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  1. Boats...? Going to Islands...? Oh man, so many great thoughts and possibilities... But I want animations first xD!
  2. Insidiousness

    Men with Ven

    Now all we need is a modder to add in a realistic digestion system so that we'll finally have pooping, peeing and showering - fully animated! It's what everyone wants, right? Is your bladder full and you fight zombies and get extreme panic? Unfortunately you just peed yourself.
  3. Insidiousness


    What the heck man, let the guy post. Please, some apologies. Also cars are cool. Too bad 'bout the global warming eh.
  4. I love this idea! Would add difficulty as you said and make logical sense.
  5. I want road construction to spawn during the game as well when you're not there, because you know, those things tend to pop up all the time everywhere! So it's realistic.
  6. I'm not a weapons expert but I don't see anyone getting 4 headshots with one shotgun shot
  7. Yeah I couldn't connect either. Cries in post-apocalyptic Is it even supposed to be open now? It says it's on the 23rd (today) but at 21:00 CEST. (7PM GMT)... Or was it supposed to be AM and not PM? ;/
  8. You can expect me there. I'll be free on Wednesday too! Perfect!
  9. Calm down. I think it's fine that we start in different scenarios, randomly. It gives the player quick short term goals to solve. If you don't like it, I think this is the wrong game.
  10. Can confirm what Unghin just described. Was logging into the server I played with my friend from yesterday and then we had no problems killing Zeds, but today we couldn't kill a single Zed and one ultra strong Zed killed both of us. (They didn't stagger, fall over or care about our hits)
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