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Radio Translation Files

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Hello All,

Here the translation files for the radio data:






A little info on the files and organizing.


The translation files are generated by wordzed, theres a little processing and versioning going on when they are generated. All duplicate lines are taken care of so there will be only instance of these identical lines in the translation files. Also while the first files will contain the whole chunk of lines (a few thousand), any subsequent updates will contain only new or changed lines.


File format:

- Any lines starting with // are ommited by wordzed when reading the files back in.


    version = the version of the original radio data this file is derrived from.
    guid = the GUID of the original file.
    language = the language abrev.
    translator = the name of translator, can optionally add more than one name seperated by comma's


    each to be translated line has a ommited line above with the original sentence for reference, and a line number in case people want to pool (person A could do 0 to 500, person B 500 to 1000 etc)



    //0. ORIGINAL: This is Jackie Jaye reporting for LBMW...
    576674c7-6cbf-4ec5-a3e9-7d8269fc44b8 =

The translation that goes after the '=' should remain on that same line, so dont use returns.


As mentioned multiple people can work on the same translation and work out a schema with the line numbers. Each person can work his/her own file, these files can be posted seperatly without need for translators to merge them.
The latter is done by wordzed which only takes the filled out lines from each file when putting together the final translation file for the game.

As such would you be so kind to rename the file your working on to include your nickname? like:  RadioData_0_NL_Turbo.txt or such, this makes it easy to collect them in one folder.


(side note: not all translations need to be present in your file. If for example you agreed with other translators to do only lines 500-1000 or so, then you can remove all lines outside that range from your file if you prefer)




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39 minutes ago, Batsphinx said:

Have a small crack on what's here and feed back to us on bugs, improvements and ask any relevant questions :) 


Relevant question:


Are diacritic signs in yet? Because that radio font / local chat font lacks them.


Polish diacritic signs:

ą, ć, ę, ł, ń, ó, ś, ź, ż

Ą, Ć, Ę, Ł, Ń, Ó, Ś, Ź, Ż

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31 minutes ago, Geras said:


Relevant question:


Are diacritic signs in yet? Because that radio font / local chat font lacks them.


Polish diacritic signs:

ą, ć, ę, ł, ń, ó, ś, ź, ż

Ą, Ć, Ę, Ł, Ń, Ó, Ś, Ź, Ż


And Turkish:


ç, ş, ğ, ü, ö, ı

Ç, Ş, Ğ, Ü, Ö, İ

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Reading Turbo's explanations, this oughta be great! I'll have a look a the files while impatiently expecting WordZed, but I've never had trouble with special letters as far as the FR translation is concerned so it should be fine. 

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15 hours ago, LeoIvanov said:

Once we are done with the translation, do we just send the RadioData_0_X.txt files back to you in this topic? :P


yea that should be good, or in case of multiple authors/files a bundled rar if possible :P


13 hours ago, Geras said:

So... should we wait for WordZed to be released in order to translate or can we crack on?


7 hours ago, Sky_Orc_Mm said:

great work


Now can use this file to start the translation?



yes these should be good to go!



as for the font thing, im not sure if there is already something in the works to fix that ill ask around.

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I've got something, too:


//5. ORIGINAL: US Army recruits who four days ago were waiting to ship out overseas from local military bases..   >   missing 3rd dot
//65. ORIGINAL: It's day three of the Knox evacuation   >  missing dot


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Just now, Batsphinx said:

Yup, stick them all in here guys. If it gets crowded we'll make a new thread.


How is the process feeling so far?



As far as the files provided by Turbo are concerned, there's nothing much different from what we do when we translate the game items, etc... So it's going smoothly. Having the original line right above is appreciated though.


I'm concerned about one thing : consistency. With various translators on the same file, some terms such as "Knox Event" could be translated differently in the same language. If the lines are used in the same broadcast, this could confuse the "audience". Maybe you could provide some kind of glossary indicating all the terms you think should ALWAYS be translated the same way throughout the file. 

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3 minutes ago, Geras said:


I've made a google spreadsheet doc and shared it with other guys I translate with. I've added a little section for a glossary to avoid inconsistency.

I'm translating alone so far (we may be two soon enough) and I considered using that kind of document too. I'd like to know what Will considers crucial, though.

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Small translation question as I'm not sure of my own understanding...


Batsphinx, by "mainland America" (re: WHO cancelled flights) do you mean that the whole American continent is concerned (north, south, etc) or that only the mainland USA are concerned but not the overseas territories?

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If it's not too much to ask, I'd have one more request about the font:


„ ” Polish inverted commas.




More mistakes in radio files:




//198. ORIGINAL: LBMW ask the questions.. - missing 3rd dot
//207. ORIGINAL: We don't feel safe.' - only 1 inverted comma?
//318. ORIGINAL: But there's still no official word on the true danger of the biological threat - no dot
//300. ORIGINAL: And for the rumormongering that has grown around the so-called 'Knox Event' - no dash in 'rumormongering'
//322. ORIGINAL: And for the rumor-mongering that has grown around the so-called 'Knox Event' - dash in 'rumor-mongering' also - should line 300 and 322 be doubled?



