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  1. Lightning Flash

    New Challenge Idea: Fire On The Horizon

    I suggested an idea like this in the Discord, but figured it would get more attention here... maybe. The idea of this challenge is that it does the opposite of Winter Is Coming. Instead of a permanent monster winter coming in 3 days time, you have to worry about an apocalyptic storm of fire that will destroy Knox County in 30 days. The concept is simple: Set one year after the zombie apocalypse (loot is rare), you learn of a monster "death-wave" of fire that is making its way towards Knox County and will destroy the entire region in roughly 30 days. Most known structures will burn down or become incinerated, leaving very little trace of its existence. It's speculated this is from an asteroid impact or perhaps the meltdown of the nuclear power plants on Earth. Either way, it's real, it's coming, and you're running out of time. In this challenge, your goal is to find enough food, water, medicine, and other supplies for up to two months, and stockpile it in the High School in West Point. There is very little loot left in Knox to the point where gathering two months worth of supplies will be a challenge in its own. But that being said, you do have thirty days. There is no limit as to how much food is needed, but you need to be sure you have at least enough food in order for you to survive two months. On Day 30, a windy storm will appear at one of the edges of the map, during which fire will appear. This fire and wind storm will slowly engulf the entire map over the course of Day 30. Assuming this is impossible to code, an alternative method is that on Day 30, August 8th at 9 AM exactly, the entire map will burst into flames, killing everything outside in a matter of seconds. Anything and everything outside the school that is vulnerable to the storm will be incinerated. This includes vehicles. For the sake of this challenge, another building that will survive the fire is the garage in the abandoned racetrack. Only one vehicle can be stored here. Anything that survives the fire, which will last and continue to burn from Day 30 to Day 60 and quickly snuffs itself out on Day 60, will still stand afterwards. Zombies will eventually repopulate the map. The river north of West Point will dry up on Day 30 and will stay dry. The only way to get water is from rain, which will not come until Day 80. The only way to plant crops after the fire passes is by seeds. If you didn't gather enough seeds, you won't get a great yield, and there's a high chance you will die a lot sooner than you'd expect. This challenge is meant to force players to prepare and conserve their resources, ration their food, and ensure they last long enough to bless the rains down in Kentucky. It's based off the idea of Praimfaya from The 100, which consisted of a global mega-nuclear meltdown that engulfed the planet. This idea is meant to represent a similar idea, and since these challenges aren't exactly canon, it would be relatively fun for people to play. I would definitely and totally play this.
  2. Lightning Flash

    Major Buildings Request Thread

    Even though this isn't an official thread, I feel like we should have a place for people to suggest buildings that need to be added. So why not in one place for the devs to find them easily? This thread is for any major buildings (hospitals, police stations, fire departments, clinics, etc) that haven't been added to various locations around the map as of yet. Muldraugh, Riverside, West Point, and March Ridge all lack a fire department, and all locations in the map lack a hospital. There is one known Clinic, Cortman Medical, and pharmacies scattered across all available towns, but there aren't more clinics, and hospitals don't exist. There are elementary schools and one high school, IIRC, but the region is severely lacking in more of them, including colleges, universities, and so on. If you guys have any other suggestions for major buildings and locations, SUGGEST THEM HERE.
  3. Lightning Flash

    Hiding In/Under cars.

    There's nothing more tense than hiding in a vehicle or under a vehicle while a herd of potentially a thousand zombies shambles on by, and you're just hoping they don't see you and start crawling under to get you. Depending on the type of vehicle, you'll be able to crawl underneath it. This will more or less conceal you, as long as you're completely still and also not in an open area. This is extremely helpful if your car happens to be right next to a pileup, as there is less chance of you being spotted. If you hide in your car, you will appear in the backseat of the vehicle or may lay down between both front seats. You will be able to see outside, but doing so may risk you getting spotted. In the case of a large passing herd, this is dangerous, and so you'd be better off relying on the sound of them passing by, and hope the sounds go quiet soon. Here is a perfect example, from The Walking Dead's season 2 premiere, in which a walker herd shambles along the highway and the main characters are forced to hide under vehicles.
  4. Lightning Flash

    Airborne transmission

    The infection, if the radio transmissions are any indication, is supposedly airborne. That would mean contact with anyone who was infected would mean you would get sick too, even if you weren't bitten or scratched. This could still apply with zombies. The zombies are constantly wheezing and snarling with open mouths. The virus could travel that way with a single zombie. This is amplified with hordes or herds of zombies, who will infect you just by getting close to you, and it may happen when you're further away. If a horde is outdoors, and you're indoors, the chance of infection is incredibly low air-wise. How would this be tackled? With the inclusion of gas masks. The majority of a time you're not encountering zombies, you won't have to wear one. But if there are zombies all around you, you'd put the mask on. Use of a filter lasts about 1 in-game day, after which it becomes useless. Unless it's impossible to do so IRL, you could keep dirty filters and clean them with soap and water. Because gas masks are sometimes used by Riot Police and SWAT, you would be likely to find gas masks and filters in police stations, possibly even fire stations. The masks would slightly shrink your cone of vision, but in most cases, it can save your life.
  5. Lightning Flash

