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  1. Simpler code, just edit the ini file and the translation file to add new categories. * ISCoxisShop.lua if self.settings then for k,v in pairs(self.settings) do self.screen = ISCoxisShopPanel:new(0, 8, self.width, self.height-8, self.playerId, self.settings[k]) self.screen:initialise() self.panel:addView(getText('UI_CoxisShop_' .. k), self.screen) end end
  2. Try to update your graphics card driver, some old models graphics card may cause this issue.
  3. Can you add getDisplayName function? this function to load the correct translation file, and show item the name of the translation.
  4. Can you change my nickname from Sky_Orc_Mm to ProjectSky?
  5. Texture rendering issue still exists. in addition still some annoying performance issues, Compared to build37, the performance difference is high
  6. I agree, Night should be more dark.
  7. It is a translation issue, PZ translation provided by the community, you should go to German translation thread.
  8. I had the same problem, my characters stuck in the Z axis.
  9. Now the lighting tool seems useless, I hope the new Sandbox settings can change this kind of situation.
  10. Some objects are invincible, not just televisions. I have repeatedly reported the issue, it seems that only part of the fix.
  11. The new car image is perfect, but there are some small issues. Like this graph drawing issues, characters were blocked by the vehicle model. and this.
  12. iwbums

    Create a zombie must be operated by the server, the client can only send command to the server to complete. See:
  13. Try this: function Itemcool(self) local pwg = self.getNutrition():getWeight() if pwg >= 40 then --Weight value: Min 35, Max inf. self.getNutrition():setWeight(pwg - 5) end end
  14. CPU: INTEL XEON E3 1230 V2 (4C8T) Display: NVIDIA GTX 970 RAM: 12GB DDR3 RAM OS: Windows10 64-bit (ver 1703) No Mods.