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  1. dangalong

    Survival Bread

    Create hardtack, a simple type of bread with a very long shelf-life. No yeast required, salt is optional. All you need is a bowl for mixing, a little flour and water, and any heat-source to cook the dough on. Does not consume the bowl. Adding salt to the recipe will make it a little more satisfying for eating by itself. You can also use either kind of hardtack as croutons in your salads, soups, and stews. However, unlike the vanilla bread dough recipe, you cannot slice the hardtack or use it to make sandwiches or burgers. Shelf-life of hardtack is 6 months to a year. Salted hardtack recipe made compatible with the canning salt from Deadend's Canning Mod. Download for build 33: SurvivalBread.zip New version for build 34: Updated food items with new nutrition system values. Download for build 34: SurvivalBreadV2.zip
  2. dangalong

    Cure Wild Meat

    I made this mod because I wanted a way to preserve some meat with a shelf-life similar to vanilla jarred vegetables. Other mods I saw with similar functions were outdated and/or bugged, so I made my own. This one is compatible with build 33.2. How it works: You need level 5 cooking to start. It only works on cut meat from wild game (rodents, birds, squirrels, and rabbits), fillets from caught fish, and frog meat from foraged frogs. You can also cure the Rabbit Cutlets from my Rabbit Pelt Tanning mod. Get some salt on the meat first, then cook the salted meat to cure it. The salting and curing process takes some extra time to do than for normal cooking. Canning Salt from Deadend's Canning Mod is also usable along with base salt. Cured meats have a shelf-life of 60-90 days and can be used in cooking recipes. Note: Make sure you only salt meat that is uncooked, then cook it after salting to actually cure it correctly. If you try to do it the other way around, either on accident or to avoid the longer cooking time on salted meat, then you will just waste your salt. Because the item that comes out that way will look the same as the preserved version of that item, but it won't actually be preserved and will have a normal freshness duration instead. This is intentional. Future plans for this mod: Later on I may add the ability to cure meats from the extra animals in UngratefulDead's Hunting Mod. Update: Made compatible with nutrition system in build 34. Update: Added ability to cure Frog Meat that comes from slicing frogs gained by foraging. Download: CureWildMeatV2.1.zip
  3. dangalong

    Gasoline Molotovs

    Well it wouldn't be too hard to make a little mod for that, if you really wanted it.
  4. dangalong

    Gasoline Molotovs

    True, but they aren't the same thing, although they might work the same to some extent. But the flame bomb takes different components plus can have extra items attached to it like timers. It's really a different recipe and you don't have to be an engineer to craft the regular molotovs in the vanilla game. My mod recipe only gives you the regular molotovs anyone is supposed to be able to craft, just an alternate way to craft them, which makes sense to me.
  5. dangalong

    Gasoline Molotovs

    Very simple, allows you to create regular base game Molotov Cocktails from empty glass bottles you can fill with gasoline. Can use either empty whisky bottles or empty wine/chardonnay bottles plus the gas and ripped sheets to create them. Recipe takes 1 empty bottle, 1 ripped sheet, and x2 gas. Note: The gasoline molotov is just a regular molotov that is already in the base game, not a new item. This mod only gives you a new way to craft the same item. The reason I made this is because I like to drink my liquor in the game, and want to use gasoline to make molotovs instead Download: GasolineMolotovs.zip
  6. Now you can use foraged herbs as spices in recipes, plus cook with frogs and wild eggs, which are now perishable. You can still use medicinal herbs as medicine, too, but now all are edible (and still non-perishable). Comfrey can also be made into a tea. Blackberries and blueberries can be used in salads, as well as preserved in jars along with strawberries now. I had to leave out the other berries for now or else it can mess up the poisoned one (make it so Herbalist can't see poisonous berry marked). At least I think that black and blueberries can't be poisonous. Berry preserves require empty jars, jar lids, sugar and water, then cook the jars. Number of fruits required per jar: Strawberry x5, Blackberry x15, Blueberry x15. Opened jars give back regular (fresh) fruit the same as vanilla vegetable jars for now. Plus you can sterilize ripped sheets for clean bandages by boiling them in a pot of water. You need 10 ripped sheets and a full pot of water, put the rags in, then heat the pot of rags until fully cooked (and the "unhappy" tag goes away). Then you can remove your newly sterilized rags. Update: Changed it so you can still get back sterilized rags out of a "burnt" pot instead of only getting back regular ripped sheets from pouring it out. Update: Added ability to jar strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries into preserves using the vanilla canning mechanics. Download for build 33: SurvivalStuff.zip New version for build 34: Updated food items with new nutrition system values. Download for build 34: SurvivalStuffV2.zip
  7. dangalong

