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  1. MrCouper

    Anim-Transition Blog

    Just gotta take it with a pinch of salt and leave it to natural selection. I feel ya pain. Oooooh yea, F***in' awesome work on anim build!! Its making me so excited my legs are shaking like a school girl at justin bieber concert!!!
  2. MrCouper

    Sunbeds and SunZeds

    MAGA, Build a river XD
  3. MrCouper

    Little Red Guitar

    " We are entirely happy for server owners to have patreons/donations from players to help with the upkeep of running a server, but have a policy that that in-game benefits, items, XP speed-ups etc should be not be paid for and received in this fashion. As written in our t&cs: “beyond server access, we do not approve of monetising any aspect of the game proper”. PZ should, as much as possible, be about players on an equal standing – and this is what new players should be welcomed into." Tbh probably best dev's out. Awesome work as always
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