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  1. I've read some of your responses on other threads, I see why you are tired of talking about it. Do you want a reply? Or is the topic exhausted at this point.
  2. 4:57 I think is the best example, it only requires two zombies for this to happen. I was just trying to demonstrate the problem with those clips, I learned after leveling my spear to 5 and getting lacerated when fighting two random zombies that I should switch weapon types if I want to stay alive. Up to that point, I was able to work with it, but there's always that risk that weapons without critical strike animations simply don't have.
  3. You're right, and now I know what happened. That curtain was at one point covered by a sheet metal barricade from the inside, they must have broken the barricade, and from then on I just assumed the curtain was the barricade. Apologies for wasting your time. EDIT: I looked through an old video, you'll see the window was actually double barricaded on both sides, can a single zombie break through two barricades in a night? Also, there is another bug at the end if you are curious, you can use the same save to recreate it.
  4. ACTUALLY, Maris was right!, it was move to a rear seat that you can only see when you open the trunk! (I did not notice that you could 'loot' the rear seats), so this isn't a bug, but I would recommend they add the ability to see the rear seats from the front to avoid the confusion.
  5. only mod I'm using is the silencer mod, I'll pm you a link to the save
  6. NOT A BUG: the window in the video is not a sheet metal barricade. zombies broke the barricade, and came through the window. The curtain looks like a barricade and that is why they were pathfinding into the room. in the gas station house south west of riverside the two doors are the only two entrances a zombie could access, as you can see, both are closed when the zombie spawns. I removed the stairs and replaced it with a rope climb. That could be why zombies are calculating path/ spawning in that location. I have the save zipped, it occurred for me three times over the span of an in-game week. PM me for link.
  7. You just sketched me out, I didn't remember posting what anything here, then I looked closer at your username.
  8. In the video below, the Items were moved to rear seats, in the ambulance, you cannot see the rear seats from the driver seat, you have to open the back. If the rear seats are full, and you put items in the passenger seat, then get into the passenger seat, the items in the passenger seat will move to a single rear seat, and all items in the rear seat dissapear This specifically happened in an ambulance, tho I imagine it happens with other vehicles. What made me notice is that I lost a duffle bag full of loot and remembered putting in the passengers seat
  9. would be nice if they got rid of the 'zone' concept and instead went with some other calculation (tree proximity of something). Or even flip the logic. Where you have to set areas that cannot be foraged instead of selecting areas where you can. Would make much more sense as most of the map is wilderness
  10. Was my first time trying fishing, I was wondering if I was just doing something wrong haha, good to know it's a bug.
  11. I mentioned similar points in in this suggestion. Basically, if you are doing something slower than walking speed, movement should be instant in any direction. As for the fighting animations, apparently they are reworking animation cancelling, so hopefully that will help with some of that. Because yes, I have nearly gotten killed multiple times doing an 'execution' animation. I wonder if it would be possible to only allow executions if you hold the mouse down (?).
  12. Typically interrupting gameplay to show a tutorial is not good game design. I personally don't think it's too unreasonable to just up the hit chance in earlier levels and increase the crit (headshot) chance in later levels. Unless you can think of a good compromise.
  13. this may be fixed when they rework animation cancelling. Your spear should target the closest enemy to your 'ground pointer' reticle, something strange happened here and it caused me to get attacked. Ignore that you really shouldn't be fighting more than 1 zombie at a time, and just note the inconsistent attack.
  14. I vaguely recall reading that the option was added to recover weapons off spears, but I think it was overlooked that broken spears do not allow for this. Unfortunately, I have a bunch of spears lying around with hunting knives attached to them that I can't salvage and repair If it's not possible to this in the code, perhaps when the item breaks, it can put a broken wooden spear and a broken -weapon- in your inventory instead.
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