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    Well Built Walls

    Yea, I agree. I tend to play with a little higher wall health than what I uploaded. Thank you so very much! I'm glad you enjoy it.
  2. Cutflood

    Well Built Walls

    A tiny mod I made. Uploaded to steam, but I figured I'd add it here for anyone who would want it. DOES NOT ALTER ANY EXISTING CONSTRUCTION ON AN OLD SAVED GAME. Any new construction, after the mod is activated, will be "Buffed". Steam description: A tiny mod with a huge impact. Makes the carpentry skills' wall health bonus that is applied to player construction a little beefier. Log walls and other constructed items are now harder to destroy. -Doubled the Initial health of multistage player construction. -Includes a buff to Metal construction too. (But Log Walls are still the strongest) -Quadrupled the health of Log Walls from 400 to 1600. -The health bonus from each level of carpentry is now 250, not 100. -The health bonus from the Handy trait is now 1000, not 100. (Makes taking that trait/profession WORTH it) The reason I made this mod is simple. It's realistic. There is an old Revolutionary war fort near my hometown. It is constructed from felled trees, much like the log walls in PZ. I have seen it and played in the fort as a kid my whole life. NEVER had I thought to myself, "These walls could easily be brought down by headbutting them." Possible mod ideas for the future... -Make it so that the zombies RECIEVE bash/thump damage from headbutting the walls as well. (Only a fraction) As cranial/brain damage to zombies has historically been the #1 way of killing them. And if they spend all day bashing their head against a wall, they are gonna die. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can edit the files yourself to change the wall health to what ever you like... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In ISBuildUtil.lua buildUtil.getWoodHealth = function(ISItem) local playerObj = getSpecificPlayer(ISItem.player) local health = (playerObj:getPerkLevel(Perks.Woodwork) * 250); Change the 250 to a number you feel is more to your liking.... if playerObj:HasTrait("Handy") then health = health + 1000; Same for the 1,000... end In ISWoodenWall.lua function ISWoodenWall:getHealth() if self.sprite == "carpentry_02_80" then -- log walls are stronger return 1600 + buildUtil.getWoodHealth(self); Change the 1,600 to a number you feel is more to your liking.... else return 400 + buildUtil.getWoodHealth(self); Same for the 400... end In MultiStageBuild.txt In the file, find the entry: BonusHealth:###, ### being a number designating the walls base health. Change to anything you like. Each construction has it's own health value, WoodenWindowLvl2, WoodenWindowLvl1, MetalWallLvl2 etc. You will have to change each constructed item's bonus health value to alter them. It's good practice to try and keep the number to a "reasonable level". As making the walls have 919,289,479,198,581,291,546,198,576 health can give the game values that are too high to handle. I played for a good amount of time though (150 hours) with walls that had a base health of 99,999, with perks adding 999 each level, and the Handy trait tacking on another 9999 without problems. Final wall health was about 120,000. +++++++++++++++ WellBuiltWalls.rar +++++++++++++++
  3. You have no idea how nice it is to be a member of a game's community, in which it's members cite studies and statistics. Romero Bless You I too would love to see a bit of variety. As it greatly increases the amount a play time I can have in one sitting without it feeling repetitious. There are a few mods that help with this already. Gorier Zombies, Zombies Spawn without clothes(sometimes). But the ability to see overweight zombies, short zombies, zed's with missing limbs, Little people Zed's, would be awesome.
  4. Ok, so, just an update. This can easily be achieved by tweaking the color setting on my monitor/tv. Since I'm using a 1080p HDTV as a monitor, I know I can do this. Maybe those with a standard monitor can tweak the digital vibrancy setting in the Nvidia Control panel. But that doesn't mean some kind of version of this option couldn't make it's way into the game. Maybe a black and white mode, where the blood is the only thing still colored. And turning off all the color on the display removes any contextual hints from enhanced shaders. (Player is Hot, Cold, Panicked, Hurt.. etc.)
  5. It could be both, with the trait giving you extra points to spend on character creation. The trait could be "Color Blind". But it would more than likely be introduced first as a sandbox option. With modders easily attaching the effect to a trait. Thanks!
  6. I did a quick search and saw no one suggesting this, even if it, to me, was so obvious... A BLACK AND WHITE MODE. In the honor of the classic, Night of the Living Dead, the ability to play the game in a Black & White mode would be terrifying. Zed's would be MUCH harder to see. The blood and gore would be presented much more starkly. Going out at Night would be only for the insane, or the insanely prepared. I removed the color from a screenshot of mine. Already, I can see this is only for HARDCORE players....
