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  1. ** Cooked eggs are listed as an ingredient for salads and sandwiches, but you can't make them. I"m not seeing any way to be able to cook an egg. I've tried heating it on the stove (doesn't do anything), making a boiled egg (water in a saucepan/cooking pot doesn't let you make it.) Is this broken, or am I just being dense? ** Milk doesn't freeze in game. Shin
  2. Hm, maybe I misunderstood the OP? I took the OP to mean that if you want to be nimble and able to quickly turn/backup, you'd only have a defensive slap available (eg push but without being locked in place per current mechanics.) It wouldn't do any damage, but would block zombie grapples / damage and allow you to scoot out of range. The issue (to me at least) is the mechanics feel ... choppy? clunky? because of the stop, brace, push sequence. It's basically forcing the player into a lose/lose situation. Attack and allow to be attacked, or defend (push )and be rooted, als
  3. Physics doesn't care that the zombie doesn't feel pain. You slap something that doesn't anticipate being slapped and the force is going to off balance it. The critical concept here is the transfer of kinetic energy. Shin
  4. When they fall over a fence they seem to move as fast, if not faster, than when they are chasing after you. They must have been turned by the CoBRa-19 virus... Shin
  5. When attempting to activate *ANY* mod, the LuaManager throws exceptions and the game crashes, or returns to the main menu screen with no buttons or text (just the picture.) Here's a sample from the debuglog.txt where I only enabled one mod at random. This mod works because I've watched a streamer use it in their 41.31 playthrough's without any issues. [07-03-20 04:26:25.406] ERROR: General, 1583576785406> ExceptionLogger.logException> Exception thrown java.lang.IllegalStateException: couldn't find "D:\Games\Steam\SteamApps\workshop\content\108600\1844075722\mods\E
  6. Framerates / performance is really poor. The micro delay between pressing a key on the keyboard and actually performing the action is horrible. I really dislike the changes to character control - especially walking and doing a 180 to change direction, and trying to push zombies. Shin
  7. The issue isn't whether it's a bug or not, low or high priority. It's that it was reported months ago - during the vehicle build - with reproducible steps, and it wasn't even acknowledged as an issue or not. If the QA team can't be bothered to say "Yep, got it" or, "Working as intended", or even "Nope, can't work on it now." then we're wasting our time reporting bugs. We are helping you guys out by identifying defects. BTW, 100% chance of something occurring, by definition means it's going to occur.
  8. Plop plop? https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/24563-car-parts-breaking-incorrectly/
  9. Are you guys still addressing vehicle issues? I can reproduce an issue with parts breaking I reported months ago...
  10. Still present in build 40.43. Latest occurrence was waking up to zombies beating on an interior door at the McCoy factory, with sealed exterior entrances. No broken windows or doors, but 3 zombies magically inside.
  11. Wow, unbelievable.... Almost 6 months later and up to build 40.43 and this is STILL occurring.
  12. Nice! Clicking on the "Details" button brings up two version options at the top (39.67.5, 39.67.3) and the default text being displayed looks like it's the change list for one of those versions, not the IWBUMS version here. I'm assuming it's just a change log file that didn't get updated with the patch, but it'll probably cause some confusion on the part of users... Shin
  13. This issue is still present in IWBUMS 40.18. Perhaps it's a spawning problem? At the McCoy warehouse, I had a zombie appear in the manufacturing warehouse which I had cleared out and sealed off weeks prior to the party crasher appearing.
  14. Taking tires off of vehicles sometimes gives you the "pa-TING" breaking sound, and the durability of the tire goes down. This happened across multiple vehicle types - police cruiser (Chevalier Nyala), Fossoil truck (Chevalier D6), Chevalier Primani, Masterson Horizon. I am at Mechanic skill 1 (half way to 2), and checking the tire info box before trying to remove it shows that there should be no chance of breakage. When a break does happen, a 1% durability loss to the tire occurs. Battery, radio, and headlights (also reporting perfect chance) have no issues installing
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