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  1. Came Back to the game after months of waiting. Updates came and went and the problem still occurs. I think it has to be a shader issue with my graphics card but it only seems to happen on this game which makes little sense. I cannot find the error logs of the game to identify what happens because the game continues to run when it happens and it wont let me find the crash logs because it didn't crash.
  2. Sorry for the late reply but it seems to still occur on older and the newest version. Am still confused on what it could be.
  3. Graphics Card is Nvidia GeoForce GTX1650 Super Force. Drivers are up to date from Nvidia. Have a hunch that it could be an HDR issue internally as well. will go back and try earlier versions.
  4. Found some Cars looking like this. Really annoying because when it happens it also breaks my UI. All buttons unload and appear white until you hover over them, you get permanently stuck in combat mode and are unable to escape it unless you equip and attack with a melee weapon multiple times. Also cannot properly load Health UI or car UI (which means I cannot drive a car that I was using). Restart is required. Happens in both single player and Multiplayer. Is believed to be Host side because I host the server that my friends and I play on, and it doesn't happen to them unless on my server. Also causes the server to be hosted indefinitely unless everyone quits and I kill the program running it. Top picture is single player, bottom is multiplayer.
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