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  1. We have a new aussie server called [AU]Black Talons|AIZ 2|Hydrocraft|XPx10 Featuring AIZ Enhanced 2! This is many of the community maps combined to make one BIG map, lots to explore and loot! Also featuring the popular mod which adds many, many features including lots of professions/skills/crafting. Hydrocraft We have other great mods which can be found on our mod collection page! Full list of mods: Mod collection Player accounts are limited to 1 each. XP gain is at x10. Transmission is turned off for now. Zombies are slow shamblers. Loot respawn is at 48 hrs to encourage exploration, this may be increased if requested. Safe houses are enabled. For those who like pvp you can enable it and for those who don't just leave it off. New characters start with custom loadout. Join our Discord for more info: https://discord.gg/wWZbWJC
  2. Nevermind I found it in "steam/steamapps/workshop/content/108600" folder along with the other mods. Why the heck doesn't steam put the mods IN the mods folder after you subscribe like other games?
  3. So after subbing to this on the workshop steam apparently downloaded it but nothing in either of the mods folders. Same with other mods I had to manually download them and put them in for them to show up under mods in game. Is there anywhere I can download this to put in in manually?
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