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  1. The fact our character is immune to the airborne strain of the knox virus doesnt mean it should be immune to the strain that relies on bodily fluid transmission imo. Viruses/diseases can have differing strains. Our character is immune to the airborne version. But is not immune to the other because the other strain works differently to achieve the same goal and also has a MUCH, much higher amount of the virus entering the body if you do get bitten. While yes, losing your character to infection can be a pain, its also rather big part of the game and is unique to it. I feel itl be a big no from t
  2. Alow for more creative building experiences with new carpentry and metalworking wall shapes, doors, roofing, etc. I would like to be able to construct buildings with triangular roofing like normal houses. The ability to construct garage doors would also be a very welcome quality of life change. Effective base defenses like traps, electric fences, scrap metal or wooden floor/wall/window spikes, etc would also be a fun thing to have. More plumbing/irrigation would be nice as well. Eg, routing water from a rain barrel to a drip system that waters crops over time. Maybe a modder has done this some
  3. Build 41 IWBUMS - When game is under a high load and FPS is low, vehicles lose almost all of their power and become incredibly slow and are unable to effectively run over zombies anymore. Have lost a few characters because a horde was chasing after me and I entered my vehicle, started it and it would take 15+ seconds to get to 10mph while the zombies moved at normal pace. Foraging seems to make your character tired incredibly quickly as well as not really gathering anything the area. Had foraging level 4. It is inconsistent with making the character immediately tired but it happens often
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