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  1. Lua Method "loadSkinnedZomboidModel"

    As part of the animation update there will be support for loading skinned and static objects, that's one of the things Mark from Bitaboon has been working on. How exactly that will present itself and the full list of file types (.x files and fbx will be) I'm not sure, as I've not tested it yet but it is in the works.
  2. Looking at the 1992 Los Angeles Riots

    The main problem with utility belts (and holsters for that matter) is making them work with other clothes. Clothes clipping through other clothes is something that I've tried to double down on as the result can be quite ugly and distracting. Utility belts make this job harder as they're generally worn where two clothe items meet/overlap. What works with one item of clothing may not work with another. The fact that players will be able to mix and match clothes as opposed to just been tied to wearing a police uniform, for example, is where things get tricky. We'd also need to decide how much we're going to show regarding the contents of say, a utility belt. Showing a nightstick would be cool but then to go on and show everything you could attach (hammer, knives etc) is impractical but would be "expected"? Then you also have the potential for said items to intersect with the character etc. It's not a "no", I just need to think a bit more on it.
  3. Looking at the 1992 Los Angeles Riots

    When I was looking into cars and clothes I did look at the LA riots since like you say, it happened in 1992. I think for now we have an "OK" selection of cars but it can certainly be expanded on in further updates. From a personal perspective I'd like the see the gameplay side of things developed before we add anymore (mechanic skill, maintenance, etc). And as I've said in a previous thread, we do have a number of other vehicles in a WIP stage (model wise) so more cars and other types of vehicle are planned, it just not imminent. The wrecks in the traffic jams do have a lore aspect to them; (I've probably said too much already!) but suffice to say their placement is deliberate. With regards clothing and items I have modelled a number of things including a nightstick and Police Riot helmet (which was in one of the past Mondoids) and as previously stated the Military will make an appearance in some form, at some point. I couldn't possibly say that clothing will include camouflage similar to soldiers in them photo's above
  4. Thursday (now Friday--oops!) Quickie

    Well yes, the possibility of lag is a real issue and one the team are constantly working to avoid and improve (but is rarely credited for). It's easier for me to model this stuff as I go along, as opposed to going back and doing them and if, for whatever reason, interiors don't make an appearance, they can be easily removed from the model.
  5. Thursday (now Friday--oops!) Quickie

    The initial mesh and UV's I passed to Mash didn't contain an engine but subsequently I have updated the models with an engine compartment so that's what you're probably seeing. I have an engine texture and new UV's I'll pass onto Mash, it's not a big job but just needs re-exporting some of the textures. It's on my list to do. The hope is to have trunks, hoods and doors open but we need few things doing before they're implemented. It won't be any time soon (like next week) but it's something that's planned.
  6. Pitch Battle

    I'll try and answer some of the ones I have insight on but be aware I'm not privy to all the discussion that goes on around features and design! Box trucks and eighteen-wheelers -in a previous Thursdoid we previewed a WIP Fire Engine which is part of a larger pool of WIP vehicles. Balance is key if these larger vehicles were to be introduced, once we're happy with how the current crop of vehicles work and are integrated into the base game, the guys can make a judgement call on how larger, potentially over powered, trucks et al could be added. Tanks and military vehicles -I will say straight away that I have not yet modelled a tank but there are some WIP military vehicles. Like with trucks, military vehicles have the ability to be game breaking and change the tone of PZ if they're introduced willy nilly. The Military are an important part of PZ lore so military vehicles will make an appearance at some point, I'm just not sure to what extent. Motorcycles/Bicycles - I'll answer these two together. It would be great to add motorcycles and bikes however they introduce a side of things we've yet to tackle which is attaching player characters to vehicles and have them animate. At the moment, when a player gets into a car their model vanishes, this would look all wrong with bikes and motorbikes and also be visually inaccurate. You also have the quandary of dealing with the player potentially getting knocked/falling off the bike. It opens a can of worms that can't be tackled until the anim system is working. Vehicle deformation -I don't know how "expensive" vehicle deformation would be in the PZ engine, my gut feeling would be "high" but I'm no coder . From a model point of view I've tried to keep the models as low poly as I could whilst still trying to give the cars decent and distinctive shapes, I'm not sure they have enough poly's in them to start deforming them and still have them look ok. We could try but I think for the time being, our efforts are best directed elsewhere imo. Construction vehicles -Similar points to box trucks etc. I did look at construction vehicles when I was looking for ideas, they have a couple of challenges (tracks, moving parts), perhaps one for later down the line when we have other things sorted. Armored cars -like The Presidents car "The Beast" or do you mean player made, reinforced cars? (or both!?) I haven't modelled a limousine as I've been concentrating on more "everyday" cars but I did wonder about something like that but that might be for later. Again I think the plan is to have the ability to modify your car with suitable car parts (last weeks Thursdoid) but to also add zombie protection stuff at a later date. That needs to be worked out once people are happy with the base mechanic stuff.
  7. Grave Harvest

