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  1. Best thing in patch xD btw loving, loving and loving the new stuff <3
  2. I know, this is not the right place to ask, but I have posted on the steam discussion http://steamcommunity.com/app/108600/discussions/0/619573787508114646/?l=norwegian And (other places) and it has been almost two years, so I am going to ask Can you, pretty please, increase or alter the jar spawn rate, so it becomes actually a useful thing even in multiplayer? You would make me so happy, especially with this new - you get skinny and die - feature, where long lasting food is very important. I spent 1 week on a server with daily restarts (and resets of commercial bu
  3. I believe, this could easily be balanced by adding some sort of negative effect once a character is losing weight for a larger period of time. Just imagine you lose 10-20 kg in a couple of weeks, your body would be completely depressed, you would have serious problem moving or doing things (even with the excess calories still in your character).
  4. Wait, there is 2 player co-op mode???!?! HOW!?! Please help me with this <3
  5. Guys, is there any resource on how long each food is good (after how many days it goes stale, rotten) and how much refrigeration/ freezing can prolong this? Also once a food is jarred it becomes non-perishable until opened?
  6. I think blood adds a decent amount of satisfactory, when you blow the brains of a zombie. Also what do you know about the zombie virus? Maybe it keeps the blood flowing, after all how could the body move? Maybe it completely reanimates the body, without the major function of the brain and cell regeneration, only the vital organs. Decent video btw! I CANNOT WAIT to get my hands on this new piece of animation system Will it also include the sneaking animations etc we all been hyped about?
  7. With the addition of furniture moving, using bins seems like a viable option to collect rain water Especially if you are just a stupid burger flipper, this is the first thing that would come to my mind for sure just a simple solution, plus it would make nomad style roaming a bit more viable after water shutdown, as you could refill your bottles from bins - problem is that you cant keep them to be containers then right?
  8. I have a question, can wild eggs be used in recepies as a substitute for normal eggs? Also, how much information will the player see once this is released in the normal build, regarding calories and such? What traits would you need to see more info (if any)?
  9. 1500 calories, how many worms are that exactly? (btw this is on IWBUMS?)
  10. Just look at the flowers! (bit off topic - I tried to put IWBUMS active, and my saved files dissappear even from the server I play the character, I guess thats normal right?)
  11. I know, but I meant the Jar function which was a mod before hand I thought he meant THAT mod, but I guess he meant the map
  12. I love project zomboid not just because it is indeed one of the most fun and amazingly detailed zombie (and any other survival) game in almost every aspect, but also has the nicest dev team ever Keep it up guys <3 can't wait for this update :3
  13. This is not a mod, its actually in the base game now (or do you mean the Map mod?).
  14. I need this! We need this D: Stop teasing us and give us the keys already! :3
  15. Just an update - I made them appear in kitchen counters as common as cookingware, also in resaturant kitchens (counters), convenience stores and grocery stores (crates). I increased it to 2-4-10 respectively and getting balanced results. We looted around 6 houses and 2 stores, got a total of 4 jars and 6 lids. With loot respawning every 2 weeks on the server, this can give us a nice build up by winter time now Annoying thing, that everyone had to edit the lua who wants to come on the server as now its "modded", I hope that devs increase spawns as well so this won't be necessary in the fut
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