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  1. Damn... thats disappointing Ill look for alternativ solutions then. Would it not be possible to only extract the lot information and modify that. I think that is stored in the lotheader files? I also have a hard time understanding why they decided against map files that the map editor can actually edit.
  2. Ok, spent about 6-7 hours on this today and gotten nowhere. Information is spread out all over the place and up to date information is mixed with old information. As of now my main issue is still that I cannot find any working way to extract map data from the normal game map so I can modify it. It might be easier to script this in a mod to allow player made houses to count as safehouses, but I have not found any information regarding such an approach either. Any help appreciated.
  3. Hi I want to add custom safehouse locations to an existing multiplayer server. After some thinking and searching I figured it would probably be easiest to use a map mod. The goal is to add a claimable safehouse and if possible not provide anything more than a bare minimum foundation for the player to claim and then build their own house on top of. No free walls etc. if possible. Plan is as follows: Download and get map editor working - Done Create a 1x1 cell map - half done, I think I understand the basics Figure out how to import map and lot information from the Muldraug map for a specific sector Figure out minimum requirements for a safehouse to be claimed Add my new safehouse Fire up and test the mod as a package If it was possible I would prefer to just mod the lot information for a sector and add that into a mod, but I am not sure that is possible. If it is, please let me know. I am currently stuck on trying to import the lot information for the location I have chosen. I find the coordinates and what sector to copy from the gamefiles using the coordinate system at map.projectzomboid.com, but I am not sure how to import that information into my custom map. The information itself seems to be located under the game folder here: media\maps\Muldraugh, KY I am also unsure whether I can get away with only changing the lot information or if I actually need to provide the entire sector as is from the game files to ensure it does not mess up the map itself. If this belongs under the help section, please let me know.
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