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  1. I do agree with you, the rugs issue is a tad annoying when also the tiles for rugs cannot be rotated which I find tedious. Still looking for that nice rug in the direction I'd like hehe
  2. Single person graves

    I agree!
  3. The Beginning of The End part1

    That's my house in the thumbnail! +rep! haha you stole my car! haha nice playthrough man
  4. Car battery charger

    haven't tried it before, I'd assume having both in your INV then using the charger? like cigerettes and a lighter? I'm not sure.
  5. Word Association Extra

    Boat -> Fish
  6. [IWBUMS] Weird placement bug

    So my toaster wants to stay sideways. Maybe it's a drift model not too sure
  7. Switching gear + Automatic/Manual transmission.

    Hmmmm nice, if it was vehicle specific then transmission could be a change-able part? SUV and the modern cars would also likely be automatic, older vehicles and pickups most likely manual. This would be great as well as RWD or FWD, which would affect handling under acceleration or deceleration when turning
  8. Show off your base/safehouse :D

    So yeah, this is my W.I.P My fridges are stocked with FRESH produce and meats, time to get cooking I'm looking forward to seeing what others have done
  9. As the thread title suggests, share your base/safehouse builds How have you decorated and defended your place in the world of disorder and chaos? In the spoiler below you'll find my current play through and attempt of making a house a home
  10. [IWBUMS] Weird placement bug

    Nice bar btw EDIT: here is mine
  11. Word Association Extra

    Circuits -> Flow
  12. [IWBUMS] Weird placement bug

    Toasters are the same, I don't think this is limited to corner cabinets either, typical cabinets wouldn't allow me to rotate the toaster how ever a round table would.
  13. Word Association Extra

    Dang that's a good one. Electrical -> Ohm
  14. *traps a horde in second floor of a house* hehehe that'll be a nice surprise for who ever walks up them stairs *laughs an evil laugh*