    Rabbit Pelt Tanning

    Rabbit Fur Tanning gives the option to turn a dead rabbit into carcass items that can either be further processed into meat cutlets or pelts for tanning, and tanned pelts can ultimately be made into a fur coat that gives some extra warmth for winter time. The tanning process is based loosely on a real-life method using a salt and battery acid recipe with water in a plastic bucket. You must have a Hunting Knife to do the skinning to get a viable pelt. Rotten or burnt dead rabbits will yield bad quality products if processed, raw pelts will rot if left unfinished for too long, and bad quality pelts cannot be used in tanning. The reason you get 2 carcasses from 1 dead rabbit is because I wanted to simulate the idea of getting to choose between getting more meat back from the animal, or sacrificing some of the meat to save more of the skin for tanning, or vice versa. And this way you can choose to get both some meat and a pelt from one animal, but with a smaller portion of meat returned, and this was the only way I could figure out how to make that work for now. This also means you can get 2 pelts from the same rabbit if you are willing to sacrifice all of the meat. Recipe instructions: Need to be level 3 Trapper for all new recipes added by this mod. Gut dead rabbit gives 2 Rabbit Carcasses, and either knife can be used at this step. Rabbit carcasses can be further processed into either Rabbit Cutlets (edible meat) or Raw Rabbit Pelts (also edible but not recommended to eat). A Hunting Knife is required to get the pelt off the carcass. Raw Rabbit Pelts in good condition, i.e. fresh (not off, burnt, or rotten) can be used with the Tanning Solution to create Unworked rabbit pelts. Tanning solution requires 1 bucket, 1 battery, 10 uses of salt, and 10 units of water, and has a total of 5 uses once created. Empty bucket is returned after solution is depleted or dumped out. Once tanned, rabbit pelts become non-perishable, but have to be further "worked" to get a finished pelt usable in the final recipe. In real life this would involve drying, stretching, and fluffing the pelt to make it soft and viable for clothing. The Rabbit Fur Coat is made with 20 finished pelts and 10 uses of thread. At this time the coat produced by the final recipe will be randomly colored, because I am not up to the point of making a custom model in the game yet to override this, so the icons are based on the vanilla sweater. However, the coat is slightly heavier, and has a warmth factor of 25 instead of 15. Vanilla Butcher option for only getting regular meat from dead rabbits is still usable. Extra note: Is compatible with rabbits from UngratefulDead's Hunting Mod. Tested on build 33.2. Future plans for this mod: 1) Find a better way to get both meat and pelt options from dead rabbits without having double carcasses come from each rabbit that is processed. 2) Create a custom icon for the pelts instead of using the generic deadrabbit icon. 3) Create a custom model for the coat instead of using the generic sweater graphics/colors. 4) Find a solution to the problem of the duplication exploit on the parent item (involving trap bait removal). In the meantime, if you want the mod to be appropriately challenging, then just don't use the exploit. 5) Learn more Lua so I can make better codes. Let me know of any suggestions or if there are any problems if you try this mod. I will be using in my own games I play in PZ, so I will update with any bugfixes or upgrades I can figure out along the way. Update: Bug with evolvedrecipe for cooking Rabbit Cutlet fixed. Update: Updated recipe code to fix hunger values of Rabbit Cutlet. Update: Fixed bug where HM's dead rabbits weren't giving the option to gut them for carcasses. Update: Fixed bug where modded food items weren't returning correct hunger values after processing recipes. Update: Pelts are now required to be fully fresh to be tanned. Off pelts or pelts from off rabbits/carcasses will be ignored by the tanning recipe. Update: Pelts can no longer be added as bait to a trap. Pelts from carcasses that have been duplicated on a trap will not be usable for tanning. Update: Pelts that are cooked can no longer be tanned. Update: Updated Rabbit Cutlet item with new nutrition system values for build 34. Update: Fixed missing sweater icon in new version. Download: RabbitPeltTanningV2.zip
  8. dangalong

    Make recipe require not rotten ingredient?

