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  1. java supports cross-platform, but the native library used by pz does not support(only x86, x64 architecture)
  2. TrashDeleteAll option on the multiplayer game server, but there is no setting in the single player game, try this mod, it can disable the delete all button maybe TIS can add this option in the future. DisableDeleteAll.zip
  3. LWJGL (3.2.3) support IME, but on PZ, it doesn't work. pls fix
  4. Maybe VehicleScript.class, I’m not sure.
  5. startup parameters -cachedir=~/.local/share/Zomboid
  6. try this local function test() local item = getScriptManager():getItem("Base.Axe") item:setWeight(0.5) item:setActualWeight(0.5) item:setTexture(icon); end Events.OnPreMapLoad.Add(test) not tested it, i think it should work
  7. If maxplayers is set to 1, server will crash at startup, set to 2 not crash. version: dedicated server build 40.43 hs_err_pid1737683.log
  8. server_browser_announced_ip is a invalid server setting, maybe b41 server-side character function will solve this issue
  9. i use the following code to modify zombie health, but i found some issue. local zb = getPlayer:getCell():getZombieList() if zb ~= nil then for i = 0, zb:size() - 1 do if zb:get(i):getHealth() < 2 then zb:get(i):setHealth(ZombRand(5.0, 10.0)) end end end When I kill these zombies, the information panel shows that the number of kill zombies keeps increasing.
  10. Yes, I found the containercapacity property, but i can't use getProperties():Set method set the capacity. container:getProperties():Set("ContainerCapacity", "100"); -- why return 15?
  11. Itemcontainer.class has a getcapacity method to get capacity, but it does not have setcapacity method, capacity is hard coded Can developers add a setCapacity method? This will be very useful.
  12. local DuctTape = getScriptManager():getItem("Base.DuctTape"); DuctTape:setUseDelta(0.05); call OnPreMapLoad event load this function
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