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  1. Add wooden floating and standing kitchen counters to carpentry crafting. Especially since you can craft metal kitchen counters already.
  2. vek, I think the game struggles with what it wants to be to begin with and still has unpolished features/ui.. Minecraft lets you to just chose hardcore or not, it should be player choice, especially when you're just backing up saves anyway, it doesn't break the concept, just the annoying "you should play how we want you to play".
  3. Vek, I'm not into the whole professions gamestart thing, it's not the same as selecting elves in skyrim, it just gives you a bunch of stats and artificial limiters imo.
  4. For example bombs shouldn't be profession-locked. I think all abilities should be unlockable, books/journals give you knowledge of a (recipe for example), skill level actually lets you do it.
  5. Add an ability to craft bags and backpacks to higher tailoring levels. Just like a higher level carpenter or metal worker can make boxes, I don't see why a tailor can't make bags.
  6. You have to manually back up saves if you want a consistent playthrough and don't enjoy the "rouge-like" element, just let people have save states if they want to and a "hardcore" option for the rest.
  7. So basically let player move boxes with items in them using a trolly/dolly; Also loading boxes (with items in them) into heavy duty vehicles 2 of big ones (wooden or metal) or 4 of cardboard ones, or 1 big one + 2 cardboard ones. It's especially useful for hoarders/builders/less "rogue-like" playthroughs.
  8. Didn't have any wounds for a while.
  9. How does one get infected from exercising a couple of times?
  10. - Can't uninstall/repair heaters and glove boxes, is it just not an option in the game? - Some cars, especially ones on roads are like a wrecked car spawn I guess, can't uninstall or interact with side windows/side doors/seats, but no feedback = worst feedback - is this intended? - In a heavy-duty car gas tank still says "recipe: basic mechanics", so can't uninstall it after reading heavy-duty unlocking magazine, how to unlock this?
  11. It seems that most zombies on fire extinguish themselves if you reload the game. super bad if you exit the game half way through zombie hoard kiting.
  12. Instead of trying to find in your inventory what you are holding would be nicer to just drag it from the top left slot into an inventory or to drop it. Also hover-over the slots should show the item stats.
  13. So zombie respawn from realism pov is explainable as zombie wandering within town + outsiders, but over time it makes sense that less outsiders will wonder in, so the peak population should also decline. Add a "lowest population peak" option. Zombies should only respawn up to current lowest population peak, which starts at "population multiplier", then gradually getting to "high peak" in "population peak day" time, after the "population peak day" it should only be looking at the scaling with "erosion speed" from "high peak" down to "lowest population peak" - as roads get overgrown zombie population thinning out and spreading out, more zombies stuck and withered away in rivers and lakes and more overgrown forests or deserts, etc.. for example: erosion speed: 10 years low peak: 0.1 high peak: 2 population multiplier: 1 population peak day: 6 months So zombies will spawn (up to) population multiplier of 2 (at the rate of "respawn multiplier" every "respawn hours"), until time has reached 6 months, in 5 years it will be 0.94. Also it could just have its own timer to scale against, instead of erosion speed.
  14. in fishing and trapping
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