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  1. Grave Harvest

    Well, like most things, opening doors, trunks etc will be possible it's just how far up the priority list it is. Everything takes time to do, I'm just not sure how time consuming this is and as we've seen we're cracking on with visible damage, tying the upkeep and maintenance into the game etc as well other aspects of the game. It's definitely a conversation we need to have since things are never straight forward
  2. Grave Harvest

    When I've been making the vehicles they've all got interiors including engine compartments and trunks where applicable. Doors, hoods and trunks have been modelled so the can open. However I'm not sure when we'll implement this as a few things need to be "lined up" like animations for it to be visually correct, and I have no idea regarding what needs to be done code side for it to work..
  3. New Model

    This is the double edge sword we tread. If we mention anything about it, other than its released, we get lambasted for talking about "nothing". If we don't mention that work continues, people get sad or suspicious. You can be rest assured work continues on the new animations which are intrinsically linked to new clothes and weapons. Hopefully when that build goes into testing everyone's wait won't be a disappointment!
  4. Vehicle Build: Why You Also Need Newer Vehicles

    Please bear in mind this is a first pass on cars both coding wise and art/design. We have other vehicles in different stages of WIP and once we've got the first, core set of vehicles working fine, in regards to code and game design, we can look to expand the roster. What I would say is that we're not aiming for GTA levels of variety, vehicles are one of the main features on the way to v1.0 but there are other aspects that need looking at (and I'm don't just mean dragons!) That been said, suggestions are always welcome! The vehicles suggested here and in other threads have helped confirm the research I've done when looking at the types of cars etc that would have been a common sight around this the time of PZ. Hopefully soon I'll be able to post some screen grabs either on the forums or maybe one of the mondoids.
  5. More types of vehicles.

    Ah yes, saw them, good work! Pretty much all the ones you've done were reference for the models. Great minds think alike!
  6. More types of vehicles.

    Well I did say "gameplay challenges". A truck/lorry could be way too powerful so some thought needs to go into how something like this is implemented. Variation in models and textures would be good and as with a lot of PZ, this may be left up to the community mod in. But again, that's not really my decision. I also think spawn distribution, rarety etc needs balancing so not so many certain types get spawned. I think RJ may be looking at that atm.
  7. More types of vehicles.

    Apart from the SUV and Taxi, the other type of vehicles suggested bring with them some technical and gameplay challenges. Probably not insurmountable (although I'm not a programmer!) but since we've not currently got the core set of vehicles fully functional it'll be a while before we see any new vehicles. As mentioned I do have the taxi modelled, it is essentially the NormalCar with "roof stuff", and there are some WIP military vehicles and a few other WIP models. If only I could post some screen shots
  8. Currently the answer is "no" with a small "n". I do the anims and so far we haven't discussed unarmed combat the way you've described. That may change, hence the small "no", but that's not really my decision.
  9. Riversiders

    I don't think we'll see any Indiana in vanilla PZ
  10. Rise of the Baboon

    Or something a low budget, fast food franchise would buy.
  11. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    I have a Taxi model done, it's essentially a NormalCar with a taxi sign and advert board on the roof. It needs Mash to do her texturing magic but it'll be for a future update, we've got a core set of vehicles that need tieing into the game properly. Once that's done we can take stock and decide what other vehicles we want to add. There are some other vehicles already in a WIP state but we need to weigh game balance, lore, engine performance etc. before they get finalised.
  12. Bicycles

    Bicycles, motorbikes and indeed anything that has the character visible on/in the vehicle open up a can of worms regarding animation and physics that we currently can't accommodate. That's not to say we won't get around to them at a later date but we need a few things in place before we can do them; namely stable and robust vehicle physic as well as the new animation system. Even then they'll need some attention to work properly.
  13. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    My aim with the Police livery, as with most stuff I do for PZ, is to be authentic not necessarily accurate.
  14. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    When I initially designed the Police texture my thoughts were what you might find in rural Kentucky. Research threw up a myriad of designs, in part because of the different types of Police (state, county, metropolitan etc) but also the fragmented structure of Police forces in America. Once Louisville makes an appearance this design will be more applicable. That's not to say the current one will stay white, depending on what Mash thinks and wants to do, a colour change may happen if it jars with the rest. Also, for those raising concerns on wheel placement, they'll change. Some do clip the wheel arches at the moment as they're placed in code an not part of the car mesh export. It's on the task list, like shadows but performance, stability and functionality is priority atm.
  15. Spiffin'

    Motor bikes, cycles and anything where the player is prone to falling off opens up a whole can of worms with regards physics, anims etc. I think the plan for now is to get cars working and stable and then look at how feasible bikes etc are with the vehicle system and the new anim system once that's finalised. So whilst I'm not saying "never", its not likely to be in the initial vehicle release.