  7. George A. Romero is like that cool grandpa who gave you your first beer. Only instead of beer, it was your first horror film. Mr. Romero will always be my favorite director and film maker. A quote from Slate.com: "He made Night of the Living Dead as part of a filmmaking collective, Image Ten. Each member contributed $600 toward a feature that would help them launch careers as filmmakers. Located in Pittsburgh, Image Ten was indie all the way." I think I see a connection here. The only thing I love more than Zombie Films is Zombie Games. And I have Romero to thank for that... P.S. - A cool film technique, in Night of the Living Dead, Mr. Romero decided to use Bosco Chocolate Syrup as blood. Since when shooting in black and white, the darker color showed much more contrast. And the Zombies enjoyed munching on chocolate syrup much more than the stage blood they had made. P.P.S. - Holy crap, a Black and White shader for the game would be AMAZE BALLS. >:)
  8. Sounds pretty damn awesome already! You could maybe make it a recipe involving a corpse, and depending on what items you have, Knife, Hammer, Saw, Bare Hands, etc., depends on what items you can harvest. Hydrocraft has a few recipes involving the corpses. Making coal, Liquefying a corpse.... Now I'm not saying to steal from Hydrocraft. Just citing it as inspiration. Having all the items, you could get all the zombie parts. But, speaking for myself, I'm pretty sure I could rip apart a rotting zombie, and bash it against the ground to get all the parts, but that would take more time, and effort. And regarding Sickness and Infection, I'd say if you have a Tarp, or Garbage bag/Poncho, you could make zombie camo that wouldn't have to be smeared directly upon yourself. Negating any risks. (Besides Olfactory hazards. )
  9. -I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing. Socrates Dude, Don't sell yourself short. Love your Gun mod!
  10. Well, technically, they aren't useless... A fully automatic .50 cal "Ma Deuce", would, reduce zombies to a red mist. Making a head shot on a puddle, kinda redundant. Anything that can separate limbs from a distance is NEVER useless. The way I see it, when dealing with zombies, Head Shots are "old skool". I'm all about absolute and complete annihilation. Realistically, we have even PAINTBALL Sentry guns. So it is COMPLETELY within the wheelhouse of reality. Of course, building something military grade is far fetched. But a tripod mounted automatic weapon, that fires when something maybe trips a wire, or sets off a motion detector. Totally doable. Hell, I could probably make one in an hour. It very unlikely TIS would add such a device to the game. But we, "The Modders" may take the helm.
  11. That's what I had in mind! Making it so that all the walls gave tiny amount of damage back would mean I wouldn't have to make new models/art for walls that did it specifically. But if I figured out how to create new walls, Spikes, Razors, Nails, etc. would be included. It would be cool to make it so that you could use a Sheet of Metal, weld spikes on it, then attach it to the wall. Once it breaks, you could attach another sheet. Rinse and Repeat. (literally, rinse off the zombie brains.)
  12. I too love this mod. I'm using it right now with the current Steam build. Don't know if I just haven't noticed any bugs or not, but it seems to be working just fine. Water levels stay steady, Water barrels fill when connected to a water source. (Sink). And it make my fields of food just look so much better.
  13. Just a simple idea. Is there a way to make Zed's take a fraction of damage from the thump damage they do to walls? Since cranial damage has always been the best was to kill zombies. I figure, it's only logical that zombies get hurt a little from bashing their heads against a wall. It would make it so there would have to be numerous zombies to bash down a section of wall. Since one could do only so much damage before succumbing to brain damage and another having to take it's place. I'm no scripter, only an editor. If there is an entry somewhere in the scripts or lua's, that could be altered or copied to allow for this mod. I think it would make for an interesting tweak. You'd definitely have to watch out for the groups of hundreds. As they would pose a serious threat now. (Not like they don't already.
  14. Well Zed's could hear it, but the sound radius should be very small. Since battery operated RC cars are very quiet. And RC cars are quite possible of carrying A pipebomb or A flametrap. Now, I'm not talking about some $5 rc car you buy from Walmart. I'm talking about something you can make from material in game. For balance reasons, nothing more than 5lbs. You wouldn't want to make them able to drive a 55 gallon drum of napalm into a horde... Here is a homemade RC Lawnmower that could carry any trap/bomb in PZ. Easily.
  15. There are so many parts and electronics to go around. Why couldn't you built a RC Car, strap a trap to it, and drive it into a horde and BOOM! You could make different variations, small sports car RC's, that are fast but can only carry a light bomb. Or a RC Dump Truck that could carry a Ammonal Bomb. With low skill, you can only make one that can travel the screens distance from the player. Since you need to see where it's going. But with a high level of skill, you could make one that had a camera on it, so you could drive it around as if it were a survivor from the "Survivors" mod. Would be great to make them only able to go down stairs. Unable to open doors. Or just used mainly as a scouting drone. Since it's not human Zed's should ignore it completely.
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