight Multiplier - Default 0 = off Subtract instead of add sight checkbox Days Passed to add 0.01 to Zombie Hearing Multiplier - Default 0 = off Subtract instead of add hearing checkbox Days Passed to add 0.01 to Zombie Smell Multiplier - Default 0 = off Subtract instead of add smell checkbox Zombies Find Shelter In Rain Checkbox Zombies Find Shelter In Fog Checkbox Zombies Find Shelter in Snow Advanced Zombies Options Zombie Corpse Respawn Multiplier (Increases or decreases the chance of zombies to be spawn in the area based on the number of zombie corpses around.) So what do you think? Add your own to this thread!!!
  5. Blue001

    Crafting UI lacks global recipe search

    It would be great also to be able to search by material used inside recipes and not just by recipe title. So if I typed in Plank, all recipes that include a plank would come up.