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    Oh okay, thank you! Should I delete this thread then?
  2. kerlop


    I took a long hiatus from PZ because I felt as if I'd done all there was to be done. However, I have been checking the weekly updates religiously waiting for some whiff on the wind concerning NPC development. Is there somewhere that I can read what's happening in that area (if anything)?
  3. That is an absolutely rad design :') Thx , It is about the optimal size. I like accesibility so sheet ropes, stairs and walkways. I like building so trees are a must have for me @ psykikk: I actually prefer WP, when you loot the business area you are set to build your fortress, less running around needed and yeah books . Safe houses always have walls for me, so windows are not really a problem. Fortress in Muldraugh: http://pzmap.crash-override.net/#0.43721855124945175,0.20412110462197625,212.88960000000006 Is a good location for me because the Big Warehouse and McCoy are nearby for almost everything vital (and sledgehammer for destroying crates). Houses not too far for scavenging. I also built a giant skybridge to the southern tip of Muldraugh for easy looting (actuallya vanity project). That is some intense effort o.O Mad respect (Y)
  4. Hmm this is all some really great information guys! 1000 appreciations are yours. However, because I have the IQ of a dead baby elephant, what's the step by step for canning food?
  5. I had this idea. I think this is the way to go! Oh my gosh! This is a thing?! Wow! Okay. Thanks a heap. This solves all of my worries!
  6. Loot like you never looted before. Go fishing, trapping, forging, whatever gives you food. I always thought of farming as a long term goal, i am glad they finally made farming take longer. But if you want your harvest to be really worth it, you need to make it really big otherwise the wait isnt going to be worth it. Also you better get those jars lids and jars to can your food. Oh I definitely know of those tihngs. I've been playing for just under 8 months now on and off (have about 80 hours accumulated on Steam...not really much if I'm being totally honest) but I just feel like farming is no longer worth it. If you fish for 3 hours a day, you're bound to get the amount of food you need. Also, the big harvests will all go to waste because of food spoilage so the size of the haul doesn't mean anything unless your power is still on 10 months into the game. I just feel like farming is a liability at this point.
  7. With the new changes to farming, it takes months to grow all foods. However, with this change and, of course, the inevitability of the power shutting off, I'm wondering how farming will remain a viable source of food and survival if you must wait months in between each harvest. Even if crop growth is staggered, it will still be very difficult to keep farming as an effective method of survival. Thoughts?
  8. I tried to get into the hardware store on my first try and stupidly got all cut up on a window. Tried to raid some medical supplies...Long story short; dead :')
  9. That is an absolutely rad design :')
  10. Ahh! I think that's what I'm going to go with! Thank you
  11. Just a quick question, my survival character of 3 months (in-game) just had his face chewed off by a toilet-zombie so I've decided to start a new map. Because of I've chosen to set up shop in West Point, what's a good base of operations (permanent) that's near the centre of West Point. I've already spent too many years holed up in the cabins; they get very boring after a while. Thanks
  12. That's probably the funniest thing I've seen all week.
  13. I like the idea but a 10% deficit is very harsh. Also, would be difficult to implement into the game smoothly in its current state I would imagine.
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