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Found 14 results

  1. Alow for more creative building experiences with new carpentry and metalworking wall shapes, doors, roofing, etc. I would like to be able to construct buildings with triangular roofing like normal houses. The ability to construct garage doors would also be a very welcome quality of life change. Effective base defenses like traps, electric fences, scrap metal or wooden floor/wall/window spikes, etc would also be a fun thing to have. More plumbing/irrigation would be nice as well. Eg, routing water from a rain barrel to a drip system that waters crops over time. Maybe a modder has done this some
  2. I'd like to suggest to you: Gabions aka wire mehs walls Ingredients: Make use of and to create the wire mesh with the metalworking skill, , and Using to dig a trench for foundation Creating the foundation with , (?), and Adding the mesh to the foundation with (from ) and the use of Finally filling these with excess stones ( and ) from foraging (good way to get rid of them) Procedure: 1 - Shovel: Dig a small trench for a concrete foundation 2 - Bucket: Create a unit of concrete from sand out of sandbags
  3. Cutflood

    Well Built Walls

    A tiny mod I made. Uploaded to steam, but I figured I'd add it here for anyone who would want it. DOES NOT ALTER ANY EXISTING CONSTRUCTION ON AN OLD SAVED GAME. Any new construction, after the mod is activated, will be "Buffed". Steam description: A tiny mod with a huge impact. Makes the carpentry skills' wall health bonus that is applied to player construction a little beefier. Log walls and other constructed items are now harder to destroy. -Doubled the Initial health of multistage player construction. -Includes a buff to Metal construction too. (But
  4. Hello, I constructed a house and realized, I can't claim it. Now I am sad. Will it be possible in future to claim constructions? Or are the server settings the problem? Greetings
  5. It's the end of the world. You just watched your neighbor's home get smashed through. They simply pounded on the door until there wasn't one. Heaved themselves at the windows until all that was left was broken glass, blood, and gore. You wake up in a cold sweat. Was that wildlife scurrying through the underbrush? Or was that one of them? Have they found you? Your walls. Your walls keep you safe, you remind yourself. You worked hard to get the materials together. Spent day, after backbreaking, awful day building the framework, setting the rebar, pouring the cement, and
  6. Passive Safe House Defences! Over the years of planning my perfect zombie safe house I have come up with some ideas that I think would be nice to be implemented. Not all of them may be practical mind you but a few would be and the rest would at least spark some other ideas within the community. I do understand that some of these ideas while being true to real life could make the game easier or even too easy for players to survive but that would then at least prompt the developers to devise new ways to make the game interesting such as implementing deterioration through wear and tear o
  7. Got the idea reading comments on a post that was slightly deviating from the subject so I won't link the original post. The detour the thread made was about vehicules and their ''fuel''. A valid complaint was how scarce fuel was (although it might be possible to siphon out vehicules for fuel once it is implemented, maybe even use the gas pump at service station). It got me thinking that some people use used vegetable oil as fuel. I won't go over the specifics of «if it should be converted to bio diesel first» or «if it would damage the motor more then regular use». Cooking oil could al
  8. With the firearms overhaul a while back and the medical overhaul a few patches ago, I would very much love to see a carpentry overhaul worked into an update. Keep in mind, I am suggesting an entire overhaul, not a small change or addition; i'm not asking them to add everything I have suggested in the next update, I understand that some/all of these suggestions will take lots of time and may not even be possible to add to the game. That being said, please read on. What I would like to see included in this overhaul: Completely redo the carpentry system (and the skill books as well). In order t
  9. Hey guys, some of you may have read this suggestion earlier, however after reading a post about suggestions, I thought I would make it easier to understand. One thing I would like to see implemented into Project Zomboid is the modification/upgrade of constructed features, I.e. (wooden walls, crates, wooden doors, frames ect.) The idea behind this is that as your character levels their construction abilities, they can then upgrade features previously constructed without having to tear them down (whilst losing marerials) and rebuilding them.
  10. I love building, it's my fav thing to do in zomboid, now that multi player is here it's great to build forts and homes for myself and other players. My idea is two fold: 1) have the ability to open a construction menu that you would need a notebook/paper and pen/pencil to use. With it open you can build just like you build in game but all you would be doing is making a plan, you could then gather mats and while holding the plan or by reading the plan you can just tell your guy to start building and he follows the building plan. This would allow you to do a few things, see the materials your
  11. So today I was building a second floor and I couldn't really tell where I built floor and where I hadn't built floor. There is a little shading difference between the tiles on the active floor, and the floor below. This is a suggestion to make the tiles on the floor below a little darker so you know where there are/aren't floor tiles. http://i.imgur.com/DJU4GIy.png This picture is a bad example because I have build over all the hard to tell tiles. I feel as though it is good enough to get my point across.
  12. So I took a little time out from my safehouse construction to read the Mondoid and I'm super happy to see the guys are working on fixing the 2nd floor building and stairs bugs, good luck to Chris on dealing with that "really big mess" direct quote from RJ! In the meantime, i'm working on ideas, interiors and getting my carpentry up to lvl4 for those all important rain barrels. This all in aid of my plan for a new fort nicknamed "Skybridge"! The plan is to have the warehouses linked by a bridge, with 2 entrances to each building and effectively making each one an independant safe house
  13. Basically if you have a hammer you can deconstruct items and walls and get your materials back. It would be dependent on carpentry skill and the higher the skill the more resources you would get back. For example if you had a skill of one and wanted to tear down a wall. You could select the wall choose deconstruct. It would take about as much time as building the wall and after words you would receive all of your nails but only one of the planks.
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