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  1. This + insects (Crickets, Worms etc) It's moddable, I've done a little mod for myself with this feature, but I would really like to see this added to the base game.
  2. Lets hope this get implemented. I'd love myself some insecurity!
  3. Just make it so migration isn't fully dependant on heat mapping. Adding a little randomizing should counter it. Also about the spawning, I think you misunderstood me; in DayZ the heat map dictates spawning, which is not what I ment. I ment that in PZ the heat map should only change their pathing/migration system. If you have a base in the woods it would be wierd if zombies started spawning in the woods, I ment more like the zombies are "drawn" towards areas with humans, slowly but steady. Still spawning in towns etc where it would logically be more zombies. But moving in the general direction of players over time, instead of randomly spreading out. (Well some zombies should be distributed to empty areas to not create empty spaces, but you get the picture) Like the hordes in TWD or the zombies in Dawn of the Dead 2004. This would eliminate the boring feeling you get when you've created a secure location with enough food to last you a couple of years. Zombies should ALWAYS be a threat imo, I don't want to feel completely safe. I want that lurking feeling of insecurity when I walk into the woods to chop trees or forage. A reason to keep expanding and secure my base, instead of building a little hut and call GG.
  4. Any plans on adding a heatmap migration system? DayZ has something similar to where the zombies tend to spawn more in higher areas of activity. Maybe have so zombies focuses on migrating to areas of higher activity? That way you can't just get bored to death living in the woods. Or having a base far off on the edges of the map. Maybe as a choosable option in Sandbox mode?The way I think it works is that your character constantly puts off "heat" which is then given a +% chance to the spawning system, which in this case would be the pathing system. The higher the heat signature the higher the chance of the game picking a pathing system towards that location.Heat should be increasing the % so its still somewhat randomized, but enough to actually matter without making basebuilding useless.This would be really nice in my opinion but I don't know how hard it is to implement it.
  5. I've only encountered performance issues and clipping issues while testing, not much else. Couldn't test for long though because of the performance issues, seemed to me like a memory leak. As for the clipping; in front, behind etc was not showing correctly and vehicle could be seen when it shouldn't be possible. (being inside buildings everything is dark except the car outside which lit up like a christmas tree)
  6. What I basically need help with is "advanced item coding" and "3d models"; lets say for instance an Assault Rifle, now every weapon currently in the game is Semi Fire, an AR would then be Full Auto, how would I go with adding Full Auto? Same goes for ammunition types, I want to create different ones like Slug/Incendiary rounds for the shotgun, since things can catch fire. As for the 3D Models, a reference file on how I should make them (size, polygons etc), implementation into the game (scriptwise) and how the Project Zomboid texturing works would help me out big time. I usually learn by looking at the work of others then improve from there. I am currently finished with the graphics and the config behind the weapons such as damage etc is finished in my head. Simply put, just adding new weapons and ammunition types if possible.
  7. Hey guys, I've been having some fun adding a variety of items while also fiddling around with custom mapping. Now I felt like trying out something a little bit harder, weapons. I've searched but haven't found any tutorial on this; If there is one, feel free to link it in this thread or PM me. Also looking for hands-on tutoring if anyone is bored enough! Thanks in advance! /Z
  8. zeeb

    More funding

    That is why you take loans to support your product, like many other businesses in life. I didn't bother to read all you wrote because I grasped the general attitude behind your reply, shows you're one of those that support bad features. By the sound of it I believe you think I'm bashing the developers and the game, which is just plain ignorant and wrong. I'm bashing the existence of this pointless thread. Some people will always be stupid, putting up a wall of text won't make you seem any smarter, I'm telling you this because you haven't figured it out yet. This thread is attracting attention by the number of views and replies, attention needed elsewhere as stated in my post. (Bug reports ex.) People don't need a SUGGESTION thread to know they're allowed to buy more copies. PZ never did need EA, because of the concept and because the Survival hype won't die down for a few years. PZ would exist without EA, just not at this point. Obviously because it needs to be released first.. EA makes game developing slower, shown by numerous titles suffering from this, due to decrease in income over time which in turn decreases work efficiency. It's the same with people that take advance payment when fixing houses, when they've gotten paid they show up once a week. When they're paid afterwards they show up everyday until it is finished. Do you actually understand the difference? EA and DLC's is the cancer of gaming, it never existed in the 80-90s. It started to exist when bigger corporations smelled the scent of money around it. I don't trust any game company today; not EA, not Paradox, not this one. Why would I when they won't even trust themselves enough to finish a product and then release it? While they're at it, they're cutting already implemented features and pack it into a DLC, features that already exists in the game, locked behind a paywall. I guess you're a 00+er, the new generation that never got to witness the golden age of gaming, in that case I understand you don't know how things used to work. Your generation is different; more Justin Bieber, less brain.
  9. zeeb

    More funding

    A) From that fact, this thread is just attracting unnecessary attention. (Developer attention that could be used on other sections in this forum, like actual suggestions or bug reports that has yet to be viewed) B) As a supporter I don't have to worry about those things; developers put their titles up on Early Access, I show support by investing money into the product. The developers are then responsible for delivering said product without further investments from me. I believe it is pure stupidity to invest more than once when you get the same amount of product back in the end. But each to their own, as always. However this upcoming generation is well known for opening their wallets more than they should. Back in the day, games were actually required to be finished to receive revenue. This new era of Early Access is proof that developers lack confidence in their products which is a shame. Because if they actually believed in their product wholeheartedly, they would take the risk of going bankrupt. I actually despise the concept and use of Early Access and DLC, yet here I am. My brain didn't support this game, my heart did.
  10. zeeb

    More funding

    I already paid once to show my support, along with so many others, should be more than enough especially considering the price and copies sold. Your account feels like a second developer account doing some shady sh*t.. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."
  11. I also hope they won't add how the infection started in TV/Radio broadcasts. Rather add bits and pieces of clues that might lead you to the information about what happened.
  12. [n] Children or babies [n] Personal Hygiene (going to the bathroom, etc.) [n] Zombie Beasts or Infected Animals [n] Zombie Camo, or Using Zombie Guts as a Disguise
  13. Looks like every big NO from the devs is a big YES from the community, talk about "out of sync".
  14. It's a simple one and I thought of this while recapping Dawn Of The Dead. Bite or Scratch wounds from zombies that leads to the deadly infection shouldn't stop bleeding. This way you can tell them apart, as well as adding extra difficulty by forcing change of bandage more often. A lot of movies/books/other share this trait, that the virus doesn't coagulate the wound. I think it would add some immersion, at least for me. I would really much like this. Share your thoughts below! /Z
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