    Never mind, I figured out how to do what I wanted. Cheers
  9. How can I make a custom recipe detect if a required food ingredient is rotten before using it, and if so then not allow the desired result to be created? I'm guessing this has to be done in lua? Or can it be done at all? If so, can someone post an example of simple code that would be needed to make X recipe check for freshness on Y item, and if Y is not rotten then Z item is given, and if Y is rotten then Z item is not given to player? So that only fresh or halfway fresh items can be used by the recipe, is what I'm aiming for. Either that or just eliminate the context option to perform the recipe altogether if the required ingredient in player inventory is fully rotten? I don't know which would be easier. Help would be appreciated, I've been looking at other food mods to get ideas, and have yet to find one where this sort of thing was done.
  10. dangalong

    Sweater Strings Mod

    Thank you. I may release some more mods in the future, if I can get some of my ideas working.
  11. dangalong

    Sweater Strings Mod

    Thanks for the compliment. I would add it to Steam Workshop but I was having problems figuring out how to do that. Seems like it should be easy, but I couldn't find a way to upload anything to my Content/Workshop Items tab. I've never posted anything there before.
  12. dangalong

    Sweater Strings Mod

    I made this mod because I wanted there to be a more sustainable way to get string material (twine and thread) for use in trapping, fishing, and clothing mods. And it made sense to me that in real life, if you had to, you could pull apart the sweaters you find/loot from closets and corpses to get loose yarn strings that could be made into twine and thread usable for crafting items needing cloth string material, or even suturing wounds needing stitches in a pinch. This is my first PZ mod and I kept it very simple. I made it for myself, but I also wanted to share it if I got it working right. It tests fine in build 33.2. Of course, it is not very complicated. It doesn't overwrite anything vanilla, including the option to rip sheets of sweaters. It just adds the 1 new item (Loose Yarn) in the game and 3 new recipes (Pull Apart Sweater, Make Twine from Yarn, and Make Thread from Yarn). Sorry for the crappy-looking icon for the Loose Yarn, but I wanted it to have it's own icon and I'm not that good at art. The recipes to make twine and thread from yarn don't give back whole rolls, only partial rolls, and you can only get the yarn from sweaters, not any other cloth items. It also takes a little extra time to craft the twine and thread from the yarn compared to most other simple recipes in the base game, because I think it would be kind of tedious in real life to get good results out of it. Update: I decided to add the ability to also convert thread into twine, and vice versa, with only a small yield of return, since it seemed to make sense if they can both come from the same base item. Download links below have been updated with the new version file. Download Link SweaterStrings.zip
  13. dangalong

    Foraging Upgrade

    I also think it would be nice to at least be able to use foraged herbs in cooking and have some method of meat preservation, either via canning or smoking/drying, or both, and be able to use the pelts of harvested game to make leather/fur for crafting warmer winter cloths etc.
  14. Hey, very cool mod. But it seems to be broken in the newer builds, unfortunately. The option to "jar" stuff after cooking it, like brine + vegetables and strawberry mush, doesn't appear as on option in the context menu, even when all the right items are in your inventory. I'm on build 33.2. I hope you'll get around to updating this someday. For now I just have to muddle by using the vanilla canning feature and Necroforge to spawn the empty jars and jar lids since they are too hard to find in the game right now.
  15. Thanks for posting this. I like having the option to do this in my single-player sandbox game, if I want to try new game settings without having to rebuild a whole new character and base from scratch. I can confirm this method still works in build 33.20. I would also add as a pointer that when you create the new save settings, you will need to set the time and date there, as well as the time since the infection began, if you want the time progress of the world to be the same or close to what you last had in the old save. And it will also reset the zombies dispersion, so you might have some new zombies to deal with inside your base in the new save, so watch out And definitely back up your old save somewhere safe first before trying this, in case you mess something up.