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  1. OK, I unsubscribed from all mods and added them back selectively. It looks like the issue was resolved. I suspect it was the following mod causing the issue, despite I had disabled it: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2142622992 I also see now that enabling mods on the make menu may only affect new games. If I go into Load menu, I see there is an option to change mods the save game will use. No longer an issue, was a mod causing the problem. Thanks!
  2. It fails with any clothing for me, not just that jacket, favorited or not.
  3. OK, I went back and confirmed ALL mods were disabled, even quit of of game to desktop and restarted and confirmed they were still all disabled. If you think it will make a difference if I unsubscribe from all of them, lemme know. It would be a pain. I could also uninstall all mods I know I don't normally use for certain, but I would prefer not uninstalling all mods to find out unless I need to. I'll see about removing unused ones for a start.
  4. I am using mods but I disabled them all and tried again to no avail. Is it sufficient to disable the mods or do I have to uninstall them completely? Lemme go back and double check that all mods were disabled. Maybe something older I failed to disable is mussing with things....
  5. Hi Folks, I looked through the bug tracker and haven't seen this one mentioned, so I hope it's not a dupe of something already reported. I've recently returned to Zomboid after a little hiatus and been playing with the latest build of 41.39 and was excited to hear that clothing can actually be repaired! However, when I attempt to repair clothing I see the progress dialog bar but nothing gets repaired and the resources are consumed. I also see little red error boxes in the lower right of UI after I inspect clothing and right-click Hole to get the Patch Hole c
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