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  1. Alternative energy is often discussed on here. Solar would be too weak to provide decent energy when taking into consideration the level of energy produced by 1993 era solar cells. Wind requires something pretty massive to be effective, not something 1 man can put together on his own in a world without heavy machinery. Same for hydro. All of these would also likely require new mechanics be implemented to manage their outputs since it would vary according to the weather. Ethanol might be a better option. High level cook makes it, and an engineer can convert an engine to use it or something such. It's still a hard sell from a realism point of view but its easy to implement as a game mechanic.
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    Hush! We don't speak that word out loud 'round these parts... As far as I'm concerned TIS can take their sweet time with dragons, I just want them to be awesome when they do come out.
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    And the worms have a full life cycle in there: they eventually add themselves to the compost while a new generation keeps on aerating! While composting doesn't have to be complex for home gardening needs, @King jjwpenguin is correct that optimal results require a lot more attention than just throwing bio-waste in a bin. See here for details: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compost
  4. Walking the strange lands of the interwebs Sounds to me like these illnesses would make for some very interesting playthroughs. It would certainly break the monotony of the late game: "It's morning, better go check my farm! *barfs everywhere on contact with light, collapses from exhaustion and pain on the roof from migraine headache*"
  5. After the first few hours, you'll know if you get zombified as it will say so next to your health meter. If you have a fever but do not get the zombified status within a day or so, having the max food moodle will keep you alive. You raise your chances further by using sleeping pills between meals. While you sleep you regenerate faster/lose less health to the fever. You won't be able to change the bandages, but a common infection won't kill you nearly as fast as the fever will, might as well just change the bandages when you wake up and disinfect as needed. So in short: Check for zombification, eat until stuffed, pop a pill, sleep 6-7 hours, check bandages, rinse and repeat until fever is gone. If you get zombified status, might as well go drink some bleach :/
  6. My issue is with migraines. It's not exactly a common condition, and while the stress of a zombopocalypse would certainly make it more brutal, most people don't get migraines without some other pre-existing condition. It would make for a neat trait tho. Photophobia: +4 points, too much time outdoors can trigger a crippling migraine; Prone to migraines: +10, randomly gets crippling migraines. Note the term crippling having suffered from them myself for a solid 12 years, I'm in a good position to tell you you kinda pray for death the whole time... It's like half your brain's trying to force it's way right through your skull, pulsing at the rhythm of your ever-more panicky heart Here's another fun symptom to add to the list: feels like your eyeballs are gonna pop right out of their sockets Regarding feedback, I think the reason you're not getting much of it is because you're not putting these ideas in line with existing game mechanics. Are these new disease moodles? traits? traits that give moodles? etc... I'm fair sure I get what you're trying to say but I did have to read twice to make sure of where each part would fit in the game o.O
  7. 2 issues with this: not every player wants to take basic electrical engineering class to play PZ (which is why those skills are represented with a simple value on your character), and all these renewable power sources would not have been readily available in the mid 90's. They did exist, they just weren't wide spread. That said, it would make for an AWESOME mod I like engineering
  8. As I recall it goes like this: when a zombie hits you, it rolls to determine if it's a "punch", a scratch or a bite. This roll is affected by thick skin, I just have never seen any values on that. If you get a scratch, a second roll is done to determine if you will zombify. This roll is also affected by thick skin (-10% reduction according to the wiki, thx for looking that up King Kitteh!). Finally, if you get a bite, it's a second roll with a flat 96% chance of zombification with no possible modifiers (that I know of). So the roll that determines damage is separate from the roll that determines whether you zombify or not. FYI, even if you're lucky and do not get infected from a bite, you are still extremely likely to die from the massive fever you're still going to get. You're not pulling through unless you have a huge food supply you can afford to eat up within a few days :/
  9. I honestly can't recall, I was searching the forums for the reference just now XD sadly I gotta head in to work now, but I'll keep l;ooking tonight so I can edit my post with exact values
  10. you've got the right numbers for a normal character. Thick skin reduces the chance of infection from scratches to 15% but does nothing for bites. It does make you less likely to receive a bite tho, I just can't recall the exact values.
  11. could be as simple as allowing you to cancel while the animation is playing. Maybe if you move in the direction opposite? It would certainly have saved a few of my characters from month long recoveries and/or death :/
  12. Just a little bit of attention might drive sales. New screenshots would certainly be a quick win. I don't think the current page is actively driving away customers, and the user ratings and reviews are pretty unanimous for anyone that looks further than the screenshots, but some people put a lot of stock in graphics quality. A bit of eye candy might get those guys to jump in too.
  13. Depression gets very interesting as a game mechanic when you consider the wide range of potential symptoms and co-morbidity. Doubled with the fact that it's all happening in a truly hopeless, zombie-crowded world, the devs could really go nuts and have fun with this (at our expense of course! ). I think it would be best represented by progressively but randomly adding symptoms from some large list. As the moodle increases in value, you get tacked with more symptoms. You never get them all, but just 2 or 3 at max moodle could be quite crippling.
  14. If you want to break through a skull (or spine for that matter), you need force, and it's very difficult to channel force appropriately without being firmly planted on the ground. In most martial arts, and pretty much all those that focus on using weapons, when you're attempting to deliver a powerful blow you do so by pushing hard against the ground with your legs or by getting a hand from gravity (striking from above), in which case you still need to be on solid footing so you can control your weapon and not hack your own damn leg/break the weapon on the ground if you miss. Can you move while swinging a weapon? With training, probably. Can you deliver a killing blow while doing so? Probably not. And these guys are zombies, anything short of a killing blow won't do you much good. Before you go naming some obscure martial art that relies on movement like capoeira or whatnot keep in mind the character is not a world renowned black belt, he's an average joe.
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