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Word Association Extra


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So, this is a riff on a simple word-association game. The rules are simple:


1. Your word must not contain any letter contained in the previous word.

2. Your word should be associated with the previous word. So for example:


Bob: Blue

Pete: Sky

Simon: airoplane



etc. The longer the word, the better, but the harder it is for the next person. If you're stuck, shout, and we'll drop back to the previous word. That's pretty rare though.


So, if I begin;



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also your first example breaks one of your rules

Actually, re-read (or he slyly edited it) the rule states it should be associated with the previous word.

I had read it as shouldn't, and spent a while coming up with something unrelated to planes at all...


So to continue, with a word associated with Damp, but containing different letters-



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