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  1. Use cheats to spawn in a group of 50 zombies, set me a par time and if I don't get within ~30 seconds of your time I lose. If you hit more than level 1 exhaustion you lose by default. edit: actually scratch that for every tier of exhaustion you gain 60 seconds gets added to your par.
  2. Okay, so your position is: I have to fight differently with a knife so I lose by default? Axes/Bats are NOT as effecient and I've explained why about 10 times in this thread including my OP. That's literally the crux of my argument. There is no increased danger to myself because I know how to push. I can take on the same size groups and not tire out my character, but because the fighting styles are different it invalidates the superior outcome? Come on man, that can't sound anything but ridiculous even to you. Any time you saved by "standing there and swinging" is invalidated about 3 large groups in when you have to rest. Oh and I forgot to mention in the op another plus: I never need beta blockers either. Yeah I might whiff 1:20 stabs from panic but that's far less than the number of zeds you WON"T crit with an axe even WITH beta blockers.
  3. I'm not offended but like I said I feel no obligation to defend a point I don't hold. A push always gives knockback too, I don't understand what you mean. And the "strafing" is me trying to manipulate the order of the zombies to seperate for stabs.. That's how you properly fight with a knife. First kill faster zombies, then time your pushes to seperate. If you aren't satisfied with the video tell me what you want me to run. I already said I will take requests. Really? You're going to try and go there? There are probably 20:1 knives in the game, not to mention screwdrivers. It's literally nothing.
  4. You can see my last post. And an axe is NEVER as predictable as a knife, sorry but that is a ridiculous argument.
  5. Very clearly in a push animation. Like I said, you can push as many zombies as you can hit with an axe(three)... edit: and how about you stop trying to kafka trap me. I'm not going to defend a position I don't hold. My argument isn't that you can "just sit there and swing" like with an axe, I know they don't have the same abilities. My argument is and always will be that the end results are always better with a knife because you will never be exerted by fighting with a knife and you can carry an additional bag. Sorry but I'm not even going to respond to you if you are going to argue in bad faith.
  6. You want to be critical that's fine, but don't straight up lie. edit: and the video wasn't directed at anyone specifically I say they are objectively the best because A. They never tires you out B. You can carry an additional bag without penality C. You can push as many zombies as an axe can hit, there is no added danger You can disagree, sure. But I don't think my reasoning is unsound.
  7. Actually, now that I think back, I played co-op with a friend of mine and he hosted and runs windows and it was harder than usual to knock down zombies... I chalked it up to lag, but maybe it is a bug with the linux build single player/co-op? What you see is what you get for "proper zombies" and nothing to up your str on linux. swear on me mum
  8. I'm not offended man, it's hard to convey feelings through the internet. I am just laughing that I shot video footage of spawning a ludicrous game and taking it on with a brand spanking new character with butter knives and got someone trying to say my build is cheating or the zombie settings weren't legit or whatever you're trying to imply. I honestly expected more people to say that the zombies should have been biting me with how close they got. We are gonna have to agree to disagree, because I won't give in. I've never(*) lost a character to anything but bordem and the delete button and to me axes are just tools to chop down trees. They do nothing but slow my kill/min down due to resting, and like it or not they do for everyone. (*)since gettin' gud, as the kids say. edit: and fwiw what inspired this thread was waiting all the time for my co-op partner because they insist on using axes and I hate waiting for him all the time.
  9. Whatever you say buddy. I spawned the world and that's how the zombies were. You tell me what settings and build you want me to run and I'll do it again, like I said though I didn't use any str boosting skills and I took extremely underweight to give me room for handy for durability. I'll record every second of it this time - start to finish. And my thread title is absolutely correct, try and kill as many zombies as I did with an axe and you will draw the entire block in and/or end up exhausted. Knives>Axe. I'm still laughing, I run an insane 4.0 4.0 game with butter knives and he's hemming and hawing moving goalposts like I didn't already prove my point.
  10. I don't know exactly what you're implying, I showed the settings I changed and I didn't pick any str boosts, in fact I took extremely underweight(or whatever it's called). And I used all butter knives in the 2nd vid ffs. Insane 4.0 start 4.0 pop with butter knives, and he tries to say I "faked it" somehow. Some serious salt there m8.
  11. and before it even starts, no I was never in any danger in that video. Status: OK edit: Hordes too dangerous? (video)
  12. Knives are only safe for 2-3 zombies (video)
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