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Found 38 results

  1. If you equip a wooden cage trap in your primary and secondary and you set the traps on the ground they will disappear from your inventory but still show in your primary and secondary hand (not actually there). Display bug only, it doesn't impact gameplay.
  2. I'd like to make a quality-of-life suggestion for the container window. Currently, in order to show this window (and the main inventory as well), there are 2 modes. The player can either left-click the container, or mouse hover over the proximity/container window, or have it "pinned"/"always-on" so as it is always visible. I would like to suggest a third optional mode, where the window would automatically appear/unfold when there are items to be shown. Alternatively the window could appear when there is a container to be shown - whether it be empty or has items (or this could even be a 4th optional mode if you prefer). I think this would greatly increase the user friendliness of the UI, as having the container window always open hides a part of the screen, and having to mouse over it, is a bit of a drag especially on higher resolutions. For now, I'm at 2560x1080 resolution and I just keep the window constantly visible, because of how "annoying" it is to have to constantly mouse over to the top right of the screen. I hope I explained this adequately.
  3. This probably would take a lot of reworking for the firearms but as of right now they're near useless anyway. The current system relies on chance and accuracy with no feedback other than click (miss) click (miss) click (awe yeah you got a hit) Reworking firearms to show more feedback to the aiming factor with a visible cone that narrows as you sit still with accuracy factoring how quickly it narrows and how narrow it's final AoE can affect. Panic could cause it to fluctuate depending on the level of panic while tiredness could cause it to narrow slower and not as well. It would act as more of a gameplay helper with making firearms a useful tool in the game where as of right now pure chance until 5+ skill leaves them as ignored and left behind.
  4. Hello Can I 360 rotate ISButton, or another one ISUI? ps Can anyone create a tutorial about: ISUI, custom addCombo() and NewbieGuide2 (3 guides.. )
  5. Contrary to the inventory and loot windows, the map window (when you read a map) cannot be resized. this is really annoying even if you pin it (whenever you mouse out of the windows it foldes back up, when you mouse over it, it unfolds down). Also Consider that the Map UI window is really big ( it takes more than half the area of the game's HUD). Is it possible that one can convert that window to something like the inventory or loot one (so you can resize it ) through some minor modding? I will happily try to do it.. but I need some major guidance for it. Regards
  6. May be a suggestion, but seeing it's probably an omission, I decided to post it as a bug instead. When dismantling items, a text is being shown over character head. Normally, for those things a character speech is used (can't read book yet, already know the knowledges from book or in the recent build, inability to get out of car). The current text when the character fails dismantling uses a different mechanic and is surrounded by star signs and uses a different font that is hard to read. It also seems to disappear quicker? It would be nice if those text could be replaced with the unified speech text.
  7. So it seems there's no limit on which day of the month you can (try to) set in Multiplayer by editing options. Fortunately, it only seems to be visual issue, not affecting actual game setting .
  8. It seems that list of mods gets cuts off at one point suddenly when browsing multiplayer options. Ideally, I would love to see them all multi-line, but even if some limit is going to be kept, it would at least be nice if ellipsis (…) could be added at the end.
  9. When you hold your mouse over the item at the bottom-right corner, its tooltip flashes consantly on ar off which is quite annoying. Example below (look at the bottom right corner, it's best to see it in-game): It happens to both me and my wife on stable 39.67.5 and weather test versions, we both run Linux.
  10. I like to move my inventory and loot screens to the bottom left corner. They sit there nicely during the gameplay, but after I restart they are hidden (even if I have them pinned) and the loot window which I keep at the bottom-left corner is moved. See the screenshot for comparison. It's more extreme the smaller the window is, becuase the loot window overlaps more of the inventory window and quiting to menu and then logging back in causes the error to repeat. My wife experiences the same issue and we both are running the game on Linux. It also happens in 39.67.5 stable/iwbums. ^ Right after logging ^ How it should look like Size and location seems to be properly stored in settings though and even carry thought version chance (weather/stable).
  11. The title of the "MECHANIC" panel that is accessed by pressing "i" button when looking at the vehicle details is a little not in line with the other information panels (inventory, loot, info/skills/health or crafting). It should say "This is the mechanic panel." or something along the lines instead of current "MECHANIC". See the attached screenshots for comparison
  12. UI is too small and I can't see it. at 4k monitor. It is necessary to increase the size of the UI itself. option: Font - large
  13. Jacksay

    See recipes

    Hi, I think it's easiest for beginers (and advanced) if you add a Right click > see recipes on items in inventory. That option open craft window filtered on recipes that using clicked item. Thanks !
  14. Nbane


    I've written some (non-functional) code that i'm currently getting a run time error on. The code should display a window, and inside it is the text for my favourite server's rules. It runs on the event OnGameStart, so it will pop up every time the player first joins a server. Nobody should have an excuse for not knowing the rules, and certainly not reading them with this nifty UI. Shame it doesn't work. I'll keep working on it, if anyone out there spots any glaring errors, let me know. require 'ui/uiHelpers' ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Creating a window with some text in it ------------------------------------------------------------------------ clickCounter = 0; -- UI objects mywindow = { x = 500, y = 500, width = 300, height = 300, hasClose = true; }; mygenericelement = { x=550, y=550, width=320, height=320, render = function(element) element:DrawTextCentre("Test Test Test Test Test Test", 150, 100, 1, 0, 0, 1); end; } function DisplayServerRules() LuaUI.createWindow(mywindow); element = LuaUI.createElement(mygenericelement); end Events.OnGameStart.Add(DisplayServerRules());
  15. Soul Filcher

