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  1. Oooh! I might have to give that a go once I find a car! There probably aren't any vehicles in Rosewood, but once I find one, I'm definitely giving that place a check.
  2. Moving a picnic table (heavy, 4 parts)

    Why don't they create a "move furniture" system that was like it was before (or was it in a mod?) where you just push against an object to move it, but a modern way of doing it would be to highlight it, click "move furniture" and it would move with you, allowing you to push or pull it in any direction.
  3. What is the official lore/timeline for PZ?

    I made another separate post about choosing 1993 because if I simply asked that question in this thread, there's a likely chance it won't be as noticed as its own thread. I'm in the Undead Labs forums and did the same thing solely to have some questions answered that I really needed answered. They merged it into an old thread I did a couple weeks before, and I've still yet to get any answers from that question.
  4. It's not a huge loss for me, though. I pretty much maxed out the place as best as I could, had a little garden, enough water, and everything I needed to survive. I pretty much won at that point (well, until the military eventually napalms Knox, kek). So now I've got a new save, technically. Any suggestions for where I should hold up? In the previous save, I took shelter in the gas station south of Rosewood. I'm thinking of taking shelter in the one north, closer to town, but I'd like to hear some suggestions as well!
  5. The reason I made this thread was not only from sarcasm, but also a way to talk about this. I'm not exactly saying that the NPCs should've been done by now, but what I'm saying is that TIS should work on one thing at a time. The way I see it, rather than do that, they are proceeding to work on everything all at once: vehicles, NPCs, animations, creation mode, map maker, etc. They keep trying to do everything all at once, and that seems to be the clear reason why nothing is out yet. Though we know the first priority out of the clump is vehicles, they need to put all of their resources into the one thing they're working on or want to work on FIRST. Vehicles are a good example. Had they done that, the vehicles might have been released months ago instead of potentially months from now. After the vehicles drop, they need to stop putting effort into thousands of tiny little things and work on what they think is the most important, not everything that is or will be important at the same time, because with that mindset, the game will still be in development 10 years from now and still nowhere near finished. I say this not as a disgruntled fan, but someone who has been in the same boat; not necessarily game development, but I've been in the same situation where I'm trying to work on millions of things all at once, and in the end, I never get any of them done. Indie Stone, please put everything down and work one at a time. This is an amazing game and I'd hate to see people turn away from it because it's taking too long for one thing or the other. One foot (project) in front of the other.
  6. What is the official lore/timeline for PZ?

    Now that I'm aware that the game is set in 1993, I have to ask just one question: Why that specific year? Is there a significance to that year in the zombie genre? Or was it just chosen as random or seen as a 'simpler' date so it doesn't have to consistently accustom to modern day tech? This isn't a joke or shitpost, just a legitimate question as to why 1993 was the one chosen year.
  7. What is the official lore/timeline for PZ?

    Now I want to see some official PZ maps (or even just fan made ones) set in other countries, like England or France.
  8. I've always been curious about this. In the sandbox, the date is always set initially on July 3, 1993. Is that the official date for the game, meaning this game has always been set in 1993? I mean, it makes sense, considering how there are no cell-phones and all of the televisions resemble that of 90s televisions. Plus, considering vehicles, it makes sense that they all resemble vehicles from that period. I'm just now noticing this stuff, even after looking at it a million times. Also adding, what is the official lore for the events during the Knox Event and after the Knox Event, including what happens to the outside world? It's already established that the infection has gone past the exclusion zone and ravages North America, and presumably the world, but I'm curious as to how quickly this all happens. It's unlikely we'll ever get an environment outside of Knox (not counting player maps, of course), but it's still interesting to learn this stuff.
  9. [37.14] How does the helicopter work?

    From what I know, it's just a metagame event that can occur at random. You can't exactly "run away" from it, it's just there to move zombies around the map - that includes potentially moving them straight towards you. It's completely random.
  10. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    I haven't played this build long enough to know, but can you honk the horn? If not, that would be a great way to distract the zeds, or perhaps even a mechanic in which we can place a corpse into the driver seat and lay it against the horn, so it goes until it stops, essentially creating a long-term distraction that keeps zeds away from any areas you want to explore.
  11. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    I gave the build a shot a couple weeks ago, but I think I'm gonna give it another shot today. After I play it for a bit, I'm gonna give my honest suggestions for what'd be cool (if they aren't already in there).
  12. Older versions...

    I didn't have PZ for Desura, so I've got no key files for it. Though, I do remember downloading an old version of the game back in 2013 that was from 1.4.5d or something like that. I don't believe I have it anymore, but it didn't require a key. Hopefully somebody can make these accessible without having to require anything, as it'd be nice to play these again.
  13. Older versions...

    Do you guys even have a working username and password anymore? I own the current version, but it'd be nice to play some of the older stuff.
  14. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15

    I'm surprised this is the only person mentioning this. 12 months after the apocalypse, all power is shut off, water is shut off - and yet the streetlights are working just fine? Gotta be a bug. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.
  15. Not meaning to be rude, but NPCs for a video game wouldn't take 10 years to tune.