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  1. Wow, I haven't seen this game never before and it looks like a game that I would play. (I can't play it right now because my internet connection seems to be deadly slow --> says that time remaining for the download is more than 2 hours .)
  2. I'd like to see a vechile that would be able to be used as extreamly (amount of weigth) good storage. (Maybe a truck)
  3. I had a safehouse in here once, but once when i had been looting houses I accidentally lured a huge horde to my place and died when opened a door with 10+ zombies. (there were zombies everywhere)
  4. Saw video on youtube and later saw it on steam and bought it.
  5. Got inside the mall: "Oh it's so awesome Deadly!" Had a hard time to get out again.
  6. 15. (Lost thought of what would be writing here next)
  7. But how long the extra warmth would affect?
  8. 'Sitting on the roof of my base and watching zeds walking'
  9. So did I understand, I just have to chose online chess, search the opponent's name and check that those settings are correctly? (I won't start it yet --> connection lags too much, downloads sites VERY slowly)
  10. 1. Possibly in lumber mill. 2. Trying to not steal from them unless I really need something. 3. Small community, I'm even going to be a lone survivor. 4. The survivors, who won't try to kill me. 5. Leader. 6. (if now "added") Take them down.
  11. I don't know about this much, but try to jump off from 2nd floor (climb out from window without sheet rope and with that threatend back injury).
  12. It is because of they are cursed.
  13. Yup, they should have an animation for that.
  14. I would be okay with that idea of yours.
  15. Now, with more time passed, I've done building and have started farming.
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