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  1. This thread has been specifically created to notify the community at large when updates, additions and subtractions of language strings are made in the translation files for the English version of the game. There is also a translations channel on Discord where I will post updates as well, however this thread will be pinned and LOCKED, so the only replies to this thread will be when the files are updated. So feel free to follow this thread so you can get a notifications on the forums when those files are updated. Translation files here: Discussion Thread:
  2. EN/Challenge_EN.txt EN/ContextMenu_EN.txt EN/Farming_EN.txt EN/GameSound_EN.txt EN/IG_UI_EN.txt EN/Moodles_EN.txt EN/Moveables_EN.txt EN/MultiStageBuild_EN.txt EN/News_EN.txt EN/Recipes_EN.txt EN/Sandbox_EN.txt EN/Stash_EN.txt EN/SurvivalGuide_EN.txt EN/Tooltip_EN.txt EN/UI_EN.txt To see specific changes go here:
  3. We have made it so that translation files are now hosted over at GitHub to have a centralised place for collaboration when it comes to Translations. It makes it, so we have it all in one location know when translators complete work on translations and more expediently get them placed into the game. Translation Files Here: If you want access to the repo as a contributor leave a message here with your username or email for GitHub (or PM me) (what language you want to contribute for) and I'll get you added. Alternatively, you can fork the repo as a means of contributing. We have also created a translations channel on Discord where Translators can discuss changes and such, it will also be a location where we notify of any changes to the English side of the files so you can be more up to date on when the changes happen. You can also follow the forum thread, if you prefer, here: Translators can get the translator role on Discord which will mean you get notifications when updates for translations are released. Completely new to GitHub? Give this guide a read: I also suggest getting the GitHub desktop client for beginners, to make things a bit easier: Contributing to translations is voluntary and abides by the Project Zomboid Terms and Conditions
  4. Connall

    Official Translation Files V2

    The English folder contains all the up to date strings, but some of them will have to be merged into the Chinese ones. I would suggest TranslationZed but it doesn't currently work with Chinese frustratingly.
  5. For a bit, I have been working on a tool to try and make Translating Project Zomboid a little bit easier. The tool provides a couple of conveniences that users may find quite nice. 1. A Visual String Editor The tool parses through all files that are in a "key = value" format (this means that location description files are not supported at this time) then sorts them into tables that can be edited by the user. It also checks the English files for what the current state of translations are and shows what strings have been added (green) and removed (red). After one use of the tool, a cache file is created in the language folder, which will then keep track of when English files have been modified and will show what strings have been modified (orange/yellow). Hovering over strings will allow you to see what the original version of the string was and what the updated version is, so you can decide whether it's necessary to update those translations. 2. Consistent Character Encodings One problem that comes up surprisingly often is translation files having their character encodings changed when users saved files. This can cause problems with how languages would get rendered in game, or create problems for other translators down the road. As such this program makes sure that each language is using a consistent character encoding that will work in the game. These can be overridden should the user choose, if you believe they are in error. 3. Item and Recipe Translation File Generator Items are ever changing, however there is no English file with item names and in fact, they are derived from the scripts in which the items are declared (this will be changing soon) as such it is often required for myself to generate a file with all the names so that users can see if there's any difference. I have now taken it out of my hands (partially at least) and have created a part of the tool that allows you to create translation files for recipes and item names quickly and easily so you can fix these problems yourself. 4. Unified Editor & Publisher (Coming Soon) The aim of the tool is also to allow users to edit translation files but also be able to publish these changes to the Translation repository where are translations are held. This negating the need for a Git tool, or to even completely understand how git tools work, since it is one of the biggest roadblocks for people contributing. I was going to release this with this version originally, but have chosen instead to hold off. Purely because I want this to be right and used correctly from the get go, rather than changes coming in later on and causing issues. If you're interested in try the tool out and providing feedback, you can find it over here: Translation files here: TranslationZed User Guide:
  6. New update, search box and fixes.
  7. Honestly couldn't say, depends when the build gets distributed out to the wider public. I'm somewhat removed on knowing when a build goes out when.
  8. I'll be working on it tomorrow I think, I'll probably be looking to merge the translation in today.
  9. A new version is out with a fix for languages not being saved in the correct charset. Not a huge deal for many of the languages but was causing issues for the Korean language. Make sure to back up translations you were working on if you update the tool!
  10. I will be looking into implementing it.
  11. Fixed in 0.4 available here: It should fix the issue, you should delete the cache file in your languages translation folder since it might cause strings to be marked as modified when they have not been.
  12. I'm not super familiar with the GitHub web interface, however the first option merges it to master in your fork. The second option would create a new branch in your fork and make a pull request to get merged into your forks master. Nothing you do from a fork can make it's way to TheIndieStone repository, without creating a pull request specifically for that repo and even then any changes would need to be approved by me, so not like it's going to slip in there by accident. So experiment to your hearts content.
  13. "Mark As Resolved" is only available for what the program detects removal, addition, modification. Other strings that don't have colours can just be edited normally and any changes made to those strings will be saved to the files when you click "Save Translations" That's currently outside of the remit of the tool (since that side has been disabled) you need to push changes using the git interface to the repository. From the GitHub website you can create a pull request which will send me a notification to bring the changes into the master repository.
  14. EN/IG_UI_EN.txt EN/Moveables_EN.txt EN/Tooltip_EN.txt EN/UI_EN.txt To see specific changes go here:
  15. English Translation Update: EN/Challenge_EN.txt | +6 −0 EN/ContextMenu_EN.txt | +10 −4 EN/IG_UI_EN.txt | +7 −0 EN/ItemName_EN.txt | +0 −1 EN/Tooltip_EN.txt | +5 −0 EN/UI_EN.txt | +1,246 −534 Items_empty.txt | +274 −0 Recipe_empty.txt To see specific changes go here:
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    How to use the "Heat" event on recipes?

