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HP Bars on Constructs

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While I don't particularly think they need "bars" perse, I think it'd be nice for a medium to high level carpenter to know when walls, barricades, and other constructs have been damaged and in need of replacement/repair.


A right click on the construct and "check status" option would be nice.


Realistically, a person of moderate (maybe even little or no) skill would be able to see that a board is loose and falling off of a barricade or wall.

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Visual representation is a little tough just because of the size of the sprites and the work that'd be involved trying to implement it in a clear way.


I actually made this exact same suggestion (being about to right click and check status quite a long time ago, let's see if I can find it...


Here it is! This is from the original PZ forums before we were on this site!




we also need a system for checking our windows and doors. You'd be able to see damaged/cracked windows and doors and we used to be able to mouseover to see that, but not anymore. Game should convert percentage health left into tooltips for us  to see:

100% : This door/window/barricade/anything is in pristine shape.

75-99% : This whatever is in good shape.

50-74% : This whatever is somewhat battered.

25-49% : This whatever is splintered and cracking.

1-24% : This whatever could break at any time.

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