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One more font request (I know, Polish is a bit complex when it comes to punctuation):


„Quotation »inside« a quotation”


I'd kindly ask for those » « chevrons, as there are instances within the radio files that contain a quotation inside a quotation. And I'd like Polish translation to be nice to look upon :)

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Typos-hunting has been tough through the first third of the lines, but here's what my fellow helper and I have found so far


Turbo, you may want to verify if what you've coded for the strings extraction properly handles the sentences starting with a quotation mark. Either these starting quotation marks are all missing in our files or I'm being ignorant about the proper use of quotation marks in English :P 




//115. ORIGINAL: People have been separated, folk have been evacuated… → Is folk OK our should it be folks?

//131. ORIGINAL: a 'lack of clarity'... → Should probably start with trailing dots, regarding the end of 130?

//161. ORIGINAL: This is Jackie Jaye, here today with Professor John Ramirez - a military scientist  The ending dot is missing.

//201 and 202 : They look like two signing off messages in a row. Is it intended? Maybe 202 should be a welcome message, or the two lines inverted?

//207. ORIGINAL: We don't feel safe.'  Probably a missing quotation mark at the start.

//233. ORIGINAL: When I have it in my hand.   Seeing 231 and 232, this one should maybe start with trailing dots.

//246. ORIGINAL: ... as it seeks to prevent  the malady spreading internationally. → There's an extra space between "prevent"and "the".

//252. ORIGINAL: The Knox Event is, to all intents of purpose, contained. This one should maybe start with trailing dots seeing how 251 ends.

//280. ORIGINAL: Frank Hemingway and Jackie Jaye,  LBMW. → There's an extra space before LBMW.

//286-287 → Maybe a lack of quotation mark on 286 OR remove the quotation mark in 287.

//326. ORIGINAL: And I'm Frank Hemingway. → Is the “and” necessary? It seems to come out of nowhere - nobody is presenting himself before.

//371. ORIGINAL: Joe, is it contained. Are you safe here with us? → Maybe put a question mark for the first sentence?

//383. ORIGINAL: And they're. They're dead. → Maybe finish the first "sentence" with trailing dots?

//396. ORIGINAL: Today we can confirm that, yes,  the nature of the Knox Event is degenerative. → Theres' an extra space after "yes".

//410. ORIGINAL: I have requested that this broadcast play on all media  embedded with my troops. → There's one extra space between "media" and "embedded".

//422. ORIGINAL: THE KNOX EVENT IS CONTAINED → There's no ending dot.

//423. ORIGINAL: IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN CONTAINED There's no ending dot.

//424. ORIGINAL: This morning violence erupted in the primary Exclusion border camp. → Maybe put a comma after "morning"?

//425. ORIGINAL: A morning of violence has raged after the shooting of two unarmed individuals → There's no ending dot.

//520. ORIGINAL: Jackie Jaye. <Cough>. LBMW. → The <cough> had no capitals and no dot after in the previous occurrences.

//540. ORIGINAL: So many of  them. → There's an extra space after "of".

//550-554 : A quotation mark seems to be missing at the start of these sentences.

//566-573 : Same things as 550-554.

//567. ORIGINAL: You might know who you are by now..' → There's a missing dot for the trailing dots.

//578. ORIGINAL: This is Jonas, → Is the ending comma intended ?

//645. ORIGINAL: Equipment due to be deployed overseas brought out to fight the  infection. → There's an extra space before "infection".

//674. ORIGINAL: But what is it? Do believe the reports of violence? → I think it's missing “you” for “do you believe”.

//754. ORIGINAL: The still unidentified Kentucky outbreak'. → There's only one quotation mark a the end.

//793. ORIGINAL: I will update you  whenever we have new information. → There's an extra space before "whenever".

//836. ORIGINAL: Curfew Officials talking to NNR  have refused to comment. → There's an extra space after "NNR".

//963-967 : Same things as 550-554.

//1006. ORIGINAL: This is NNR → There's no ending dot.

//1112. ORIGINAL: I was getting lunch in Spiffos. Shouldn't it be "Spiffo’s" ?

//1196. ORIGINAL: My son worked in Spiffos before they let him go. Shouldn't it be "Spiffo’s" ?

//1342. ORIGINAL: Let's hope you're right Clare. → Maybe a mixup in the names. The caller’s name was Kelly in 1326...


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Little request for you Bats.




In the files, we don't really have a neat transition between the different stations and the timeline. Sometimes, I'm wondering what level of speech I should use. Are these radio hosts speaking to callers, or are these survivors speaking between themselves? It's not much of a problem in English because you always use "you", but in French we can translate that into a formal "you" (vous) or a more familiar one (tu).


Could you show us what sections are to be translated more formally VS those more familiar ?


No need to be too specific - maybe you could go like "Line 0-521 = LBMW formal speech / 522 - 851 = LBMW familiar speech / 852 - 1543 = NNR formal speech / 1544 - 2001 = survivors radio chatter".


I'm asking that because I'm really wondering if lines from 1503 are still NNR or survivors...


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Yeah, or who is speaking for the NNR station. They never introduce themselves :P Is it a lady or a guy? And they should introduce themselves on a radio, shouldn't they?


I had the same problem as Teesee - sometimes it's hard to tell if it's still a report or not. Maybe add a line that clearly states that they give the voice to survivors or that radio audition is finished.

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