    Ah yes, one of my implementations and kind of a cheat. It's kind of a solution to a problem that didn't really exist as it turned out. My recollection is foggy but if I remember correctly, when you place an item into an oven or fire or something over time the icon gets more red to indicate that it is heating up, once the item is at the -0.22 heat value (+1 is frozen) then the recipe could be crafted. I believe it's at -0.22 because that's as low as camp fires can heat an item I think? Ovens can go to -1 depending on the temperature.
  18. Connall

    Build 40.40 - Patch Released

    The language has been added so that community translators can translate to Estonian but the language hasn't been translated yet. I used Spanish files to test that the files were loading correctly, I must have forgotten to switch the files back to English for translating.
  19. English Translation Update: EN/IG_UI_EN.txt EN/Sandbox_EN.txt EN/Tooltip_EN.txt EN/UI_EN.txt To see specific changes go here:
  20. Connall

    getText() doesn't work

    Any chance I could get an example mod of this to test this with, I'm curious to see what the issue might be.
  21. Connall

    getText() doesn't work

    Again, I can't reproduce this. I just cooked it and dragged into my inventory and it was fine.
  22. Connall

    getText() doesn't work

    Can't reproduce.
  23. Connall

    Font Bug/Name Bug

    This is a problem on our end that I am currently looking into.
  24. Connall

    The Modders Wishlist

    So I recently been poking around and speaking to modders on a fairly regular basis (shoutout to the workshop_modding channel on Discord) and recently it feels like I been finding out about certain issues, or wishes more through happenstance than actually seeing it brought up elsewhere. So this thread is being created for modders to make requests for changes that could greatly help them in the creation of mods. With that in mind there are a couple of caveats and preemptive questions I feel I should perhaps address: Q: When will my suggestion be implemented? A: It may never go in. This is something I am going to be balancing with my other duties, such as the small suggestions thread and my bug hunting duties, so not everything will be implemented. Obviously, we'll try our best but no promises! Q: WorldZed, TileZed etc could use feature X A: I personally don't work on those tools, so I can't actually make changes to them. Some of the team members who work on those tools, are also rather busy folks so feel free to make a suggestion and I'll try and pass them along to the relevant people, but don't expect those sorts of changes to happen or if they do, to be quick. Q: I want to load models, skin characters, or other questions about loading this stuff in. A: I also don't really work on those systems. A change has been made that will be going out in the next build, which should help people in that regard. However, it's only supposed to tide people over until animations come out where these sorts of things will become a bit better supported. Q: That seems like quite a few caveats. A: I suppose it is. This really is to get a pulse on what modders are looking for and to perhaps help matters out slightly, but it's also important to note this won't be a main focus, but this gives a collective avenue for modders to make suggestions and potentially make things, just a little bit easier. So! Suggest away!
  25. English Translation Update: EN/ContextMenu_EN.txt EN/IG_UI_EN.txt EN/News_EN.txt EN/Tooltip_EN.txt EN/UI_EN.txt To see specific changes go to: