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  1. Ah, I don't think there is a difference between the female body files. Over time we've accumulated some duplication of files as folders have been moved and we've experimented with things. We should probably do a clear out soon. Female body.x is what you should be using.
  2. We'd like to add anims that reflect a persons background and this is a perfect example. You could perhaps argue the current stance is also too "specialist" insofar as your character looks like they know what they're doing, a less proficient person would perhaps be more square on but for now we'll go with what we've got. The problem we have, and is an age old problem, is by changing the posing of the character, it has a knock on affect to other anims and result in having lots of animations, which takes time to do and implement.
  3. Currently we are trying to refine the melee system and this is one area we are looking at. However due to the way we have it setup currently, lower body movement of the attacks interfere with the aiming animation so has been separated out into upper and lower body. Obviously this removes any animation from the waist down in the attack anims. It's something i'd like to reintroduce but it's proving problematic with blends and our current setup.
  4. @GerasIt has been talked about but you have to weigh up the time and effort that it would take to implement against the "payoff". Currently they're are plenty of other things that need doing either to make them things work properly (multiplayer for example) or to actually implement from scratch (ie animals). House doors work fine and whilst it would be nice to have them swing open, that's something way down the priority list. That's not to say it'll never get done, it's just not going to happen any time soon.
  5. Opening and closing of car doors is coming but it opens up a few technical problems that need to be overcome. It probably won't be this update as the coders focus is on getting MP done and dusted but I'm hoping I can get their time once that's out the door (pun intended! 😉 )
  6. Trailers come with technical challenges within the engine and trucks also introduce balance challenges that we're not currently in the position to tackle atm. Larger vehicles are something we'd like to include at some point but there's other priority stuff to do.
  7. martingee

    More Math(s)

    Currently the reload anims are just one anim, just as a placeholder until one of the coders rejigs the code to work with hardcore reloading. It shouldn't big job but was down the priority list but it's rapidly rising up the list as we strike off the more important jobs. Also everything should be considered WIP unless we specifically say otherwise or you're playing it in game.
  8. Outfits are what the zombies are spawned in but all the clothing items can be worn by male or female characters; the division in outfits is really only because of specific items (like dresses) or an outfit, that are traditionally worn by one of the sexes. Off the top of my head i can't think of any exception but if there is it's very specific.
  9. martingee

    Mist Me

    Chill guys, it's already done. Although probably won't make it into the first round of clothes.
  10. Currently the engine doesn't have a particle system so exhaust fumes etc aren't going to be added anytime soon. I know fire is something the team want to look at and improve as it's very basic at the moment and with recent graphical improvements it stands out markedly. Whether this includes integrating a particle system I haven't a clue, particle systems can be quite a resource hog even if used sparingly but I'm no programmer, I thought tree sway in the recent update was going to impact performance but it hasn't!
  11. martingee

    Men with Ven

    It might not be straight away, there's a lot to get working properly, but that's the plan. The cars have been modelled with this intention.
  12. martingee


    I initially was looking at vehicle armour because it was one of the first things brought up when we announced vehicles and kept on been asked for throughout development. It also linked in nicely with our other proposed attachments to vehicles (bullbars, ploughs etc) and could use the same code attachment system. We’ve gone through a few iterations internally and the screenshot posted in the Thursdoid is the path we’re looking to go down. Stylistically I’ve tried to keep it “real worldy” but with some artistic license since a lot of people want to go full on Mad Max styl
  13. To help create your custom skins here are the UV's for each vehicle (as .png's). These are my working files so the names don't "mean" anything, other than to tell me which set of UV's they are. PZ_Vehicle_UVpngs.rar
  14. Approximately 1:30 ... wouldn't be very practical as it would attract zeds to your base though.
  15. martingee

    Too Hot For TV

    Every time you add a new system or tweak an old one it invariably impacts performance to some degree. If you could see the time and effort put in by the guys to minimise lag, raise fps etc you'd be amazed at how technical things get (i'm no programmer ). That's not to say current and future builds will play as well on your laptop as older builds but, be assured the Zomboid team do as much as possible to squeeze out the last bit of ping, fps, packet loss, etc they can from the code so people can play on older machines. There's probably a thread somewhere that goes thro
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