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  1. what fixed it for me is the deletion of the map_meta file
  2. OK it was some odd problem with how i opened the port i just had to reopen it. Also I found the fix to the "unable to download zip ill be waiting forever" problem all you need to do is open up the ports after 16261.
  3. No no i fixed it annoyingly i fixed it after updating this thread. :S
  4. I need help please does anyone have any idea how to fix this?
  5. After deleting the map_meta.bin folder and validating the files to get it back. My server doesn't even notice my attempts to connect to it, any ideas why?
  6. Check your server config file doesn't have any odd characters in it explain to me where to find that again and what do the odd characters look like? Edit: Deleting the map_meta.bin. file fixed that error but ill need to open another port later this one seems to not be completely open.(server doesn't notice my attempt to connect.)
  7. after changing my port from 25565 to 5900 it gave me this error How do you fix this because i want to play with my friend who just bought this game. (I don't like public servers because they're normally completely looted.)
  8. Is there anyway to change the port that my pz server connects to or is it locked?
  9. Every time someone breaks a rule you must talk like a guard in oblivion ie "Stop right there, criminal scum! You have violated the law!"
  10. I watch horror game like Amnesia the Dark Descent right before I go to sleep and I don't get nightmares from it. I would say the nightmares are more likely to happen because of the zombie apocalypse than a horror book anyway .
  11. It keeps saying timeout downloading zip, i'll be waiting forever. what am i doing wrong :/ w8 fixed it by being patient
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