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  1. Wasn't actually as far as you'd think, mind you I cut across the fields and through the trees, arriving in Rosewood around the school suburb. But yes, it is rather peaceful lol I encountered 1 zomboido in those warehouses north. I didn't encounter any zomboido in surrounding farm houses. but I did grab fair few fridges XD
  2. Haha thanks, however I got it covered with all them crates full lol
  3. Farmhouse east of Rosewood. Still nice and close to town too.
  4. Yay! but again, nice work and thanks heaps
  5. When you've done them all would you consider uploading a .ZIP containing all tracks in one DL? nice work btw! (My game only plays main theme, nothing in-game tho)
  6. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.49

    I've only had this problem once ever I can confirm that it was a save where I died and continued playing that save under anew character. Maybe that is an inclination towards the bugsource.
  7. what mode do you guys normaly play on?

    The first weeks. haha guess could say I'm learning to swim before jumping into the deep end
  8. Roadkill

    Hey all, I was wandering, how long does it take before zombies respawn? and if I need to be away for X amount of time? ^I cleared this small group just south of Rosewood, just curious as to how before I can expect more in the area. Cheers! :D
  9. The Crossed - Infected Overhaul

    Whoah that'd be a raw AF survival situation. I had a read through a couple issue and it was good, pretty full on but like you say, the comic keeps it real lol nice comic and I like the concept you talk about, I think it'd be a great mod but would definitely depend heavily on NPC. Solo runs would be insane!
  10. More fire stations + Police station

    I noticed March Ridge didn't have any form of law enforcement office, which I found rather odd considering the size compared to Rosewood. Is Rosewood really the only town to host a Fire-department? haha wow, funny too cause it's the one place you can't expect to find an axe hahahaha
  11. Simple vehicle accessories

    During the drive to Mul from Rose, I had a thought about in car gps. It could help plan routes, estimate travel time, show roads and intersections aiding with reaction time to turn. Idk maybe somehow maps found in-game could be 'updated' into the gps to unlock it for viewing/use. blah blah, its gps lol here is a picture of what I mean..
  12. Ooooh that moment

    When I get bitten, I stash all of my inventory somewhere (keyring incl. ) then get the zombie(s) attention and trap myself in a room with them. lol at that point it's punch vs munch from there ... Until my fresh spawn comes by...
  13. Introduction

    Welcome!! This is neat, I noticed there wasn't a intro board. I'm pretty new myself but can't wait to see this game grow more over time and I'm glad to join the ride!
  14. Something completely random I noticed

    I noticed that. Does it appear that way in-game? I'm about to drive there from my Rosewood farm. I plan to raid the armory!
  15. What i'm assumeing emojis mean

    Yea I'd say the pillow would be a down-vote, of sorts. The like is clearly the generic up-vote. Pie, I'd assume it is to say one enjoyed the post or found it satisfying or tasteful. Maybe I idolize Spiffo too much, or the Spiffo emoji would be the top of the top for up-votes. Referring to the game, where a Spiffo doll is rather rare, it would make sense to say it's the epic win of emoji's. So send a Spiffo now and help save our fury friends! #SaveSpiffo