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Found 15 results

  1. Flanua

    Mansion, KY

    Created for the fresh game version 40.40 and 40.43. I aslo uploaded this mod on NEXUS here is the link: Download from Nexus I also attached this mod in this post. Mansion - On the outskirts of Kentucky, in the middle of a forest is located a huge mansion. This private property on its territory has a garage, steel fence, fresh air, storage unit and even greenhouse in case the fridge is almost empty. This is one of the nicest, safest and peaceful places you could ever find in the whole Kentucky! In case you ran out of supplies you could visit a conve
  2. IP: Port: 16261 Server description: New Hope is hardcore PVP russian server, recommended for expirienced players. Also it has PVE Zone (Shelter), several RP factions, and fixed spawn spot - KNOX Prison. New Hope Modpack includes some popular mods (Nolan's armor and traps, Immersive Overlays e.g.) and has own scripts, created and improved by server admins and players. Server was created at July 2017, active and experienced admins, discord support. Join us if you like hardcore and difficult tasks. Server settings: Xp multiplier - 1.0 Loot respawn - 1
  3. Hi I want to add custom safehouse locations to an existing multiplayer server. After some thinking and searching I figured it would probably be easiest to use a map mod. The goal is to add a claimable safehouse and if possible not provide anything more than a bare minimum foundation for the player to claim and then build their own house on top of. No free walls etc. if possible. Plan is as follows: Download and get map editor working - Done Create a 1x1 cell map - half done, I think I understand the basics Figure out how to import map an
  4. We have a new aussie server called [AU]Black Talons|AIZ 2|Hydrocraft|XPx10 Featuring AIZ Enhanced 2! This is many of the community maps combined to make one BIG map, lots to explore and loot! Also featuring the popular mod which adds many, many features including lots of professions/skills/crafting. Hydrocraft We have other great mods which can be found on our mod collection page! Full list of mods: Mod collection Player accounts are limited to 1 each. XP gain is at x10. Transmission is turned off for now. Zombies
  5. Hello everyone, I haven't visited the Forums properly for quite some time. But, I have recently updated the game and found the addition of "Safehouse" and "Faction" creation to be really interesting. Sadly though there is one thing I dislike about said "Safehouse" creation, it doesn't work on non-residential buildings. It also doesn't work when you have zombies set to "0", in an attempt to setup a Faction stronghold for possible Roleplay. Anyway, I thought to myself that there wouldn't be a better place than the Forums to ask for such a Modification. Any help is appreciated, thank you for your
  6. So I bought a server 2 days ago and for the last 2 days I've been trying to set it up properly. Basically my only issue right now is the 'PlayerSafehouse' option. I have PlayerSafehouse=true AdminSafehouse=false But players still cannot claim safehouses. Can someone please help me out with this, its all incredibly annoying.
  7. Hello, I constructed a house and realized, I can't claim it. Now I am sad. Will it be possible in future to claim constructions? Or are the server settings the problem? Greetings
  8. Good day sirs! So I am very new to this game and I just started a new run. I was roaming around looting houses and trying to find a safe house. Every time I make one though, I wake up to a hoard of zombies! I guess you could say I don't know very much about safe houses. So I was wondering where the best place for a safe house is! Please tell me where they are and if they are in WP or Muldraugh. If you could use the interactive map to take a screenshot, it would be much appreciated. Thank you and happy Zomboiding! P.S. any tips on how to better my defences are very welcome!
  9. Just a quick question, my survival character of 3 months (in-game) just had his face chewed off by a toilet-zombie so I've decided to start a new map. Because of I've chosen to set up shop in West Point, what's a good base of operations (permanent) that's near the centre of West Point. I've already spent too many years holed up in the cabins; they get very boring after a while. Thanks
  10. Soo this occured to me. I believe a nice addition to the game would be that you can remove blood stains inside a house using rags. The simple reason behind this is - now that you can move corpses (and with the new release burn them unless you want to become unhealthy and depressed) all those nasty stains still stay there which are just as demoralizing as the corpses themselves. Recepie for this could be - tear any type of clothing similar to bandages to create 2-4 rags, which will be called "Rag" use this on the surface you want cleaned by right clicking - then it becomes a "Dirty Rag" or
  11. Over a two months (game time), Hundreds of supply runs, few close deaths by falling down, and many killed zombies, I managed to do this. I didn't know, should I post this here.
  12. What do people think of the idea of players using bleach to cover their scent? As water becomes more and more scarce, hygiene is likely to suffer and a human running around in the sun, fighting zombies, building fortifications and so on is going to smell pretty bad after just a few days without bathing. Eventually zombies must be able to pick up that smell, particularly in places where humans spend a lot of time. I'd like to see a feature (possibly a mod?) where bleach can be splashed around your safehouse to cover your character's scent. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Will Smith's c
  13. So I took a little time out from my safehouse construction to read the Mondoid and I'm super happy to see the guys are working on fixing the 2nd floor building and stairs bugs, good luck to Chris on dealing with that "really big mess" direct quote from RJ! In the meantime, i'm working on ideas, interiors and getting my carpentry up to lvl4 for those all important rain barrels. This all in aid of my plan for a new fort nicknamed "Skybridge"! The plan is to have the warehouses linked by a bridge, with 2 entrances to each building and effectively making each one an independant safe house
  14. With the NPC survivor system coming out, I'm curious what kind of thought has been given to how any groups formed will be handling supplies among themselves. I've been reading a bit in the forums and the blog on how NPC interactions will work, so I don't want to get in to that too terribly much here, but have been chafing a bit during my sandbox mode of play in ways that I think could be a real headache if one was dealing with a community of folks. For example: I've been working on walling off a section of a neighborhood block to start a fortress of sorts large enough for a small group of f
  15. Hello everyone, just registering to share a printable safehouse checklist I created to keep track of my progress while playing the game. http://i.imgur.com/FwAgUXZ.png (Print it in landscape format) An interactive online version is now available. Credit to "Hamburger" for the following two pages:
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