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Build 40.43 Released!

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New zombie network transmission system.  


Two circles with radiuses definable in server options:


ZombieUpdateRadiusHighPriority (default 10 tiles)  - zombies in this tile radius circle from a player will be transmitted to that player every frame, meaning their movement will be smooth and precise. ZombieUpdateMaxHighPrority (default 500) can be used to limit the amount of zombies in this circle (ordered by those closest to the player) that will receive these high frequency updates, so in the midst of the horde only the closest few will be precisely transmitted to clients (the most relevant zombies).

ZombieUpdateRadiusLowPriority  (default 300 tiles) - zombies in this tile radius circle will be updated to the player infrequently, enough to keep track of their approximate movement, but when low accuracy is needed since they are not close to a player. Uses the amount of seconds defined by ZombieUpdateDelta (default 0.5 seconds) to define how frequently the server will send these zombies. Lower ZombieUpdateDelta values will make them more precise at cost of server load and network traffic. Higher values result in less traffic but more obvious pausing, sliding and glitching.


Zombies outside the outer low priority radius will never be transmitted to the client, and will be invisible. Depending on the config and player's resolutions and zoom modes, this may cause zombies not to be visible at a distance with 4k res, or when right click scrolling the view, or when driving a car fast, but is potentially a sacrifice worth taking for a stable and performant server, and this effect can be reduced by expanding the outer radius to suit your own needs. We can look at adjusting the defaults further once we've seen what the server runners go with for their options, as it's hard for us to judge how far we could push it on a 60 player server, so our defaults start off relatively conservative.


Out of the box, with default settings, it will be have just like previous builds, but server operators can adjust these numbers to gain better performance. After xmas we'll adjust the defaults and work on this more once we have more info.


New message given to player when trying to claim a safehouse and already part of existing safehouse



Fixed errors with safehouses.

Fixed duplication of rope text in build menu

Removed ability to access items placed in a bag placed in a car (seat, trunk..) as it was causing issues in MP

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Thanks for the Update! :D ,

A question .. How to use the new system of the Zombie network, explore the SANDBOX options and the SERVER OPTIONS but I can not find anything from the zombie network, is it something that we must configure the ADMINS? or it is handled alone ... Thank you!

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