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  1. Nowt to feel bad about, sneaking and cover anims will be part of the overall "stealth" aspect but are contained in 2 separate systems. Sneaking already exists whereas cover doesn't which requires a whole load of new code. It's while Lemmy was starting to write this code that much needed update to the animation system became obvious. That opened a can of worms that we're still working through.
  2. When the animation update drops there will be sneaking anims but chances are there won't be cover anims (ie back to the wall, shooting around cover etc). These will more likely be implemented in another update further down the line.
  3. Motor bikes, cycles and anything where the player is prone to falling off opens up a whole can of worms with regards physics, anims etc. I think the plan for now is to get cars working and stable and then look at how feasible bikes etc are with the vehicle system and the new anim system once that's finalised. So whilst I'm not saying "never", its not likely to be in the initial vehicle release.
  4. If you google Muldraugh (certainly from the UK) the PZ map pretty much dominates the image search. I'd be surprised if some in Muldraugh haven't stumbled upon PZ but afaik no one's raised any objections.
  5. I'm may be been thick but what's the "EMT" job?
  6. The zombie eating anim is done and iirc was shown in a previous mondoid vid. (here's hoping lemmy didn't take it out )
  7. I may have tweaked Captain Binky's original animations but the new ones are pretty much the same as the old. The mouths will not be animated as that would require adding a skeletal bone to the mesh. We're endeavouring to keep it as optimised as possible and the extra bones I've added are for the back pack and some other clothe related goodness. An extra bone for the mouth is not really worth it for the "pay off".
  8. Assault rifle 02 was loosely based on a Ruger mini 14 but as mentioned I modelled it to generally look like guns of a similar type so we could cover a few possibilities. My thinking behind including a gun like this was what would be available to local Kentucky residents in 1993. The research i'd done lead me to believe police forces in the area would have access to the Ruger mini 14 as well as people privately owning them. Now whether the model will actually represent something like a Ruger mini 14 in game is still been mulled over, but whatever it is will be distinctly different to assault rifle 01 which is meant to a more modern (1993 modern ) assault rifle. It's also worth noting that these aren't necessarily going be as prelevant as handguns and shotguns.
  9. I'll have to check with the guys but I didn't model a silencer because, chances are, "vanilla" PZ won't have them. There is a mod though that adds silencers ( ). Lasers and iron sights haven't been taken out; I didn't model a version with those attachments because visually they wouldn't look a whole lot different whereas a red dot scope sits quite prominently on top.
  10. It's a wooden mallet, something akin to this it's just the shading in 3ds max when I took the screen grab, gives it a funny look.