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  1. It's annoying when people can so easily hotwire cars in MP and steal other players cars. I think cars should be safe when inside our safehouse and other players cannot enter/interact with our cars just like safehouse loot.
  2. Mods | Factions | Events | Light RP | No KOS | Newbies welcome Modded Indonesian PZ community. For casuals but our settings also offer a challenge to experienced players. We implement light RP rules such as only KOS-ing in certain zones. Please join our Discord: https://discord.gg/RJBpchBe8p
  3. As the title suggests. I'm wondering if there's a way to set non-griefable zones for non-SH areas. Would be useful for event areas in a server. Thanks.
  4. Hi, I have some suggestions that will help admins QoL for multiplayer and hopefully balance every server's unique needs. - Ability to set PVP areas for map chunks: So the idea is there's a panel where admins can go to and set PVP areas for specific map chunks. Let's say a server is PVE focused but also wants a few PVP elements so they allow high stakes areas like Louisville to be a PVP area. This should also be map mod compatible for good maps like Ravencreek, Bedford, etc. The current non-pvp zone is a bit clunky for assigning very large areas (it causes fps to drop really badly). There should also be an inverse button so PVE focused and PVP focused servers can have the best of both worlds. - Antigrief for non-SH areas: This has probably been suggested but the idea is to set non-griefable zones (via sledge/fire) in certain areas. Would be useful for server event areas and special areas intended for RP purposes. - Admin Powers to fly ability and teleport ability to 2nd/3rd floors for building purposes: It can get kind of annoying to build public server buildings especially if its more than 1 story tall. - Ability to check a history of last touched by: In case of players exploiting certain items or griefing. - A Respawn Containers/Respawn non-residential building setting: Since some public MP servers can have lots of players, sometimes players trying to gain XP for metalworking/carpentry have to disassemble objects from public buildings. Over time these buildings and their containers will vanish leaving even fewer loot for new players. So maybe add an option for resetting public buildings say every 3/6 months or yearly. Of course residential (the orange buildings) shouldn't count. I hope that this setting could also fix players complaining about griefers or arsonist destroying key buildings such as gun stores and police offices intended that the server has respawning items. Such setting should hopefully also extend a world's lifetime greatly since most server's I know have already gone through at least 1 world wipe since MP launched 2 months ago. Thanks you.
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