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  1. [37.14] How does the helicopter work?

    From what I know, it's just a metagame event that can occur at random. You can't exactly "run away" from it, it's just there to move zombies around the map - that includes potentially moving them straight towards you. It's completely random.
  2. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    I haven't played this build long enough to know, but can you honk the horn? If not, that would be a great way to distract the zeds, or perhaps even a mechanic in which we can place a corpse into the driver seat and lay it against the horn, so it goes until it stops, essentially creating a long-term distraction that keeps zeds away from any areas you want to explore.
  3. News for new players who think they can live a year

    Even though I've owned the game for about a year now, I still consider myself a 'new' player. My first character, I lasted for 18 days, died by drinking bleach because I was bitten. My second character lasted 1 month, 7 days, and 19 hours, died only by a scratch. Even a new player can survive long. They can definitely survive a year as long as they're extremely careful.
  4. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    I gave the build a shot a couple weeks ago, but I think I'm gonna give it another shot today. After I play it for a bit, I'm gonna give my honest suggestions for what'd be cool (if they aren't already in there).
  5. Older versions...

    I didn't have PZ for Desura, so I've got no key files for it. Though, I do remember downloading an old version of the game back in 2013 that was from 1.4.5d or something like that. I don't believe I have it anymore, but it didn't require a key. Hopefully somebody can make these accessible without having to require anything, as it'd be nice to play these again.
  6. Older versions...

    Do you guys even have a working username and password anymore? I own the current version, but it'd be nice to play some of the older stuff.
  7. I mean, we've pretty much been doing that since 2013. And with NPCs having no solid date (or any new information for a long while), we'll keep playing this mod for probably several more years. And dare I say it, we'll probably be doing it indefinitely. Of course, if people wanted to play with NPCs, they'd just download the survivors mod.
  8. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.12

    I'm surprised this is the only person mentioning this. 12 months after the apocalypse, all power is shut off, water is shut off - and yet the streetlights are working just fine? Gotta be a bug. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.
  9. Not meaning to be rude, but NPCs for a video game wouldn't take 10 years to tune.
  10. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.12

    One thing I'd really like to see in a future build is blind zombies, deaf zombies, and instant zombification. As for blind zombies, I'd like it because playing a playthrough where the zombies can't see you is terrifying, not knowing if you'll accidentally fuck up and get yourself killed. As for deaf zombies, it'd be interesting to see how exactly they go about without being able to hear the metagame. And as for instant zombification, I know there are sandbox options for mortality and reanimation to be set to instant, but what I'm talking for is INSTANT zombification: As in, your character or an NPC doesn't even have time to die; they turn before they even touch the ground. So basically, a single scratch, and BAM, now they're a zombie. No one second delay, no twelve second delay: INSTANT turning. Imagine having a community full of people and you just let one sprinting zombie loose. That's it. A whole base gone in a couple minutes.
  11. Perhaps more models of boards?

    I didn't realize until I was playing a minute ago that when you board up a big window, the board isn't completely there, so if there's glass, it looks like somebody glued it to the window, or if the window's broken, it's just floating in the air. It'd be cool if there were models that accustomed to different types of windows. Maybe in strength, as well.
  12. Insomnia

    Good point. I actually did delete that code, but what ended up happening was that the set vision code ended up not working, leading to the zombies seeing like normal. Does it depend on the amount of space between each line of code? (The way I see it, it's spread outword, though I think it's because I'm editing it in Notepad, rather than downward like typical code) I'll edit it a few more times, see what I can do. But yeah, I'm thinking of getting into modding myself, though for some simple things (like a standalone blindness mod, haha). Mods like these are what make me want to mod for this game. EDIT: Okay, I'm editing it in Wordpad this time, making the code go downward. I deleted it again, so I'm going to test it now. EDIT 2: It seems to be working now, as I can sneak past the zombies. However, sometimes they will follow me for a few seconds as I am sneaking around like they can see me, but then I'll stand aside and they'll be moving in the direction they were. I think this is an issue with the Restless Zombies mod (variant of the Nocturnal Zombies). I'm going to disable that mod and see if that fixes the problem. EDIT 3: I disabled Restless Zombies, and now the zombies are all blind, no longer following me, except for when I open doors initially (that's not a huge problem, anyway ). I also realized what my problem was, I didn't transfer over the edited copy from my desktop. So this whole time, I hadn't even been testing the right variant of the LUA, haha. Gonna fix that. EDIT 3: Yes, I got it working! Thank you RegularX for helping me out!
  13. Insomnia

    Okay, so I've managed to set it properly so the zeds are blind day and night (not entirely perfect, as sometimes they'll see me and follow before the game realizes they can't actually see me, then they're blind again. Not a huge problem). I like it personally because it reminds me of Highschool Of The Dead, as the zombies in there are blind. However, one problem I ran into was that my fatigue was still gone. But what I did after reading this comment was delete the setFatigue code and saved it as a copy of the original file. I'm going to try that out next, as the way I read yours, that seems like it's what I'm meant to do. Sorry, I'm not a huge whiz of programming, haha. But I still appreciate the work you put into this! Thank you for helping me! I'll let you know if the setFatigue was my problem! EDIT: Okay, I don't think deleting it was necessarily the problem, but it did cause the zombies to see again, but I was tired (I believe it actually broke the mod, so luckily I had the copy). From a quick search online the SetFatigue has to be at a certain number? 0 basically disables it, and setting it to 1 makes me always exhausted. I'm guessing it has to be set higher so it's normal?
  14. I mean, if they weren't done by then, I'd be content with at least a 'beta' of how they work, just to see how realistic they are.
  15. I'll start: 2020. On the short range, maybe 2018-2019.