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  1. That might be because the game is not intended to be a 'competitive' game, rather a co-operative one with the aim to prolong the players (as a whole group or team) survival against the zombie threat. I can imagine it could gain a competitive twist if PVP was ever tidied up a bit - mostly if firearms versus other players was not so super effective. Even then, in my opinion, it would become more of a 'outdoors' survival game with a hint of zombie elements, rather than the zombie apocalypse survival game that it currently is. A good plan for a mod though, best of luck competitivising Zomboid!
  2. I'm no expert on resources in the USA, but where would you likely find pitch to craft these torches from?
  3. Well, that depends entirely on which server you're playing on. If you're not hosting the server, and don't know who is, then you'll probably never find the admin here on the forums.
  4. Does it? Please tell us, what is Project Zomboid all about?
  5. I'd like a mod where I can go to space A wide open space? [insert picture of large field, in game, here]
  6. NPC announcement: They will be the first Downloadable Content available after the release of 1.0 (Seriously, if you're asking for an ETA, you'll believe anything)
  7. And the occasional door to outside mysteriously opening (when you're sure you closed it earlier)
  8. Pretty much. When you own suggestion has only 3 posts in it, all by the OP over at least a 6 month period, it's almost self-conclusive that either no-one is interested, or there's nothing to get all delighted about.
  9. I believe it has been spoken about quite some time ago by the devs themselves. It was mentioned that it was going to be much too much of a drain on performance to be viable (in vanilla), but that nothing is impossible with community modding. If I get the time, I'll look for the post.
  10. Motive must be known!
  11. Are you not simply able to launch the non-steam version instead of the steam one, to sidestep VAC?
  12. Adamiks, I mean this in the nicest way possible... I think you have your blinkers on to any constructive criticism towards your idea(s). From reading through the thread, I get the idea that you are passionate about your proposed concepts, but there's also plenty of critique from experienced forum posters that have already seen these types of threads come and go previously in the past. Rather than defiantly defend your ideas, take a moment to see where these guys are coming from, and you might have a slightly different perspective. Generally, in the past, ideas and concepts ripped from a single other source are often frowned upon without some sort of adaptation to the existing PZ universe (including the Romero/Brooks lore, already in place). After all, TIS don't want to end up with a reputation for being those guys that made the Isometric Walking Dead, or Top-Down Left For Dead. PZ is already brimming with original content that has been derived and adapted from pop-culture sources, and to many is already well on its way to becoming something of it's own uniqueness in the Post-apocalyptic survival genre.
  13. Hi there, What are you needing the $1000 Indiegogo fundraising for? Even after reading through the campaign page, all I come away with is that $900 will be for licensing, and the other hundred for a Steam submission (that's understandable). What licensing do you require to complete the game, and further still, why would you need licensed products for your platform scrolling game? To me, the campaign page didn't really answer the usual "so, why do you want my money?" question very deeply, except to broadly state it is needed for licensing. Good luck on the campaign, by the way!
  14. . notebook is about 2 month old - got a geforce gtx 960m inside, new driveras are available as it tolds me =) . A GTX 960m in a NOTEBOOK?! Holy shit, how? My old laptop (used Alienware M15x) had a GTX 260m, and if you look up a picture of it you can see it's huge. yes, it's really fast. costs about 989€ in germany with a different hdd. http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00U7EN06U It is pretty hefty, at 4kg it's a little over 5 times the weight of mine. Mind you, it's probably about 50x more powerful! I was just this morning reading about laptop recommendations, and weight ends up being a larger deciding factor than you'd think. Carrying around all that extra weight can be a bit of a drag (no pun intended!) if you're on the move with it all day. Back on topic though, mine at least had the decency to give me a big warning to check the driver compatibility with Win10 before upgrading for free. Not that I'm planning to any time soon... Don't fix what ain't broke, and all that.
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