    Well, like most things, opening doors, trunks etc will be possible it's just how far up the priority list it is. Everything takes time to do, I'm just not sure how time consuming this is and as we've seen we're cracking on with visible damage, tying the upkeep and maintenance into the game etc as well other aspects of the game. It's definitely a conversation we need to have since things are never straight forward
  8. Grave Harvest

    When I've been making the vehicles they've all got interiors including engine compartments and trunks where applicable. Doors, hoods and trunks have been modelled so the can open. However I'm not sure when we'll implement this as a few things need to be "lined up" like animations for it to be visually correct, and I have no idea regarding what needs to be done code side for it to work..
  9. New Model

    This is the double edge sword we tread. If we mention anything about it, other than its released, we get lambasted for talking about "nothing". If we don't mention that work continues, people get sad or suspicious. You can be rest assured work continues on the new animations which are intrinsically linked to new clothes and weapons. Hopefully when that build goes into testing everyone's wait won't be a disappointment!
  10. Vehicle Build: Why You Also Need Newer Vehicles

    Please bear in mind this is a first pass on cars both coding wise and art/design. We have other vehicles in different stages of WIP and once we've got the first, core set of vehicles working fine, in regards to code and game design, we can look to expand the roster. What I would say is that we're not aiming for GTA levels of variety, vehicles are one of the main features on the way to v1.0 but there are other aspects that need looking at (and I'm don't just mean dragons!) That been said, suggestions are always welcome! The vehicles suggested here and in other threads have helped confirm the research I've done when looking at the types of cars etc that would have been a common sight around this the time of PZ. Hopefully soon I'll be able to post some screen grabs either on the forums or maybe one of the mondoids.
  11. More types of vehicles.

    Ah yes, saw them, good work! Pretty much all the ones you've done were reference for the models. Great minds think alike!
  12. More types of vehicles.

    Well I did say "gameplay challenges". A truck/lorry could be way too powerful so some thought needs to go into how something like this is implemented. Variation in models and textures would be good and as with a lot of PZ, this may be left up to the community mod in. But again, that's not really my decision. I also think spawn distribution, rarety etc needs balancing so not so many certain types get spawned. I think RJ may be looking at that atm.
  13. More types of vehicles.

    Apart from the SUV and Taxi, the other type of vehicles suggested bring with them some technical and gameplay challenges. Probably not insurmountable (although I'm not a programmer!) but since we've not currently got the core set of vehicles fully functional it'll be a while before we see any new vehicles. As mentioned I do have the taxi modelled, it is essentially the NormalCar with "roof stuff", and there are some WIP military vehicles and a few other WIP models. If only I could post some screen shots
  14. Riversiders

    I don't think we'll see any Indiana in vanilla PZ
  15. Rise of the Baboon

    Or something a low budget, fast food franchise would buy.