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  1. I would love to be able to fix the cracks with plaster. I actually thought that i could do this when played for the first time. But in my opinion the timing is decent. Playing with friends and seeing those cracks everywhere in August with default start date settings. 1,5-2 months is more than enough for me and my friends to progress and sometimes even get bored depending on the map size, so it's pretty good to see the world changing. The thing that i'm concerned of is the speed that these plants grow and cracks appear. It takes about two in-game weeks to cover the whole GIGAMART wall with cracks and ivy when it just starts happening, which i find quite unrealistic.

    Safe Storage Mod

    Hey, that's pretty good. Any known incompatibilities with other mods?
  3. Sorry for offtopic but i couldn't figure out how to change the reloading option server-wise. The only option i could come up with is Coxis Reload-Sync but it appears to be outdated or something so i couldn't get it to work. All players used hardcore reloading from the start and we played quite a lot with this mod and still couldn't find a single mag spawning anywhere.
  4. Just noticed you were adding the 9x39 round. Why not add AK-9 aswell? Basically an AK chambered in 9x39, silent and deadly for all the rifle lovers. Maybe a PSO-1 and Kobra sights if you really plan on adding more Soviet/Russian firearms. And if you add Saiga-12, you should probably make it more common than Vepr and its modifications because that's basically how it is in real life. Also for some reason i don't get any magazines spawned on my non-steam server and have to search for firearms as mag donors. In SP i often get a spare mag spawned with the gun. Excuse me if this issue was already discussed, didn't look through all 60 pages of comments yet.
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