    The Crossed - Infected Overhaul

    Last week, I came across a comic series called Crossed. It's about a pandemic that causes people to act on the most despicable instincts, rape and murder being a few. They are capable of thinking and intelligent planning. They will carry out suicide attacks or self-harm to get their satisfaction. They spread the infection by lacing their weapons or bullets with the infection, or by biting. Infection takes at most a few hours, and at least a few minutes. If it's possible, something like this in Project Zomboid as a mod would be really cool. With NPCs and Vehicles in the eventual mix, Crossed would be able to carry out suicide attacks with vehicles of all shapes and sizes, and NPCs would be able to contract the infection. When you contract the infection, the time between contracting it and turning will vary. When you turn, you won't die, but will become Crossed. Crossed are able to use weapons, including firearms and handheld explosives like grenades and landmines, and can set traps for survivors. If you want to read more about how the Crossed generally act, here is the first issue. It is a great story, though edgy (but I guess that's supposed to be the point). Of course, seeing as how the Crossed use weapons, this would probably not be feasible for the game as it stands until NPCs make it in, or unless it's based off Super Survivors' NPCs. But it'd be a cool idea if feasible, period.
  6. Lightning Flash

    More fire stations + Police station

    This was a discussion on the Discord, and it came to the realization of a few that there's literally only one fire department in the entire map, in Rosewood. Are there plans to add fire stations to the other towns, too? Also, is seems that March Ridge is lacking a police station, as well.
  7. Lightning Flash

    Option to make zombies restless.

    While the zombies as they are currently give me the spoops, the one thing that bothers me about them is that, unless provoked by noise, all they do is just stand still. While it's creepy in its own way, I've grown up with the zombies always shambling around randomly with no purpose, just walking aimlessly forever until a sound draws them, and then they just wander to that spot until they forget, and then just wander some more. To me, zombies always just seemed restless, like they would never tire and never stop for anything. It says that the zombies are mostly based off the dead of World War Z and Zombie Survival Guide, but I don't recall the zeds ever really standing about (then again, I haven't read very far yet). It'd be cool to have this be a feature in sandbox. I usually just prefer restless zombies over standing zombies. There was a mod called Restless Zombies that does this exact task, but it unfortunately doesn't work for IWBUMS, so that's why I'm requesting it to be an official feature.
  8. Lightning Flash

    Is PZ Ever going to get finished?

    Which is why I said, "I know there's the map from You Have One Day." I mean, I would like to see a current, up-to-date remake on the town. Same layout, but a new, fresh look that works with the game's current assets.
  9. Lightning Flash

    Is PZ Ever going to get finished?

    I'd really like to see pre-RC3 Muldraugh make an official return as an added section of the town. I know there's the map from You Have One Day, but I'd like to see a current remake of the first map. Unless there's already one, of course.
  10. Lightning Flash

    Climate Change

    Hopefully we can get storms powerful enough to blow in doors and windows.
  11. I was talking in the Discord a few days ago and a lot of people were suggesting ideas for more varied zombie speeds. Right now there are: Shamblers, Fast Shamblers, and Sprinters. A lot of people would like to see more options like: Slow Shamblers, Joggers, Slow Joggers and Very Slow Shamblers. Slow and Very Slow would resemble the zombies from films like Dawn Of The Dead (1978) and shows like The Walking Dead. Slow Joggers would also resemble TWD zombies from seasons 1 and 2. Joggers would make be a zombie that isn't necessarily faster than you in running speed, but faster than you in walking speed. AS for the timeline, I'd like to see more variation in how long we can set the game after the outbreak. The furthest we can set it is 12 months, but honestly, I'd like to see more options such as from 1 year to 20 years after the outbreak. Early versions of Erosion from when it was still a mod shows the erosion resembling almost twenty years of overgrowth, or rather looking pretty overrun with nature, which I thought was honestly really cool. While most people generally won't play long enough to make it to twenty years, I believe it should be there for the people who DO want to see how long they'd make it in a world where everything is pretty much rotten, even the cans of food (though cans and MREs implied to be found by survivors would still be found).
  12. Lightning Flash

    New york city map

    Which is why I'm pretty sure it would require dozens of people to contribute to it.
  13. Lightning Flash

    Alternate Game Modes

    I did. Got bored and decided to set a Spiffo's on fire.
  14. Lightning Flash

    Map: Trumbull Valley

    I would love to see Trumbull be made for PZ. And once the second game comes out, I'd love to see those maps too.
  15. I looked just in case this was already suggested and couldn't find any thread on it, so I figured I would make this suggestion here. It would be really useful if we could use zombie guts to disguise ourselves among the dead and maneuver our way through crowds without being spotted. Rubbing the guts will take at least ten seconds of real time. Standing still, it will wear off after roughly 6 in game hours. Walking, it will wear off in maybe 3. When it rains, it will wear off in a matter of thirty or so real-time seconds. Better hope you're not in a horde by then. Now I know people are going to say that it would make the game relatively easy because people would do it all the time. Of course, there will be repercussions or heavy risks. For example, if you have an open wound or scratch at the time you rub the guts on your body, you will instantly contract the disease. If you make a sound, you will gradually increase the risk of blowing your cover. If you were to have a cold, sneezing would immediately give away your location. If you have no wounds and rub the guts on you, every time you do so, you will gradually increase the risk of contracting the infection by 2% the first time, then 4% the second time, and it will gradually increase by 2. So yes, you could potentially contract the virus by rubbing that corpse's guts on you, but there's a horde banging on the door outside and is about to come in any second. Is it worth it? Of course, this in its own is probably not a great description for it. In this scene of The Walking Dead, Rick and Glenn shamble through the streets of Atlanta covered in zombie guts, while surrounded by a horde. In the same scene, the smell washes off due to the rain and the zombies notice they aren't dead, and begin to give chase. While useful, it could be dangerous because you never know when they will suddenly just realize you're living.