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  1. martingee

    Mist Me

    Chill guys, it's already done. Although probably won't make it into the first round of clothes.
  2. Every effort is made to make saves compatible throughout each build/patch, big or small, but occasionally it's not possible due to fundamental changes. Were we a fully "released" game then you would have every right to expect your save to work with a new patch but since new game systems and underlying tech are still been written, this isn't always possible.
  3. martingee

    More enviromental details.

    Currently the engine doesn't have a particle system so exhaust fumes etc aren't going to be added anytime soon. I know fire is something the team want to look at and improve as it's very basic at the moment and with recent graphical improvements it stands out markedly. Whether this includes integrating a particle system I haven't a clue, particle systems can be quite a resource hog even if used sparingly but I'm no programmer, I thought tree sway in the recent update was going to impact performance but it hasn't!
  4. martingee

    Men with Ven

    It might not be straight away, there's a lot to get working properly, but that's the plan. The cars have been modelled with this intention.
  5. martingee


    I initially was looking at vehicle armour because it was one of the first things brought up when we announced vehicles and kept on been asked for throughout development. It also linked in nicely with our other proposed attachments to vehicles (bullbars, ploughs etc) and could use the same code attachment system. We’ve gone through a few iterations internally and the screenshot posted in the Thursdoid is the path we’re looking to go down. Stylistically I’ve tried to keep it “real worldy” but with some artistic license since a lot of people want to go full on Mad Max style which, really isn’t in keeping with PZ’s art and game design but does provide some nice forms and “cool” looking vehicles. This won’t stop people in the future from doing their own thing and putting billions of spikes everywhere! Reference came from a number of sources, some obvious (there’s a plethora of zombie survival vehicle design online!) to some less obvious. It’s from one of these less obvious sources that the much debated wheel coverings were taken from; a real world source where practical reasons for covering the wheels and still having them functional literally mean life and death. Namely homemade, improvised, armoured vehicles used by militias in the Iraq and Syrian wars. I also found some examples of Ukrainian and vehicles made in some of the African wars. I won’t post them all (there’s a whole r/ reddit devoted to improvised, armoured vehicles as well as google searches) but here’s a few that influenced some of my early iterations, including the wheel coverings. The overall affect is too extreme for PZ but gave me a good starting point. My intention was for the armour was to only represent the reinforcement of parts but people seem to be reading each part “as is”, so a sealed window would restrict the drivers view more than a slatted one, which wasn’t my intent. A sealed window would for all intent and purposes be the same as a slatted window with no more advantage or penalty; this is something we can discuss internally depending on what pro’s and cons we settle on for armouring the vehicle and whether we want to go quite so literal.
  6. martingee

    How to Edit Vehicle Skins

    To help create your custom skins here are the UV's for each vehicle (as .png's). These are my working files so the names don't "mean" anything, other than to tell me which set of UV's they are. PZ_Vehicle_UVpngs.rar
  7. Approximately 1:30 ... wouldn't be very practical as it would attract zeds to your base though.
  8. martingee

    Too Hot For TV

    Every time you add a new system or tweak an old one it invariably impacts performance to some degree. If you could see the time and effort put in by the guys to minimise lag, raise fps etc you'd be amazed at how technical things get (i'm no programmer ). That's not to say current and future builds will play as well on your laptop as older builds but, be assured the Zomboid team do as much as possible to squeeze out the last bit of ping, fps, packet loss, etc they can from the code so people can play on older machines. There's probably a thread somewhere that goes through some of the basics steps you can do as well in order to improve performance on your machine (update graphic drivers, validate steam install etc). I'll see if i can find one or if someone knows can they direct us to it?
  9. martingee

    Major Buildings Request Thread

    I don't think Kentucky is known for its wine but I would expect a distillery for all the bourbon! I've mentioned it previously but I don't do anything with the map so I'm not sure what the plans are.
  10. martingee

    Restrictive Dresses + Animation

    Part of the animation update is also restructuring the character skeleton. I've added 4 bones (2 at the back, 2 at the front) that control the dress between the legs. This affords some control and flexibility over clipping. I do like your designs and may nick a couple although we have the bra (and pants) in the base female texture so braless dresses are problematic at the moment Also heels probably won't make it (as a model anyways) as the feet are not detailed enough.
  11. The "broken hood" issue is known about and we have a fix in the works although it will only show a blank grey texture like the other bits. Ultimately we'd like to have working doors, hoods, trunks etc so we'll just be able to hide the separate mesh elements when you swap/fix them.
  12. martingee

    Community Vehicle Suggestions

    I do have a few more cars modeled but i think the focus will be on refining what we have and get what we currently have working with the anim build and new importer (so we can have interior views), doubling down and making sure the scale of the cars/characters fit the world and add attachments (in what ever form they take). Adding a new vehicle isn't just about importing a new model and texture (unfortunately ) there's a few more things to be done so having everything properly fleshed out and working means we don't have to keep going over the same stuff. I mean, we kind of are a little at the moment as we finalise the vehicle build but i'd rather do that with the set of vehicles we have, rather than add five more and have to continually tweak those as well.
  13. martingee

    Simple vehicle accessories

    Accessories (or attachments as I call them) are planned. We're still discussing to what extent they'll be implemented so any suggestions, as always, are welcome!
  14. martingee


    Trailers cause a problem because they introduce articulation to the physics system, in this case it would be a ball joint or at the very least a hinged joint. Were we using Unity, Unreal or some other commercial game engine then these things are already included and yet still cause a lot of headaches even though they're been used "out of the box." I don't think it's a "never" but certainly at the moment we have other nuts to crack before we get onto something like this.
  15. martingee

    Climate Change just saying... Although the pictures weren't showing when I last looked.