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  1. An addition of basement floors to the game !maybe some of them are full of zombies or stocked with food ,metalwork items etc ,maybe the people who used to live there were preparing for the apocalypse when the zombies first started to appear. SUBWAYS the abandoned underground rail system of Kentucky ,from the towns of Knox Country ,west point etc ,leading all the way up to the upcoming giant lousville map. underground metro system where the player can travel around the entire map with fear ,panic ,what if there are zombies roaming around ? what if you get lost there ? maybe y
  2. Oh thats nice ,thanks man ,i l visit there and try to make a base in that direction when i build my new god tier pc in late september. but i still think that there should be more places like that and highway roads around buildings ,train rails on bridge like road systems where you can walk underneath them ,a much more immersive ,atmospheric gameplay that pulls you in! maybe you can even go inside the trains ,loot the place or even make a base there if you are not right in the head ,maybe some of them can be like partially fallen off to roads ,and damaged.
  3. for such injuries ,yes but even a serious brain trauma?....doesnt matter lol yeah i agree.
  4. I have really enjoyed the vehicle build when it was first introduced. But we still need more vehicles ,the devs should be more strategic ,i know its a small team but with better marketing tactics like new trailers ,a more interesting UI with more artwork etc ,deciding which features to add first ,its sad to see a gem like PZ being in development purgatory even tho i believe the devs are doing their best. we need more atmospheric elements ,not just the usual depressing music ,not the empty streets ,a character with no basic dialogue which he/she can say when str
  5. i like the realism ,i prefer keeping them ,but not in a really boring way ,afterall even how realistic you make it ,its a game ,not a waiting simulator ,the devs would balance it anyway.
  6. a place with small town apartments that arent like skyscrapers that i hope to see in upcoming giant that is the louisville map which need some engine improvments to go beyond 8th floor. an area with a lot of urban areas ,metal fences around the streets ,maybe the military tried to isolate the town to turn it into a safe zone but failed ,stuff like that to think outside of the box while escaping large hordes of zombies, and to give a small sense of believability ,stuff like water towers , broken electricitiy poles ,like a bunch of small urban places like this with not too tall ,5-6floor tall bu
  7. i just don’t want to wait for ingame weeks to heal if the injury can disable me from walking and doing stuff...thats a long time.
  8. Such a basic thing with big potential !we defınitely need ladders ....now
  9. great idea ! more inmersion+better gameplay ,stealth mechanics!
  10. a realistic but not so good idea in my opinion.Cuz then you d be able to sleep ...basically everywhere ,i mean more realistic but that would break the gameplay.
  11. sounds great ! ,but waiting for weeks or months in bed to heal because of a brain injury? don’t get me wrong ,very realistic idea but i think thats as boring as the game can ever get. You would just die from such injury anyway. we dont have life support units and stuff in this game. and nobody wants to wait that long while others are playing xD
  12. this sounds usefull...like taping speakers to back of your cars trunk would be awesome ! or runng with a megaphone like a crazy person. lol that would be hilarious ,i like it.
  13. A small way for us players to feel more immersion ,feeling empathy for the character ,by giving the character small random lines based on pre apocalyptic occupation or gender ,and the stress / boredom / hunger-thirst ,illness level we are in. When in a certain zone for example ,west point ,mall , spawn house ,the character comments ,mumbles about the enviroment ,when feeling cold the character may curse etc. sometimes our character can say psychotic or fun jokes out of nowehere (depends on the stress level for our character to go full.mental
  14. yeah this sounds like an awesome system ! we would need a good amount of water for the concrete solution too ! but lets say “difficult to make in freezing temperatures ,otherwise we might not be able to build them in storm challenges ,so lets say in winter / freezing temperatures it would take around 10 extra days for concrete to dry ,and we would need some scrap metal/wood support beams around our walls to pour concrete bags ,so concrete walls are a form of high end “semi/permenant defense which the player should be just repairing over time after attacks by a big horde of 50 zombies.
  15. 1. - Advanced brick/concrete walls that should be really hard to create in singleplayer ,cuz of being alone for a balanced gameplay ,and they should be able to hold like 45 zombies before taking any damage ,maybe like having the ability to put barbed wire on top of the walls ,if the players are able to climb trough the brick walls with enough skill ,and concrete walls with like a sharp really durable object/weapon and again ... —————————Also you might wanna go check out thishttps://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/profile/4960-geras/ guy’s profile ,he’s got some cool
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