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  1. local zb = getWorld():getCell():getZombieList() if zb ~= nil then for i = 0, zb:size() - 1 do zb:get(i):setSpeedMod(1.1) end end as far as I know there is no way to set the properties of a single zombie
  2. used by an old mod of mine, try it getSandboxOptions():getOptionByName(option):setValue(value) getSandboxOptions():sendToServer()
  3. if use other gui implemented i need to rewrite all the base code which is equivalent to make a new mod. so i hope dev consider optimizing its performance.
  4. because my more buildings mod add lot of builds, it requires a lot of submenu
  5. game loads 2x textures even when Double-sized Textures is turned off. this issues caused my mod to not display the 1x texture properly, looking at the logs I found that the game was still loading the 2x texture. delete 2x texture work for me. texturepack: loading morebuild2x
  6. container capacity is set by the ContainerCapacity key of the tile definition
  7. ISContextMenu performance been optimized?
  8. you are right, this test is too extreme i hope pz can standard base things of the engine, hope it can become better
  9. i don't think set a limit is good thing, dev should try optimize it if possible
  10. i have 49k+ nails in inventory, right click game freezes 5+ sec this is a extreme test, but developers need to be notice this issues 49k.mp4
  11. DoParam should use key, value format, not weird "ConditionLowerChanceOneIn = 70" format like this DoParam("ConditionLowerChanceOneIn", 100)
  12. bot name base on the server name, use the -servername startup parameter to modify it
  13. local function SpawnInventoryItem(sq) local x, y, z = sq:getX(), sq:getY(), sq:getZ() if x == 6142 and y == 5399 and z == 0 then sq:AddWorldInventoryItem("Base.Axe", 0, 0, 0) Events.LoadGridsquare.Remove(SpawnInventoryItem) --once end end Events.LoadGridsquare.Add(SpawnInventoryItem)
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