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Help us with the PZ trailer!

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Hey all,


Long-time PZ friend Josh_H is going to cut together a trailer for us imminently, and we were wondering whether you could help us out while you're playing/testing.


We need short action gobbets from key Muldraugh / West Point locations that really help sell the game.


We also need them to fit snugly into the following categories

  • Survive (looting / interior combat)
  • Build (crafting / carpentry / farming)
  • Defend (defending safehouse) 
  • Explore (so map size / wilderness stuff really)
  • Die painfully (what it says)

They should be short chunks of gameplay too (5-10 seconds), of high impact stuff in/around our coolest locations.


If we use your footage you will be awarded a Steam version of Zafehouse Diaries for their contributions! 


Josh sez (paraphrased with subsequent info): "When it comes to specs, 720p is a minimum, and as close to stable 30FPS as possible.  I'm not too worried about file format, but please no youtube except to show off footage on forum (vimeo is fine so long as they have vimeo pro)."




As you can see from the Mondoid, we need material in the next few days if at all possible, so Josh has time to put them into the trailer.


If you have any questions then post up here, as I'm sure Josh will be available for quizzage  :)


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Does it matter if all the characters look different?


Wait whut? It's a trailer, a montage of different bits of footage. it's better if there ARE different characters in each clip. :D

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AH and another question can we zoom in and out as much as we want or would a normal zoom be better ?


Would be nice to get a variety of zoomed in and zoomed out and normal, however for any action zoomed in or normal would be great.


Just play and capture cool moments and chop em and upload them, not sure you have to specifically hunt to 'set up' these scenes, just get cool moments that naturally happen, perhaps playing a bit more loose and bold than you normally would to invite danger.

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Here is a little bit of zoomed in zombiekilling footage :)


Presentation of the clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QL7cZwrWg74&feature=youtu.be 

(I don't think youtube says its 1080p, but the file on mediafire is.)


Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?uvb9e1ei81lj44v


As you can see, I uploaded the file to mediafire.com, that is because dropbox doesn't work properly on my computer. ;)

Good luck with the editing, if you are using premiere pro or a little after effects, I am kind of experienced with it so just ask if you have any questions about effects or stuff like that.

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Video: Click here! 1080p


Slightly long, but this is as good as I could get at decent FPS. I think the alarms are a pretty cool feature that need to be shown in the trailer so here.


First tell me what you think then I'll upload it to Drop box or whatever.

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Here are all my clips. I hope they help.

Clip 1 - Shooting some zombies with a pistol near the basketball courts and some park benches before dying.



Clip 2 - Walking past a crawler and stealing his sweater.




Clip 3 - Building a door and wooden wall.




Clip 4 - Building a wooden crate and placing some floor boards.




Clip 5 - Planting some tomato vines.




Clip 6 - Planting some tomatoes, strawberries and potatoes.



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Been pushed for time lately, so apologies if these are too late or of no use.... but here are some clips I quickly grabbed this morning before work


Chopping wood



Dropbox - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7891477/chopping.mp4




Basic walls



Dropbox - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7891477/carpentry01.mp4




Basic table



Dropbox - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7891477/carpentry02.mp4




Building a crate



Dropbox - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7891477/carpentry03.mp4







Dropbox - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7891477/farming01.mp4


Sowing seeds
Destroying a wall with sledgehammer
Indoor combat
Escape route

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