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Found 4 results

  1. 41.60 release introduces new global Lua method `getGameVersionInfo`, but it seems the buildDate field is wrong? I'm getting this: 19.09.2021
  2. It would be neat if, when using the "add sheet" to windows, it would be possible to put on curtains "more tidily", so that you get the default curtains instead of the baggy bedsheets. Useful if you want your base to look good and classy
  3. Error trying to use <RIGHT>; from console.txt: function: render -- file: RichTextLayout.lua line # 407 ... LOG : General, 1593545810494> Object tried to call nil in render in RichTextLayout.lua: 404: if orient == "centre" then 405: ui:drawTextCentre(string.trim(v), x + self.width / 2 , y + self.marginTop + self.lineY[c], r, g, b,1, self.font) 406: elseif orient == "right" then 407: ui:drawTextLeft(string.trim(v), x + self.marginLeft + self.lineX[c], y + self.marginTop + self.lineY[c], r, g, b,1, self.font) 408: else 409: ui:drawText(string.trim(v), x + self.marginLeft + self.lineX[c], y + self.marginTop + self.lineY[c], r, g, b,1, self.font) 410: end but type(ui:drawTextLeft) == nil, likely need drawTextRight(). Probably analogous error will be in ISRichTextPanel.lua: 452: self:drawTextLeft( string.trim(v), self.lineX[c] + self.marginLeft, self.lineY[c] + self.marginTop, r, g, b,self.contentTransparency, self.font);
  4. Not a huge addition but I would greatly appreciate the option of having LShift to toggle sprinting, rather than holding it down. I always seem to be contorting my hands weirdly while sprinting diagonally. Maybe because I'm left handed, I'm not sure. Obviously not a crucial addition but I'd love to see this in the game!
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