    Image child in a UI panel

    Hi, I'm trying to create a UI panel that has an image as one of its children. Here's the code: But I get an error in ISUIElement.lua line 669 / ISImage.lua line 45. Java.lang.RuntimeException: From what I understand one or more arguments are wrong, but I have no idea which one and how.
  16. tommysticks

    New UI window

    I'm trying to make a custom window open at the press of a button by dissecting existing files, but a lot of them have stacks of other files that are required due to extra tabs 'n shit. Anyone know of a custom window that has only 1 window and no tabs? So I can see what it looks like. I tried looking at the mod Admin Tools, which is currently what I'm using to acccomplish what I want done, but there are so many extra files in there due to all the tabs. I can't single it down to the bare minimum.
  17. Hey guys! In my quest to make my mod the most awesome possible I ran into some roadblocks. The one I am hoping you might fix is how much of tooltips are rendered outside of the API. For example there is not an easy way for me to insert small ammo round pictures to ,show how much of what ammo is in what place in the gun/magazine. This of how they did it in 7,62 high calibre. That was my goal but I can't really do that with the tooltip injection system in place right now (that I know of) IF I am missing something and there is a way I missed let me know! There is a way to render the progress bars like used for weapon repair status, but nothing for creating a line of small icons that I can see.
  18. What every server browser has today in games 1.Filter to make full or empty server invincible 2.Filter that makes server with an specific ping invincible 3.Filter that make password protected servers invincible 4.Filter that shows how many days has past ingame (wish for Zomboid) 5.Filter anything from the server specific modes/options 6.Filter to show how many time an Server was Online/Offline to filter out unstable ones
  19. blindcoder

    Hotbar for quick item access - v0.7.2

    I blame lemmy for this, he put the idea in my head This is a mod adding a hotbar for quick item access to the bottom of the HUD. You can get it in three sizes: - Small: - Medium: - And large: You can find the settings and a configurable button to toggle the hotbar in the options menu: And attach items to the slots via the contextmenu: And quick access the context menu from the hotbar with RMB: And finally, download the mod here: From the workshop: From github: Requires bcUtils: Changelog: Enjoy!
  20. It rustles my jimmies that while the nutrition (hunger) for food and remaining condition of weapons is neatly displayed when you expand the item in inventory, it doesn't show the remaining amount of drainable items and water containers, making you having to hover on each item to figure out which item is partialy depleted and which is not. It's less problem for water as you can pour water from one container to another, it's really problematic with other items, if you want to take a item with more uses on you or use up the ones that are partially empty to gain some extra weight in containers, since you can't combine them (another feature I'd love to see BTW). I know the UI update is coming down the road (I think!), but would be nice to see that before it anyway
  21. ZombiesLoveBrainiacs

    How to set the UI icon of a container?

    I added a custom ItemContainer to an IsoObject. In the inventory UI, it's now displayed with the default cupboard icon. How do I change that icon?
  22. raymond

    "Add fuel - all" button

    Gotta love all those sturdy sticks laying in my yard...
  23. Dying in Project Zomboid is rather a common thing, so you have to see this screen often. It's something that haven't been really touched a long time, so here we go. A new character creation screen will start of your own character picture to the left and settings that only affect your look. So, screen 1: look of your character. Here you can customize your gender, hair, pants / shirts, etc. Also note the screen shouldn't be semi-transparent and a different sound loop should be played. The background for this screen is backpack with clothes coming out of it. When you're happy with current look and press NEXT button, a flash should appear and a sound of a camera should play, that's like your photo will be taken. A flash would be the transition for the screen 2. Once flash go away, you will see another screen, this one will look like a passport of a Knox County citizen. An animation will play as your photo miniature is placed (glued) on the passport. The passport will look like an, uhm, passport I guess? Here you can enter your desired name, surname and a spawn location which will say birth place or something like that instead so you enter this in the empty passport's fields. That is a screen 2, the character profile. As it's the second screen, there will be BACK button, and once you press it a "rewind" animation will play, GUI will become glitchy as the old TV and it will reverse back to screen 1. As you're satisfied and you press NEXT button here, a Knox County stamp animation will play, passport will slide away and reveal another screen: screen 3. Here you choose your occupation and traits, however I haven't really thought of this yet. I'll update my post then. So what do you guys think?
  24. I'll just drop this here and ask everyone around to please please please stop me by telling me this work is totally redundant (I'm having fun doing it anyway, so...)
  25. Keyboardassassin

    Day/Month Suggestion

    I was wondering if there was a way to enlarge the Day/Month text in future updates? I can see it clearly but it can be hard to tell what date it is sometimes in a pinch. Also i know this is just me but please make an option to be able to switch the default layout for the Day/Month bar where it can be Month/Day?