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  1. I'm pretty sure in steam you can turn off auto updates, even for a specific game. steam will tell you there is an update but you've got to initiate it. lol I hope this helps your future endeavors.
  2. Antler > Wood Hehe nobody noticed hehe
  3. 1202 a) Rope or similar is needed to tow vehicles. 1202 b) Variety of different Ropes, Towing Items and reciepes. I.e, "Tow Rope" + "Towing Hook" = "Hooked Tow Rope" (Add the hooks to apply tow ropes on vehicles faster) 1202 c) Rope Condition reflects upon quality/strength 1202 d) Weight of towed vehicle + Rope Condition = X% chance for Rope to snap. 1202 e) Craftable T frame Towing Bar (Metalworking/Engineering Level 1 or 2 & Mechanics Level 1) 1202 f) Craftable A frame Towing Bar (Metalworking/Engineering Level 2 or 3 & Mechanics Level
  4. Kia Ora and Hello everyone! I've returned to PZ after two years and wow, the developments!! So awesome to see and have really missed the game, glad to be back. Feel free to call me "Chvxs" (Chaos) and add me on steam if ya like :) P.S @TIS Great work with the game everyone! Must be getting so close now for Anims update to come out of IWBUMS, I can't wait! :D +1 +1
  5. Just gotta take it with a pinch of salt and leave it to natural selection. I feel ya pain. Oooooh yea, F***in' awesome work on anim build!! Its making me so excited my legs are shaking like a school girl at justin bieber concert!!!
  6. MAGA, Build a river XD
  7. MrCouper

    Little Red Guitar

    " We are entirely happy for server owners to have patreons/donations from players to help with the upkeep of running a server, but have a policy that that in-game benefits, items, XP speed-ups etc should be not be paid for and received in this fashion. As written in our t&cs: “beyond server access, we do not approve of monetising any aspect of the game proper”. PZ should, as much as possible, be about players on an equal standing – and this is what new players should be welcomed into." Tbh probably best dev's out. Awesome work as always
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